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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 66

ICRAB – Chapter 66

[Happy restaurant business statistics: 164 people dine in, 126 takeaways, 230,000 credits turnover, and 82 points of praise.]

[Number of employees in the store: 1; Number of robots: 5.]

[Current store credit rating: 3 Hearts. The next level of 4 hearts requires 90 positive ratings.]

Liu Weiwei received Skynet business report when she went offline. Skynet’s virtual shop also had a credit system, with 1 point for customer praise and -1 point for complain. The more praise, the more people would visit. There were five golden crowns as the highest level of time-honored brands, and the praises had accumulated almost 100 million.

Compared with the other party, Liu Weiwei’s shop looked like a baby. But she firmly believed that she could catch up. She closed the report and was about to go to the cafeteria. Today she and the Major ended their vacation and started to work in separate places. The Major was obviously very worried, and even wanted to buy a nanny robot to follow her everywhere. But she comforted him. He could see her during three meal times a day, and it would be off work time in a blink of an eye.

For the first time, Qin Mo, who had always put the military as his priority, felt that he wanted to take a long vacation and waited until his daughter… until the baby was born. However, fortunately, the cafeteria was not far from the military clinic. He sent Bu Zhongxin’s contact info to Liu Weiwei and said, "If you feel uncomfortable, you should contact the doctor immediately. There is no shortage of man power here." He dared to say this, but if someone else said it, he would be beaten to death by the group. But after he finished speaking, he couldn't avoid Liu Weiwei's skeptical gaze. He was a little embarrassed to remember that he had eaten three bowls of white porridge with left over sour cowpea in the morning. He had a great appetite and also drank some nutrient solutions. Obviously, he couldn't even convince himself.

Liu Weiwei didn't expose the Major, she smiled and stroked Xiao Bai’s fur. In the end, the Major sent her all the way to the cafeteria, he waited until he saw her commanding a group of soldiers and robots who came to help and not working by herself before he left with confidence.

Liu Weiwei wanted to give everyone a quick meal at noon, but halfway through, she received a video call from the Marshal.

"Are you at work Clerk Liu?" Marshal Li Er's face was kinder than ever.

"Well, does the Marshal have any instructions?"

Marshal Li Er squinted and said, "It's a little thing, Clerk Liu. The incentive policy we implement every day allows the top 25% soldiers to eat the food you cook helped by the robots. With this, many comrades have burst out of their potential and train harder. Their achievements have been greatly improved. Obviously, this policy is very stimulating."

Liu Weiwei nodded, "It's indeed a good way the Marshal had came up with." She had heard the comrades at home mention it before, so now she was not surprised.

Marshal Li Er smiled until the wrinkles at the end of his eyes were deepened, but soon he became a little serious, "However, I read this week’s training report. Clerk Liu, the tail of our crane, the second half of the sergeants was still not working hard enough."

Liu Weiwei blinked.

"Especially the physical fitness of some of them is temporarily unable to improve, or the old dough sticks for many years are standing in place. Both have been hovering at the end." When Marshal Li Er said this, there was feeling of hating iron for not being steel, "To avoid this kind of giving up mentality, we have to rectify our own ethos."

Liu Weiwei nodded, "Then what can I do, Marshal?"

Marshal Li Er squinted, "Is it possible to punish them with food? Is there any smelly food? It smells bad but tastes good."

Liu Weiwei: … 

She carefully looked at the Marshal's expression at the moment. If she hadn't seen him worrying about the country and the people, she really suspected that he had come up with this idea just to eat a bowl of snail noodles. She remembered that the Marshal ordered this famous snack on the day she registered her marriage.

"Clerk Liu, cough," Marshal Li Er put his hands on the table, and his whole body exuded a Marshal's aura, "What do you think? Being the tail of the crane has caused them to be punished by the extreme smell, watching others eat fragrant food, but they can’t eat it, instead they will be attacked by the stench."

Liu Weiwei sighed, "The stench only is not enough."

"It doesn't matter, I also prepared special props." Marshal Li Er had been preparing for a long time, and even took out something similar to a gas mask next to him. "Wearing it on the head will expand people's sense of smell by fifty to one hundred times. It was especially suitable for the tail of a crane or when people with weak mental power are being punished."

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, she didn't expect the Marshal to even prepare such things. "All right, then I will change the menu today and add fried stinky tofu."

Lear was also taken aback, "Stinky tofu?"

Liu Weiwei gave a hum. Stinky tofu was smelly before being fried, but it was golden and tasteless after being fried. As punishment and reward, this snack was suitable. In the case of snail noodles, the range of olfactory attacks was too wide, and she had to give it up temporarily for the sake of a certain Major suffering from dad-to-be syndrome, who hadn’t yet recovered at home.

"Okay, then do as you said." The Marshal gave the pass and ended the call. But his solemn expression changed soon, and he looked at the person sitting in front of him with pity, "Old lady, it's a pity, I can't let you eat snail noodles, I’m sorry… but it's okay, stinky tofu still sounds very powerful."

Qian Dongmei directly stepped on the Marshal’s army boots, "You are old, you old man! Fake public for private benefit!"

"Hey hey, let go, am I not just trying to teach those stinky boys?" Marshal Li Er thumped his chest when he said this. "If they were so anxious to death, they will be good. They have been squatting at the end and not rushing! I haven't thought of a good way before, so now I have to let them learn a lesson!"

Qian Dongmei also agreed, "That Weiwei girl, did you watch the video I posted you? She will become more and more famous in the future. You let her stay in the military area, but she has a stubborn talent."

Marshal Li Er swallowed immediately, "I have eaten her dried tofu soup, it tastes good! Unexpectedly, the production process is not easier than turning on the armor."

"… I'm not discussing the taste with you."

"Then what to discuss?"

Qian Dongmei couldn't stand this ninety-year-old giant baby. "You only know how to eat and eat, didn’t you want this child to always keep a low profile? I see many people are investigating her identity."

"Well, what's the big problem for me?! She had the highest level of confidentiality in the military, many Marshal Levels in the entire league cannot even found her information! Okay, don't worry about it, you can also go to the cafeteria to find her when you have time. Learn how to cook like her, and make me some supper."


"After for so many years, it doesn't hurt me even if you step on my feet. Do your feet hurts? Do you want me to rub your feet at night?"

As night gradually fell on the military area, the squad leaders of each squad received unified orders from the upper echelons one after another.

"Anyone who was on the bottom 1% after today's score will be listed immediately! Trot forward, the target location: small room behind the cafeteria!"

The old fritters in almost every class were helpless, or being cheeky indifferent, and followed the command to the cafeteria one after another. Recently, outstanding soldiers had been able to eat the delicious food in the cafeteria, and they all knew it. Although every day when they went through the cafeteria to receive the nutrient solutions next to the top ranked, smelled attractive and felt hungry and felt uncomfortable, but this was how people were, and they could still work hard if they were a little far away, but if they were too far away, they would give up on themselves.

Arrived in the small room today, nearly a hundred soldiers were basically the ones who gave up trying and were waiting for the time for them to retire or being transferred as soon as the time came.

"What are we doing today? They want to shut us down?"

"Hey, it won't happen. There will always be someone on the bottom rank, if not us then someone else. Aren’t we going to be punished?"

"A punishment? I think it's an incentive. Let us also taste the delicious food in this small cafeteria, and encourage us to leave the bottom rank."

"Oh, that makes sense!"

"Dude, you are right, it is possible!"

Everyone had a look of unrequited love, and immediately their eyes lighted up, feeling that they had found a great deal. With only hard work, it was impossible to go from the 99% ranking to the top 25%. If they could eat an incentive meal, they would fly into the sky.

At the entrance of the small room in the cafeteria that was originally the back warehouse of a cafeteria, there were still two lieutenants with guns guarding the small gate. When everyone arrived, the lieutenant with a gun shouted. "All of you, stand at attention! Those who are called, come and pick up the equipment. In ten seconds, when the equipment is collected, enter the room immediately!"

Everyone looked at each other with confused faces.

But soon the lieutenant began to report the names, "13th class Yang Likun, 26th class Tang Hanxiao, 48th class Yuan Zongwei…"

Even if they were the bottom rank, no one dared to disobey the army's order, otherwise they would definitely be unable to eat. 

Hearing that his name was reported, Yang Likun trotted over to get his equipment. He was in his fifth year in the army. At the beginning of his first year, he felt ashamed of his rank, but after a long time, he discovered that it was just like that. He could save his own life on the battlefield. After this year, he was ready to apply for discharge from the military on the grounds that he had suffered a calf injury. After five full years, he would be better treated when he switched to another job.

Yang Likun was originally thick-skinned and thought his rank didn't matter, but today he took a mask from the lieutenant's hand, and he didn't know why, his heart contracted tightly. Five years of experience on the battlefield made him feel a strong sense of crisis and a strong desire to survive. Before entering the small room, he instinctively wanted to escape. 

"What are you doing in a daze?! Wear the equipment quickly and enter the room immediately!" In the next second, the lieutenant roughly put the mask on Yang Likun's head and pushed him into the closed door.

Yang Likun, who was trying to linger, almost didn't even react, he was violently pushed into the room by the lieutenant who looked like an iron plate, and fell inside. He screamed in his heart, and was about to struggle to get up, but as soon as he climbed halfway, he staggered and trembled all over! A smell he had never smelled before stank his scalp, penetrated into his nose like a Level 8 whirlwind! Poison and gas chamber training!

Yang Likun fell to the ground with tears in his eyes, and gave Tang Hanxiao, who had just come in behind, an expression of despair.

They were finished!

They were going to be killed!

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