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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 83

TMMTMQ – Chapter 83

The young lady showed a displeased expression, "I am Cui Yue'e, let me in."

The man beside her previously came over and took out his invitation, "We are together." 

The staff said. "It turned out to be Master Cui, please come in." As for Cui Yue'e, there was still no staff coming to take care of her.

Gong Qingyao handed her invitation to the staff. After the staff verified it, Gong Qingyao walked into the lobby.

Cui Yue'e, who walked a few steps into the lobby also saw Gong Qingyao come in. Cui Yue'e turned around and went to see the invitation that Gong Qingyao brought. She saw that it was written as a special elder, with a look of disdain she asked, "Uncle Cui, see this. Did this meeting level become this low? Even this little girl can be an elder?"

Seeing the crowds, Uncle Cui motioned to Cui Yue'e not to talk too much. In recent years, the status of the Cui family had become worse and worse. Today, Cui Yue'e did not bring an invitation card and she was stopped, which was unprecedented. If she also said too much, a bunch of unnecessary hatred would be caused. Uncle Cui first walked into the hall, and Cui Yue'e had to follow into the hall behind him.


The exchange meeting started at nine o’clock, and at eight fifty, many people had already arrived in the hall. 

The reason Gong Qingyao came early was to see if there were any people who use metaphysics to do evil, as long as the whole body was not righteous, it meant that the person was of poor character, Gong Qingyao had heavenly eyes, and she could see it at a glance.

There were many metaphysical masters here, Gong Qingyao was walking while looking at the masters who had arrived. 

After Cui Yue'e came in, her eyes followed Gong Qingyao. Seeing Gong Qingyao’s eyes, she couldn’t help but snorted a bit. This little girl came in because she wanted to make friends with the masters here. It was unknown if the invitation was obtained legally or not.


Both Ai Xiaoyun and Qiu Yuan knew that Gong Qingyao was going to participate in the exchange meeting today. Since Qiu Yuan became Gong Qingyao’s assistant, Qiu Yuan collected all news about Gong Qingyao on the Internet. Although she did not come to the scene at this time, she had been paying attention to the news on the spot.

Suddenly she saw a message, and was suddenly excited.


Gong Qingyao at the meeting received a message, it was a screenshot sent by Qiu Yuan.

[Cloudless Fortune-teller: Good morning netizens. Today I am participating in the annual metaphysical exchange meeting in the capital. Please don’t blame me if I don’t respond for a while.]

Gong Qingyao put the phone back after reading the message. 


Gong Qingyao didn’t respond for a long time, and Qiu Yuan knew that Gong Qingyao probably forgot about this person. 

Previously, Gong Qingyao used Six Yao divination in the reality show. This person pointed out that Gong Qingyao’s divination posture was correct, but it was impossible to calculate the result so quickly, and he even say that it was just entertainment.

Qiu Yuan didn't know how high Gong Qingyao's metaphysical level was. When Ai Xiaoyun was free last night, Qiu Yuan begged the other party to explain to her the extend of Gong Qingyao's ability. Seeing the Weibo posted by Cloudless Fortune-teller today, Qiu Yuan really wanted to know how this person felt when seeing her Sister Yao at the meeting.

Also, after knowing Gong Qingyao's powerful metaphysical level, what kind of expression would be on the face of the this fortune-teller, the more she thought about it, the more excited Qiu Yuan became.


Meanwhile, Gong Qingyao walked around the hall and didn't see anyone with an evil profound energy. 

At 8:55, a staff member shouted that the chairman was delayed on the road today, so the meeting would be delayed for half an hour. After hearing about it, everyone present did not show any dissatisfaction and continued to chat together in small groups.

Originally, this exchange meeting was a meeting where all metaphysical masters exchanged their experiences. It was good to be able to learn some knowledge. Of course, it would be better if they could make friends with powerful masters. So it was okay if the meeting was postponed for half an hour. They could use the time to find a great master among the invited and took the lead in asking for discussion.

Gong Qingyao was young, and the other masters here saw her for the first time, so no one came forward to greet her for a while. Gong Qingyao was happily at ease, wandering in the hall alone, casually taking a look at the Feng Shui here. 

This ancient city building had been around for some years. Over time, this building had been remodeled a lot. Some fashionable elements have been added in the process of reconstruction, but although it looked good, it also destroyed some of the Feng Shui remaining in the original building.

After Gong Qingyao made a round, she was about to go to the food counter to get a glass of water when she heard the sound of dispute.

"You made a mistake in this symbol!" a slightly younger voice shouted.

"Children from the Wen family, I am the only one left from the Yunyao faction. Could I make a mistake?" The voice was a little older.

Hearing the Yunyao faction, the hall was quiet. The Yunyao faction was the first sect in the history of metaphysics. The founder was Pei Yinyang. It was just that the history had changed after so many years. The Yunyao faction was left into almost nothing. Now the people heard that there were talisman papers left over from Yunyao faction, and everyone wanted to observe it.

"But, this talisman..." The young voice wanted to say something, but was squeezed out by the person behind.

Gong Qingyao walked over and found that it was a young man with a small round face. He looked at the group of people around him very anxiously. Everyone was looking at the talisman paper, but he saw there was really problem with the talisman paper. So he said, "Really, that talisman paper..."

Gong Qingyao nodded, "There is a problem."

The young man's eyes lit up, "Right? Just like I said!" 

Old Feng, the one holding the talisman paper was immediately unhappy. That little round face was Wen Cheng, a son from a metaphysical family, so it was not easy to offend him, but this little girl was obviously nobody, so he was not afraid of offending her, "What do you know little girl?" He didn't believe Gong Qingyao could see that there was something wrong with the talisman paper while standing so far.

Not to mention the distance, even if Gong Qingyao was standing on upstairs, she could still see every detail in the talisman. After all, Gong Qingyao's was currently on seventh level of Qi training.

The people who were watching the talisman paper also said, "I only see this rune paper is good, vigorous and powerful."

Many people nodded in agreement, but a few people did not move.

Gong Qingyao looked around and said, "A good talisman paper should have a flow of profound energy, but this paper had nothing."

Everyone knew this, even those who didn't understand metaphysics knew it, but what was profound energy, there had always been very few people who could see profound energy. After hearing this, the young man dropped his head. It seemed that no one believed that there was a problem with the talisman this time. Although the little girl in front agreed with him opinion, it seemed that the others didn't understand very well.

"Not to mention that this talisman paper has no profound energy." Gong Qingyao continued, "This talisman drawing is also very problematic. When the Yunyao faction was founded, the drawing of talisman was obligatory basic skills."

Pei Yinyang was once instructed by Gong Qingyao, so when he founded the faction, he used the word "Yao" as the name. Speaking of which, none of the people present were more familiar with the Yunyao faction than Gong Qingyao.

The people on the hall calmed down. Gong Qingyao's voice was cold, which calmed everyone's irritable minds, and at the same time made people involuntarily wanted to hear what she was saying.

"Dare to ask you, what should you pay attention to make this kind of talisman?" Gong Qingyao asked.

Someone said, "Vegetarian for three days." 

"Only after bathing can we start drawing."

"Burn incense."

"Yes, burn to ask for guidance."

At least more than a dozen procedures were said, it would take half an hour to elaborate.

Gong Qingyao shook her head, "After those procedures, will the talisman you draw have profound energy?"

Everyone looked at each other, those steps were done to ensure success, but what was the real effect? 
Wen Cheng heard the question asked by Gong Qingyao and couldn't help looking at the others. Seeing that the others unable to find the answer, he suddenly thought of a sentence and said, "To gather concentration!"

"Yes." Gong Qingyao gave Wen Cheng a complimentary look, "Drawing a talisman needs full concentration. No matter how good the yellow paper and cinnabar are, if you can't concentrate, the drawn rune paper will be useless."

Everyone was silent and unable to refute. But they also didn't dare to abandon that set of procedures.

"Look at this piece of talisman, everyone." Gong Qingyao pointed to the lower left position of the talisman that Old Feng brought.

Wen Cheng said excitedly, "Yes, yes, yes, this is what I found, there should be a complete drawing on the lower left, but this talisman is clearly split on the middle."

Old Feng saw that it was true. He originally wanted to show off, but then he met this incident. He was embarrassed and very angry, "If you are so knowledgeable, then you draw." Of course Old Feng didn't believe that Gong Qingyao could draw a talisman better than the one on his hand.

Wen Cheng knew that drawing talisman required a lot of effort, and it was not easy for Gong Qingyao to refute this group of people for him today. This thing would make things difficult for her, so he stood up, "Uncle Feng, this is ten minutes before the conference begins, and it is not enough to draw a talisman."

"It's okay." Gong Qingyao carried yellow paper with her, so she took it directly. Gong Qingyao usually didn't bring cinnabar with her, but she brought some for the exchange meeting. Now it seemed to be really useful.

It was not uncommon for a metaphysic master to carry yellow paper and cinnabar. Wen Cheng cleaned out one of the food table for Gong Qingyao to use. In fact, Gong Qingyao could draw without a table. But to made it easier for everyone to observe, she put the yellow paper on the table and flattened it. She then took out the cinnabar and began to draw.

Everyone stared at Gong Qingyao's every move attentively, and saw her move her hand and draw in one go. It seemed to be some kind of enjoyment. Then they heard Gong Qingyao said, "Success."

Everyone could see that the talisman paper was lightly painted. Old Feng was the one nearest the table, he seemed to be able to feel the breath on the talisman paper. His old man body was very excited, and he stammered when he spoke, "This, can, can I pick it up and take a look?"

Gong Qing Yao made a gesture of allowing.

Old Feng picked up the talisman with trembling hands. It was as if the talisman was the most precious item in the world. The people on the side said, "Old Feng, don't shake, what if it breaks?" 

Wen Cheng looked at the talisman with a sluggish expression. It took him at least five hours to draw one talisman. It seemed that Gong Qingyao draw the talisman in less than a minute. And also, this talisman paper was tens of millions of times better than his. In an instant, Wen Cheng's heart was beaten to pieces. As a child from a metaphysical family, his ability was not weak, especially a small genius like Wen Cheng. Now it seemed that there were really many other masters in this world.


The author has something to say:

Everyone: You, you on the line.

Gong Qingyao: Okay, let me go.

Qin Ze: Just go up, my Qingyao was not afraid of anyone.

Everyone: Stay away from our girl.

Qin Ze: Hey, why everyone dislikes me so much? I blame you author.

Stupid author: (pretending not to understand)

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    1. ML is just a comedic relief here. 😂😂😂


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