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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 70

 ICRAB – Chapter 70

More than one hundred people finally realized that going forward for food was paradise and delightful enjoyment, while staying still was endless physical and mental torture. As long as you were not a fool, you could definitely make the right choice. Yang Likun was not the first to realize, nor was he the last. Soon there were more than one hundred people, and they all wanted to worship the Major!

"Seeking guidance!"

"Seeking training!"

"Guide us to improve!"

The Major's face was dark, and Liu Weiwei next to him proudly puffed out her small chest. She knew that no one could resist the last sharp weapon in food, desserts! Since ancient times, glutinous rice balls had been well-known to every family. The traditions and household practices of eating it had never been left behind year after year. The dispute between adding salt and sugar once intensified, but it didn't matter, each flavoring had its own merits, enough to be passed on for thousands of years.

Black sesame glutinous rice balls were not easy to digest if they were eaten too much, but for these strong men, a bowl of five or six, or even a dozen to twenty could still be adequate. After the bitter sweat and tears, they could taste such a sweet taste, soft and sticky texture. Their happiness was coming so quietly.

Liu Weiwei liked to play in the kitchen more and more, and liked the merit of cooking. Even now she was looking at the fierce expressions of Yang Likun's group of people, thinking that she could make such a big change, she was proud and satisfied. She couldn’t train soldiers, but it seemed that the Major beside her knew this very well, and a group of people quickly surrounded him, even if there was storm on his face currently.

"Help them." Liu Weiwei rubbed her hand secretly, pinched the hem of the Major's military uniform with two fingers, and shook it gently. 

Qin Mo’s heart dangled with the hem of his clothes, and shrank fiercely. He bowed his head and looked at the girl's soft face in front of the dazzling sunlight. It was obviously not a surprise, but he was just as addicted…

"Major…" Liu Weiwei looked up, but was then taken aback. The Major's ink-colored eyes were dazzling against the light behind him. Inside, there seemed to be light.

"Okay." A low syllable overflowed from Qin Mo's chest, with chest tightness that he couldn't explain. Until the glutinous rice balls and stinky tofu were packed from the cafeteria home, he finally jumped when he saw the girl holding the furry rabbit in her arms. "Clerk Liu, don’t you think you should also care about the comrades on top 1% rank?" He held his temple.

Liu Weiwei was rubbing the rabbit's legs just now, and she was taken aback when she heard this question, "Huh?"

"You are also comrades in the military. You put a lot of energy on the comrades at the bottom rank, but what will the comrades in the forefront of the forefront think then?" Qin Mo pursed his thin lips and immediately answered himself, "They will feel chills."

"Ha." Liu Weiwei almost pressed down on the rabbit's leg. Wasn't she only doing this for a task? Also, by helping the weak and motivating them to move forward, wouldn’t it result in improvement to the overall group?

"Don’t the first 1% have already enjoyed the three-meal benefits in the cafeteria?" Liu Weiwei blinked.

Qin Mo nodded painfully, "Yes. But then what is the difference with the other 2% - 25%?"

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth, "This…"

Qin Mo took the military cap off his head and held it in his hand. He walked in front of Liu Weiwei within two steps, "Clerk Liu, you only saw those who didn’t work hard and thought they were suffering. Have you seen the bloodshed by the top ranked every day? How much sweat they had produced during training?" For example, this person standing in front of you.

Liu Weiwei bit her lip and blinked.

Qin Mo's hand quickly pried Liu Weiwei’s lips, "Relax."

There were some thin calluses on the Major’s fingers, and he wiped her lips, causing Liu Weiwei whole body to shake. Her brain went blank for a moment. No wonder people used to describe such situation as ‘hot and numb with electricity flowing through’. It turned out to be true!

Liu Weiwei quickly stepped back, almost smearing Qin Mo's face with Xiao Bai.

"Squeak!" Xiao Bai's soft calf stomped directly on Qin Mo's chest.

The Major: !!!

"I will pay more attention… " Liu Weiwei swallowed, "I’ll think about how to reward the outstanding soldiers."

Qin Mo lowered his head and looked at the rabbit legs on his chest. His cold black eyes swept over the obnoxious fat rabbit, and then he lifted the whole rabbit with one hand.

Level 7 beast rabbit hanging upside down: " =(:3["]= "

"Well, especially the top sergeants." Qin Mo glanced at the blushing child’s mother before he chose peacefully. Then he threw the furry rabbit, who dared not say a word on his hand, back to the cabin.

"After touching the rabbit, wash your hands, otherwise there will be germs," Qin Mo took out a special disinfectant from his space, and helped Liu Weiwei spray all her hands carefully, not even letting go of her nails. His tone showed growing resentment, "I don't know if you hold it too much, will there be any diseases."

Liu Weiwei: ...

When Qin Mo ate the sweet and soft black sesame glutinous rice balls at the dinner table, his bad mood did not ease, but worsened. He almost wrote ‘very unhappy’ words on his face. "This is the new dish you came up specifically for that group of people? Just for them?" He looked into his spoon, and took a bite of the white rice balls that had black fillings. 

Sweet to the heart. After taking a bite, Qin Mo felt that his whole person was warm and relaxed. But this was what the girl made for others to eat? An unknown burning emotion quickly encroached on his chest. Depressed, chest tightness, uncomfortable.

Liu Weiwei shrank her neck, instinctively feeling that what she was facing a proposition at the moment. No answer was right.


"Major… "

"Comrade Liu Weiwei, I think it is necessary for us to discuss when you will start taking maternity leave. Shouldn’t all these tedious things left to the robots in the cafeteria?"

"… Well, that, Majo… I will give you something new to eat now?" Liu Weiwei struggled with the last trace of survival instinct.

The spoon in Qin Mo's hand fell into the bowl with a bang, and his ears immediately turned red.

Comrade Major Qin Mo, who had just eaten a bowl of cold noodles, rushed into the bathroom without saying a word.

"Did I… put too much chili?" Liu Weiwei was startled. But soon she heard the system prompt.

[Dad-to-be appetizer task completed! The collection of 10/10 praise is complete!]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, thinking that Comrade Major was really an honest guy who couldn’t say no. She almost thought he didn't like today's taste.

[Reward: +10 points for beauty, 10 random recipes, and a happy turntable draw once.]

[Would you like to carry out the lucky draw now?]

Liu Weiwei asked the housekeeping robot to clean up the table, and then solemnly put her hands together, let out a deep breath, and started the lucky draw. The so-called big turntable was nothing tricky, it spun around, and it was so colorful that she didn't even get to see the prizes. She finally clicked stop completely blindly. When the turntable slowly stopped, she could see some of the rewards clearly.

‘Seasoning to the highest level’, ‘100 points for beauty rewards’, ‘10 tons of seasonings to choose, ‘World's strongest kitchenware’, …

Liu Weiwei almost slobbered to the ground. She especially wanted the beauty points, she could forget about the others. With skill, she could always get it. Only beauty was the one that couldn’t be achieved with ability. She could only spend money to get plastic surgery… A hundred points worth of beauty!

[Ding! Congratulations on your acquisition of Godhand Chef.]

Liu Weiwei uttered a pity.

[Godhand Chef: The freshness of any ingredients and suitable cooking methods, including but not limited to heat, time, seasoning, etc., can be learned by just touching it with the palm of your hand. Like a pair of master chefs’ hands who have been immersed in cooking for many years!]

[This skill has no upper limit for daily use.]

[Currently LV1: Skill activation time is one minute; the first ten times a day are free, and the subsequent times will be charged 10% skill usage fee according to the price of the finished dishes.]

[Full level at LV10, skill usage fee can be reduced to 1%.]

Liu Weiwei was a little surprised. For example, for a fried chicken steak, she practiced thousands of times in the system, and was monitored by the system chef. Only then did she finally master the heat and temperature of the entire frying process. Because every chicken chop, even if it was taken from the same position of the chicken, would be inherently different due to differences in fatness, fat content, and even toughness of the skin tissue of each different chickens. But after a boring practice day after day, she was finally able to find out the texture of the chicken through the process of massaging the chicken meat and was able to judge the needed time when frying.

And if it was changed to another dish, not only a thousand times or even tens of thousands of times practice was needed. It was impossible to figure out the delicate matter of cooking time and heat level. Moreover, wild ingredients were different every time. Liu Weiwei couldn't help but ran to the system training room immediately and picked up a quick-frozen chicken drumstick at random from the abundant food storage room.

[Four-star broiler chicken thighs, the thighs are harder and thicker, suitable for frying. The meat on the right side is thicker, keep it on low heat for five minutes, and then turn it over.]

[Other unlocked cooking recipes, click more to query. The recipe is not unlocked, please continue to study hard.]

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth wide and closed it after a long time. This was simply a tool for cheating. In other words, with the same recipe and the same ingredients, if she had this skill, her mastery of heat would be better than anyone else. Well, unless she encountered an experienced old Chef. She was almost invincible compared to the people of the same level, and could go to challenge even more.

[Host, don't be arrogant, the recipes you currently have are only a fraction, and the number of diners captured is still very small.]

[This skill is just the icing on the cake.]

Liu Weiwei gave a hum, but the corners of her mouth were still curled up high. "Okay, I'm not arrogant, I'll practice new dishes." The task was completed, and ten more recipes were opened. Her happy restaurant would one day become a super restaurant with the most dishes and the most authentic taste!

The time in the system space passed quickly. Liu Weiwei practiced four new dishes until an hour passed outside, and then she was awakened by a pair of big hands. She was still doing the movement of stirring when she opened her eyes blankly. The Major's tangled cold face immediately caught her eye.

"Tired?" Qin Mo stared down at Liu Weiwei while she was asleep, seeing her hands moving as if she was cooking, his eyes became softer. Sure enough, she had worked so hard. With her position as his cooking soldier and with the property she owned now, she could obviously eat and drink without worry, but she still worked so hard.

Qin Mo was a little moved by his child's mother. He reached out and touched Liu Weiwei’s head, "Go to the bedroom to sleep, don't sleep on the sofa."

Liu Weiwei gave a hum. But when she was about to get up, her small hand was wrapped in a palm with thick calluses.

Liu Weiwei stared.

Qin Mo's jaw was stiff. "Today, I haven't held your… hands."

Liu Weiwei: !!!

"You said we should take our time, starting with holding hands every day."


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