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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 71

 ICRAB – Chapter 71

The matter of holding hands was entirely Liu Weiwei’s fault alone. She was burning her fingers all the way to the back of her head now, and she couldn't say a word. This was a pit she dug by herself. In order to avoid embarrassment that night, she told the Major they needed to start with holding hands and hugging…


"Your mental fluctuations seem to be more severe than mine," Qin Mo looked down, "Cooking soldier Liu."

Liu Weiwei: Where's her kitchen knife?!

"From tomorrow, change to hug?"


[A new task!]

[The system found that the only desperate diner has a strong desire and dissatisfaction.]

[Please make him a one of a kind loving meal to satisfy his careful wish to be valued exclusively.]

[Task Reward: Beauty +10, 5 dim sum recipes, and beginner heat control skills book.]

"Cough cough cough!" Liu Weiwei was choked by her own saliva.

Qin Mo immediately patted Liu Weiwei’s back, and glanced at the back of her head very vaguely, "… Go to sleep."

Liu Weiwei felt that the Major was probably poisoned. Poisoned by the system!

When Liu Weiwei was put on the bed by the elder brother who insisted on carrying her back to the room, she saw the new pajamas lying on the bed and the pure white wedding dress hanging on the hanger. Only then did she remember that she had forgotten something. Tomorrow was their wedding banquet day. The day before the wedding, she was thinking of other men, cooking for other men, and wanting to improve the training performance of other men… Well, no matter how many times she thought about it, she felt uncomfortable and wanted to beat herself.

The Major’s grieving husband’s face was also straightened, "Get a break early."

"I won't ask for leave tomorrow." Liu Weiwei confessed leniently.

The Major's temple twitched, "It's okay. The banquet will also be in the cafeteria anyway."


Liu Weiwei woke up the next day, her whole body curled up into a shrimp shape. But not long after, The Major came in to help her wipe her face and hands, finally woke her up a little bit. 

Qian Dongmei brought two military sisters from the other units to help Liu Weiwei apply makeup and cut her hair. She even found two soldiers to come over to take videos of the whole process.

"This must be done," Teacher Qian especially held Liu Weiwei’s hand that wanted to refuse. "That kid is a celebrity, you know? There are many female fans, so we must declare to the world and swear sovereignty."

Liu Weiwei didn't feel much, but the two military sisters both nodded in agreement. After she finished washing and put on her wedding dress, she finally got acquainted with the two sisters. A military wife with short hair and a very capable look was Xu Hui, the wife of the former battalion commander Wang Bingrong who was in charge of purchasing nutrient solutions. She was an army’s family member. Another one who spoke softly was one of Qian Dongmei's students, cooking soldier Tang Yingqian. At the beginning of this year, she just married a colonel from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Both military sisters were all more experienced than Liu Weiwei.

"The teacher is right. Major Qin is indeed a very popular celebrity. You must let all the people of the Interstellar Alliance know that he is married. That way you won’t need to collect flowers and love letters again when you two go out later." Xu Hui was also trying and persuading the white rabbit next to her to put on a costume.

Tang Yingqian covered her mouth and smiled, "When I was single, I thought Major Qin was handsome. When I first arrived at the barracks, I wanted to go and ask for an autograph, but I didn’t have the courage as the real Major was too fierce. Weiwei, you are better than me, very brave!"

Liu Weiwei was sweating.

"Major Qin is a celebrity soldier, so hidden marriage is absolutely impossible! Weiwei, if you don't want to show your face, you don’t have to show it at that time. But the ceremony must be filmed, so that the news can also be shown on the screen. Don't embarrass the media."

"The media… Okay."

Qian Dongmei looked at Liu Weiwei being well-behaved in her wedding dress and nodded in satisfaction, "It's good that we have the banquet early enough and your belly is not too big yet, beautiful!"

Liu Weiwei, a commoner in both her lives, had urgency to go to the toilet as soon as she heard this. When she went to the bathroom, she squatted directly on the smart toilet, wanting to use the beauty points from the system. Add one centimeter on height, trim messy eyebrows, get lush eyebrows, and last one, eyeliner… She used all 20 beauty points very quickly.

The system beauty enhancers were non-toxic, harmless and non-hazardous. Liu Weiwei made herself beautiful by her own effort and it was harmless, so she was very energetic. Finally, after covering her face with the ethereal hazy veil and putting on red high heels, she was helped out of the room by Qian Dongmei. The two military sisters followed behind, helping her carry the fluffy skirt to ease the burden when walking.

The banquet location was in the cafeteria. The ceremony was held early in the morning and the meal served directly at noon, and then the whole ceremony would be over.

Qin Mo had repeatedly reduced and simplified the process, worrying that his child's mother would be tired, so all speeches were omitted. Because it was directly in the military headquarters, the military area itself didn’t allow festivals or event. The people who came to join in the fun were nothing more than soldiers who usually lacked entertainment. For them, having a morning rest and a meal was already very festive.

But when Liu Weiwei was helped out of the dormitory building, she appeared in front of a group of soldiers.

Qin Mo still regretted it. He regretted that he obeyed the advice of Teacher Qian and insisted on having such a troublesome wedding. Wearing high heels of five or six centimeters high… What should he do if the child’s mother fell? And the skirt, there was so many layers of fabric, wasn’t it hot and heavy? His daughter… was she squeezed inside? Also, there were so many inessential people crowding around!

Qin Mo’s glance swept to the group of people around him coldly. The air had been sucked by these people, what should his daughter do? What about the child's mother? Did they know that pregnant women were particularly prone to hypoxia?

"All of you, turn back!"

"Step forward! One, two, one… !"

The group of sergeants who watched the show was all at a loss, but those with low military status had to obey the orders of their superior. Meanwhile those with higher ranks were pushed away by lower ranks as a result.

Lu Qingheng, who was in charge as the banquet’s master of ceremonies, had already taken a microphone and leaned forward excitedly. "Let me interview first, sister-in-law, how do you feel now?" He hadn’t received an answer when he felt he was pierced by an ice knife. He could see his superior’s cannibalistic eyes as soon as he turned his head.

"Are you very idle?" Major Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. "Do you still have energy to do this?"

Lu Qingheng hadn't reacted yet.

"When the banquet is over, come to me to pick up more tasks!" Qin Mo directly slapped the microphone aside and squatted down in front of his child’s mother. "There is still some distance to the cafeteria from here, I will carry you over." His face was calm, his voice was steady, and his squatting moves were very standard.

Only Liu Weiwei's face quickly rose like a red cloth, "No need."

"How can you walk in high heels?" Qin Mo frowned. "Pregnant women started wearing flat shoes seven thousand years ago."

Liu Weiwei: …

Lu Qingheng: …

When Liu Weiwei climbed halfway, she was supported by the Major's hand. She was so frightened that she quickly hugged his neck. All the way to the cafeteria, the fast track that usually only took ten minutes, but today seemed extremely long.

Liu Weiwei felt that she was no different from a monkey performing an art show, surrounded by crowds of soldiers waiting to see a good show. As they walked ahead, these soldiers followed all the time, and even followed carefully beside them, but did not dare to approach. However, many were taking pictures with their light brains’ cameras.

"Is this still the Devil Major?"

"F*ck, was it another person in the gravity room yesterday?"

"Wake up! Is the end of the world here?"

"Major Qin with facial paralysis got married earlier than me?"

"The bride seems to be very beautiful…"

"What bullsh*t, her face is covered."

Liu Weiwei's lips fluttered.

Zhu Ya went online today, directly at the door of Happy Restaurant. He usually came alone, but today he brought an oil bottle, Boss Liu. Haha, since he ate here once, Boss Liu wanted to tie his office to Zhu Ya. He was afraid that Zhu Ya would go to eat alone and didn’t take him.

When the two arrived in the shop today, many regular customers were already there. After all, it had been in business for two days now, as everyone knew, Happy Restaurant was open for three meals a day, and it was no longer an one-hour stall.

"Boss Liu, still the old seat?" Boss Liu sat down earlier than Zhu Ya’s question. He was dumbfounded, surprised by Boss Liu’s speed. He was more surprised when a robot wearing a red bow quickly moved over.

"The boss is getting married today. If you spend more than 5,000 credits, you will get free egg custard dessert. The first 500 consumers who gave good reviews have the opportunity to participate in today's lottery." The robot spoke the lines set earlier.

Zhu Ya was taken aback, "Getting married?" He was not familiar with the boss, but it was also a fateful friendship. Good food was his life. He had come to eat many times, but had never heard the boss said that she was going to get married.

"No wonder she didn't show up this morning." Zhu Ya sighed. He thought she was quite young based on her appearance.

Boss Liu didn't care, so he immediately ordered to the robot, "I have one each of all the dishes, and I want to pack two sets. The total should be 15,000, can you give three desserts?"

Zhu Ya leaned back, "Me too, three sets, 15,000."

The robot went silent for a while, as if thinking, "Okay, there is no upper limit for gifts."

"Say congratulations to the boss for me!" Zhu Ya said to the robot.

Boss Liu started browsing news when waiting for the foods.

When the mapo tofu was served, Zhu Ya was about to move his chopsticks, but he heard Boss Liu's shocked voice.

"What's wrong?"

"Major Qin Mo announced his marriage today. I am afraid that my daugther will cry." Boss Liu smiled and picked up his chopsticks.

Zhu Ya swallowed the tofu in his mouth and leaned over. Today’s news was pushed in real time. There were not only scenes of two people exchanging wedding rings, but also a short lively scene of military soldiers celebrating together.

Boss Liu watched for a while and was about to quit and concentrate on eating, but Zhu Ya grabbed his hand suddenly. "This, isn't this the chicken chop made by the boss!?"

Boss Liu was confused. He was a newcomer, he hadn't tasted many things Liu Weiwei set up in her stalls on her early days, especially the daily breakfast combination. But he looked suspiciously at the place Zhu Ya pointed at, and he saw a soldier grabbing a thick golden chicken chop with his hands, gnawing wildly at an inhuman speed. "You can see this clearly? Chicken chops are also sold in other stores. They look alike."

"No, no, the boss's chicken chop is special, it bursts!"

Boss Liu stared.

"F*ck, the Major invited the boss to be a chef?!" Zhu Ya blurted out, but the next second he opened his mouth, "Wait, No, isn't the boss also getting married today?" He pointed to the slender girl wearing white wedding dress in the video. He couldn't see her face clearly, but his fingers trembled, "This… "

Boss Liu slapped the table down, "It's not so coincidental. Old Zhu, the camera only flashed past, so most likely you are 80% wrong. Also, I didn't see any chicken bursting. Okay, eat some vegetables!"

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