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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 75

 ICRAB – Chapter 75

In the end, Bu Zhongxin took some Xiao Long Bao back. Liu Weiwei was really embarrassed if she let him go back empty-handed.

Before Dr. Bu left, he made very honest suggestions and requests.

"Sister-in-law, shouldn’t the military cafeteria also consider rewarding the logistics unit? You know, the logistics staffs are also suffering. They work all year round and often work overtime. In order to treat the comrades on the battlefield, our medical team also has many doctors and nurses risking their life to follow the team to the front line to resist the impact of beasts."

"No one knows after one day, if they can see the sun tomorrow. You said, isn’t it miserable for a person to die when they only ever drink the nutrient solutions? But, we are just logistics personnel, and there is only one in this military area. Just a small number, it is estimated that they will not be able to eat it in this life…" 

Bu Zhongxin was clearly dressed in a white coat and looked like a professional military doctor. However, it didn't take a while for him to wipe off his eyes under the gold-framed glasses, causing Qin Mo to let the rabbit go straight away.

"Hey hey, why does this rabbit bite people?!"

Liu Weiwei: !!!

She quickly took the little white rabbit off Bu Zhongxin's body. This little furry rabbit was still kicking his legs and his little rabbit’s lips were opening and closing quickly…

Obviously, Qin Mo and Xiao Bai disliked each other. But in the matter of defending against foreign predators, they were surprisingly harmonious. 

Food at home was limited. Xiao Bai's IQ was not low, so it was quite clear about this conclusion. Now, there was already a man with a full rank of physical strength in the family taking its food, how could it allow another one to come? It had endured for a long time! Bite bite bite!

Qin Mo opened the door with unchanged expression.

Bu Zhongxin immediately gave Qin Mo an expression of 'you are ruthless, you are cruel, you are making trouble without reason.'

Liu Weiwei sighed, touched the furry rabbit's head, and poked its nose with her hand. These two had the temperament of eating alone, so stingy!

The small pink tongue of the little rabbit immediately licked her fingers, and it patted its belly with its paws. Liu Weiwei smiled and shook her head. She gave it another piece of hay cookie bar form her space, and put it on the ground to play with the little rabbit toy next to it.

Waiting until it was time for sleep. Qin Mo took out another bedding in his space and put it on the ground. He spread it on the floor just beside the big bed where Liu Weiwei was sleeping. 

When Liu Weiwei turned and lay on her side, she could see the silhouette of the big man lying down from the bright street lamp outside. She turned around and touched the furry rabbit resting on the bedside before she retracted into the blanket. "Major, Doctor Bu is right. Everyone has the right to eat good food."


After Liu Weiwei finished speaking, there was deathly silence. She was embarrassed. This Major really had a stingy personality just like the furry rabbit. "Although I have little power alone, as long as I have enough time, I will surely let everyone eat good food." She yawned as she spoke.

The man on the ground finally said, "Sleep."


"Tomorrow I will report and ask to send soldiers who are about to be discharged from the army or who have suffered minor injuries to learn how to cook."

Liu Weiwei lost her sleepiness instantly, her eyes lit up. Good idea!

This wouldn’t only solve the worries of the active military personnel, but wouldn’t make her too busy in the cafeteria. When the kitchen had enough staff, naturally every soldier could eat in the cafeteria. This was the same as her previous idea, to create cooking soldiers in their literal meaning! Moreover, the task of accepting apprentices given to her by the system could also be solved smoothly and satisfactorily.

"Yeah!" Liu Weiwei's eyes were sparkling, "Can you let them learn from me when the time comes?"

Qin Mo was lying on the ground with his hands crossed on his chest. His brows furrowed. He always wanted to relieve her burden and let her recuperate, but in the end she was always full of enthusiasm for everything. Not only was the work in the cafeteria very laborious each day, but she was also caring about the bottom ranked soldiers, and now even wanted to teach cooking. She really couldn't take any time off.

In the darkness, Qin Mo couldn't help turning his head to look at the bed. The girl lying on her side was obviously weaker than anyone in his impression from the beginning, and she always needed help from others. But every time, she was able to trot forward with her teeth and claws, she not only caught up with her peers, but also wanted to surpass others one by one. He… liked her more and more.

Was this the legendary husband and wife connection? Qin Mo had seen it through. His teacher was right, this was fate. When the fate was here, the girl he met casually was more suitable for him than the wives found out by big data matching. "Okay." 

Qin Mo was also not sleepy anymore. If the place where beast waves appeared was his battlefield, then wherever there was people needing food, it was her battlefield! Since she wanted to fight hard, he, as a husband, of course also had to support her.

Qin Mo quietly turned on his light brain, and immediately browsed the latest model of robots, known as home and travel essentials. Compared with ordinary robots, they had added electronic chips for medical treatment, fighting as bodyguard, maintain happy mood, and even smart protectors. After thinking, he picked a mother and child care chip and an early childhood education chip to add to the shopping cart. When choosing the shape of the robot, he especially used DIY manual design. When he was done personally designing the robot’s appearance, he finally placed the order. After the payment was successful, he heard the sound of his child's mother sleeping soundly.

Qin Mo raised the corners of his mouth. He closed his eyes and also fell asleep.

In the morning of the next day, Liu Weiwei woke up from the bed and stretched. She heard the neat steps and slogans of the soldiers running outside the window with great momentum. She changed her clothes and lazily leaned against the window to look outside. She then saw the mighty appearance of her own heartthrob Major standing among the soldiers. 

Liu Weiwei had good eyesight. From a distance, she could see the soldiers in the front who were a bit familiar, it was the same bottom ranked soldier that cried directly after eating glutinous rice balls the other day. She didn't know the system in the military, but she knew that Qin Mo, as a Major, was unlikely to be responsible to train of these bottom ranked soldiers full-time.

It seemed that the sincerity of the soldiers begging to be guided still impressed the Major. Liu Weiwei narrowed her eyes when she looked at him. Her Major was working hard, so she couldn't lag behind. After a brief cleanup, she went to the cafeteria with full energy.

Today Liu Weiwei was in a very good mood. She was humming a song, and together with the robots, she soon prepared everyone's breakfast. Robots didn't need to rest at night, and they had helped her handle most of the ingredients for breakfast when she arrived.

Today's breakfast was something Liu Weiwei suddenly thought of before going to bed last night. It could be said that the Major gave her the inspiration. This morning, she decided to launch rice ball with soy milk. These two items, soy milk along with rice balls filled with fried dough sticks, were listed as the kings of breakfast.

Yesterday the Major said that some soldiers could be trained to learn cooking. But it was definitely impossible for them in the short term. After all, cooking was a long process of practice and hard work. But making rice ball was simple. They didn't need deep knowledge, and could get started quickly, so Liu Weiwei decided to take it to the cafeteria.

The breakfast peak at 8 o'clock in the morning would soon come. So Liu Weiwei immediately asked the robots to lay out the six wooden barrels containing a large number of cooked sticky rice in a straight line. And beside each barrel were placed fried dough sticks, mustard greens, pork floss, white granulated sugar, and a robot was also allocated. She herself was wearing a mask and wearing a military green apron for the cafeteria, smiling and watching from behind.

The team on duty in the cafeteria today was a new ten-member team. Those who came to help every day, regardless of ranking, could have a meal Liu Weiwei cooked in the cafeteria. The first batch of guinea pigs, Tao Xing's team was not happy at first, but now he wanted to tell the instructor to let his team be in charge every day.

Now the duty was randomly assigned by rotation, and it had become a well-known fragrant meal for the entire military. Every team wanted to come, regardless if they were seniors or new recruits. Even there were some who was permanently assigned in other duties that also wanted to help.

Today, the smile on Meng Nanmu’s face had not disappeared since he led his team to the cafeteria, especially after hearing that they could be the first batch of people to try the breakfast meal. All eight soldiers in the team smiled until their teeth were showed.

"Squad leader Meng, you stand in front of robot number one, and everyone else can pick one robot and stand in front of it."

"You can just follow the steps of the robot. Try to make a rice ball, and then take a cup out to fill the glass with soy milk."

Directed by Liu Weiwei, Squad Leader Meng moved directly. His smile stiffened. Today’s breakfast for them was… made to order?! 

Unexpectedly, after the first few shifts were done, it became a made to order breakfast. But soon, before Squad Leader Meng's sorrow was over, the robotic arm of No. 1 robot was already stretched out in front of him, speaking of the lines Liu Weiwei had set on them. "Comrade, do you want sweet rice or salty rice?"

Meng Nanmu was stunned, and subconsciously said sweet. After that, he wanted to hit himself, what sweet did a man eat? Even the nutrient solution should be mint flavored, okay!

But he quickly thought of yesterday, the brother who was from the same dormitory was one of the lucky 25% on yesterday’s training ranking. The brother stood in their room and said wild praises about the taste of the black sesame glutinous rice balls. He said it was sweet and heart-melting, and that made him think about his mother at home. Meng Nanmu swallowed as he thought about it again.

Robot No. 1 had no emotions. Its two mechanical arms quickly demonstrated, "First, spread gauze on your hands. Then, scoop out some rice in the bucket and put it on top, after that use the iron spoon to flatten it…"

"Then, put in a spoonful of white sugar, add one fried dough stick, fold it in half, fold it in half, then fold it in half, stuff everything in and squeeze it!"

"Wrap the deep-fried dough stick with rice, press hard, and press it into a ball!"

"Then, the sweet rice ball for breakfast is finished. Also, you can pour the soy milk on the left hand side yourself."

"Done, next!"

Meng Nanmu: …

He looked suspiciously at the big ball in his hand… because he was stronger and rougher, there were a few deflated finger marks on it… so it was now a big crooked ball.

This was so ugly!

He placed it next to his nose and sniffed carefully. Could this be eaten?

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