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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 85

ICRAB – Chapter 85

Extra chapter 2 of 2


In the end, the regiment led by Qin Mo won the first place. The second and third places were the sixth regiment and the tenth regiment. Marshal Li Er awarded trophies to the three regiments who won.

A total of more than four thousand men stood in the sun and giggled foolishly. The place where their eyes were locked was not the awarding ceremony, but the dining tables not far away. A magical, familiar but unfamiliar fragrance slowly drifted from there.

"This is the food from the cafeteria? I want to cry. It's been four months, and I haven't eaten it!"

"Hey, I finally reached 26%, but this month I was squeezed to 30%."

"What's this dish called…?"

"According to Lieutenant Lu, the dish is called Roast Duck. It also has an amazing origin!"

"Oh? I don't know how much each of us can get!"

Marshal Li Er looked at a group of big-headed soldiers who were all distracted below, and his gaze couldn't help but drifted to the big-bellied woman who was instructing the robots to work underneath the stage. He couldn't help squinting his eyes, "Next, please let the chef in our cafeteria introduce us the special reward that the winning teams get – roast duck."

Liu Weiwei was suddenly called to speak and was taken aback. But her figure had appeared in the projections on the entire training field. Although she was wearing a mask and gloves because she had started handling food, she had no choice but to stand up and speak. "Today there is three dishes, roast duck, duck bone soup, and assorted stir-fried vegetables. Also, the staple food is noodles with fried sauce." She was afraid that these strong men wouldn’t eat enough, so she also specially added staple food.

"Roast duck is a famous dish in history. The roast duck was recorded in "Shi Zhen Lu/Precious Food Register" of the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Later, the Ming Palace’s imperial cook used Nanjing Lake’s plump and meaty duck to make a dish which was named Roast Duck by the palace. Later, when the Ming Dynasty moved to the capital, roast duck flourished in Beijing and became a famous Beijing dish. You will be able to see that after being roasted, the duck’s whole body is maroon red and shiny, the skin is crispy and the meat is tender, and there will also be a fruity aroma."

"Today's duck bone soup is to utilize the inedible duck bones from the roast duck, and stew it into a fragrant soup, which is delicious and has sweet taste." Liu Weiwei explained briefly, still calm, and did not forget the final summary statement, "Congratulations to all the winners." Once she finished speaking, the audience was quiet, but it quickly turned into a commotion or even a riot.

"It sounds like an antique dish?!"

"Ming Dynasty’s Imperial Chef? Today's roast duck… was it something an Emperor ate before?"

"Wow! Why did I fall in the tug of war! Sh*t! My roast duck!!!"

"Listening to the description, plus smelling the fragrance... even more terrible!"

"If I cry, don't ask me why!"

"Why, why do you want to force people like us to listen to this? Cruel! Why tell me what roast duck is!"

"Wait, can you make this dish later in the cafeteria? I will work harder so I will be able to advance to become top 25% rank!"

There was wailings on the training ground, so Marshal Li Er immediately called for order. "I officially announce that this year's sport meeting has come to a successful conclusion. Now is the time for the winners to enjoy their food!"

More than four thousand people were instantly ecstatic, and even rushed to the tables. They broke out at an unprecedented speed without command, for fear that they would not even have a pit to sit in. Other soldiers could only look at them in mourning, but they were still reluctant to leave. Then, they saw a magical scene…

Liu Weiwei stood by the middle table and appeared in the projection again. "I'll show you how to eat roast duck." As her voice sounded, a dozen robots shuttled between the tables. Large and small colorful plates were placed on the tables.

Liu Weiwei was wearing gloves and picked up the kitchen knife on the table. "All the military members present here should be all good at using weapons. Today, I will make a demonstration. I will open the duck in my hand first."

Robot No. 1 quickly picked up a plump roast duck that was shiny and red. It placed the duck on the chopping board in front of Liu Weiwei. She lifted the knife in her hand and dropped it. Soon she put a piece of crystal clear duck skin in a white plate. "Duck skin alone can be directly dipped in sugar and eaten. If you don't like the sweetness, when you slice the duck, you can evenly slice the meat and skin together." As she spoke, there was no pause, and she continued to cut the duck. Her movements seemed gentle, but she cut a whole duck to its skeleton in an instant.

Liu Weiwei picked up the chopsticks and took out a slice of duck meat. The skin was connected to the meat, and the meat was attached to the skin. The thickness was even. It was really beautiful. She picked up the plate, and everyone could see that each piece of duck meat was almost the same size, and there were hundreds of pieces in this one plate. The duck on the table could be said to be cleaner than the one they chewed.

"The remaining bones will be taken by the robot to make soup later." As Liu Weiwei said this, she stretched her hand to the drawer on the table and grabbed a thin white bun out. "The roast duck should be eaten while it is hot. Take a lotus leaf bun, stuff one or two slices of duck plus a few shreds of cucumber and green onions, wrap it in a roll and dip it in sweet noodle sauce. It is very delicious." She smiled and handed the finished product on her hand to Qin Mo on the main table.

A group of dumbfounded guys looked at the look of Major Qin eating with relish in the projection screen, and they all felt that their saliva was going to flow out. Soon, a roast duck that was equally plump and looked almost oily was served on their table.

"Because I am only one person," Liu Weiwei said to the projector embarrassedly, "If you are good at using knives, please slice your own duck. If you can't, it doesn't matter, just raise your hand and I will come to assist you." As soon as she finished speaking, a big hand grabbed her arm.

The close-up picture of feeding dog food in the projection caused the group of bachelors to roar. However, in the next second, Major Qin Mo's famous iceberg face appeared in the picture. "In the First Regiment, there is no waste that can't even use a knife." He directly pulled the big bellied woman to sit down beside him. "There are no soldiers here that can't. So you don’t need to help."

With a word from Major Qin Mo, everyone's request for help was blocked. Soon, he himself appeared a little clumsy in making the roast duck bun, although he looked very confident in the picture previously.

Among the three winning teams, no one dared to raise their hands, and no one dared to ask for help. There was only one chef in the cafeteria, which was also a key protection object. Not to mention that the chef was a woman, a woman who would soon give birth to a baby and had a big belly. Moreover, it was the baby of Iceberg Major.

Who would dare to ask the Iceberg Major's wife to stand under the sun with her big stomach to cut duck meat and make duck buns for themselves? Everyone immediately gave up. So, immediately the training ground became like a scene of a car accident.

"Oh, f*ck! It's good that the skin is connected to the meat, but your meat is several times the size of the skin, it should be even!"

"You who f*cking sliced the bones in, aren’t you embarrassed to scold me?"

"Bro, you see that other people have such thin and clean a piece of duck, but you are unlucky enough to make it uglier than a dog. Why do you want to leave so much meat on the bones? Do you want to take it back to your bedroom, hide it, and gnaw some more under the blanket?"

"You! Do you have any brains? It's going to be stuffed in the bun. Your meat is too big, so how do you stuff cucumbers and green onions?"

"D*mn! You took two cakes! Leave one for me!"

"You, you are eating roast duck or green onions? You stuffed half a bowl of green onions on your bun, what do you want exactly?"

All kinds of incredible accidents were happening in almost every table.

Only the main table where Liu Weiwei sat, Marshal Li Er, the head of the three regiments and the deputy head could really enjoy themselves. They enjoyed a relaxed and delicious meal like the Emperor. Most people couldn't resist the charm of roast duck.

"For the first bite is the noodles, and then some warm roast duck, mixed with the sweet noodle sauce, the fat and tender duck meat and the crispy duck skin are perfect together. I thought this duck meat is just that at its peak, but I didn't expect to bite into the refreshing cucumber and the wonderful fragrance of the green onions." Marshal Li Er couldn't help but comment on the food.

Qin Mo smiled silently, but everyone could see the pride in his eyes.

The head of the Sixth Regiment, Meng Li, took a bite and half of the bun was gone. He took another sip of the duck soup and licked his mouth, "I have nothing to say about the craftsmanship of the younger sister-in-law, they are absolutely delicious."

"Right? Major Qin, is your family still short of guests to visit?" Geng Jiale, deputy head of the tenth regiment, nodded again and again. "If it is missing, I will give my name first and come to eat every day."

Liu Weiwei was a little embarrassed to be praised so much. She ate three ugly buns stuffed by Qin Mo and drank a bowl of soup. She was almost half full, but thinking of the noodles, she was still greedy. She greeted everyone and left her seat. She went with the robots to make the final staple food on the spot.

In the north, everyone loved noodles and integrated noodles into their life. It could be said that noodles had an outstanding position in Chinese cuisine. So today, with the Beijing roast duck, what Liu Weiwei would do was Beijing fried noodle.

With the assistance of robots, the method of cooking the noodles became very simple. Liu Weiwei instructed the robots to roll all the dough into thin sheets, stack them together, and then shred them. Before throwing the noodle to the pot to cook, she used the Godhand Chef skill to determine the cooking time, and then tell the robot to pick up the noodles at the right time. She then put the toppings of diced pork and fried sauce on top.

A bowl of noodles that was cut out one by one by hand had a pleasing width. It was tasty and chewy, and when the diners personally stir all the fried sauce and vegetables with the noodles they could smell the intense sweetness. It was fresh and salty, and the taste would continue to be felt when they ate it. Mixed with crispy bean sprouts, radish, lettuce, cucumber, and paired with shallots, the more they ate, the more fragrant it would be.

The other tables were unknown, but almost everyone at the main table ate two bowls of noodles.

Liu Weiwei ate a large bowl and hugged her belly in satisfaction, thinking happily that all fat babies were cute babies. When she put aside the bowl with a smile and decided not to move her chopsticks again, she heard the system prompt.

[Five-star potential disciple found!]

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