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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 65

ICRAB – Chapter 65

Although there was a piece of transparent glass, Liu Weiwei was not worried about the recipe being secretly learned by the food association. Because the seasoning ratio, no one could see it. For many of the ingredients put in the pot, she turned around so only An Hao could see. The only thing revealed to the diners was the knife cutting skill.

The diners sitting outside were indeed dumbfounded. When a serving dish appeared on the glass showcase, An Hao handed one squirrel mandarin fish drizzled with sauce to the robot, everyone still did not recover.

"What kind of dish is this?"

"Dear guest, this is our new menu, squirrel mandarin fish."

"Ah, it's really similar! How much is it?!"

"1,000 credits for one dish."

"I want one!"

This kind of dialogue appeared on almost every table.

And Zhu Ya, who ordered all the dishes without looking at the menu, now felt that he was simply lucky. When the bright and red squirrel mandarin fish, which seemed to be squeaking, was delivered to his table, he swallowed directly and enjoyed the attention of all the customers in the entire shop.

"Boss Liu, come on, let's get started." Zhu Ya could only use the trace of reason left in his body to be polite. But when he said that, he already held his chopsticks for a while, and he couldn't wait to just poke the fish.

The dish, red, steaming fish… The heads of the fish tail were all raised up high, much like a carp leaping into a dragon's gate. The body of the fish was blooming, and it screamed, but it really looked like a fluffy and cute little squirrel! This was a dish? Wasn't it a work of art?

Boss Liu next to Zhu Ya also stretched his head, looked at the electronic bill on the table, and took a breath of air when he looked at the prices, "Just one, one thousand?" The gorgeous color on the sauces of this dish was on point. It was as sweet and sour as the tip of the nose before it was even eaten, and the fragrance was also there. This was a form that people couldn't help but appreciate when the dish was placed on the table, and it could be said to be very interesting. And... this sound, a dish made a sound... He was over half a hundred years old, and he had never eaten something like this in other restaurants. Just the smell was already this good, how would be the taste?

"Sir, eat this dish while it's hot." The robot moving by reminded them with due diligence, this shocked the two dumbfounded men.

As soon as Zhu Ya regained consciousness, he immediately took a photo of the dishes on the table, and then he picked up his chopsticks and poked carefully at the fish. He was deeply afraid that with his chopsticks, the wonderful appearance of the dish would fall apart, but he obviously thought too much. The surface of the fish meat that the chopsticks touched was unexpectedly very tough. He could only tear off a small piece of fish meat with one point of strength from the scale of five. The outer skin was ruddy and shiny, but the delicate and white fish could still be seen inside, and it was still faintly steaming.

Zhu Ya secreted a lot of saliva instantly, and immediately stuffed the fish meat into his mouth without hesitation. Boss Liu next to him had been observing his expression and waiting for his comment, but Zhu Ya ate chopsticks after chopsticks, and even not forgot to order the robot next to him to quickly serve white rice. He didn't even say a word, a mouthful of rice and fish, and his mouth was so full that he swallowed it desperately, and quickly stretched out his chopsticks again. In an instant, only half of a large squirrel mandarin fish was left, and his bowl of white rice had bottomed out.

Boss Liu looked dumbfounded. It did smell good and looked delicious, but he rarely ate fish because he was afraid of fish bone being stuck in his throat. When he was a child, he almost went to the hospital once, and in the end, the family robot used tweezers to help him take out the fish bones. This experience made him rarely order fish when he went to restaurants later, as the experience had become a psychological shadow. But this, how come there were no thorns? He watched Zhu Ya ate for a long time, but he didn’t spit any bones on the table.

"Isn't there a thorn?" Boss Liu finally couldn't help asking, "Chief Zhu, eat slowly, it's very painful."

Zhu Ya still had a bite of rice in his mouth, so he could only shake his head and wait until he swallowed to speak, "There are no thorns! When you didn't see it, the boss took out all the fish bones with two knife’s cuts."

Boss Liu had seen it also. Seeing that a fish was almost gone, he also reacted immediately, and hurriedly stretched his chopsticks over. He picked up a large chopstick of fish meat, but before putting it in his mouth, he still carefully examined it. The fish caught on the chopsticks looks completely covered in a thick orange-red sauce, and the skin was translucent and shiny. Seeing that the sauce was about to slide down the chopsticks, he hurriedly sent it into the mouth.

With a bite, Boss Liu's heart immediately stretched out as if he was facing an enemy. The entrance was dreamlike sweet and sour, the outer skin was deep-fried crispy and fragrant, but the fish wrapped inside was still tender, and it even had a fresh and elastic taste. After the sweet and sour taste that made the appetite wide open, there was another tempting salty taste came out from the tip of the tongue. The sauce looked thick but actually not greasy at all, the more he chewed it, the more fragrant it became. Really, there was not a single fishbone. This was a complete fish, not a processed fish fillet, but it didn't even have one fishbone!

Boss Liu shouted a mouthful, and immediately picked up the rice on the table and attacked the squirrel mandarin fish. On the second chopsticks, as he already had experience, he tore off a large piece of crispy and soft fish, rolled them in the sweet and sour sauce on the plate, and wrapped the chopsticks inside and out. The tempting and appetizing thick juice was added to the white rice and put into the mouth with one bite.

"Um..." Boss Liu finally understood Zhu Ya's performance just now, without saying a word, it was impossible to say anything! Multiple tastes stimulated the taste buds and even stimulated the stomach that actually was not hungry at all to become active again. He couldn't stop his chopsticks, and he didn't even have the energy to comment. People had only one mouth, if used to talk, how could they enjoy the food? At present, the only thing he could do was to bury his head and eat!

When the other dishes came up, Boss Liu and Zhu Ya also turned a blind eye, and the two almost at stalemate for the last bit of fish.

In the end, Zhu Ya picked up the fish and said, "Let’s divide it in half."

"… Okay." Boss Liu did not hesitate to clip the other half.

The rest of the appetizing red sauce were also divided by half, mixed with rice, and eaten clean, the plate was clear as if it was licked.

Boss Liu wiped out one bowl of rice. He patted his stomach and breathed a sigh of relief. "Actually, I was very full after eating the five-star meal just now. It's a pity, although it’s on Skynet, but it tastes very good… I should eat on an empty stomach next time." After being full, even if it was virtual eating, there would still be extreme happiness of eating delicious food when hungry.

"But I have to admit, this taste is absolutely amazing!" Boss Liu held out a thumb.

Zhu Ya laughed, and brought the Mapo Tofu closer to the table, "It’s too early to say this, Mr. Liu, come and try this again. That thing you called absolutely delicious may have new definition after you eat this." As he said, he acted first, and unceremoniously scooped a large spoonful of tofu into his mouth, and he breathed hot.

Boss Liu was already full, but he couldn't bear it when the person next to him talked like that. The tofu that was originally covered in hot oil, if said to give off a five-point taste, when Zhu Ya came out of it, instantly became ten. The chewed tofu was thoroughly fused with the aroma of meat. Under the leadership of Sichuan's unique bean paste and spicy flavor, it was not an exaggeration to say that it was extremely aggressive. Sichuan cuisine itself was heavy and spicy, it was the solution for people who had no appetite and were stressed.

Boss Liu said just now that he was full, but at this moment he felt that his stomach could still make room, at least to taste the dish. But of course, he couldn’t stop after tasting. The taste was more spicy and numbing than any Sichuan restaurant he had eaten, but everything seemed to be just right, clever blend of all the ingredients and all the smells, and finally made people want to die in happiness. One bite after another, after a while, the hot tofu stimulated them to sweat, and their whole body became hot. They actually experienced a virtual experience on the star network.

"Come on again, crayfish!"

Zhu Ya was a regular customer. To full to eat? Nonexistent!

After the sweet and sour, the hot and spicy, then thirteen fragrances, then the fresh and sweet, and finally they ended with a bite of rice soaked in curry sauce, tsk, it was a full experience worth having. All together, it was less than 10,000 credits and it included the dish you pack for take away!

In just one hour, Boss Liu went from watching, to being stunned, and to being full of regret. As a result, he stretched out his chopsticks again and again, and even fight for the food. His whole person was almost stupid.

"How is it? I come every day."

In the end, Boss Liu could only collapse on his seat, his face flushed and sweaty. He stretched out a thumb, "Call me from now on."

Zhu Ya laughed, "Okay, let's talk about business here in the future."

Boss Liu immediately hugged his belly and laughed.

When Liu Weiwei demonstrated all the dishes to the new apprentice, and it was almost time to go offline. She untied her apron, "Xiao An, I will come up and demonstrated it to you every day from now on. While you memorize the steps and points, you should practice knife cutting diligently, you must practice online and offline. I'm going offline now, you can watch the shop for me. The shop, for morning, afternoon, and evening we open two hours each. Except in the morning, other business hours can match your schedule. Remember to write the time at the door of the shop."

At this moment, An Hao had already admired Liu Weiwei, and what she said was nothing unreasonable, "Okay, Master!"

Liu Weiwei nodded, but when she was about to go offline, she turned around and saw a camera.

Blue apron wearing Major with mask on: "Record the child's sixty-sixth day."

Liu Weiwei: "…"

As The Major talk, he waved his hand towards the camera, trying to show his white teeth, "Baby, this is Dad~"

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched, and An Hao beside her was also taken aback.

An Hao opened his mouth in surprise. He always thought that the little brother wearing blue apron serving food in the store was a small worker, but now he found out that it was Major Qin Mo. Moreover, he didn't even know that they had children, they only came to the bridal shop yesterday!

An Hao glanced at the Major in a blue apron and mask. He couldn't help but admire him highly. The hero of the people not only was very fierce when killing beasts, but chasing women and giving birth to babies was also top-notch!

"Okay, it's time to go offline." After filming the small video, Qin Mo was satisfied with the recording he would show to his baby.

Liu Weiwei could only look helpless, looking at the Major as if he was crazy. 

But the major quickly glanced at An Hao coldly all over, and finally put his arms around the waist of his daughter's mother and went offline.

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