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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 86

ICRAB – Chapter 86

Five-star potential?

Liu Weiwei's eyes lit up. She immediately stood up and looked at the projection video that kept changing its shooting angle at this moment. There were almost 400 tables on the scene, each with ten soldiers sitting, and many people were working hard to cut the roast duck with knives. She glanced over, and immediately noticed that there was a table with two large plates of ducks slices neatly placed against a pile of crooked and rough ones, which made them very conspicuous. The two plates of ducks slices were almost uniform in size. They were arranged in the shape of a diamond. Layered on top of each other, even she found it pleasing to the eye. This was the only table other than the main table that still looked decent.

Five stars...

Liu Weiwei immediately locked the soldier who was still holding the knife. Taking a closer look, she couldn't help being stunned. She was quite familiar with this person, wasn't him one of the bottom ranked that had been howling every night in the past three months? She was so impressed when the other party almost cried the day he ate glutinous rice balls filled with black sesame paste.

Yes, Liu Weiwei should have thought of him long ago. Wasn’t a person can be moved to tears by food because his sense of taste was far more sensitive than others? Now, looking at the cutting skills, it was also much more experienced than the blank paper An Hao.

"That soldier," Liu Weiwei quietly pulled Qin Mo’s sleeve, "Do you know him? He is one of the group of people you trained before, what is his name? How long has he been in the team? Do think he will be willing to change job?" She was still under pressure when digging corners in the army. Others were defending their homes and fighting against the beasts, but she wanted to dig them to cook, which sounded a bit unreliable.

What the Marshal agreed before was for the veterans or logistics personnel to learn cooking, but he didn't say that the soldiers in active service could go to the cafeteria to help every day. Liu Weiwei decided to ask her Major secretly first, so as not to do anything wrong with the kindness she had received.

When Qin Mo was asked, he saw his wife’s face becoming smoother and softer. Instantly, some memories couldn’t help but flash before his eyes. He was entering the bathroom and saw fair skin… But Liu Weiwei's problem directly caused him to went back to focus.

Qin Mo pursed his thin lips, and his entire ice cube like face dropped a few degrees in temperature, especially when he followed Liu Weiwei’s fingers and saw Yang Likun. His thin lips were pressed into a straight line. He looked down and checked the information about the soldier. Very good, he was planning to retire by the end of the year. "Well, he will retire soon."

Liu Weiwei's eyes lit up when she heard this, "I think he has a very good root and is a good seedling to practice cooking. I want to take him to the cafeteria to help!"

Qin Mo's mouth twitched.

Because they were at the main table, Marshal Li Er and the other regiments’ heads also heard this conversation.

"Oh?" Marshal Li Er immediately expressed support, "This seems to be the group of soldiers that who has made progress recently? Qin Mo, call him over and ask." From the bottom ranked but then improving by 10% after the training, this progress was remarkable, so he also paid attention to this group of soldiers.

Yang Likun was called to the main table, but he was confused by the question that he heard from the Marshal.

"Comrade Yang, I heard that you will retire by the end of the year. Do you have any thoughts on changing jobs?"

Yang Likun was asked by the Marshal for the first time, he was very nervous, so now he was incoherent. "Report to the Marshal! I… yesterday I withdrew my retirement application, maybe the revocation has not yet taken effect."

When Liu Weiwei heard it, the smile on her face instantly solidified. If he didn't retire, he couldn't learn cooking with her.

"Oh?" Marshal Li Er also became interested, and asked after looking at the information on his light brain, "Your retirement application was submitted three months ago. Why did you withdraw it?"

Yang Likun immediately lowered his head, "Report to the Marshal! Within these three months, I found that my calf injury is nothing at all! I can also work hard from the last rank to become the top 10,000, the top 5,000…" Because of the improvement every week, he could enjoy the delicious dishes in the cafeteria. According to the current progress, he might be able to become the top 25% and enjoyed delicious food every day. Seeing that he just needed hard work to eat the cafeteria’s food, wouldn’t it become a loss of a whole world worth of food and wasted the sweat he had shed if he retired at the end of the year?!

Yang Likun spoke with great enthusiasm.

"Okay, it’s good to be ambitious!" Marshal Li Er laughed and soon turned his head, "Clerk Liu, it seems that I can't give you Comrade Yang. You can only find someone else to be a helper in the cafeteria."

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but feel depressed, "Okay."

"At the end of the year, I have to give you a great credit. It is because of your food that many good soldiers like Comrade Yang can be promoted and re-enter the training enthusiastically." 

Meanwhile Yang Likun, who was standing on the side, opened his mouth wider and wider. He finally opened his eyes. He couldn't help but interrupted the Marshal, and then asked carefully, "Cafeteria helper?" He suddenly felt not so good. He worked so hard only to eat the meal in the cafeteria. Why did he feel that his answer just now was like digging a hole to bury himself? Like he was giving up an entire forest because of a small tree?

Marshal Li Er squinted, "Just now, Clerk Liu said that she appreciates you very much. If you are going to retire, she hopes you can go to the cafeteria to learn cooking with her."

Yang Likun: !!!

"You are very talented. If you are willing to learn how to cook, you will definitely able to make very delicious dishes." Liu Weiwei still wanted to fight for him.

Yang Likun was shocked, "Me? I can cook delicious food?" A month ago, he worked hard to improve his training rank by 10%, and finally ate pickled cabbage fish, mapo tofu, husband and wife lung slices in the cafeteria… and so on. Although he only had one chance each week, he would always remember the wonderful taste of the dishes, which couldn’t be removed even by brushing his teeth and gargle, as if it was engraved on his soul. It was for this taste that he worked hard every day, even if his legs hurt at night. Now the cafeteria chef actually told him that he could also make such touching food?

Foods that was so sweet that make people cry, so fragrant that make people whirl and roll, so spicy that make people want to run naked…

"I… " He was a fool! Yang Likun almost cried in front of the group of leading cadres! Train? He trained for five years and had always been the bottom rank. All his improvements were all for good foods!

"Marshal, I… like the food in the cafeteria… I just lied. I don't like training and fighting… I, I just want to eat the food in the cafeteria and don't want to leave the army… I… I want to learn how to cook!"

Liu Weiwei was instantly ecstatic.

Marshal Li Er was a little bit dumbfounded. He might need to reflect on whether the method of using food to inspire everyone was too stimulating. "It seems that the good seedlings in my place will be taken away by you, Clerk Liu."

Liu Weiwei straightened her face immediately, "Being a chef is not easier than other professions. Behind the delicacy that everyone eats was boring practice day and night. The Marshal can rest assured that not everyone can enter the kitchen, and I only accept highly talented apprentices. I won’t compete with you for just any soldiers."

Yang Likun nodded immediately and wrote the words ‘I’m going to retire’ on his face. Even he moved quickly and immediately deleted his retirement withdrawal application.

Marshal Li Er knocked his fingers on the table, "Major Qin, this is your soldier, you can decide."

Liu Weiwei instantly moved her look of expectation to her Major.

Qin Mo received the message from his child’s mother and coughed, "Comrade Yang Likun has shown great progress in the past three months. However, in the collective physical examination report last month, Comrade Yang Likun is on the list of soldiers that are recommended to reduce training intensity and take recuperation observations."

Marshal Li Er was stunned, "Huh?"

Yang Likun was also startled.

"I have received his military retirement withdrawal application, but it has not been approved. I intended to personally meet Comrade Yang after the sports meeting. He has three options: one is to temporarily retain his military status, stop training, and focus to heal his injuries; the other is to transfer to a logistics staff position; and the last is for the withdrawal to be rejected and he will proceed to retire at the end of the year."

Qin Mo looked at his child's mother and raised his eyes to Yang Likun. "I think you don't need the options now as you already made your decision?"

Yang Likun stood at attention and saluted. At the moment he was extremely grateful, "Yes, Major! I request an internal transfer to become a cafeteria worker and continue to serve the army!"

Marshal Li Er finally nodded, his expression more serious. "The following regiments should also sort out the injuries and illnesses of their members. Follow Major Qin's three options just now and talk to the seriously injured soldiers. Everyone will compile the result and give me a report next week. Since Comrade Yang Likun is injured, he shouldn’t train with his injuries. From now on, follow the instructions of Clerk Liu and report to the cafeteria. You can apply for the transfer procedures yourself."

"Yes, Marshal!"

Liu Weiwei smiled. She instantly heard the prompt that second apprentice task was completed. "It is a coincidence, in the afternoon, Lieutenant Colonel Chen from the Scientific Research Bureau wanted me to come and help him. If Comrade Yang Likun has time, he can go with me."

Yang Likun immediately agreed with ecstasy. He didn't think more about it until he arrived at the Scientific Research Bureau – Do the experts from the Scientific Research Bureau still need help from the cafeteria?

But soon he knew.

The five-year soldier quickly saw the ferocious beasts in the cages of the Scientific Research Bureau. There were even ferocious beasts in the garden by the door. With a gentle… pug-like face, they squat or sat on the ground, wagging their tails frantically to Clerk Liu. They also had a low whimpers in their mouths. When he walked over, there was a lightning-fast figure moving directly toward him!

Yang Likun just wanted to draw his gun, but found a strong black panther sitting in front of them suddenly. It stretched out its tongue and licked its mouth like a cat. It stopped in front of them, its front paw actually arched towards them humanely, mimicking a fortune cat.

"Haha, Xiao Hei is so good."

Yang Likun heard the gentle voice of the chef next to him, and saw more desperately that she took out a box of one of his favorites dish from her space. The unquestionable delicacy – stinky tofu, and reached out to feed it to the black panther sitting in front of them.

"Xiao Hei, don't rush, eat slowly and grow taller~"

Yang Likun: !!!

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  1. The food they coveted can be easily fed to a panther. What poor life the soldiers have~


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