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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 107

TMMTMQ – Chapter 107

The Golden Vision Awards also adopted a live broadcast method. When Gong Qingyao came, the barrage of the live broadcast was maxed out.

[F*ck, Qingyao is getting more and more immortal.]

[Yes, lick lick!]

[Qingyao! Can't you go slower?]

[My God, is she flying?]

In fact, Gong Qingyao did not know that when walking on the red carpet, she should pause for a while and let the reporters take pictures. Gong Qingyao walked the red carpet with a rapid pace.

Reporters: … To be honest, this was the first time they had met someone walking the red carpet so fast since they were engaged in entertainment.

Gong Qingyao had already come to the signing back drop at this moment. A staff member stepped forward and handed over the pen while whispering, "Sister Yao may need to answer a few questions later."

Gong Qingyao nodded, and then wrote her name on the banner. Although using a marker, people could see that Gong Qingyao's handwriting was vigorous, powerful, and very heroic. The live broadcast footage also specifically gave Gong Qingyao sign a close up.

After signing her name, Gong Qingyao looked at the reporters, and everyone took mad photos. 

Then someone said, "Over the past year, there have been a lot of rumors about you, are you not afraid of the rumors, why every time there are rumors you don't explain?" Regardless of whether it was Gong Qingyao playing big name or something, Gong Qingyao never took the initiative to explain.

Gong Qingyao looked serious, "If they committed bad tongue, they will have retribution. Why should I be afraid?"

Reporters: … The answer was so reasonable, but it made people speechless.

The netizens who watched the live broadcast suddenly laughed. 

[Yes, this answer is very unique.]

[Hahahaha, the reporter was speechless, but he also couldn't refute it.]

When a reporter saw that there was no other question, she walked out and said, "Hello, I am a reporter from Every Day Entertainment." This person had always been known for tricky questions, so when she came out, netizens directly caught her.

[Why is this Grim Reaper* coming again?] (TN: 灭绝/miè jué means to extinguish; to become extinct; to die out. I took the liberty to call her Grim Reaper)

[I'm so annoyed because of her, why did the Golden Vision Awards want her to come?]

[Probably to create a topic.]

[I am weak, fans don't shoot me, I am also Qingyao's wife fan, but I really want to know how Qingyao will answer her questions.]

[I am also curious, wait for me.]

[I thought it was just my way of thinking. It turns out that everyone is a fellow.]

"I heard that you participated in the wild survival reality show before because of unspoken rules?" At that time, Gong Qingyao was not the daughter of Gong family and had no status in the entertainment industry. It was not easy for her to participate in that reality show, although this reality show was not well-known, but there were still a lot of malicious speculations in the entertainment industry.

As soon as this remark came out, the people watching the live broadcast were stunned.


[My idol is not angry?]

[Waiting for Qingyao to get angry.]

[Hehehe, maybe this is a matter of acknowledging the unspoken rules?]

There was also Mao Liqiang watching the live broadcast. Hearing this question, he couldn't help but laugh. Unspoken rule and Gong Qingyao was impossible. 

Qiu Yuan, who was sitting in the car watching the live broadcast, cursed, "Does Sister Yao still need unspoken rules?!"

Gong Qingyao glanced at the female reporter. Her husband and wife palace at the end of her eyebrows was sunken and a black air: "Your husband cheated, if you go home now, you can still catch him in the act."

The lively barrage paused for a second, and then immediately exploded.

[?? I never expected this response!]

[F*ck, Qingyao is too domineering!]

[I didn't expect that Grim Reaper has a husband, no, no, the point is that the husband actually cheated?]

[Hahahaha, so domineering!]

Sure enough, the face of the reporter known as Grim Reaper was a bit unpleasant, but she did not continue to ask questions. She quietly retreated to the back of the crowd and walked out of the venue. 

Another reporter on the side shook his head when he saw the end of Grim Reaper. But then he remembered of what his leader said. He needed to dig up an explosive topic, so he asked, "According to rumor, your role in the middle and late stages of ‘Legend of Yunxian’ increased because you and the director has a very close relationship."

Gong Qingyao glanced at the other reporter. The parent palaces were on the forehead. Looking at his parents palaces, his left forehead was narrow and collapsed, indicating that his father had passed away, while his right forehead was sinking and sluggish: "Your father has passed away, and your mother is sick. She is very sick and her life is in danger. I suggest you come back quickly." 

The male reporter paused. His mother was indeed in poor health. Hearing Gong Qingyao’s words, he ran to the side and took out his mobile phone. It didn’t take long for the call to be connected and his face became serious. He then left the venue directly.

Gong Qingyao looked at the crowd, and the reporters stepped back in silence.

Gong Qingyao: "Are there any more questions?"

Reporters: … No, no.

Seeing that there was no more question, Gong Qingyao left the red carpet, entered the main venue, and started looking for her seat.

In the past, Qin Ze didn't have much interest in these activities. He just heard that there were two nominations for Gong Qingyao today, so he directly asked his elder brother for a ticket, and then went to the venue.

Qin Ze sat in the first row in order to watch Gong Qingyao come to the stage to receive the award, and yes, Qin Ze already had the information that Gong Qingyao would receive the award.

Gong Qingyao's seat was in the third row, and this position was already very good for a rookie. The two people sitting next to Gong Qingyao were not very familiar, but they had all heard of her. After all, such a position was for someone that was somewhat famous in the entertainment circle. A few people nodded their heads as greetings.

Gong Qingyao was the second to last to walk on the red carpet. So it didn't take long after she sat down that the Golden Vision Awards ceremony began.

"Dear viewers, good evening, and welcome to the annual Golden Vision Awards…" After the host said the opening speech, he started talking about the first award to be given tonight.

"Then, the first award tonight is Best Supporting Actress. Let's look at the big screen for the nominees."

In the VCR played on the big screen,

[From ‘My Hometown Have Joy’, with outstanding performance, we bring you… Jiang Xiaonan.] 

Jiang Xiaonan was the first to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She was also the most famous artist in Liren Entertainment previously.

The camera immediately found Jiang Xiaonan’s seat, and Jiang Xiaonan waved at the camera.

The last video appeared [From ‘Legend of Yunxian’, one of the few people in the fairy world...]

The processed video looked very beautiful, and Gong Qingyao couldn't help but nodded secretly.

[She is Lanyun Fairy, Gong Qingyao!] The big screen was finally fixed on the stills of Lanyun Fairy.

"There are five nominees." The host said, "Then who will win this year's Golden Vision Award for Best Supporting Actress?"

The hostess took the topic and shook the envelope in her hand, "The answer is here." Then the hostess opened the envelope, "Guess who the winner of this year's best supporting actress is?"

After a five-second pause, the hostess said, "This year's best supporting actress winner is…"

The male host was serious and said, "Why are you stuck there? Come on, who is it?!"

The hostess, "Can't you let me continue? Alright, let's invite Jiang Xiaonan!"

Everyone applauded and welcomed Jiang Xiaonan to the stage. 

Jiang Xiaonan stood up and then nodded to everyone. It was a surprise. Most of the resources of Liren's had been on her in recent years. Although she had traffic, she had yet to won an award. She didn't plan to participate in the drama ‘My Hometown Have Joy’, after all, it was just for a female supporting role. At that time, Gao Guangpeng analyzed that this drama was very likely to win an award, so Jiang Xiaonan went to take it. Today, she didn't expect that she would win the best supporting actress award with that drama.

The host on the stage continued, "There is also Gong Qingyao!"

There was uproar in the audience, and the host and the hostess said together, "Let us congratulate Jiang Xiaonan and Gong Qingyao."

The applause became more enthusiastic.

The barrage of the netizen was also brushed up.

[I thought that if my Sister Yao's Lanyun Fairy doesn’t get award tonigh, it will be really unreasonable.] After all, ‘Legend of Yunxian’ was supported by Lanyun's scene mostly.

[Yes, yes, the moment I heard Jiang Xiaonan, I cried. That hostess is too bad.]

[Ahhhh, I yelled too excitedly that my parents thought I was crazy.]

[Jiang Xiaonan's acting skills are also good, my idol is also very good, both of them deserved the awards!]

[Congratulations Xiaonan, congratulations Qingyao!]

The two walked onto the stage. Jiang Xiaonan was really excited. She took the microphone and said, "Thank you for the Golden Vision Award, my company, my agent, my parents, and my fans who have supported me all the way. Thank you. You guys,…" At the end, Jiang Xiaonan choked a little.

The applause in the audience became more enthusiastic.

The microphone was handed to Gong Qingyao. Compared with Jiang Xiaonan's excitement, Gong Qingyao had a calm expression, "Thank you, I will try to get the best actress next year."

The audience laughed. Gong Qingyao was probably the first person who could say this so bluntly on the stage.

[Lol, I was stunned by Qingyao's straightforwardness.]

[Hahahaha, I was crying and laughing, my mother thought I was crazy.]

[My roommate thought I was brokenhearted.]

The best supporting actress award was done. 

Gong Qingyao had watched the VCR on the big screen carefully and recorded the names of the other dramas that received an award. She planned to watch all of them slowly when she went back. Since they could win, it meant that they were definitely worth seeing.

However, after the VCR was played, Gong Qingyao would take out her mobile phone to calculate the whereabouts of missing children. 

Qin Ze suddenly found that the data in the background of Children Go Home was being updated. After looking back, he did not expect that Gong Qingyao was actually fiddling with her phone, and for a moment he wanted to laugh, so he sent a message to Gong Qingyao.

Gong Qingyao soon received a message from Qin Ze.

- Qin Ze: Will you have a supper when the party is over?

Gong Qingyao quickly returned the message.

Qin Ze was in a good mood when he saw the reply from Gong Qingyao, and he started to figure out where to eat the supper later.

The best newcomer award was the third from the last. When the host called Gong Qingyao's name, Gong Qingyao was still calculating the whereabouts of the children.

In the end, the person next to her reminded Gong Qingyao and she finally reacted. She then walked onto the stage with a calm expression, and said, "Thank you."

The host asked, "Besides thank you, does Qingyao have anything else to say?"

"I have said it." Gong Qingyao answered. She just wanted to take the movie queen awards.

The audience laughed again.

Online comments also posted.

[Why is my idol so calm?]

[Lol I saw clearly just now that the camera caught my idol playing with her mobile phone.]

[Yaoyao, can you post Weibo?]

[Oh, what about Ah Yuan @Sister Yao's little assistant, why haven't she posted on Weibo recently?]

Qiu Yuan, who was sitting in the car watching the live broadcast, also looked helpless. When there was no schedule, she could hardly see her Sister Yao. As for Weibo, Gong Qingyao's Weibo seemed to be related only to metaphysics.

The party finally ended at ten o'clock, Qin Ze first went out to the back door of the award hall to wait for Gong Qingyao.


The author has something to say:

Ah Qi: Congratulations!

Gong Qingyao: Thank you for your congratulations, where is my movie queen award?

Ah Qi: Oh, how can I give it to you if you don't play the heroine?


If you enjoy my work, please consider sending this sleep deprived mtl-er some ko-fi. =)  

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  1. anyone else find that Qingyao personality is super adorable? the way she clueless, deadpan and she is totally normal human..has like and reaction on mundane things. she is silent but not like frigid cold icy. just calm and vibe on her own. +effortless funny. ah i wanna marry her(๑♡⌓♡๑)


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