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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 84

ICRAB – Chapter 84

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Three months later.

Under the scorching sun, on the largest outdoor training field of the Eastern Army Group, there was a loud voice at this time.

"Everyone lean back!"

"Half squat, press back your center of gravity!"

"Strive for the first place!"

"Better die that be the second!"

The shouts and cheers one after another were like turbulent waves in the entire empty field, one after another.

The military area sports competitions held every year were particularly grand this year, and everyone was full of fighting spirit. The tug-of-war event was the first event this morning and the last team event of the sports meeting that had been going for three days.

The battalion soldiers and logistics personnel totaled of 21,000 people was in attendance. All the twelve regiments tried their best to win the top three honors. Winners were rewarded every year. Collective awards and trophies were awarded to the winning groups. But this year, in addition to these, there was one more winner's benefit. The whole group could enjoy the special reward dishes made by the cafeteria chef.

Almost everyone was rushing to get this benefit, using the strength of hunger to be fed.

"F*ck, the first regiment is too fierce, there is one at full level in strength, and there is another one with full level of mental power. These two have been harassing the opponents, and the second group is hanging."

"Yes, Major Qin is too much. Almost half of their group went to the cafeteria regularly. But this time, they still want to grab the special reward meal from us. It's inhumane."

"The second regiment is also unlucky. They got first regiment as opponent in the lottery. Isn't this direct death? Fortunately, our sixth regiment is lucky. We will kill the 12th regiment later."

"Brother, don't get excited, this is only the first round. We don't know who will kill who!"

Onlookers watched with enthusiasm, rubbing their shoulders.

Meanwhile, in the only shade on the field, Liu Weiwei was standing with Teacher Qian wearing a hat.

"Would you like to find a place to sit down? You can just watch the live video broadcast." Qian Dongmei glanced at Liu Weiwei’s already round belly, very worried.

Liu Weiwei leaned on her waist and smiled, "Teacher, I'm fine, I need to move around more often." Now the baby was more than five months old, and her belly had started to round up recently. It might be because the diet was good, so her belly grew quickly. This made her a little worried about whether the fetus would be too big, but her ob-gyn doctor said that it was still within the normal range. The baby was well-nourished and strong.

But Liu Weiwei was still thinking of ways to move around more. She couldn't control her mouth, couldn't control her diet, so she could only exercise more. But her belly was too big, so she had been struggling to do yoga recently. If she had the opportunity to stand or walk, she would try not to sit, unless her waist felt sore.

However, because of Liu Weiwei’s big belly, when she walked around in the military area, no matter who saw her, she would be regarded as a key object of care, especially the Comrade Major at home.

Liu Weiwei hadn't stood and watched the excitement for a while. She had already seen Qin Mo who was clearly playing tug-of-war, yet he still looked towards her. The tall, white, and fat lop-eared rabbit that had been squatting next to her might have seen the straight male gaze. It growled and took a step forward. It stretched out two furry paws to grab Liu Weiwei’s shoulders, squatted slightly, and let her sit on its soft rabbit legs.

Qian Dongmei glanced at this and she felt a little envious: "This robot is really smart. It doesn't need the owner to tell it what they need. The appearance is also realistic. I heard that it is equipped with a beast chip from the Scientific Research Bureau?" As she said this, she stretched out her hand and touched the robot.

"The texture of this hair is not worse than that of living pets. It also has a warm body and a smell of beasts. If put it in the wild, maybe it can scare away some beasts with low IQ. This kid, Qin Mo, is quite good at buying stuff."

Liu Weiwei: "…"

She was embarrassed and awkward, so she could only smile at Teacher Qian and quickly changed the topic. She was afraid that the teacher would ask where the Major bought it in the next second.

Liu Weiwei put her hands on the front legs of the giant rabbit, and the warm, soft touch indeed felt really good. However, like a joke from the heaven, this was actually not a robot that was bought back, but a real Level 7 beast!

Three months ago, Liu Weiwei knew what kind of rabbit she had, knowing the rabbit, knowing the face, but not knowing the heart, ah. All the strange things in the past could be explained instantly. Why when she was obviously hit at the dormitory, but she felt she had seen a ball of fur flying. In the end, she was unscathed, but the other party knocked her head and bleed. And why the goats, kangaroos, iron pigs, and even silver armored cows she met at the Beast Base were all so tame and obedient. Even in the end, the cows gave her the food they had stored.

Her family Xiao Bai was not abandoned at all, but it chased her all the way to the dormitory. The fear and panic that should have been there, after recalling these clips, immediately disappeared.

Xiao Bai had been with Liu Weiwei for so long and had been silently protecting her. Except for the frequent requests to massage its legs, also its love for eating and food, it was simply a standard beast pet. Moreover, the SR diner mentioned by the system, she now knew that it was actually Xiao Bai. The diners recognized by the system would not hurt her.

Liu Weiwei only struggled for one night, and then decided to continue to raise Xiao Bai, even to help it hide, so that the Major and others could not find any clues. That day, she saw the gray kangaroo and little red panda in the cafeteria being taken away by Scientific Research Bureau for injections and blood tests. Although distressed, she had no way to stop it. What she could do now was to give Xiao Bai a stable life, prevent it from being discovered by the Scientific Research Bureau. After all, the Level 7 Beast pet must have bigger research value. But unexpectedly, her indulgence made Xiao Bai even bolder.

Every time Qin Mo went out and it was alone with Liu Weiwei at home, it always put the giant rabbit robot bought by Major Qin into sleep mode and threw it into the corner of the storage room. After that Xiao Bai replaced the robot and followed her swaggeringly.

Liu Weiwei could pretend to not see this, pretending that Xiao Bai was a robot. She personally touched the robot’s and Xiao Bai's fur after transforming. They were almost exactly the same. It seemed very confident that it could hide even from the sky.

"Ohhhhhh! The ball is really awesome! The tug-of-war win added another 50 points, and 450 points must be the first in total."

"F*ck! There are only two places for roasted duck. Work hard, comrades!"

"Kill the rest!"

The moment when Liu Weiwei was distracted, the winner was decided in the center of the field.

Qin Mo who had almost no trace of sweat on his face, quickly walked out of the swarming of jealous and envious soldier. He wiped the sweat from Liu Weiwei's forehead, and then glanced at the big rabbit… robot behind her. "Tired?" He greeted Qian Dongmei, squatted down in front of Liu Weiwei, and touched her belly. "Baby, Dad will show you the gold medal he won tonight."

Liu Weiwei: …

Major Qin’s old father’s syndrome was increasing day by day. But the baby in her belly was probably a fan of money just like her. Hearing the gold medal, the baby rolled in her belly, causing her belly to move slightly. This made the Major whose palm was attached to her belly even more excited.

"The roasted duck that Dad won at noon will also be for you."

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry. The furry rabbit behind her obviously wanted to growl, but it turned its head to hold back.

Everyone knew that Major Qin Mo was now a mad demon who protects his wife and cubs. As soon as he approached Liu Weiwei, even Qian Dongmei next to him squinted to watch the show, not to mention the other soldiers.

But Major Qin was still vicious to others, "There is no other competition? Zhang Chengyuan, you take the team to cooperate with the cafeteria robots and transport the roasted duck prize here."

"Yes! Major!"

People watching the excitement retreated.

Liu Weiwei blushed, "Why don't I go with you?"

"Let them be, how can you go to the field? Are you thirsty when you were watching the game? Is it hot? Are you hungry now? Do you want to eat something? I will help you take out the pillows to cushion your waist. Are your calves still swollen?"

Liu Weiwei immediately said that everything was fine, and the baby in her belly was also very good. Qin Mo went on, so she didn't have the face to stay here. It was as if she was fragile, but why would she be so delicate?

Just when Qin Mo was about to seize the time to play prenatal music, the team he sent out to the cafeteria returned. Together with the robots, the soldiers mightily moved tables and stools, and even piled ovens on the ground one by one.

Liu Weiwei stood up immediately, and was led by Qin Mo to walk to the command scene with his hand on her small waist. The top three groups could enjoy the ducks that she had raised together with Scientific Research Bureau for the past two months. The main contribution was by the Scientific Research Bureau, and she just made a little idea based on the system task.

However, the results were gratifying. The meat duck was fat and nutritious, almost similar to the duck used for Beijing roast duck.

Liu Weiwei tried several times before successfully baking it at home. The hanging stove for the roast duck was specially made by someone on the Internet after she used credit coins to exchange for tool drawings from the system. For the first roast duck family dinner, she also invited Marshal Li Er and Teacher Qian, and they praised the dish unanimously. It was also decided to be a reward for the sports meeting winner on the spot.

Today, the roast duck was used to reward the winning soldier, and Liu Weiwei had another important task. She glanced at the system.

[Apprenticeship task: Recruit the second disciple. The talent of this disciple is five-star!]

[Reward: Third disciple position will be opened.]

In the past three months, Liu Weiwei finally completed the task of bottom ranked soldiers. The 113 soldiers’ performances had all increased by more than 10% at the end. The most improved one even advanced to the top 50% rank, so that she finally successfully opened the second disciple position. But after a week of opening, she still hadn't found a person with full talent. Only then did she plan to take advantage of the huge sports meeting to see if there was a suitable candidate. 


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