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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 77

ICRAB – Chapter 77

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Facts had proved that Major Qin Mo's prestige was not imaginary. He was fierce, with far more methods than others. In the morning, when he was supposed to go to the cafeteria for a break, he assembled the 113 bottom ranked soldiers and continued to practice.

"If you want to say something, you must say it on your knees."

"Since you were begging me and asked me to train you fiercely, then I will satisfy you. Yesterday I was really too gentle. Starting from today, except for going to bed at light’s turn off time, I will accompany you during your break time every day." Qin Mo and his cowhide military boots stepped on the counter board specially made in the gravity room. The sound of his footsteps was particularly loud, and sounded like a reminder.

Yang Likun looked around, the sweat on his forehead dripped to the ground, and his hands on the ground trembled. What he said after eating the glutinous rice balls, of course he was serious. But, he didn't expect the Major to be so vicious!

The break time was gone! Breakfast…

"Report!" Finally a guy couldn't hold it anymore.

"Say." Qin Mo passed over coldly.

"Human need food and rice is our fuel. Nutrient solutions should still be given to us."

Qin Mo coldly snorted, "When you are on the battlefield, will the beasts care whether you have drank nutrient solutions or not? Can you ask the beast to pause and let you drink first?"

The man immediately had nothing to say.

Qin Mo still wanted to speak but suddenly there was a message that came out of his military light brain and he looked down. 

Soon, the soldier outside brought a lunch box in. Almost everyone in the entire gravity room stuck their eyes on the lunch box.

Qin Mo didn't speak. He went straight to the ground and opened the lunch box. "Want to go to the cafeteria? Lying on the ground, crying, holding thighs, were they useful? Today, stay at 32 times the gravity, no one is allowed to eat before putting a bullet into the target. You can only watch me eat." After he said that, he took the chopsticks inside, and ate the foods without saying anything anymore.

The bold voice and the picture of the delicious foods made everyone jealous. The most terrible was, the fragrance couldn’t be blocked. It crawled into each of them like a shadow, penetrated into each of their pores, and brought in the smell of the cafeteria, the smell of ecstasy and dying.

This smell was very fragrant. The way the Major eats was also fragrant. He didn't mean to leave any for them at all, but he wanted to show everything to them.

The bottom ranked soldiers were desperate, but luckily it was the end of the morning training soon. But when they walked out of the training building and saw the sun again, they almost cried. But these tears were not the excitement of escaping, but were tears due to stimulation. 

A soldier standing guard at the door was on break, holding a tumbler, and a yellow-orange drink was madly stuffed into his mouth. "Oh, it's iced… so cool… good times, good times!"

The bottom ranked soldiers’ minds was already light, and they were forced to listen to the sound effects. At the moment, they were supporting each other and looked at each other pitifully. Their drools were about to flow down.

The soldier standing guard raised his head and quickly lowered it again as if he didn't see anything. He continued to drink wildly.

"What is that? What's that for? It looks pretty?" Finally someone couldn't hold back their curiosity, and asked with a shy face.

"Hm Hm, mango-flavored smoothie, tsk, take a sip and it immediately cool you down~ It's like taking a cold shower!" As the soldier said, his facial features were squinted again, and he put another sip in his mouth before he added, "Sister-in-law gave it."

The bottom ranked soldiers looked at the smoothie with envy written on their faces.

"Sister-in-law… the girl the Major newly married to…?"

"The same sister-in-law who came to deliver food to the Major just now?"

"Sh*t, the affection!"

The guard soldier stared, "You have to walk fast, don't stand at the door of the building and block the way!" It hindered his mood for drinking the smoothie.

The bottom ranked soldiers finally turned around one step at a time and left with reluctance. Food delivery, they really wanted it too!

They had to work hard!

Everyone saw fire in each other's eyes.

On the other side, Liu Weiwei returned to the bedroom after sending the lunch box. As soon as she went back, she saw the stupid little rabbit lying on an iceberg shaped blocked ice. Its four paws were lying on the ice, and its two soft lob ears were hanging around its round head. 

When Xiao Bai saw her, its round black eyeballs were turned down, and its little lips were knocking on the tip of the ice, it moved like a motor. The top of the iceberg quickly melted. It didn't take long before the iceberg became a flat-topped mountain, and soon the flat plains reached down to the mountainside.

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded. She made two smoothies in the morning. One mango smoothie was placed in her space, and the other red bean smoothie plus left over ice block was put it in a temperature keeping box. She couldn't eat both by herself, she was thinking of giving the red bean one to the Major to enjoyed when he came back. But she didn't expect to see such a shocking scene as soon as she went home. She ran to the kitchen and found that the box was empty.

Did Xiao Bai drag it out? No, it's impossible, Xiao Bai was small, and it shouldn't have the strength on all its four furry paws to pry open the box. After thinking about it, Liu Weiwei felt that only the Major could have done it. He took it out, drank 80%, and forgot to put it back. But even so, shouldn’t he put the rest on the table, why did he put it on the ground for Xiao Bai to lie on? Could it be that the housekeeping robot did it, but then ran out of power and put the smoothie on the ground?

Liu Weiwei turned around, but she couldn't think of how the crime scene was caused. "Xiao Bai, eating so much ice will make your stomach hurt."

"Huh, hum!"


Liu Weiwei pressed her temples and decided not to care about the rabbit. She was about to take the smoothie away, but Xiao Bai did not let go. She moved the whole rabbit as soon as she moved the glass. She was feeling a little bit dumbfounded when the doorbell rang.

"Huh? What new dish is this?" Self proclaimed Prosperous Beauty who appeared at the door immediately stroked his golden retriever, "Iced Rabbit Sashimi?"

Liu Weiwei:  ̄へ ̄

But when she looked down, she was also embarrassed.

The fur of Xiao Bai was sticking to the ice, so it looked a little thinner. The ice looked like a small blanket collapsed on top of the it.

"Squeak!" The furry rabbit quickly protested.

"Ha, it’s still alive," Mu Ming stretched out his hand and poked Xiao Bai’s leg, his blue eyes were flashing, "It's quite fat. It's probably produced too much oil if roasted."

Rabbit King: "!!!"

Liu Weiwei deeply felt the anger of her own rabbit. Xiao Bai snapped up its little furry claw and broke half of the smoothie glass. The little thing had a bad temper. But before she could educate the little rabbit for smashing things, a hurried howl suddenly sounded.

Liu Weiwei only felt as if a cloud of gold flashed by, and in the next second she heard the sound of Mu Ming's cry.

"Little cutie!"

Liu Weiwei was stunned, and was about to take a step back to keep her distance, but the blond prosperous beauty rushed into the house and immediately fell to the ground.

"Little cutie! Come out!"

"Howl!" A rapid and fierce cry came from under the sofa frantically.

Mu Ming squeezed his whole body below the sofa, and then fished out a little thing that was shrunk into a ball. It was covered with frizzy fur.

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded. "This is…?" Before she finished speaking, the furry rabbit on the ice squeaked again.

"This is the most beautiful baby in the entire army, my cute, beautiful and capable beast. Come on, cutie, get to know... D*mn!" Mu Ming hadn't finished speaking when a stinkypuddle of fishy urine was sprayed to his hand.

Liu Weiwei took three steps back anxiously. She had heard that Mu Ming had very high mental power and had conquered a Level 5 beast pet, a furry fox. It seemed to be this one. She didn't see how beautiful the fox was, but it seemed to be greatly frightened. Its fur was all blown up, it was urinating, and now it was shaking as if it was about to faint.

"Well, I'll come back later!" Mu Ming walked stiffly and shouted as he walked out, "Little cutie, what's wrong? Have you eaten something bad?! Qin Mo is not here today, cheer up and don’t be afraid, okay? Dad will take you to the vet~"


Liu Weiwei looked at the urine on the floor silently. Fortunately, the housekeeping robot cleaned it up immediately.

This incident was just in time for Qin Mo's lunch break, so Liu Weiwei took the opportunity to tell him when he came in. "As soon as I came back, I saw Xiao Bai lying on the ice block. I don't know why it and the smoothie were outside. I obviously put them in the temperature keeping box."

"Also, Major Mu Ming is here, and I don't know why, the little fox he brought with him got under the sofa as soon as it came in, as if it was frightened. It might be an extreme panic attack, but fortunately the robot has finished cleaning. It has also cleaned up all the fur it shed. It's weird, if you meet Major Mu Ming, remember to ask him if his little fox is okay."

Qin Mo's expression was not very good, and he coldly glanced at the furry rabbit that had gnawed away the iceberg in batches. Its face was innocent and cute, and its ears were still hanging on the sides, like a poor victim. He looked at it a few more times, and in the next second it turned around and faced him with its round furry butt. This rabbit!

At a critical juncture, Liu Weiwei tugged at Qin Mo’s sleeve, "Major, are beasts scared of you? Don't bully them, especially the little cubs." As the little fox kept shaking today, she didn't see its appearance clearly. However, it was held by Major Mu Ming and it was at most the size of his palm, completely different from the offensive beasts outside.

"Don't scare them. Does it get scared into peeing when it smelled your scent? This is too pitiful." As Liu Weiwei said this, she stopped in front of the fierce Major. "Fortunately, Xiao Bai is courageous, otherwise when we live together and you scared it into urinating everywhere, it will be very troublesome."

Qin Mo, who was about to teach the furry rabbit a lesson suddenly stiffened. After a long silence, he looked up faintly. "If I don’t get along with that fluffy rabbit…"

Liu Weiwei's eyes darkened immediately. She immediately pulled the Major’s sleeve and shook it unconsciously, "No, Xiao Bai is very poor. It is a little rabbit abandoned by its owner. It has been hurt and that shadowed its heart. Don't overestimate its courage, sometimes its legs will still tremble. You should be more tolerant of it~ By the way, the smoothie was eaten, so I will make another one for you and make it your favorite mint flavor, okay?"

Qin Mo silently lowered his eyes, silently glanced at the soft fingers hanging on his sleeves, his heart was… stuffed. "Okay." It took a long time before he uttered the word.

"Well, you will be Xiao Bai's father from now on, and um… I am… the mother."

Major Qin, Rabbit King: !!!

Liu Weiwei was blushing: "Think of it as an internship before the baby is born~ Major Mu also called himself dad to Little cutie."

Major Qin, Rabbit King: …

In the evening, the solemn-looking Qin Mo returned home and brought back bad news.

Liu Weiwei looked up from the kitchen. 

"Major Mu Ming's little fox is gone?"


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