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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 104

TMMTMQ – Chapter 104

Gong Liangji almost vomited blood in his heart. Originally, he invited everyone to witness the happy event of his daughter's returning home. Unexpectedly, someone would come to find fault and they were all his own relatives.

Song Qiubai was also very unhappy. If she had known, she would not invite these relatives since they were originally from far away.

Seeing this, Gong Muqing on the side stood up, "Qingyao is the child of the Gong family, what kind of paternity test is needed?"

"What you said is wrong, no paternity test, how can you convince everyone?"

"Yes, if you want to recognize your relatives, you must have evidence. It cannot be said that as long as the surname is Gong, people can enter Gong family." 

They checked. This Miss Gong was a small artist who was not even well-known in the entertainment industry. They didn’t know how she hooked up with Gong Liangji, and Gong Liangji was even reluctant to do a paternity test. Everyone felt that Gong Qingyao was not in his right mind.

Gong Muqing wanted to say something, but she heard someone said, "You can't give birth to a child by yourself, do you still want the blood of the Gong family to be contaminated?" 

When Gong Muqing heard this, she staggered back and her face became pale. She had to say that this person directly stabbed her sore spot.

"Presumptuous!" Gong Liangji roared, "Uncle Cui, please ask this person out."

Seeing that he was about to be kicked out, the speaker shouted loudly, "I can leave, but Gong Liangji, if you don't come up with a convincing reason, you see who will believe you!"

"It is my Gong family, who you are to make thoughtless remarks?" Inviting them today should be a privilege to them, but Gong Liangji didn't expect them to be so shameless.

Some people felt bad when seeing Gong Liangji got angry. In name, they were relatives, but everyone knew that they were the kind that was not related by blood. All these years, they relied on Gong group to make their fortunes. Now Gong Liangji was angry, very angry. It was possible that they would have no backing in the future, and those who figured this out immediately remained silent.

Gong Qingyao glanced at the people who had just spoken, and the group of people immediately lowered their heads. They felt weird. They always felt that this girl could see through them by just looking.

"No problem. Since they want to see it, we will give evidence." The paternity test sounded more advanced than before. Although Gong Qingyao could also confirm the relationship between them, the process was a bit terrifying. She didn't care about any of this, but she didn’t want her parents to be harmed.

Just now when the relatives of the Gong family said those words, some of the other invited people present also showed a slight disapproval. Gong Qingyao could be sure that if they walk out of this door, soon the news that the appraisal that Gong Qingyao would enter the Gong family would spread.

Hearing Gong Qingyao's words, Gong Liangji immediately called in Gong family’s private doctor. There was a banquet today. In order to prevent any accidents at the scene, Gong family’s private doctor had stand by at the scene. Hearing the request for a paternity test, the doctor took blood directly on the spot. 

Lu Qianqian wandered around the Gong family’s courtyard. When she came back, she saw a doctor taking Gong Qingyao's blood, and she floated over with a nervous expression, "Master , what's wrong with you?"

Gong Qingyao said in a voice transmission, "No problem. Paternity test."

"Eh, why do you do a paternity test at this time?" Lu Qianqian was very puzzled. Then she looked at the group of people in the distance and suddenly understood, "These people are really troublesome."

The doctor had already taken the blood. Gong Liangji called for Uncle Cui to escort the whole process, and within an hour, the results of the paternity test came out. Uncle Cui immediately took photos with his mobile phone and sent it over.

Gong Liangji looked at the report with an excited expression. The bottom of the report showed, [As identified by our hospital, Gong Liangji and Gong Qingyao genetic similarity is 99.9%, and the two are confirmed to be related by blood.]

Gong Liangji asked the verification report to be projected on the big screen and made his conclusion.

At this moment, everyone had nothing to say. Who would have thought that the Gong family would find someone who was really their daughter, and everyone could not retort this result even if they were not convinced.

Song Qiubai didn't have a good face for those relatives who had just made provocations. Gong Liangji was even more so, and he had already made a decision in his heart. From tomorrow, oh no, from today on, he would definitely stop helping these white-eyed wolves. Those who had demanded for paternity test and disturbed their family banquets had been noted one by one by Gong Liangji. People had to say that in this certain situation, Gong Liangji could be regarded as a careful person.

Gong Qingyao didn't feel too much about this episode. She could tell the faces of these relatives at a glance. Gong Liangji was willing to be alienated, which was naturally a good thing, and Gong Qingyao wouldn't say much.

After seeing the paternity test, everyone congratulated Gong Linagji, and he said, "The banquet begins, everyone is free."

Many people toasted each other with wine. Gong Qingyao ran to the food counter and took some food. Qin Tianhe saw that there was no one around Gong Qingyao, so he pulled his sons over to talk to Gong Qingyao.

"I don't know if Qingyao is free. Can you go to our Qin's house to help take a look at the Feng Shui?" Qin Tianhe asked. Through Qin Ze and the last meeting, Qin Tianhe knew Gong Qingyao's ability and also knew Gong Qingyao's interest, so this opening was also looking for topics that Gong Qingyao was interested in.

Gong Liangji was really puzzled, why his Second Brother Qin was so interested in his daughter? He was toasting with the guests. When Qin Tianhe passed by, he also followed. He almost didn’t understand Qin Tianhe's question, "Brother Qin, what do you mean?" You wanted Qingyao to help check Qin family house's Feng Shui?

Qin Tianhe also looked puzzled, "Don't you know what Qingyao is capable of?"

The survey results of the Gong family would of course show that Gong Qingyao as a master of metaphysics, and Gong Liangji also knew that Gong Qingyao was the elder on the Metaphysics Society, but obviously he didn't think much.

In fact, this was not Gong Liangji’s fault. After all, even the most powerful metaphysical masters in today's society were noone but Tang Ruihe. Also, for people like Gong Liangji, metaphysics was just looking at Feng Shui or fortune-telling. As for the particularly powerful metaphysical skills, Gong Liangji had never seen or heard of it, so naturally he couldn't understand.

Gong Liangji asked in a puzzled manner, "What does Brother Qin mean?"

Qin Tianhe realized that Gong Liangji really didn't know, so he was instantly happy, "Well…"

Gong Liangji made a hopeful look, but Qin Tianhe changed the conversation and said, "You have to find out on your own." After speaking, he left with a big laugh, and Gong Liangji could see that Qin Tianhe was in a good mood.

This time Gong Liangji became even more confused. His daughter seemed to be very powerful, but Gong Liangji couldn't imagine such a powerful appearance, "Chairman Gong, congratulations."

When guests came to toast, Gong Liangji had to collect back his curiosity and entertained the guests with peace of mind.

Gong Qingyao took the food and went to a secluded place, but just as soon as she sat down, she saw a white figure approaching, "Hey!"

Gong Qingyao used her chopsticks to pick up a piece of veal steak and ate slowly. Steak obviously needed to be eaten with a knife and fork, but even if the woman used chopsticks, she still had the same elegance. 

After watching for a while, the white figure suddenly reacted, "I'm talking to you."

Gong Qingyao looked up but continued to eat.

"Haven’t you heard that Brother Qin Ze belongs to me? You are not allowed…"

When the other party hadn’t finished her words, she was covered by a burst of magnetic voice, "What nonsense are you talking about? I have nothing to do with you."

Qiao Xinan turned her head and saw a dark-faced Qin Ze, her expression was suddenly aggrieved, "Brother Qin Ze."

Qin Ze felt upset when he saw Qiao Xinan, especially today when Qiao Xinan said these things to Gong Qingyao. It would be strange if Qin Ze had a good face, "From now on, call me Fourth Brother Qin." Qin Ze was ranked fourth in the Qin family, so many people call him Fourth Young Master Qin.

Seeing that Qin Ze had Gong Qingyao in his eyes, Qiao Xinan immediately stomped away in anger. Qin Ze sat down beside Gong Qingyao, "Don't take the nonsense Qiao Xinan said."

"Hmm." Gong Qingyao had seen the husband and wife palace of both of them, and couldn't see marriage there, so what Qiao Xinan said was wrong.

"In addition to steak, today's charcoal grilled scallops are also good." Qin Ze said, "Shall I bring you some?"

At the same time the Gong family banquet was being held, news on the Internet was also released, and almost all the news bloggers on Weibo were dispatched.

[Emperor News: #Gong Family Daugther Gong Qingyao# Who would know that the daughter of the palace family who has been lost for many years turned out to be Gong Qingyao? Today is the day Gong family holds a family banquet. From today, Gong Qingyao has a new identity, the daughter of Gong family.]

[Emperor Express: #Gong Family Daugther Gong Qingyao# It is reported that today Gong family hosted a family banquet at home, the banquet invited various relatives and friends, and also performed a paternity test on the spot.]

A lot of news was reporting this. Weibo and other forums were almost all discussing Gong family. Soon #Gong Family Daugther Gong Qingyao# became the number one trending topic on Weibo.

Then, Weibo was paralyzed.

The Weibo staff hurriedly worked overtime and finally restored the server within half an hour, but some netizens seemed not happy.

[Weibo, you are already a mature site. It's time to learn to resist pressure.]

After satirizing Weibo, netizens continued to devote themselves to the cause of gossip.

[I always thought that Gong Qingyao’s family was very powerful, but I didn't expect her to be a rich second generation.]

[Obviously she can make a debut with only good looks and talents, but now she also have money.]

[In this world, is there still a way to survive for me?]

Lu Qianqian strolled around, feeling that this rich family’s banquet was no longer interesting, so she floated back to the Light of Hope Community and quietly swiped on Weibo. For her, the politeness of these rich people was not as good of an entertainment compared to watching gossip on the Internet.

After the family banquet was over, and the guests left, Song Qiubai asked, "Qingyao, do you want to move back home? This courtyard currently consists of only me and your dad."

Gong Qingyao found out after walking around in the afternoon, in this huge courtyard, there was a building that belonged to Gong Muqing and Shen Sinian. In addition, there were three other lodging buildings, Song Qiubai and Gong Liangji lived in one, so there were two other places for Gong Qingyao to choose from.

In addition, there were many other buildings in the courtyard for public use. One was a dining room, one was today’s waiting room, another was the accommodation for the servants, and the other was a gymnasium, as well as a dedicated swimming pool, flower room, and so on.

It's getting late, so Gong Qingyao said, "I'll move in tomorrow." She didn't pack any luggage, and it was too late today.


The author has something to say:

Qin Tianhe: Silly son, he couldn't catch up with Qingyao, but now he also has a stumbling block.

The stumbling block Qiao Xinan: ...

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  1. If her father was really as careful as the author said, he would've conducted a paternity test even if he was so sure of Qingyao being their daughter. Even if it was just for other people not to doubt her origins. I've read enough 'lost daughter gets found' CNovels to know this is common sense lol


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