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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 79

ICRAB – Chapter 79

Lin Renhu finished his training, took a shower happily, and stepped into the cafeteria refreshingly, ready to enjoy today's lunch. The cafeteria now was just like heaven. Although the choice of dishes was not as varied as the nutrient solutions, the deliciousness of each dish was a joy to heaven. And the chef in the cafeteria was also very particular, changing the dishes every day, and basically there was no repetition between the two meals at noon and evening.

Going to the cafeteria had become what Lin Renhu looks forward to most every day. Today, when he saw Robot No. 1 at the door, he grinned as usual, "What is for lunch?" He found that each dish name was also very interesting. He most probably hadn't eaten it before, but every time he listened to the description from Robot No. 1, he could still imagine about it.

"Mutton soup and grilled dry bread." Robot No. 1 replied without emotion.

Lin Renhu tried to sniff the mutton smell in the cafeteria deeply. He usually felt mutton was extremely fishy, but the non-existent fishy smell caused him to be full of hunger today. He just about to step in, but a cold mechanical arm stopped him.

"Lieutenant Lin, it is a pity that you do not meet today's dining standards."

Lin Renhu was taken aback, "Ha, No. 1, did you install the wrong chip today? My training results, let me see, today I am the top 0.98%, so get out of the way!"

Robot No. 1 did not move, "Today’s dining standard in the cafeteria: 1. Ranked top 25%. 2. Compared with last week, average training score has improved by 10%, except for the first ranked soldier. Those who do not meet these two conditions above cannot enter the cafeteria."

Lin Renhu eyes widened, "10% improvement?"

"Lieutenant Lin, your training score today is 0.985%, last week's average ranking is 0.986%, you have regressed. Please leave!"

Lin Renhu almost couldn't hold his temper back, and he broke the threshold of the cafeteria. "Who made the rules! Marshal? I am ranked on the top 1%, how to improve?" Are the gods in front of us me all vegetarian? The higher the rank, the fiercer the men were. He didn’t know how many beasts fights they had experienced, how many life-and-death struggles,… the rank above him were all fierce men with first-class physical fitness! Surpassing them, how could it be that simple?!

Lin Renhu was about to collapse angrily. 

But Robot No. 1 did not accept any rebuttal, "Command, only execution, no reason."

Lin Renhu: "Sh*t!" He left angrily and went straight to the Marshal's office. He wanted to complain, complain about this wayward robot to the Marshal!

On the other side, Liu Weiwei, who was lying on the glass window, tried to prick her ears to listen to the movement outside, but she was scared. In the end, even her protruding belly was all stuck to the wall. In the end, her whole person was taken away by Qin Mo. "This is not so good?" Liu Weiwei wrinkled her face with sorrow, "Right?"

Qin Mo glanced at LiuWeiwei’s abdomen that was somewhat visible. He raised his eyebrows, "No." He also felt that it was very bad for his daughter to be squeezed.

"I'm going to cook some more dishes now. I can't change the rules just because I've been robbed." Liu Weiwei said that as she was about to walk to the cooking counter, but the black-faced Major immediately held her wrist.

"No. This is the army. We are always facing changes and crises. Let him complain, it's normal."

Liu Weiwei pouted, turning around and whinned, "The Marshal gave me the cafeteria, but I didn't manage it well. There are so many robots, but someone can even come in to steal things."

Qin Mo's thin lips were pressed tightly, and his whole body was as sharp as a knife. But soon, he stretched out his right hand and patted his wife's back lightly. "Don't cry, it will hurt your eyes. This is not a big deal."

Liu Weiwei was not so vulnerable at first, but surrounded by masculine masculinity, she suddenly enjoyed the taste of being coaxed. She suddenly felt that she was so weak that she burst into tears. She later blamed pregnancy syndrome for this shameful act.

Major Qin Mo: "I will catch this thief and give you back the soup."

Liu Weiwei burst into tears and laughed at the Major. But halfway through her laugh, she still looked up a little embarrassed, "Major, you think, did I remember it wrong?"

Qin Mo lowered his head and saw the pear blossom little face, which made his heart suddenly squeeze. "Remember wrong?"

Liu Weiwei's head was about to be buried in her chest, "Doctor Bu said, hypoxia may cause bad memory. I… have I become forgetful during pregnancy? Did I remember wrong? Maybe I count the bucket wrong since the beginning…" Before she finished speaking, her tears were about to fall again. She needed to take care of the shop in Skynet, the cafeteria, and also the rabbit at home. She really didn't have enough energy, so something had fallen into cracks. She was sad when she thought about it. "I should have checked it again after before I left. I'm sorry everyone…" Her crying was even sadder.

Qin Mo's eyebrows were frowned. He finally put his arms around Liu Weiwei’s shoulders and hugged her waist, "It's okay. No one blames you. Maybe Teacher will even praise you."

"Huh?" Liu Weiwei’s head was also patted.

"Even during the refurbishment period, soldiers should be vigilant at all times." Qin Mo said affirmatively, without hesitation at all. "You did a good job. This is an unexpectedly good strategy. It will promote slack comrades to continue to improve."

In order to ensure Liu Weiwei’s peace of mind and keep her mind and body happy, Qin Mo specially contacted his teacher, Marshal Li Er.

"Ah, I heard about the new rules in the cafeteria today. Very good! Clerk Liu, very thoughtful, more thoughtful than I thought! We always let the top 25% of the guys eat and the competition is not fierce enough, we have to let them all keep improving! Clerk Liu, wait for the training results next week. If your method proves to be effective, I will give you 200 contribution points!" The Marshal, who liked to do things all day, 100% supported Liu Weiwei's move.

Liu Weiwei blushed, but after all, she got the Marshal's approval, so her psychological burden was reduced a lot instantly.

Seeing that Liu Weiwei was no longer sad, Qin Mo sent her back to the dormitory to rest. He still kept part of the information without telling her. In the military cafeteria, even the unremarkable freezer storage materials had accurate inventory records. There was a record of how much was taken each day and by whom. One-fifth of the leg of lamb she used today was indeed missing, not to mention the big bucket of mutton soup that had disappeared grandiosely. But instead of worrying about the soup being stolen, it's better to make her worry about possible bad memory for the time being.

When he got home, Qin Mo glanced at the furry rabbit lying on its back in the wooden house, completely shameless. He woken it up with one hand and stuffed it into Liu Weiwei who was taking a nap. "I'll go out for a while, you watch the house."

Xiao Bai rolled its eyes directly, and its two fluffy paws were buried in Liu Weiwei's soft chest together with its chubby head.

Qin Mo immediately wanted to… kill a rabbit to sacrifice to the sky! "Don't squeeze it. Do you forget it is your sister?" His mouth twitched sharply. He took a deep breath, and it finally returned to normal breathing after a long time.

After Qin Mo left, Liu Weiwei who was lying on the bed turned over. Feeling a little stuffed, she bowed her head to kiss the little rabbit in her arms. "Good boy, isn't your father funny? It's silly for him to think you can watch the house." She stroked Xiao Bai’s soft head, and kissed it again.

Xiao Bai stretched out its paws and scratched its belly. That dad or something…it almost wanted to kill him too.

Liu Weiwei took a refreshing nap, and when she got up, she felt that her sadness disappeared. Seeing that it was still early, she went to the kitchen and stewed herself a bowl of sacred beauty product, fish maw, milk and red date soup.

Fish maw was good for beauty. It was rich in high-grade collagen, good for nourishing the body and moisturizing dry skin. It also helped improve immunity. Yesterday, Liu Weiwei had soaked the fish maw. Now she put it in a saucepan with some red beans and red dates. And then she added some milk, two pieces of rock sugar, and two slices of ginger. One bowl for her, one bowl for Xiao Bai, and another bowl would be put in the refrigerator for the Major when he came back to relieve fatigue.

If the man had good to eat, maybe the Major of her family could catch up with his prosperous beauty partner, Liu Weiwei secretly smiled. The fish maw milk dessert should be simmered for an hour, so she put on music as she was waiting. By the way she also started prenatal education for the baby in her stomach. She put a yoga mat on the ground and did some stretching exercises slowly.

Liu Weiwei had been in the kitchen all the time, and her arms still got sore easy because of cutting vegetables and or scooping ladle too hard. Doctor Bu had sent her some pregnant women's reading materials and daily video guidance electronic package documents, including pregnant women's yoga. When she cried today, she thought of the baby in her belly. She was busy taking care of others, and her memory was also confused, so she thought it might be a sign of protest from the baby.

Liu Weiwei didn't go into the system practice at all and decided to take a leisurely hour of rest. She also took a nourishing supplement. In case it was really a daughter as hoped by the Major, after eating milk, fish maw, bird’s nest and red dates during pregnancy, the baby’s skin would definitely be soft and tender when she came out. 

Liu Weiwei thought happily. But maybe God just couldn't see her idle, just after doing three sets of yoga pose, her light brain began to rang wildly. As soon as it was connected, Lieutenant Lu's sweaty face popped up. "Sister-in-law, big thing happened, it is not good!"

In just a sentence, Liu Weiwei’s heart almost dropped. "Did… did something happen to the Major?"

Lu Qingheng was taken aback for a moment, and immediately realized that his wording was wrong. He shook his head in a hurry, "It's not the Major, it's the kangaroo! Sister-in-law, it’s the kangaroo I tamed!" 

This hard headed Lieutenant still thought he had tamed the kangaroo. Liu Weiwei also liked the gray kangaroo very much, after all, its fur felt very soft. She felt relieved that it was not the Major, but was soon surprised by Lu Qingheng next sentence.

"My kangaroo is gone!"

"What, it's gone?!"

"The research institute just called me and said it had escaped from prison! A big hole was bitten in the fence, and there was not even one kangaroo hair left!" The hard-working Lieutenant Lu was anxious. He received a report when they got off the spaceship that all beasts from Liyang High School had to enter the Scientific Research Bureau to receive a physical examination, so he had no choice but to make time every day to visit his silly kangaroo in the bureau. That ancestor didn’t want to eat normal beast feed, only hay cookie bar or human food, huft…

"Sister-in-law, I'm going to report and ask for a leave. Can you make me three-day’s worth of hay cookie bars? I will take them to find it. I'm afraid that it will not succeed in running away from home, but will instead be starving to death on the road…"

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