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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 73

 ICRAB – Chapter 73

When Liu Weiwei finished her work in the cafeteria at night, she first glanced at the beautiful wedding dress that was about to be sealed up, mourning the single life that would never return, and finally fell on the bed tiredly. At noon, there was a chaotic wedding banquet. Soldiers she didn't know each came to offer nutrient solution or tea, but they were finally blocked by the Major. Her smiling face almost cramped. Only after she came back in the afternoon and lied down for two hours that she had the strength to get up and went to the cafeteria to cook dinner.

Before the Major came back from work, Liu Weiwei grabbed the little rabbit into the bathroom, activate steam sauna, and washed it gently. She then looked at the day's online business report with the now fragrant Xiao Bai. Today she held an event and the number of praise had increased by leaps and bounds. Nearly 1,500 reviews were collected in a day, more than twice the amount on the first day, and the store's credit rating rose to four diamonds.

After 10,000 points were collected after operating for at most one week, the shop would be able to have a small crown, and it could be regarded as a reputable restaurant. Becoming a Triple Crown restaurant with the highest credit at Third Street of the East District was just around the corner.

Liu Weiwei was very pleased. Having some free time, she checked her big apprentice.

[Master, business is good today. Everyone praises your delicious potato pudding. In addition, today I cut more than 20 kilograms of potatoes. According to the method you taught me, I will make the desserts when I go online tomorrow.]

The big apprentice An Hao also sent her the results of his practice with the last potato of the day. From the photos, it could be seen that his knife skills had improved a lot, at least it could be seen that it was a complete potato cuttings, rather than a lumpy shape that didn’t have any shape. The cut marks on the knife edge also became smooth and clear. Liu Weiwei could see that when he was cutting, he had already lost his hesitation and impatience.

Liu Weiwei complimented, and An Hao immediately became embarrassed. He was embarrassed to say that compared with Master's whirlwind potato-cutting action, his current speed was exactly the same as that of a tortoise, and he was crawling very distortedly, and the slices of potato were still uneven in thickness sometimes. 

[I will go online tomorrow to see, your position of holding the knife is not standard. From now on, remember to take a video every day and show it to me. I can't see clearly only by looking at photos.]

Liu Weiwei was still a very responsible teacher. She chatted with An Hao a few more words and asked him to rest early. She closed the chat window, took her pajamas, and went into the bathroom. She tried the Jacuzzi in the bathroom. She lied and enjoyed the undulating massage of hot water, while sorting out the list of recent tasks and the new recipes she got from the system.

The task currently in progress caused Liu Weiwei to commit a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder. The task of accepting apprentices was on pause. She had to continue to hone her seasoning level before she was able to open the second apprenticeship vacancy. The task of saving the bottom ranked soldiers couldn’t be completed in just one or two days. She could only try to motivate them and waited for them to train hard to improve their performance. There was also the Major. She didn't know why, he suddenly got upset and she had to cook a delicious and sweet meal for him.

Liu Weiwei sat in the bathtub and fell into deep thought looking at the recipes. A unique one of a kind dish, was this a system error? She saw the Major today and found him to be quite normal. He had a good appetite, and she didn't see any mood swings in him. But since the system had issued the task, she naturally had to work hard, so she rushed into the system training room to practice.

On the other side, the busy Major Qin Mo took a shower in the training building after finishing his work day. In the past two days, he specifically applied to the Marshal, in addition to training the Special Forces under his leadership and formulating the annual combat and training plan, he also recommended himself to work overtime for two hours a day to train the bottom ranked soldiers.

The Marshal was not at all polite to him. Hearing that he was willing to work overtime, the Marshal gave him a military order with a smile. If he didn’t improve the soldiers’ ranks, he wouldn’t be promoted this year. Qin Mo had no objection, he was not afraid at all, but once he turned around, he tortured bottom ranked soldiers to death. 

They made his child’s mother worry, made the child’s mother tired, and made the child’s mother especially cooked for them. In the whole army, who had this kind of treatment? Not even him. Qin Mo was jealous. He was unhappy with all his heart and lungs, so he decided to train those guys hard. After the gravity room training was over, they were thrown into the shock room one by one to stimulate their body's potential. After that, he asked them put on mechas and beat them one by one.

These tail of the crane soldiers? Qin Mo firmly believed that they would soon regret asking him for guidance.

Qin Mo, who had just vented all his unhappiness, took the bath carefully. He stopped when he confirmed that there was no more male odor on his body. He bought a blonde doll in a white dress for his daughter from the military area commissary, but when he went to pay the bill, he remembered something and turned back again. He reluctantly took a small black and gold wooden sword. If there were toys for the girl, there should be toys for the brat, so the child’s mother would always be happy when he went back.

Since Liu Weiwei was angry that day, Qin Mo started to tell two stories. If he only told one story, the protagonist of the story would definitely be a pair of sibling. Of course, he also couldn’t favor one or the other when buying gifts. Fortunately, the dormitory he was allocated back then was big enough, so there were enough rooms. The girl's room, which was the closest to their bedroom, was full of things. In addition, in the farthest room in the corridor, various supplies for the little boy were also placed. 

When Liu Weiwei asked, Qin Mo even thought about an explanation. Let the boy run! Boys needed to exercise, running wildly across a corridor could satisfy the strong physical strength of boys. Perfect.

When Qin Mo came home, he did not forget to wash his hands first. In this special time, he obeyed closely the doctor's instructions. He didn’t want to bring home germs from outside. If it were not for fear that disinfectant might be too irritating, he would like the robot to spray some at home every day to protect the weak pregnant woman at home.

The toys were put down neatly, and the military uniform was changed. Qin Mo looked around but couldn't find his child's mother. It wasn't until he frowned and sat down in the bedroom that he heard a faint sound of water running across the door panel. He couldn't help but froze. His child's mother was taking a bath.

The faint sound of water flowed slowly. Qin Mo sat down for a while and the white veil that he solemnly lifted up in front of the whole cafeteria at noon today came to mind. Under the veil, the pink face was no bigger than his palm. It was small, skinny, but full of nourishment. Every skin pore became delicate and glowing after several days of nurturing. And as the veil was lifted, the small ruddy mouth appeared in front of his eyes, a cute and straight nose bridge, and the eyes that seemed to be filled with water.

Obviously, Qin Mo was not a person who fancy beauty. But suddenly he felt that the weak girl who had seized his home immediately became as beautiful as a flower blooming. The soft facial features, after a little dressing and makeup, made him a little surprised.

Hearing the sound of the water, Qin Mo quickly became uneasy. Obviously he had just taken a cold shower, and his every cell was calm. But he could no longer calm down. He still heard an unusual fluctuation on his heartbeat. Even in front of terrible beasts, he had never experienced such an irregular heartbeat.

Qin Mo instinctively felt that there was a mysterious power that was not under his control, which was implicating his body's reaction at the moment. His serious and cold brain cells had their activity reduced by half. He frowned his eyebrows deeply. He was only sitting on the big bed in the bedroom, but he was like a young soldier being on the battlefield for the first time, jerky and scared. What was happening? Only listening to the sound of water on the bathroom, why did his heart beating faster and faster? What had triggered his frustrated, surging mental power?

Qin Mo instinctively wanted to take a cigarette in his pocket, but couldn’t find any. His stubborn brain cells finally moved, and he remembered that since he was discharged from the hospital, he had given away all the cigarettes he had at home. At home, there was not even a single piece of tobacco left.

Qin Mo was not addicted to cigarettes, but every time his mental power fluctuated, he had to smoke two sticks to relieve pressure. But now, he could only stand up coldly. He walked to the baby girl's room next door without saying a word, and began to set the pink and tender little bed with small stars. One, two,… calm down… empty your brain… However, after a while, his syndrome of too good physical fitness was still high. His hearing was too good. Even hiding in the baby girl's room, he could still hear the sound of water flowing next door.

It wasn't until half an hour had passed that Qin Mo, who was about to become a rock and ripped his daughter's doll's skirt, woke up suddenly. He glanced at the time on his light brain. His whole person stood up from the side of the small bed, strode like a meteor and quickly rushed to the bathroom door with a cold face. It had been too long! She had been in the bathroom for too long!

Qin Mo quickly rushed to the bathroom door. Knock on the door, no response. He frowned, and without a word, violently kicked the bathroom door open!

The anxious Major Qin Mo rushed in, and his brain that had always worked well turned a dazzling white! A girl with closed eyes was lying in a bathtub filled with water, filled with heat… all white, but pink… 

Qin Mo's eyes seemed to be burnt. But he bit the tip of his tongue severely and finally awakened himself from the dazzling glaring scene in front of him. He grabbed the large bath towel next to him and carried the girl with her eyes closed in the water out of the bathroom. Ignoring the water stains that flowed down, he hurriedly sent out an emergency rescue notice to Bu Zhongxin.

Liu Weiwei was too focused with learning new recipes, cutting and cooking, and was very busy, completely unable to hear outside sounds. She woke up because of the sudden bumps in the training classroom that caused everything on the cooking table to roll off. Then she quit the system in shock. But as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw magic claws pressing on her small chest, although they were covered with a bath towel. 

"Bu Zhongxin, say, what can I do now?!"

"Hypoxia, fainted, give oxygen?!"

"Artificial respiration?! Let the robot do it?!"

The Major's low voice completely ceased to exist. Finally, Liu Weiwei heard the devilish roar of his fierce and vicious destruction to the military doctor. As a result, she simply forgot the scream that was going to come from her throat. "Well, er… I'm not dizzy… not lacking oxygen… "

Liu Weiwei almost shed tears. She just went to the system space, and was too indulged in learning. She lowered her head in despair, looking at the… light curves… under the bath towel.

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