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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 68

 ICRAB – Chapter 68

Liu Weiwei thought about it all night, and felt that since ancient times, training had always been the art of using sticks and carrots. Now it was great to let bottom ranked smell the stench every day. In addition, giving them some carrot incentives could also change some people. The next morning, she sent a message to the Marshal, hoping to give some suggestions for improvement rewards. She also mentioned this to the Major at night. She told him she saw more than 100 people crying in the small black room last night, and some even running wildly in pain. She expressed that she wanted to help them very much, but she had no good way.

This time the Major didn’t give any suggestions or comments directly, but was silent for a long time, and finally encouraged her to do what she thought. However, at dawn the next day, he did not accompany Liu Weiwei to Skynet, and went out very early. She was not worried. There was no personal danger on the Internet. She went to the cafeteria to organize the robot to make breakfast, and then went back to the dormitory to prepare all Xiao Bai’s food for the day. She also made small snacks and placed it in Xiao Bai’s room. Xiao Bai previously slept with her, but after being thrown out of the room by the Major, it found a new nest on its own. It turned out to be a toy house the Major bought for the unborn child. Now Xiao Bai unceremoniously occupied the toy like a cuckoo to the magpie's nest, but the Major could bear it. Except for the frowns and his face becoming dark when he saw the little rabbit, there was no other adverse reaction.

Liu Weiwei wanted to laugh when she thought of the Major who didn't seem to be in harmony with Xiao Bai. She touched the rabbit and stroked its fur, couldn't help but let it jump and lied on her lap. She bowed her head and kissed the round little rabbit face, and landed on Skynet with its shed fur. She went directly to her Happy Restaurant.

At nine o'clock in the morning, it was the peak time. As soon as Liu Weiwei opened the shop door, she heard the rustle of kitchen knives coming from the kitchen. As soon as she heard this sound, she could feel that the other side's knife skill was still awkward, as if the person had only held the knife a few times before. It didn’t have any rhythm, stuck from time to time, at one time quick and at other time slow. And it was also accompanied by all kinds of annoyance and crash sound.

Liu Weiwei walked into the kitchen and laughed, "Xiao An, morning."

As soon as An Hao looked up, a pair of bloodshot eyes appeared.

If a person stayed on Skynet for a long time without rest, his brain waves would synchronize with his body's exhaustion and reflect in the image of the Skynet characters, so as to alert the users to rest in time.

"Morning, Master." An Hao's voice was a little dazed.

Liu Weiwei was taken aback. When she looked carefully, she could see that An Hao, who was still a refreshing punk brother two days ago, had become a decadent young man with beard scum on his face.

"Did you stay up all night online?" Liu Weiwei was stunned.

An Hao smiled bitterly, and looked back at the vegetable basket that had been built up high behind him. Inside were all kinds of potato cuttings, some thick, some thin, and some even cracked. There was also some potato shreds mixed in. It was really strange, not one piece looked the same. He put down the knife in his hand, lowered his head and quickly slapped his face. "I just wanted to practice until I could cut a potato evenly and then go offline. But as a result…" The result was of course after one night, he didn't get even one that was decent. And he didn't get tired of ruining potatoes. He sighed in frustration. His whole person fell to the ground like a large dog.

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry, "There is no hurry, what are you so anxious for?"

An Hao’s went in circle like mosquito coil.

Liu Weiwei was about to laugh, "The freezing of the river is not the result of only one cold day. The practice of knife skills is the same. It should be practiced for months and years. It may even run through your entire learning time. It is not something you can learn in a hurry. "

An Hao blinked, and immediately his face was full of admiration, "Master, you are so educated."


"You can say this kind of old saying," An Hao touched his head. "I have been doing poorly in my studies, and I don't even know ancient Chinese at all. Master, did you learn cooking and ancient Chinese because you are cultured and it is in your blood, right? I see that the squirrel mandarin fish you made yesterday is as vivid as a painting… This is what my mother always said of having a masterpiece she had to make in her head, right?"

Liu Weiwei was embarrassed. If the child knew her last liberal arts grades, he might run away.

"… Well, there are ancient allusions behind Chinese cuisine. Dishes also have stories and life. Having a certain culture can help you better understand the meaning of dishes." She was a woman who wanted to keep her face, and naturally she had to keep her compelling status before her first disciple. "These, I will teach you slowly in the future."

An Hao almost fell to the ground, and was about to perform a kowtow. "Okay, Master! Oh, right, my mother said, in order to thank Master for teaching me, she will give you two wedding dresses as a thank you gift."

Liu Weiwei pursed her lips. She knew that this was the reward of the mission. It was just that she could not take advantage of her disciple. She didn’t lack the rent and buying money after receiving the Major’s entire lifesaving.

An Hao touched his head, not daring to argue with Liu Weiwei, and could only listen to her.

"Xiao An, impatience is the nemesis of practicing knife skills. I will show it to you again, and then you should go offline to sleep. Come back to take care of the shop after you have rested. It is not too late to practice later."

An Hao's eyes widened immediately. He reached out and patted his face, desperately trying to stay awake, "Okay, Master!"

"Cucumbers, potatoes, radishes and other dry and crispy ingredients should be cut with a straight knife. Straight knife was easy to use. There is only one secret to using straight knife to cut fine strips, there is no other way."

"Watch it carefully, hold the potatoes with your left hand, and hold the knife with your right hand. When cutting, the knife goes straight down, not outward or inward. While cutting with straight knife, the left hand should be rhythmically matched with the right hand holding the knife, and the knuckle of the left hand’s middle finger should move back slowly against the knife. Keep the same distance as much as possible each time you move. At the beginning of your practice, your movement can be set to the slowest, the knife shouldn’t be fast or slow, and the moving distance shouldn’t be too large or too small. Make sure that the shape, size, and thickness of the potatoes cut are uniform, and the cut marks are neat. Wait until the standard is met, and then gradually cut into thinner shapes and move faster."

Liu Weiwei picked up a potato and quickly peeled it. She cut it into thin slices in slow motion on the chopping board calmly.

An Hao wished to stick both eyes on the knife in Liu Weiwei’s hand.

"Practice slicing first, and shredding will naturally be easy later." As Liu Weiwei said this, she put the cut slices on the cutting board casually. The potato slices fell down like dominoes, layered on top of each other. She slapped her knife from right to left, turning the potatoes into thread-like sticks. With a slap of a knife, all the potato shreds were put into a basin filled with water, and they immediately floated.

"I will give you this basin." Liu Weiwei returned the knife to An Hao, "When your cutting reaches this level, we will learn the next step."

An Hao swallowed and immediately hugged the basin.

"As for…" Liu Weiwei moved her eyes and to the pile up potato cubes, slices, and shreds. She could only touch her forehead, "These can't be cooked."

"Yes, I'm sorry, Master!" An Hao's head dropped to his chest. Even if Skynet didn’t really waste raw materials like offline operations, but it also caused a lot of trouble. "I'll clean up, Master, don't worry about it!" His failed product almost occupied most of the back kitchen.

"Forget it. We shouldn’t waste it." Liu Weiwei thought for a moment and opened the food system to check some recipes. "Today, add a dessert, banana and potato pudding."

An Hao: "… I, I will set up the robot!"

Liu Weiwei, who originally wanted to let her apprentice go to rest, simply left him ten more minutes to teach him this recipe that had hardly any difficulty.

"You will have to practice cutting potatoes later, so it's better that you learn this. You can cook them for your family even when you go offline without worries of wasting ingredients." Liu Weiwei said, and immediately placed an order to buy some fresh bananas and strawberries. 

Liu Weiwei glanced at the recipe slowly and calmly without pressure. And then she reached out and threw a plate of shredded potatoes into the pressure cooker to cook. She chose a ripe, golden and lovely banana and peeled it off. The tender and waxy banana meat was then finely pressed into a puree with a spoon, and the big red strawberry that she loved was cut into small cubes. When the potatoes were done being steamed on one side, she use a spatula to quickly mash them into the same delicate snow-white mash, combine it with the naturally sweet banana puree and diced strawberries. Finally she poured a little bit of honey to enhance the sweetness and increase the fragrance.

Liu Weiwei clapped her hands when it was done, "The price… forget it. Let’s open a big bargain and give it for free today."

An Hao was staring with admiration. He made a whole room full of scraps, but as soon as it was handled by the Master, it became such a beautiful dessert!

The dessert was placed in a small transparent glass. The slightly yellow glutinous pudding was decorated with a little red star and some honey was drizzled on top. Finally, a crystal clear lemon was placed as garnish together with some mint leaves. It immediately becomes a lovely dessert post meal.

An Hao swallowed loudly. "Master, I have to be a cow and a horse for you in my life. You are really amazing!" An Hao now felt that in front of the glory of his great master, he was like an ignorant, useless, and weak bug.

Liu Weiwei couldn't smile, "Go to sleep."

"It's okay! I'm not sleepy at all! I’ll finish the work and then go offline to make up for sleep at dinner later. I can still work for another eight hours!" An Hao was full of energy at the moment. In the past, there was no way to seek a teacher, but now a teacher was brought into his door. So wasn’t the only thing left was his own efforts? 

An Hao was immediately energetic. He was grinning while holding the lemon slices on the table, and even grabbed the job of making the desserts later, not letting go of every opportunity to practice.

Almost all the guests in the morning got a dessert.

Many people eat it directly, but some were reluctant. They thought the dessert was too good-looking. After taking a photo, they hide it in their personal space and leave it to friends and family to taste.

Most of the people in the shop were full of happy smiles, and Liu Weiwei could help but feel the sweet atmosphere outside through the glass. No matter what era, sweets were something that could decompress and release oneself. She couldn't help but smiled, but she stopped halfway through laughing.


Liu Weiwei immediately waved to An Hao, who was still busy, and went offline hurriedly. The key to completing the tail of the crane task should be a dessert that could be eaten by men and women of all ages? 

Liu Weiwei regained her consciousness instantly.

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