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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 81

ICRAB – Chapter 81

Finally, Liu Weiwei took Xiao Bai’s head out of the cup and hugged it. The little furry rabbit lied on her lap, its eyes blinking innocently. "So amazing. They went to the cafeteria as they were hungry? But why did they return the bucket to the kitchen? Did they even know that I live here?" 

Liu Weiwei hugged Xiao Bai and stroked it, so Mu Ming who was about to beat the rabbit could only clenched his fists bitterly. However, her words were obviously very reasonable, high-level beasts indeed had wisdom. But Level 4 and Level 5 beasts were not that smart yet.

"This should be some kind of instinct." Qin Mo took the opportunity to touch his child's mother's belly, and glanced at the furry rabbit that was lying without a sense of crisis.

"Instinct?" Liu Weiwei was a little dazed.

On the contrary, as the owner of a beast pet for many years, Mu Ming put down his fist and raised his long legs. "The IQ of beast pet is different. For example, although my little cutie is only Level 5, it is obviously smarter than many Level 6 beasts. But even so, its IQ is only shown as equivalent to an elementary school kid in the measurement report of Scientific Research Bureau. It was even below fifth grade."

"As it is still a child. Its nature was not to train but to play, not to work but to eat. It uses its much more developed sense of smell to find high-quality food, so that it can gain more strength to survive in harsh environments. To become stronger is their instinct."

"And for low-level beasts, surrendering to a higher level is also an instinct."

"For example, if you are intimidated by a high-level beast, or if you are hooked by a violent kangaroo, you will also do this kind of cocky thievery. This can't be blamed on it. The little cutie is innocent. If you want to blame, you can only blame the big kangaroo!"

Lu Qingheng's veins burst, "Why doesn't our Da Hui choose other beasts? With so many beasts in the Scientific Research Bureau, it has to choose your cutie?!"

"Huh? Of course because my cutie is the smartest and the most beautiful!"

Liu Weiwei: "… Shouldn’t the top priority now is to find them?" Her iced sour plum soup couldn't ease the struggle caused by the two shit shovelers.

Qin Mo snorted coldly, and successfully shut up the two of them, "After discovering the surveillance, I asked the guards to go to the scene and track the two beasts, but they found that there was no trace of the beasts passing by." In other words, all the hoof prints and paw prints, even the traces of the tail mopping the ground, were all covered up. "I have contacted the Scientific Research Bureau and asked them to report this to their superiors. Now there are enough reasons to suspect that there might be more advanced beasts giving instructions to them, or that one or even both of them have evolved and their IQ levels has increased tremendously."

Both pet owners were dumbfounded. Evolution was extremely rare in the World of Beast as many of the levels and talents of beasts were formed congenitally. If a beast wanted to break through the limits of its innate level and enter the next level of evolution, it could be said that it had a protagonist's aura like a martial arts man in Xianxia literature. It was as incredible as falling into a cave and got a cheat. The probability was extremely low, and the luck factor was playing big role. But if it didn't evolve, how a beast could know how to detect and did counter-reconnaissance. And it also knew to wipe out the traces of its passing. This IQ had already broke through their current understanding of beast on their level.

Lu Qingheng couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth. If his family’s Da Hui could break through to Level 5, he would be willing to buy Xiao Long Bao for it every day even if his family went bankrupt. Da Hui accompanying him on the battlefield, also cleverly assisting him to kill the enemy, just thinking about it made him very happy.

Mu Ming also stroked his blonde hair with a proud expression on his face, "I already knew that my little cutie is not an ordinary cutie. Three years ago, after the beast wave ended and I picked it up, its fur hadn't even fully grown together yet. But looking at its big watery eyes, I knew that it will grow to be at least half of my beauty and talent."

Liu Weiwei felt numb when she heard this. She rubbed the goose bumps on her arm, "If you have been raising it for three years, it should listen to you very much. Hurry up and find a way to find it."

This one sentence caused 100,000 tons of damage to the proud Mu Ming. "Usually it is quite obedient, but recently… it… is not very normal." A shit shovel officer had no dignity. Making his furry dumpling obedient was completely impossible. Fortunately, they could still fight side by side. However, as soon as they returned to the barracks, his little cutie would do everything in its own way, closing the door, and did all kinds of self-reliance. He couldn't tell anyone about these sufferings.

But obviously, Lu Qingheng, who was also uncertain about his pet, found a common language with Mu Ming. "Yes, yes, our Da Hui is not normal. It seems that it doesn’t even like to eat hay cookie bar recently. I went to see it and found it to be very anxious. It is probably because it doesn’t like the cages on the Scientific Research Bureau…" It also beat him. Lu Qingheng felt sorrowful and touched his chin.

"No appetite?" Mu Ming nodded as soon as he heard this. "My little cutie was like that too. I was in a coma, so the robot at home prepared feed for it and it also ate well. But since I was discharged from the hospital, it seems that its appetite has diminished. For the most part, letting it eat a feed is the almost same as forcing it." As he said this, he smiled bitterly. "I brought my little cutie here yesterday. I originally wanted to ask for some handmade hay cookie bar. I heard that other beasts like it very much and I wanted to see if it likes it or not."

Liu Weiwei let out a cry. So that was the reason.

Soon, the eyes of the three men focused on her.

"Sister-in-law, if your body permits and you have time, can you help us?"

"Huh? I can't help, can I?"

"No, you can. Da Hui really likes the dumplings you make."

"Yes, little cutie went to the cafeteria and stole your mutton soup. If on today's dinner you make a tempting food that they can't refuse, I guess they will go to… the cafeteria again!"

Qin Mo said nothing, but nodded when Liu Weiwei looked at him.

[A new task released: Find the beloved pets of the poor shit shovelers that had stole the food and teach them an unforgettable lesson!]

[Task Reward: The cheats and special recipes for the development of beast pets will be unlocked; +10 beauty points.]

Liu Weiwei was stunned. She didn't expect that the key to this incident was still with her. Make a dish that even a vigilant beast pet couldn't refuse? The rewards were pretty good, but what should she do? She glanced at her rabbit, which was obviously an herbivore, but now it ate everything. As for the little red panda, she remembered that it was omnivore. There were bird meats and bird eggs in their feed she saw in the zoo. Kangaroos, like rabbits, were supposed to be herbivores, but now they obviously ate pork Xiao Long Bao.

Liu Weiwei flipped through the recipes she had, and soon decided to focus on the sensitive smell of beast, and made a dish with strong fragrance. To match it with the mutton soup, she would make a roasted lamb leg with invincible cumin and natural meat fragrance. She would also make pumpkin cakes, a sweet snack that red pandas loved.

At six o'clock in the evening, three men in military uniforms, who rarely appeared in the back kitchen of the cafeteria, sat around a small temporary table. Meanwhile, Liu Weiwei was wearing an apron and she took out the baking tray from the oven using some gloves.

Halfway through, the tray was picked up by Qin Mo, who stood up and looked a little displeased. "Leave it to the robot, how can you bend over and lift heavy object?"

Liu Weiwei lowered her head obediently, but it did not prevent the baking pan in Qin Mo's hand from emitting a strong and domineering fragrance that penetrated into her nose without mercy. The smell was so intoxicating. It could cause people to drool as soon as they smell it. In a trance, they even forgot to pick up their fork and chopsticks. They directly reached out and touched the food in the baking tray.

"Aw! Hot!" The prosperous beauty yelled immediately. But he quickly tore the lamb leg with large bones dripping with golden grease from the baking tray.

The baking tray was still sizzling, and on the golden surface of the lamb leg, grease bubbles popped out from time to time, lifting along the thick spices sprinkled on it. The lamb was very hot as it just came out of the oven, but the men with thick and rough skin couldn’t wait. They put the meat in their mouths boldly.

The lamb was grilled until the surface became completely crispy. The skin would break when bitten, and meat juice would flow out. After being marinated, the meat had delicious gravy with a stimulating and strong taste inside. When chewed, it slowly flowed down the corners of their mouths. The smell of lamb was mixed with the pungent cumin, which brought out a unique flavor that made people unable to stop.

Liu Weiwei ate slowly and was afraid of being burned. She bit and breathed in between. She also loved the taste of roasted meat. Lamb leg was fatty and had a very heavy mutton taste, but if processed correctly, it wouldn’t be too fishy, instead it would be very delicious when grilled. Not to mention that she also used the skills of Godhand Chef today. She used the skill so that the roasted lamb leg became crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, juicy but not greasy. The meat also retained its elasticity and tenderness. Spicy flavor from the spices embodied every part of the meat. This was one of her proudest work.

However, Liu Weiwei unfortunately couldn't eat too much. Roasted meat could easily cause body to overheat. Her current body was far less powerful than these soldiers. She was also afraid that eating too much mutton would affect the baby in her stomach. But she was obviously thinking too much. Before she could eat a few bites, the baking tray in front of her was basically empty.

Qin Mo snatched the last piece of lamb leg and put it on Liu Weiwei’s plate.

Liu Weiwei: …

"Oh~ What a charming taste!"

"Very delicious!"

After the lamb came the round pumpkin cakes that were pan-fried until golden brown. They looked cute, soft to the touch, sweet in the mouth, but not sticky to the teeth. 

The three men showed Liu Weiwei what an amazing appetite was. Fortunately, she wisely did not put all the dishes on the table, otherwise she estimated that all the dishes would be abolished directly.

"Okay." The satisfied Mu Ming elegantly took out a golden silk handkerchief and wiped his mouth, "Let's go."

"Well, it's time to catch the culprits!" Lu Qingheng's face was a little stiff with unnatural acting skills.

Qin Mo helped his child’s mother, took out the remaining baking trays from the oven, put them on the table, and led her out of the cooking room.

Everyone quickly moved to a small room next door and stared at the newly installed monitor intently.

Before long, a furry claw came in from the window…

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