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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 74

 ICRAB – Chapter 74

"Well, I thought you fainted… Bu Zhongxin said that pregnant women are particularly prone to hypoxia in the early stage… " Qin Mo almost touched the non-existent cigarette in his pocket again, but his hands were shaking. He moved away his left hand that was still pressing on the child's mother so fast as if it was scalded.

Liu Weiwei wished she could get into the system again. She didn't know what to do. But both of them were all grown-ups, so they couldn't pretend to be innocent for the rest of their lives. After getting married, what kind of married life should they live in? Of course, they could be willful and did whatever they want. However, it was difficult to escape the responsibilities and obligations of being a husband and wife.

Liu Weiwei thought she had already figured it out a long time ago that she was not the kind of person who occupied the pit but did not sh*t. She would not be able to do this shamelessly when she was married and had a husband. So, on the day of receiving the certificate, she said the words that made her blush and her heart beating fast. They needed to hold hands and hug first, and then took the next step slowly. As a lady, especially in the role of wife in a marriage, the rhythm of some things still needed to be led by her.

Seeing the Major who was stiff and even tried to walk out of the room awkwardly, Liu Weiwei sighed. "I think that since we are married, there are some things that need to be put on the agenda."

Qin Mo grabbed the door frame directly.

Liu Weiwei: …

"Hold hands and hug once a day. Kiss goodbye when going out. Spend an hour at night for chatting, taking a walk, or a date." Liu Weiwei set a 30-day plan in the majesty of the Major's eyes. "Try one month first, anyway, Dr. Bu said that I am currently not suitable for vigorous… exercise."

Qin Mo looked at the blushing child's mother, his eyes moved to her slender and white neck unconsciously. Finally, he squatted down and picked up the blonde doll that had just been thrown on the ground. He nodded solemnly. "Okay." Indeed, Bu Zhongxin said that she was not suitable to have intercourse now, her body was still weak. He was actually… at this time… was he a beast?

Qin Mo fell into a serious condemnation of himself, but soon a rumbling of his abdomen rang in the room at an untimely moment.

Liu Weiwei was stunned, covering her mouth and laughing. "Wait, cook for you." She rolled into the quilt next to her, wrapped herself in the quilt, and slowly walked towards the bathroom. The Major didn't need a direction and he immediately took the pajamas she had left in the bathroom thoughtfully. He was really better than a robot. Needless to say, he also turned around consciously.

"What do you want to eat tonight?" Talking could relieve the embarrassment between the two of them.

Qin Mo straightened the head of the doll in his hand, "Anything." After that, he added another sentence, "You can cook anything that is not too tiring. Everything you cook is delicious."

Liu Weiwei tied the last pajama strap. The corners of her mouth rose, and in a good mood, she tied a bowknot and climbed out of the bed. "Then I will make a unique, one-of-a-kind satisfying meal for you!"

When Qin Mo heard the movement, he turned around and helped put the slippers at Liu Weiwei’s feet. The rare dish name also made him raise his eyebrows. The two adjectives used as attributives in front of the dish's name made his mental power even more fluttering.


His careful attention all his life had probably been spent on these two women who was a buy one get one free. "Okay."

Overwhelming sadness rice, Liu Weiwei especially borrowed the title from ‘The God of Cookery’. In fact, it was just a bowl of white rice with barbeque pork, topped with sweet soy sauce, and a poached egg. It was not a recipe from the system, it was a recipe for barbecued pork in honey, and after she learned it, she added rice. (TN: 黯然销魂/àn rán xiāo hún, idiom means overwhelming sadness. ‘The God of Cookery’, a 1996 film starring Stephen Chow.)

When Liu Weiwei saw the task of caring for the Major, she remembered this overwhelming sadness rice dish. The protagonist in the movie, after falling down from the altar and fell into poverty, was moved to tears because the hostess gave him a bowl of simple barbecued pork rice. He, who had tasted many foods, was stunned by the ordinary sweetness of the barbecued pork. With the ordinary softness of white rice, it warmed his mortal's heart, and this gave it the name of overwhelming sadness.

Liu Weiwei decided to cook this dish to make her Major happy.

The barbecued pork in honey sauce was a Cantonese cuisine. Liu Weiwei quickly picked out the freshest pig's hip meat from the storage room on the first floor. Activating the skill of Godhand Chef, the pork in front of her had more light and dark areas. Some areas were marked as having fascia, and some areas were marked as needing to be pierced with holes before marinating.

Liu Weiwei quickly stroked every part of the pork hip with her fingertips, comparing the touch with the prompt that the system gave in front of her. She had skills, but she didn't want to always rely on skills. She had to rely on the advantages of her skills to quickly master the hands of a Godhand Chef and become a well-deserved chef who did not rely on the system to survive. 

Liu Weiwei touched the pork all over, and after a little understanding, she used a fork to make small holes in the thick meat according to the skill’s instructions. She also quickly cut the beef fascia with a knife, washed it and cut it into slices. She shredded some ginger, sliced garlic, added some white wine, sugar, salt, soy sauce, star anise, bay leaves, etc. to give all kind of flavors, and used it to marinate the meat slices. After marinating, she mixed some sweet honey and warm water, spread it evenly on the surface of the meat slices and baked them. While baking, she poured the left over marinade to a pan to boil and thicken. She also seized the time to fry a sunny side up, and then took two small pieces of green vegetables, blanched them, and placed them on top of the rice.

Finally, after baking, the white rice was topped with the rich and fragrant barbeque pork, the now thick sauce was also drizzled on top, and the dish was complete.

Overwhelm the sadness!

When this red and green bowl of rice was brought out, Qin Mo, who was sitting at the table, felt his chest became warm. In the past, apart from training, his life was a battlefield. Occasionally, he cared about his sister but they had a generation gap that could not be overcome. He returned to his bedroom with only robots’ greeting.

But now…

He looked up at the girl who was looking at him expectantly. Her eyes were shining, she was clearly waiting to feed him like her little rabbit beast. Her body hadn't even fully grown yet, but she could still take care of him. He never thought that he could marry a little wife who would prepare him different delicious meals every day.

"Hurry up and eat it while it's hot." The girl brought him another bowl of vegetable soup with a clear and lustrous color.

Qin Mo was moved, so he picked up his chopsticks and put a large mouthful of rice into his mouth. Before swallowing, he was shocked by the sweet meaty smell in his mouth.

The pork was sweet but not greasy. It was fat but thin, and the skin was slightly burnt. It was refreshing to bite, but there was overflowing gravy filled with sweetness. The plump sunny side up was piled on the rice, and the dangling egg yolk was tempting. It broke when poked with chopsticks. The golden liquid rolled slowly and wantonly on the white rice grains. Instantly enveloping the soft and warm rice grains, and blending with the sweet gravy. The taste instantly became soft and rich. Added on it a mouthful of green vegetables that was crisp and fresh, the sweetness on the mouth was relieved, and it was as clean and neat as the clear lake flowing through ancient earth.

Qin Mo quickly dropped the chopsticks and changed into a spoon. He took a large spoonful of rice directly from the bottom of the bowl, mixed it with the barbeque pork, egg, and sauce, and then stuffed it into his mouth together. The rich layers instantly turned into ocean waves in his mouth. The same ebb and flow, the same ups and downs!

The big bowl of rice soon reached the bottom. His hungry body was filled up, and his stomach was warm and satisfied. Qin Mo put down the spoon and sat calmly on the seat. He felt that everything was in order now.

"Overwhelming sadness rice…" Qin Mo nodded, "It is indeed overwhelmed." Even his somewhat impetuous mental power today had become stable, very stable, like a rabbit that had been fluffed. His expression suddenly changed, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Rabbit... fluffed?!

He had been taken crooked by his little wife.

The speed at which soldiers eat was obviously not comparable to Liu Weiwei. She only ate a small bowl, and found that the bowl on the opposite side was already completely empty, which was very stressful. She ate slowly, but she couldn't help being anxious. Fortunately, system recognition soon jumped out.

[Loving meal task completed.]

[Facts have proved that it is not only desserts that enable lovers to enjoy the sweetness of love. As long as you use your heart, any dish can make the eater feel the care hidden in the food.]

[Task Reward: Beauty +10, 5 dim sum recipes, and beginner hear control skills book!]

Liu Weiwei smiled and nibbled on the barbecued pork. This was great. It had been a long time since the dim sum recipes had received new items, and heat control skills were also very much needed. She liked it!

"Your food seems to be different from other restaurants." Qin Mo looked at his empty bowl for a long time, and carefully felt the subtle mental changes in his body.

When Liu Weiwei heard the compliment, she immediately squinted her eyes, "Is it? At that time, I said it will be better than the five-star dark restaurant but you didn't believe it! Do you believe it now? Did my restaurant absolutely defeat them?"

Qin Mo paused. Listening to her, his chest was suddenly overflowing with pride. His child’s mother was the best in the universe. This sudden cognition caught him off guard. 

"Yeah." Qin Mo glanced at Liu Weiwei, instantly feeling full of pride.

Liu Weiwei listened with admiration, and felt that it was worthy of a one-of-a-kind meal. She smiled and ate half of the bowl. Only two pieces of barbecued pork and some rice were left, so she fed it to the little rabbit that had been squatting under the table for a long time.

Major Qin: … She said that it was unique, but it ended being rabbit feed.

That hairy rabbit! This female also, so crude!

He was just about to give the rabbit a look when the doorbell rang.

Bu Zhongxin, who rushed over in sweat, hadn't even taken off his white coat. Apparently he came directly from the clinic.

Liu Weiwei's face instantly blushed, "Eh… Doctor Bu, I didn't faint, I'm sorry to trouble you to come here specifically, have you eaten dinner?" This situation, it was very embarrassing.

Before Bu Zhongxin spoke, he saw the Major staring at him with his arms around his chest. "I have withdrawn my first aid application, what are you doing here?"

Bu Zhongxin coughed, his eyes floated to the table slowly, the couple’s empty bowls broke his heart. I ran so fast but still hadn't caught up with the couple's dinner time.

"I was off work, and I think everyone can be more rest assured if I come over for a checkup. After all, after being discharged from the hospital, my sister-in-law has been so busy recently, so I don't know how her body is recovering." Bu Zhongxin pushed down his gold frame glasses deeply. "What do you say, Major?" 

In a word, pinch the lifeblood of Comrade Major.

"Please sit down." Qin Mo's face was solemn.

The corners of Bu Zhongxin's mouth crooked up. 

"You probably haven’t eaten dinner. I'll get you some nutrient solutions. What kind of flavor do you want? Say."


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