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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 89

ICRAB – Chapter 89

Yang Likun quickly figured out the situation from the robot.

[This is a beast pet under the care of Lieutenant Lu Qingheng, a Level 5 kangaroo.]

[Two months ago, it went to the battlefield to kill the enemy and gained 1,000 merit points, so it was specially granted the right to eat and drink in the cafeteria for five months.]

[Three meals a day, rationed supply.]

Yang Likun took a lot of effort to understand the robot's explanation. He even opened his merit record in disbelief. In the five years of him joining the military camp, he had been on the battlefield at least twenty or thirty times and performed hundreds of missions, but as of today, the balance of merit points displayed in his record were only 897 points. Sh*t… not even as many as a kangaroo?!

Yang Likun instantly left behind the profound question of why a Level 4 kangaroo became a Level 5, and deeply thought about his incompetence instead.

The merit value was comprehensively evaluated based on the number of beasts killed by each soldier, the number of interstellar citizens saved, and the efficiency of mission completion.

Yang Likun felt that he opened the door to a new world instantly! In the past five years, he turned out to be not only a bottom ranker, but he was not even as good as a beast, even more incompetent than a beast!

The gray kangaroo next to Yang Likun had already started drinking the winter melon short rib soup. The blood in its bones might belong to a vegetarian animal, but the short rib on the soup was bitten cruelly, chewed vigorously, and then the bones spitted out like a bullet. Even the spit was very enchantingly, directly went inside the garbage recycling bin next to the pillar.

This IQ, this ability, Yang Likun could see that the beast was indeed a Level 5.

But this was not the end. After eating, the kangaroo seemed to understand the rules of the cafeteria. It jumped to the ground and put the last empty plate held between its two hooves on the designated place, and it pressed the button with its hooves. After that it went to the water faucet, it cleaned a handful of oily fur on its mouth, stretched out its two furry front hooves to wash them clean, and then it swaggered its tail to the main entrance of the cafeteria. It left happily.

Yang Likun: …

It was not until the time for the troops to eat that Yang Likun finally found Lieutenant Lu Qingheng in the crowd.

"Commander Lu!"

Yang Likun had finished cooking, so in theory he could go to rest. But he had been staying in the cafeteria unsparingly, helping the robots to serve everyone. But he was absent-minded, several times he gave too much or too little, and finally was driven out of the serving line by an angry No. 1 robot.

Yang Likun suddenly became sober when he saw Lu Qingheng. "Commander Lu!" He ran over in a hurry.

"Oh, little Kunkun~" Lu Qingheng chuckled, "You helped with cooking today? I heard that you are so talented!"

Yang Likun's mouth twitched. This nickname really made him suffer from toothache. "That kangaroo is really your pet, Commander Lu? It can really go to the battlefield to help fight? It doesn't eat feed? It ate a lot of vegetables this afternoon." He had too many questions.

Lu Qingheng laughed, "You saw our family’s Da Hui?" There was a glorious expression on his face, since Da Hui evolved to Level 5, it had become smarter. Although it still liked to beat him like a sandbag at home, but as long as it could eat things from the cafeteria, it was willing go into the training room to train for half an hour to an hour. Since the Marshal personally intervened, and even willing to allocate special funds to the beasts for the extra meals, his family Da Hui had become more obedient day by day. He even used ten cages of fresh meat dumplings in exchange for its willingness to go to the battlefield and fight side by side with him successfully.

Lu Qingheng thought it was funny and lucky to bring the kangaroo with him because of the misunderstanding at the beginning. He patted Yang Likun on the shoulder, "Little Kunkun, follow sister-in-law to learn well. The dishes she cooks, not only make progress when we eat, but also induce evolution when eaten by the beasts. Even their rough and fierce tempers can be trained by her foods."

Yang Likun knew that the cafeteria’s food was delicious, but he apparently only learned today that he only had a partial understanding on the power of food.

"Today, my Da Hui came by himself?" Lu Qingheng had something in the afternoon and could not come with his pet, but he still cared about his pet's living conditions. "Was it still with the chubby bear from Major Mu family? Has it bullied my Da Hui?"

Yang Likun knew about Major Mu Ming's beast pet. Everyone called it little fox. He had also heard of its legendary combat story. He could say that it was a star beast pet of the army. However, listening to Commander Lu, this little fox… no, chubby bear, was a friend of the kangaroo? It was also a frequent visitor to the cafeteria?

"Hey, little Kunkun," Lu Qingheng could tell Yang Likun's confusion at a glance. "You can get used to it. In the future, we will have more and more intelligent beast pets. This cafeteria will not only serve three meals a day for the outstanding soldiers, but also to these beasts."

Yang Likun, who was initially not tired from cutting meat all day, was completely soft.

On the other hand, when Liu Weiwei woke up, she still wanted to teach her new apprentice, but found that she was already lying on the soft big bed at home. She had a bulging stomach, so she could only lie on her side. Comrade Major lied on her side, massaging her sore waist.

"Awake?" Qin Mo probably also slept for a while, his voice was still a little hoarse.

Liu Weiwei gave a hum. She raised her head and took a peek. When she saw the little white furry dumpling squatting in the bedside cabin sleeping, she felt relieved.

"Come back if you are tired. Your back will hurt if you sleep in a recliner." Qin Mo obviously felt very sorry for his child's mother.

Liu Weiwei responded more obedient than ever, she was now full of guilty conscience. She fell asleep in the cafeteria lounge. The Major must have brought her back. She was still stroking Xiao Bai's fur before she fell asleep, so she didn't know if he had noticed it. Now that he didn't mention it, she felt a little relieved, but she was still full of guilt. In the past three months, this Major with thousands of fans could be said to have taken care of her in every possible way. She even forced him to treat the rabbit as a daughter, but she didn't tell the father the truth about the (little) rabbit daughter.

"Why? Are your feet numb again?" Feeling Liu Weiwei’s sigh, Qin Mo turned into a masseuse with good technique, sufficient strength, professionalism, patience, and gentle temper. He massaged Liu Weiwei’s feet diligently.

Liu Weiwei’s hand hurriedly went into the quilt and grabbed the Major’s hand, "It's okay."

Qin Mo's eyes flashed, and he carefully felt the delicateness of his hand being held by Liu Weiwei’s little hands and… the feeling of deja vu came again. He closed his eyes and even had an illusion, as if he had returned to the day that his body was very hot and his head bursting with pain. In the dark a pair of weak and cold hands touched his forehead. He remembered pushing the hands’ owner down, but couldn't remember any further. But compared to no memory before, there was already a vague improvement.

"Are you hungry?" Qin Mo stabilized his mind, and a small table from his space was placed on the bed. "Don't just worry about cooking for everyone all day. The more they eat, the less you eat. If you don't eat, the child in your stomach will not grow up big."

The closer Liu Weiwei got to the due date, the easier it was for her to fall asleep. So now it took a while for her to whip up an appetite. However, the food that the Major took out and put on the table made her eyes widened instantly.

"Is this the leftover wontons I packaged yesterday?" Liu Weiwei was surprised. In the evening, she would prepare some extra supper, sometimes she was just greedy, sometimes she was real hungry. Yesterday, she made a few large plates of wontons. She and the Major each ate a large bowl, and Xiao Bai also ate a bowl by himself. But when she saw the wontons, she had to return her guess, because the wontons in the bowl now were a bit ugly.

A wonton should have looked like a big ingot, but at this time the wrappings were almost completely separated from the vegetable meat filling. So it became a combination of vegetable meatballs and hand-pulled noodle soup. This was definitely not her wonton!

Qin Mo's ears, even his expressionless face, became a little red. "There was still some material left, so I let the robot make it."

That's it! The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. She had been dealing with robots in the cafeteria for a long time, and the robots would never wrap anything so bad that the skin separated from the stuffing. She glanced at the Major's embarrassed expression and resisted the smile that came up. This was clearly a masterpiece of the Major himself, but he had to blame it on the housekeeping robot. The corners of her lips were pressed tightly, and she decided not to break the precious dignity of Comrade Major.

"Ah, it looks delicious." Liu Weiwei lowered her head and picked up the spoon, her eyes filled with an unstoppable smile, "I'm really hungry." As she said this, she happily scooped a piece of dough and some soup into her mouth. Although the soup base tasted a little bland, it could be regarded as… a meal of love? The Major who only trained soldiers even go to the kitchen for her, so happy!

"How does it taste?" Qin Mo was very nervous. Watching Liu Weiwei eating was like facing a great enemy.

"Well, it's delicious!" Liu Weiwei firmly encouraged this kind of good man behavior. She even wanted to tell this dad-to-be a few more simple dishes next time, so that he could exercise more.

Qin Mo let out a sigh of relief and said, "Don’t eat too much, you can eat half and I will eat the other half. That way you won’t feel stuffed when you lay down again."

Liu Weiwei: "…"

While the Major was going to take a bath, she quickly ate most of the wontons, and then fed the rest to Xiao Bai. 

Xiao Bai squeaked a little disgustingly before it reluctantly ate all the vegetable and meat fillings. At any rate, Liu Weiwei was the one that made the filling, but the wrappings were still pushed out mercilessly by it. Because of the taste of the soup was bland, they also had no taste. They were also overcooked and crumbling.

Liu Weiwei stretched out her hand and rubbed Xiao Bai’s little head, "So picky!" Forget it, who made it a Level 7 beast, it was also a high-level beast that had the intelligent to pursue good food.

When Qin Mo came out of the bath, he saw his child’s mother in her pajamas. She was lying on the bed, smiling while holding an empty bowl. "It's so delicious. Xiao Bai has finished licking the rest of it." Xiao Bai turned over silently. It put two its lop ears under its paws and held them down. Fortunately the Major didn’t say anything. He only nodded and took the empty bowl.

In the early morning of the next day, Liu Weiwei stretched out happily and went downstairs. At a glance she saw the Major among a mess in the kitchen. She was holding Xiao Bai on her hands, but it quickly fled to the corner with a jump.

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