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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 88

ICRAB – Chapter 88

The big pot of pork stew with vermicelli that Liu Weiwei cooked was finally given to the rabbit, and the rest was given to the scientists of the Scientific Research Bureau. She took some of the vermicelli herself and left a small bowl for Yang Likun, which made him so touched that he almost cried and called her mother.

Finally Yang Likun took a deep breath of the bowl of fragrance, hardly retaining his last trace of manner, "Instructor? Teacher? Chef, what should I call you?"

Liu Weiwei smiled, "I don't know what to call in the barracks, you can call whatever you want."

"Teacher!" Yang Likun, who was at least a circle older than Liu Weiwei, immediately surrendered. After he ate a bowl of pork stew with vermicelli, and even licked the bowl clean, he realized that in the past forty years, he had made the right choice today. This choice would obviously change his life.

Yang Likun grasped the bowl firmly, "Teacher, if that beast has eaten your food, can it really correct its attitude? The panther and iron spine cows outside…"

Liu Weiwei laughed, "It depends on the situation. In the final analysis, beasts are also foodies. So many intelligent human beings are still eager to chase good food, let alone low-IQ beasts? If you can give them delicious dishes, you can also make them obedient."

Yang Likun swallowed. He had always been the bottom ranker. Even if he was on the battlefield, he was not an elite unit. He was only a small soldier who obeyed the command and cooperated with the operation. He had never thought that one day he would be able to face high-level beasts alone and let them bow their heads to him.

"Dax Beast can really be as obedient as that panther?" Yang Likun's three views were faltering, but his IQ was still online, "Even if it is full of food and drink, their wild instincts are still there, it is very dangerous, teacher, you still have to be careful."

Liu Weiwei knew that it was difficult for ordinary people to understand and accept. But she shrugged and decided to encourage her second disciple, "The power of food should not be underestimated. You are just scratching the surface now. Don’t worry, after you come to the Scientific Research Bureau several times with me and spend a few days in the cafeteria, your horizons would be broadened. If delicious food is enough to make people crazy, it will be enough to make beasts obedient."

Yang Likun's heart beat fiercely.

"I think your knife skills are pretty good, and the roast duck slices are quite standard." Liu Weiwei touched Xiao Bai, "From now you will go to the cafeteria to help, and I will first hand you some home-cooked dishes recipes."

Yang Likun immediately nodded obediently, "I will follow the teacher's instructions, and I will go wherever the teacher points out!"

The Research Bureau would continue to study the Level 6 beast as the Dax Beast had calmed down and no longer threaten everyone's safety.

They greeted Lieutenant Colonel Chen and Liu Weiwei agreed with him to let the new apprentice Yang Likun brought dinner to the Dax Beast later in the evening.

After that they left.

Facts had proved that accepting apprentices made handling cafeteria a lot easier. Liu Weiwei was originally handling the cafeteria alone, even though she had been helped by the robots, but she was still so busy and only dared to cook simple dishes. But today with the addition of Yang Likun, the difference immediately became apparent. For dinner, she planned to make boiled pork slices, stir-fried vegetables, and winter melon short rib soup.

Yang Likun was good at using knives, almost as long as Liu Weiwei guided him slightly, he could master straight cut and rolling cut methods. He led the robots to cut almost all the pork meat, short ribs, and winter melons tonight. He also commanded over the ten-person small soldier team who was on duty to help in the cafeteria today. They worked for more than two hours to complete all the cutting needed.

For the boiled pork slices, they just needed to boil the meat then cut them into slices, and then served with the secret sauce. The winter melon short rib soup, all ingredients just needed to be thrown into the pot with some seasonings, and boiled until all cooked. It was very simple. The Stir fry vegetables were a bit more troublesome. It needed to be stir-fried.

Liu Weiwei talked to Yang Likun about the main points of these two dishes and one soup, "If you cook in large batches, you should master the skill of the seasoning. When cooking, it is easy for the dishes to burn at first before you master cooking time and heat control, but you should be able to master it slowly after a few lessons."

For dinner, as usual, they were serving 5,000 people, but today she didn’t gave the cooking time, and how many grams of seasoning to be added to the robots. Instead, after Yang Likun cut and prepared the ingredients, she personally took him to make several big pots of dishes.

In the end, Liu Weiwei was a little sore. She even moved a stool and sat down, letting Yang Likun took care of the rest himself, while she was guiding on the side. "Salt, add more… you taste it yourself, it's enough? If not, add more."

"Short ribs should be washed first. Remember, all raw meat should be washed before cooking."

"For green vegetables, turn up the heat and use more oil."

Compared to the first disciple An Hao, Yang Likun was a muscular and powerful soldier even if he was one of the bottom ranks. The cauldron with a diameter of nearly one meter in the cafeteria, and a spatula that resembled a large plowing shovel, he swung it effortlessly, and he was able to stir-fry the ingredients for more than 100 people in one batch.

Liu Weiwei looked with envy. She didn't have enough strength, so she could only add small batches of ingredients each time, stand by for the seasoning, and left the stir-frying to the robots, but this method was definitely not as flexible compared to if she did the stir-frying herself. Sometimes, when she found out that it was time to stir, the time gap for when she realized, told the robots, then the robots doing it affected the quality of the dishes. It was indeed the best when the chefs could turn the spatula and stir fry by themselves.

"Work hard, one day I also will be able to." Liu Weiwei nodded in satisfaction.

After frying the vegetables in the cauldron more than ten times, Yang Likun, even though he was sweating in the constantly high temperature room, slowly remembered the operation points of the dish. Smelling the scent of stir-fried vegetable in oil, he was very happy, and there was no complaint at all.

"Teacher, go and rest." Yang Likun felt that cooking was much easier than training. But when he turned his head, he felt flustered when he saw Liu Weiwei's big belly dangling on the side. He didn't want to experience Major Qin's harsh trainings anymore. "I can handle it, I remember it all. Three dishes, no problem!"

Liu Weiwei looked around and felt relieved. The boiled pork had been sliced, and the robots were responsible for the plating. The winter melon short rib soup was also simmering on the side. It was only the stir-fry vegetables, but she couldn't help on stir-frying. "Okay, then I will be going to the lounge next door." With an apprentice, she could even lie down while working.

While thinking about it, Liu Weiwei lied down in the large recliner in the lounge, and the big rabbit also followed. It wriggled its hips and walked in behind her. The robot had a small schoolbag on its snow-white and furry shoulders.

As soon as Liu Weiwei lay down, it awkwardly opened the bag pocket, took a water bottle and handed it to her, "Squeak squeak."

The owner raised the rabbit and in exchange it took care of the owner. Who had such a wonderful pet other than her? 

Liu Weiwei touched Xiao Bai's head, "If we went on like this, you will be discovered by everyone sooner or later. So don't bully the robot at home next time."

The big rabbit whined again with two cooing sounds, and instantly turned into a small rabbit. It jumped onto the recliner, curled up into a ball and nestled next to Liu Weiwei's arm. It had a small appearance begging for feeding and massage.

Liu Weiwei had no resistance at all. She stretched out her hand to grab the rabbit's hind legs and massage it gently. She also felt a little sleepy, so she closed her eyes and fell asleep slowly. 

Liu Weiwei had forgotten her second disciple as she slept, so that when Yang Likun finally finished cooking five thousand portions of stir-fry vegetables and just about to found a small bench to sit down and catch his breath, he saw a kangaroo jumped into the cafeteria with a dazed face…

It was not yet time for dinner, and the cafeteria was full of empty seats. But the big kangaroo's huge body was a bit in the way just standing in the cafeteria, let alone sitting on an ordinary bench.

Yang Likun watched it crackle with his own eyes, and it sat directly on the dining table closest to him boldly. 

Obviously it was a six-person dining table, but it was not enough to put its tail. The long and thick tail was dragged from the table to the ground and swept lazily on the ground.

Seeing Yang Likun’s stare, the kangaroo snorted its nose unceremoniously.

Yang Likun was stunned. Since when did a beast able to move around the military area freely like this? A gray Kangaroo, Level 4 beast, he was not blind yet, he could recognize it at a glance! Did it come to the cafeteria to make trouble? But just when he wanted to press the siren, the huge gray kangaroo dropped its head, stretched out a forefoot and pulled out a metal chip from the pocket in front of its stomach.

Yang Likun's mind froze, but the robot next to him moved quickly and dutifully. "Today's nesting: one deduction." After the robotic arm scanned the metal chip, it made a beep.

The gray kangaroo looked like it understood the robot's words, soon its front hoof was retracted. It quickly stuffed the chip back into its pocket, and patted it with its nose. It seemed extremely satisfied.

And the robot No. 3, which was idling next to Yang Likun, quickly delivered today's two dishes and one soup in a tray.

Yang Likun glared at the greens he had just fried on the plate. The green vegetables were still steaming, and they looked very bright and delicious. He couldn't help sucking the drool in his mouth. However, he discovered that this green vegetable was served on a dinner plate the size of his two palms. It was almost three times the amount of ordinary sergeant dishes. Not to mention, this was only the first layer of the tray, the layer below were exactly the same size, but the tray on the bottom was deeper. 

What broke Yang Likun the most was that this huge luxury package was delivered to the kangaroo, and it was held tightly by the kangaroo's two dexterous and muscular front hooves…

As soon as the kangaroo's head was lowered, it was stuffed into the dinner plate full of stir fried vegetable.

Chomp chomp chomp…

The kangaroo's cheeks were completely filled, and the vegetable dish was completely gone. The first plate of green vegetables was emptied in an instant, and it flew out with a stroke of its hoof.

Yang Likun was taken aback, and quickly caught it in the air to prevent the plate from falling on the ground. When he looked back, he saw that the kangaroo had already gnawed the second layer of the tray. The boiled pork slices!

It's a big plate full of at least three or four layers of pork slices. This pork was all cooked by Liu Weiwei today while Yang Likun help with slicing. He could smell the most original meat fragrance while cutting it, but it was neither fishy nor greasy. When the meat was cut down, he could feel its elasticity under the knife. The fatty part was as soft as tofu, and the indescribable knife feeling… made him addicted to think that he could cut for a day without getting bored!

The meat had to be delicious without even him having to taste it. Yang Likun wiped the suspicious drool from the corner of his mouth, and looked desperately at the gray kangaroo's mouth that was full of neat white tooth. Its tongue swiped four or five pieces of pork slices into its mouth, and its big teeth chewed happily. 

Yang Likun's only remaining IQ had gone offline…

Who is he, where is he from, why should he watch a Level 4 beast eating in the cafeteria?!

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