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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 82

ICRAB – Chapter 82

When the red panda’s paw came in, Liu Weiwei's small heart was immediately pulled down, she almost made a girlish cry of excitement. The little red panda came to steal the mutton soup she made. This cleverness and boldness, just like a child, hit her directly with cuteness.

The intruder red panda’s paw touched left and right before clicking the electronic button that opened the window. It finally succeed, revealing cute eyes and long eyelashes. The little red panda also quickly climbed onto the kangaroo's head. The two beasts’ foreheads were stacked on top of each other, as if thinking about the tactics of how to take the baking trays away from the table.

Soon the little red panda jumped into the room first. Its two small paws touched the baking tray, and it immediately screamed by the hotness. It rolled on the ground twice, spinned around and licked its burned paws with a pink tongue. 

Mu Ming was so distressed. "No, I'm going in! Little cutie paws were burned. If it get blisters, it may get irritation." After he said this, he rushed over.

Qin Mo gave Lu Qingheng a look, and the two of them went outside to surround the kangaroo.

It didn't take long for them to carry the kangaroo that would rather die than surrender into the cafeteria like a sack of potatoes.

Although Lu Qingheng had been beaten by his kangaroo all the time, it was all forgotten. He was still unwilling to put it in a cage of the Scientific Research Bureau. But he had no choice, Major Qin, who was eager to protect his wife, would not allow him to fight the kangaroo for three hundred rounds outside. The cage came with a certain dose of anesthesia injection, although it would not make the kangaroo sleepy immediately, but it could reduce its attack power to less than one-third.

Meanwhile Mu Ming, who walked to the cooking room, was even simpler. He picked up the red panda in one fell swoop, and confined it in his arms regardless of its struggle. While walking out, he looked with distress at its two paws. "Stupid! You are stupid! Your paws are just meat cushioned with fur. Kangaroo hoofs are strong and easy to use, why not ask it to do things for you? Your paws are all red and swollen… Does it hurt?" Mu Ming's whole face was a little distorted, as if the wound was on his own hand. He immediately lifted the red panda's paw, took out the burn ointment from his space, and applied it a little bit. When he ran out to see Liu Weiwei, it was rare for the prosperous beauty’s face to blush.

Caught in action, the facts were here.

"Clerk Liu, I will pay you for your mutton soup." His little cutie made trouble, so the shit shovel officer should always be responsible for the aftermath.

"There are also broken kitchen windows." Qin Mo left the kangaroo and looked at the two people coldly.

Lu Qingheng wanted to grab all his hair, "Boss, I will send Da Hui back first and then go to your place to fix it immediately."

The three men were discussing compensation clauses.

Liu Weiwei stared at the red panda, her face showed an aunt’s smile. "Can I touch... it?" She asked weakly, her hands already touching its feet. ( ̄▽ ̄)~*
Although the fur of the little rabbit was also smooth and soft, it was still comfortable and enjoyable to stroke the fur of a red panda. This little red panda, she wanted to hug it.

But Comrade Mu Ming had changed his face, "Dangerous! Little cutie is hostile to people!"

Lu Qingheng nodded anxiously, "It is a Level 5 beast, and only Major Mu Ming can approach it. Other humans will make it very nervous. It could enter a state of vigilance and hostility…" Now Liu Weiwei was the treasure of the entire army, and even the treasure of Boss Qin Mo. If she was hurt, their skins would definitely be peeled off by Major Qin!

But as soon as they finished speaking, the red panda that Mu Ming held in his arms arrogantly struggled and whined to Liu Weiwei. It sneaked to her and opened two small red paws that had been burnt. On the furry face of the little red panda, black and translucent small round eyes flickered. Hopes for hugs and to be lifted were written in its whole body.

Mu Ming: …

"So cute~" Liu Weiwei had no resistance at all when she saw furry little animals. She eagerly glanced at Qin Mo, who was wary and serious next to her, "Can I hold it?"

Chilly sharp eyes instantly fell on Comrade Mu Ming's body bringing thousands of swords and cuts, causing him to directly hold his little red panda and took a big step back. "I'll take it to heal injuries!" He was beautiful and had a good IQ.

Liu Weiwei narrowed her mouth.

When Mu Ming took the step back, the little red panda in his arms wailed loudly. Its four bear-like paws were scratching the air. It even slapped its prosperous beauty shit shovel officer.

Mu Ming couldn't believe what happened, and his whole person was stunned. He was… slapped by his own cutie? He was stunned and was unable to pay attention to the little red panda in his arms, causing it to be suddenly pinched on the back of its neck by a big hand. It was stretched over. The whole bear was struggling frantically, but, lifted into the air, it was helpless.

"Touch it." Qin Mo pinched the soft flesh behind the little red panda’s neck and lifted it high around one meter away from Liu Weiwei. Its limbs and paws were also clamped vigorously with the other hand, so it couldn't move.

Liu Weiwei swallowed and then ran over to touch its head. She found that the little cutie was very upset and she couldn't help but put her hand away, "I won't touch it. Major, please let it go, don't let it get hurt, so pitiful." As she said that, the little red panda, who was imprisoned under Qin Mo's arm, let out a low whimper. Its head was tilted, it stretched its neck vigorously, and gently nudged under Liu Weiwei's hand that was about to take away the rub.

Liu Weiwei had an aunt's heart mixed with a girl's heart, so she had no resistance to furry little animals. She was shaking with excitement directly! "It doesn't seem to hurt me?" She asked the most critical question.

Comrade Mu Ming, who had been the little red panda’s shoveling officer for three years, had a pained and consternated expression. "Little cutie…" His little cutie had never rubbed his hands, and he had never seen this well behaved appearance.

Although their knowledge of beasts was far less than the old guys in the Scientific Research Bureau, they had been fighting beasts on the front line for many years. So, they could still detect beasts that had lost their combat power, gave up resistance, and even faded their ferocious wildness.

Liu Weiwei didn't want to worry too much. She stopped mentioning her wish to hug the red panda. After touching the red panda’s head a few times, she turned around and touched the big gray kangaroo's face that she didn't know when she could see again. When she touched its face, the kangaroo that was unyielding just now, lied down with a snap, revealed its tender belly, and its vigorous tail swung back and forth on the ground leisurely.

The three men were startled. This was a posture of beast surrendering on the battlefield. Exposing the weakest part of the body meant they were surrendering to the opponent. Not only that, after Liu Weiwei took out two hay cookie bars and meat patties from her space, the two beasts directly sat in a posture as if waiting to be fed.

The kangaroo was imprisoned in a cage, but it quickly got up, swallowed two cookie bars, and licked Liu Weiwei's fingers. It was moving so fast that Qin Mo next to her could not stop it.

But after Liu Weiwei took out a box of pumpkin cakes, the kangaroo looked crazy. With a flap of its tail, it broke a big hole out the Scientific Research Bureau’s cage, jumped over it, and stretched out his tongue. Just like that, the whole box of pumpkin cakes was swallowed!

When the surprised Lu Qingheng came over to subdue it, it snorted impatiently, chewed the food in its mouth, and spit out the packaged items of the box at him. The box that had been mixed with kangaroo saliva was sprayed on his face!

After eating, the kangaroo sat on the ground obediently, wagging its long and thick tail. Obviously its tail could punch a hole in the floor, but now it hung obediently. Its two front hooves were also obediently closed in front of its chest, and its head was lowered. The appearance of it squatting on the ground was simply like a super large shepherd dog, looking obedient and well-behaved.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and stood quietly beside Liu Weiwei. "This kangaroo has evolved."

Lu Qingheng nodded hard, "This is a cage where… Level 5 beasts are held." The kangaroo was a Level 4 beast, but it could break a big hole with its tail. "I will ask the Scientific Research Bureau to come over right away!"

The men were doing business, while Liu Weiwei consciously retreated to the second line. It sounded like this big kangaroo was very ferocious. She fed it, that’s why she managed to not provoke it. But instead, she fed the meat patties in her hand to the little red panda. 

The poor little red panda, ever since it was picked up by Mu Ming and came to the army, it had been eating beast feed and had never eaten normal food. This meat patties and hay cookie bars, to be honest, the kangaroo was tired of eating them, but it was the first time the little red panda tasted it. The meat patty was oily, the surface was golden, and it didn't cut corners at all just because it was for beast.

Except for putting less salt that might easily cause hair loss, Liu Weiwei made it with 100% carefulness.

The little red panda was almost possessed by a hungry wolf. It burst out with unprecedented strength. The small paw that was caught by Qin Mo desperately struggled to get half of the meat patty. Holding a palm-sized meat patty hard, it gnawed and ate with gusto.

As the only prosperous beauty in the whole army who also had the help of his beast pet on the battlefield, Comrade Mu Ming received too much stimulation today. In the end, Liu Weiwei stuffed a bag of meat patties and hay cookie bars on his hands, and he reluctantly looked away from his pet.

"Give it to the little panda." Liu Weiwei’s little rabbit, since eating her special meal, it fur had become smoother and brighter. Even its cute round eyes had become brighter and brighter. It could be seen that these foods did not cause any bad effects, but instead were very helpful source of nutrients for the beasts.

But when Mu Ming took it, he was stunned, "Little red panda? My… cutie? Impossible! It is the crystallization of the wisdom of a fox. It can't be a stupid panda!"

Liu Weiwei was surprised, but soon Qin Mo grabbed her hand. "Don't worry about him. The Scientific Research Bureau reported once that he destroyed the other party's office when told the same. Since then, others were no longer willing to correct him."

Liu Weiwei: …

In the end, the roasted lamb led in the cafeteria was saved. However, Liu Weiwei still divided a small piece to the two beasts that were greedy and unwilling to leave the cafeteria. With that, she successfully sent them to receive a physical examination from the Scientific Research Bureau.

The results of the examination came out soon. The Level 4 gray kangaroo had advanced into a Level 5. When emotionally excited, an attack power of Level 6 beasts might erupt.

And the cutie who was originally Level 5 had improved its attack power and reached the upper portion of Level 5.

As soon as the result was reported to the top, Liu Weiwei, who had only finished dinner, was called to the Marshal's office.

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