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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 91

 TMMTMQ – Chapter 91

When Gong Qingyao just glanced at Yi faction, directly turned around and then steadily walked down the mountain, Qu Yi clearly felt Yi Yao's determination to carry forward metaphysics. Even Qu Yi seemed to have an illusion that Gong Qingyao really had such an idea, that she wanted to carry forward metaphysics.

The first scene passed smoothly, and they began to shoot the following scene.

The next scene was still Gong Qingyao’s part. Metaphysics was declining. More and more people didn’t believe in metaphysics. Yi Yao who inherited Yi faction was determined to change the public’s view about metaphysics and took the opportunity to go down the mountain to gain more experience. But before this, Yi Yao planned to retreat and practice first. This scene was about Yi Yao's practice.

The martial arts teacher quickly came to the filming set, looked at Gong Qingyao and said, "You can do this for this session." After speaking, he made a set of moves slowly.

Seeing Gong Qingyao did not respond, the martial arts teacher knew that the other party probably never filmed a martial arts scene. He closed his fists, looked at Gong Qingyao, and said, "How about this? I will make one move, and you will follow." He made the first posture, then stopped in place.

However, he still saw Gong Qingyao not moving, so the martial arts teacher frowned. Was this because she didn't want to learn? The martial arts teacher looked at Qu Yi and was about to ask if he still needed martial arts teacher.

Gong Qingyao just didn't expect that the scene would be like this. She quickly copied the martial arts teacher's set of movements just now, and then looked at the teacher, "Is that correct?"

The martial arts teacher froze at the moment, this, this brat, he thought the opponent was a bronze, so he didn’t expect tell that she was a king. Not to mention that her set of movements was very coherent, like running clouds and flowing water, every movement contained full strength, and it looked like a real Qi practitioner. Seeing that the martial arts teacher did not speak, Qu Yi asked, "Correct?"

The martial arts teacher recovered and quickly said, "Yes, yes!"

"No." Gong Qingyao said decisively.

Martial arts teacher: ??? No, what?

Gong Qingyao said, "Metaphysical practice is not like this." Then she made a set of moves and said, "It's like this, is it clear?"

The martial arts teacher looked dumbfounded: ... Who was he and where was he?

Qu Yi looked excited. Before, she chose Gong Qingyao because Gong Qingyao had the master's character. In addition, her form was very close to the character in his script. That's why he chose Gong Qingyao. But today, Gong Qingyao not only had performed good acting skills, but also really understood some metaphysical knowledge.

Qu Yi eagerly said, "Just follow Qingyao."

The crew immediately stepped forward and said, "2nd scene first take, action!"

Yi Yao sat cross-legged in the training room with her knees crossed, her eyebrows opened, and a fierce momentum burst out. After the practice, Yi Yao finally broke through another level, so she stood up. Here, she played a set of martial arts moves and felt the changes in her body.

The moment Gong Qingyao opened her eyes, she shocked the Qu Yi, the martial arts teacher, and the crews present. While making the set of martial arts moves, Gong Qingyao’s white clothes moved flutteringly, gracefully like a fairy.

Qiu Yuan looked at her Sister Yao without blinking. Oh my god, her Sister Yao was so handsome. She finally understood how those wife fans appeared on the Internet. At this moment, she really wanted to become Sister Yao's wife fan.

About a quarter of an hour later, Director Gao looked at Qu Yi and asked in a low voice, "Director Qu, don’t you have to call ‘cut’?"

Qu Yi suddenly reacted, and almost blurted out ‘cut’, but finally realized and changed to "Pass!"

Gong Qingyao stopped. The director didn't stop the recording so, she kept punching.

Qu Yi was very excited, this scene was really great, he had more confidence in this movie. In addition to Qu Yi, the martial arts teacher on the side was even more excited, "Director, please let me stay."

Qu Yi: ???

The martial arts teacher went on to say, "I don't want any pay. I will guide other people in the play for free." At this moment, the martial arts teacher was thinking that in the future, Gong Qingyao would steal the spotlight in martial arts scenes.

Of course Qu Yi did not refuse. After all, apart from Gong Qingyao, there were other people here who needed to shoot martial arts scenes. In addition, the teacher didn't want any pay, how could he drive him away?

The two consecutive filming went smoothly, and Qu Yi's mood was extremely good.

Seeing that the time was still early, Qu Yi continued to shoot the third scene in the morning. This scene was a scene where Yi Yao faced the people of Yi faction after she was chosen as the heir.

"3rd scene first take, action!"

Yi Yao sat in the position of the master of the faction, and the other Yi faction member sat below.

"Tell me, what suggestions everyone has?" After Yi Yao spoke, the originally noisy lobby instantly quieted down.

Yi Yao was young but she had a lot of talent in metaphysics, so even though she was very young, she was chosen as the next successor to Yi faction. As the former Chief passed away, Yi Yao took over the Chief position smoothly. At the beginning, there were elders that disagree, saying that Yi Yao needed more experience.

Yi Yao said that if there was other who was willing, it was okay to give up the master position. But in the end, no one dared to stand up. They were unwilling, although it was the position as master of the faction, metaphysics was in a recession, and it was necessary for someone in this position to take a lot of responsibilities.

Yi Yao accepted the Chief position and then decided to retreat to practice. After the retreat, Yi Yao's skill was superior to everyone. At this time, the elders who had doubts did not have any dissatisfaction anymore.

Everyone looked at each other. Metaphysics was declining. What could they do? To be honest, they had learned metaphysics all their live, and even they didn't realize what benefits metaphysics has brought them.

Yi Yao asked coldly, "Are you just going to watch metaphysics decline like this?"

The scene became quiet again.

Yi Yao didn't plan to talk nonsense with these people, so she went straight on, "I plan to go down the mountain, while preaching metaphysics, I will also investigate why the world doesn't believe in my metaphysics now, who is willing to go with me?"

Everyone shut their mouths even more when they heard this. Yi Yao glanced over, everyone lowered their heads one after another, and they felt a little uncomfortable. In recent years, Yi faction had treated them well. But when asked to contribute, everyone hid one by one.

"No one." Yi Yao said, "Okay. When I'm away this time, the great elder is fully responsible for all affairs in Yi faction."

The great elder was a little embarrassed, but he was also pessimistic. Metaphysics was hopeless, so he stood up and said, "I will follow the arrangements of the Chief."

Yi Yao arranged the next affairs properly, and finally glanced at the people who were sitting again, "Let's do it." Her words contained endless disappointment.

Everyone in Yi faction bowed their heads, a little ashamed.

"Pass." Qu Yi shouted happily.

For this scene, the crew directly found group performers in Film and Television City. Originally, Qu Yi thought that as long as they sat still it would be okay, but just now, Gong Qingyao’s emotions were very vivid, so the group performers were unconsciously driven. Indeed, a good acting brought everyone’s best.

"Okay, it's over. Afternoon filming starts at 2 o'clock in the afternoon." Qu Yi said.

Everyone cheered. The group performers originally thought that the crew was poor, but after participating in the filming today, everyone felt that they would come to this crew next time.

On the side, Director Gao who originally thought Gong Qingyao was a little arrogant, at this moment, his opinion about Gong Qingyao changed a little.

In the afternoon, half an hour after the filming started, the promotional video of Buyi was officially aired. At the same time, Buyi's summer new styles were put on the shelves.

Qiu Yuan was standing outside holding a laptop. When the time came, she immediately refreshed the official website of Buyi and clicked on the promotional video. In post-production, Buyi added an ancient tune to the video.

The crew member standing next to Qiu Yuan heard the music coming from Qiu Yuan’s laptop and turned her head to take a look. With this look, she saw Gong Qingyao was cleaning a tea cup. Her action gave people a very comfortable feeling. For a while, the staff member was in a daze. The person next to her saw that she was in a daze, and followed her gaze to look at the laptop, but then she also became fascinated.

After a while, everyone around Qiu Yuan gathered. Gong Qingyao took five minutes to make tea. The post-production originally planned to compress the advertisement into only one minute, this also included the opening and ending credits. After final edits by the post-production staff, the video was still 3 minutes long. It was dragged on for a long time, but finished product never came out.

Buyi waited anxiously for more than half a month, and realized that the finished product didn’t come out, so she went to inquire about it. After knowing the reason, Buyi went to the post-production department in person. As a result, Buyi also fell into the same situation as the staff. She was tangled.

After an hour of repeated viewing, Buyi asked the staff to delete 30-second, and then found that the remaining two and a half minutes was really difficult to compress, so then Buyi decided to directly remove the brand’s opening and ending credits and change it by inserting Buyi logo in the upper left corner of the video.

That night, Buyi urgently gathered her board of directors. The topic was how to edit the video. At first, the board felt that Buyi was making a fuss, to call a board of directors meeting for such a little thing.

Buyi didn't explain. The meeting started and she let the post-production department play the five-minute full video. After watching, everyone was praised. This video was really good, but it could still be made shorter.

After the full video finished, they opened another video, "After one month of editing by our department, the current video is still two minutes and thirty seconds."

Everyone was silent, they have to say that these two minutes and thirty seconds were all fine products, it was indeed difficult to compress again.

Buyi was very satisfied with everyone’s reaction, "I called all the directors here to ask everyone’s opinions. After all, this promotional video will play a vital role in our next season’s sales. I believe everyone here knew how the most beautiful back view had brought benefits to us."

Everyone nodded their heads, the sales doubled in that month.

"What do you think?" Buyi asked.

"Make it longer when Gong Qingyao put Biluochun into the teacup."

"Agree. Biluochun leaves are delicate and tender. They will break if you don't pay attention. You can see that Gong Qingyao is a master at making tea."

Post-production staff: ???

Instead of reducing the duration, why was it increasing?

Buyi listened to the suggestions of all parties with a smile on her face. In the end, everyone discussed fiercely for three hours, but the result was only compressing the promotion video into two minutes.


The author has something to say:

Buyi: (^o^)/~ I am happy only post-production left.

Post-production team: ???


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