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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 95

ICRAB – Chapter 95

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Zhang Xiaomo's hands trembled, and she picked up the spoon in the fried rice. She scooped a small spoonful and put it in her mouth with complex expression. Just before she swallowed, she looked at the people next to her in shock. "This is… steamed rice!?"

Liu Weiwei smiled, looked at her first disciple, and nodded her head instructively, "Xiao An, today is your cooking, you come to explain to the lady."

An Hao blushed a little, but mostly excited. "This is mutton pilaf. Because the master said, I still can't perfectly control heat, if I make fried rice, I won’t be able to separate the rice and the egg. Because of this, she taught me this mutton pilaf recipe that can be done with a rice cooker at a fixed time."

Zhang Xiaomo looked up in disbelief. Just ten seconds ago, she thought that fried rice was the simplest dish in the world, but what did she hear now? Frying fried rice was so complicated?

"I'm not doing well. The authentic pilaf that Master taught me does not use cumin," An Hao showed an expression of 'I'm just a baby' again, "but I'm too stupid. I don’t know how to master it. Every time I make it, I taste a little bit weak. I add cumin when I practice it myself, and it finally tastes similar to what Master made, so I also add cumin today."

Liu Weiwei couldn't help pursing her lips as she listened, Xiao An still has talent. Mutton pilaf in some places did use cumin as one of the seasoning, mainly to remove the smell of mutton.

But Zhang Xiaomo on one side was so angry that she almost fainted. Not just adding too much vinegar, now he added cumin that was not in the original recipe… but, but… as a result he just made fried rice that made her couldn't stop! She really wanted to finish the whole plate of fried rice even though she obviously hated rice the most. The cumin flavor in her mouth seemed to be a match as a seasoning for lamb cooking. As long as it used lamb, there should be cumin.

Zhang Xiaomo didn’t know why, this fried rice that looked completely inconspicuous, average color, rice grains that were not pure white, somewhat added soy sauce, faint red mutton grains, and barely added orange-red carrots, looked not pretty, however, when she ate it in her mouth, she felt that the grains of rice were so smooth and soft by nature. When she ate it in her mouth, it’s warm and full of flavor. She could feel the small grains of cumin in her mouth slowly sprouted and grew, dancing wonderfully on the tip of her tongue. It's not authentic mutton pilaf, but it's so delicious that she couldn't stop!

Zhang Xiaomo moved the spoon until she touched the bottom of the dinner plate with a ding sound. She was ashamed and annoyed. She also lost in staple food. She used top-quality filet, while the other party used ordinary ingredients. He even used the simplest rice cooker to create such a rich taste.

Zhang Xiaomo originally thought that filet mignon, sirloin, rib eyes… rolled in red wine sauce, or black pepper mushroom sauce, could stand on the highest peak, one dish could be better than ten dishes… however, she did not expect that cutting the meat into cubes, whether it was mutton or beef, mixed with rice or gluten-filled soup, could make such a rich taste. The taste was baptized by an endless variety of scents, and finally surpassed what she cooked with meat alone!

Zhang Xiaomo lowered her head, "I lost."

An Hao touched his nose, and didn't mind stimulating the other party more, "You still have the dessert, you want to taste?"

Zhang Xiaomo was speechless, but she still blushed and stretched out her hand, turning her head away, "Bring it!" After such stimulating soups and pilaf, how complete his desserts were, she really wanted to know! Losing one round, or losing in all three rounds, for her, there was still an essential difference. She watched other people eat, and the expressions on their faces were all incomprehensible.

"Please~" An Hao quickly made a few more copies.

Liu Weiwei took a portion and ate a few bites happily. She didn't stop her hands until the baby moved in her belly.

But Zhang Xiaomo didn't have this restriction. She still observed the shape of the dessert first. Although she saw it through the glass before, it was far less shocking than seeing it up close. Mango. She recognized it at a glance. The brightly colored mango was cut into small pieces and stacked on the top of syrup… while below, there were scattered small transparent round beads. She couldn't help but glanced at An Hao weirdly. The style of this dessert really didn't match the previous one.

If the first soup and one meal were full of grassroots vibe, this dessert suddenly made people felt refreshed and also made them feel like they had entered a dessert shop in a big planet!

"This is mango and…?"

"Mango sago." An Hao touched his nose.

"You really did it? It doesn't look like it at all." Zhang Xiaomo hit the nail on the head.

An Hao smiled awkwardly, "I… It was not complicated."

Zhang Xiaomo went down with a needle, but it was herself that was poked. She was always the one who was injured. Here he went again, saying it was not complicated… pretending to be humble!!!

"Really, it was really not complicated," An Hao thought Zhang Xiaomo didn't believe it. "The snacks that go with the pilaf should be sweet walnut cut cake or bakkali, but I can't make them yet. So I can only make a simple one~"

Xinjiang sweet walnut cut cake

Uyghur Bakkali Cake

The mango sago was also filled with milk like her pudding. Zhang Xiaomo looked at An Hao, her eyes looked like she wished to bite him, but she still picked up the dessert spoon and scooped a small spoon into her mouth. But… if she was full of dissatisfaction a second ago, she was shocked the next moment. The mango dessert was not milk, or it should be said, not only milk! Looking at the milky white juice remaining in the spoon, she quickly discovered the secret, "Is this coconut milk?"

The unique fruity sweetness of mango was perfectly blended with the refreshing milky aroma of coconut milk… and the bursting sensation of mini sago on the tip of the tongue added to the texture! What surprised Zhang Xiaomo even more was that the milky taste did not conflict with the residual taste of the previous mutton pilaf. On the contrary, the sweetness brought out the sweetness and fragrance of cumin seasoned mutton… These two seemingly inconsistent temperaments were put together, and the taste was not obtrusive, they complement each other.

Zhang Xiaomo put aside the dessert and almost ran into the food processor on the table. She lost, not only did she lose, she also lost terribly! When the three dishes were completely separated, she lost on each one; as a sequential course meal, she also lost!

Liu Weiwei looked at the time and found that there she had only three minutes left on her log in quota. She looked at the little girl's desperate and gray expression, and immediately stepped forward. "You lose?" She made a long story short, straight to the point. "According to the stakes, you have to withdraw from the division and pay me six million losses!"

Zhang Xiaomo didn't say a word, just clenched her fists tightly.

"Oh, you won’t admit it?"

"We have all witnessed it!"

"Yes, you lose! So retire and pay!"

"Pay it quickly!"

The diners booed and felt very comfortable.

Zhang Xiaomo's face paled, "I have no money now… To pay it back, I need some time, but I will go back today and complete the withdrawal procedures…"

Liu Weiwei nodded, "Yes."

"Master," An Hao scratched his head abruptly, and suddenly lowered his voice, "Are we too cruel? It's not easy to learn to cook. It's also not easy for me to meet you before I have a chance. I seemed to have gambled too hard with her, what if…"

Zhang Xiaomo suddenly raised her head, "I accepted the bet, no need for you to intercede! If I lose to you, then I lose!"

An Hao was embarrassed.

Liu Weiwei had a deep headache. This girl was not ordinary, her temper was stinky and hard, and she was also very stubborn. "You really should quit learning from your teacher." She relentlessly poked a sharp knife.

As soon as Liu Weiwei went online today, she saw Zhang Xiaomo's cooking. Zhang Xiaomo's filet, she glanced at the cooked beef cross-section, and she knew that it was a bit too overcooked. As a middle-level white-collar worker in her previous life, although Western food was not eaten every day, she would patronize it every other day, especially every weekend.

The eating experience in her previous life, coupled with at least tens of thousands of hours of hell-style training in the system’s cooking room in this life, plus the skill of Godhand Chef for more than three months, her control of meaty ingredients such as cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, fish, and pigs could be said to have reached the point of perfection. She saw how the beef was cut in the cafeteria, whether the cut edge was smooth or rough. And by the color of the cross-section, she knew that the cooked filet was a bit tough when Zhang Xiaomo cut it, which was not suitable for people with bad teeth. 

Filet mignon, from three to seven points cooked was the most suitable degree in cooking. Even if it was just an extra minute after seven points, it would make the meat become tough and astringent. Because of the location of the cut, the meat was originally the leanest part with the least fat. Naturally, there was no beef tendon that couldn't be bitten, but there was no excessive fat, so once the cooking time or the fire was wrong, it was easily ruined.

"In order to finish the work as quickly as possible, you speeded up the production of steaks and increased the temperature, didn't you?" Liu Weiwei said with a sound.

Zhang Xiaomo was taken aback.

"Have you checked the meat before serving? As a chef, you lack a serious attitude, lack a sincere love for diners, lack of broad vision, and too much self-righteousness!" Liu Weiwei said one sentence after another. "No heart!"

Zhang Xiaomo stepped back little by little. Now she almost stuck to the wall, "Then I just won't learn to cook anymore, isn’t that what you want?!"

"You are too cowardly!" Liu Weiwei snorted coldly. "Xiao An, show this lady, how has your knife skills have improved since three months ago!"

Zhang Xiaomo was taken aback, even Chen Like outside was taken aback. Knife skills, they saw An Hao cutting potato more than three months ago and it was terrible. But in the food they ate today, if they thought about it carefully, whether it was the diced beef and the ingredients in the spicy soup, or the mutton and carrots in the pilaf, almost all of them were distinct, slender, and completely similar to cutting quality of a five-star first-class hotel!

"Yes, Master." An Hao's eyes lit up and his chest was sharp. He picked up the knife on the chopping board with his right hand, and threw a round potato with his left hand. As the people in the shop watched, he suddenly felt enthusiastic and enjoyed the feeling of being watched.

An Hao used a knife to peel, slice, shred… His hands were firm and the knife was fast. At the end, he even threw the knife in the air, and finally slapped it into the chopping board!

The audience was silent.

An Hao used only the remaining potato chips and turned it into a small flower that seemed to bloom. "Master, I give it to you."

Applause suddenly sounded.

Zhang Xiaomo's face was stunned.

Liu Weiwei smiled, took the flower, and handed it to Zhang Xiaomo. "You didn't lose just in the three dishes. Whether it is the basic skills, knife skills, or the attitude to never stop improving, you have lost all."

Zhang Xiaomo stepped back. She was desperate like a defeated beast. Her figure was blurred for a while, and she disappeared from the dining hall. "Six million, I will raise the money for you... I'm sorry..." There was only her remaining voice left floating in the air.

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded. She went offline? Suddenly, with a thud, someone suddenly flew towards her like a butterfly and hit the transparent glass!

There was a clear male voice, like a clear spring flowing by, but it sounded very unfamiliar. "Master, please accept this apprentice’s worship!"

Liu Weiwei: …

Worship, who? Who is this!

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