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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 92

ICRAB – Chapter 92

Liu Weiwei had already spoken to remind plus An Hao yelling, still couldn't stop the ‘tragedy’ from happening.

Captain Gu had been lost. As soon as his teeth bitten down the meatball, they touched the extremely explosive back muscle meat of the iron spine cow beast. The tight fleshy tendons exploded in his mouth, and the cow meatball bounced on his teeth.

This was different tenacity!

Captain Gu’s exhaustion from working for three months was almost all wiped out. He could feel his muscles synchronized with the meatballs at this moment, becoming as firm and elastic! It's like his youth was back again! But he hadn't finished enjoying the powerful meatballs, when he was hit by a rush of heat! The delicious, hot juice, with his bite, splashed directly from the center of the meatball. The fragrance burst instantly, filling every corner of his mouth and every cell on the tip of his tongue. Fortunately, this was Skynet, so the hot soup didn't scald him, but it stimulated all the energy stored in his body.

"This taste…" Captain Gu, who was carrying the soup bowl, was completely lost. "It's indescribable, it's wonderful!"

Standing by, An Hao touched his nose and turned his head away. His eyes were a little sour. This was meatball he made himself. Even if there were robots in the shop, he still insisted on grounding the beef by himself. He had to cut the meats more than 26,800 times, cutting all the beef tendons, and grounding them until smooth. Although he hadn't reached the Master's description of meatball that could bounce like ping-pong balls in the legend, he was already extremely satisfied to see the diners' surprise and enjoyment, and to receive their sincere compliments. Three months ago, he didn't know anything, but now he could also make delicious dishes.

An Hao's eyes were red, and he looked at Liu Weiwei gratefully.

Captain Gu quickly ate all five meatballs, threw the spoon, and stood holding the chopsticks to suck the rice noodles left in the bowl. The vermicelli was cooked until it was transparent, and it was floating in the bowl together with some green onions. It made people’s appetite tempted. He quickly put the bowl on his lips and slurped until nothing was left. He even ate the coriander in the soup, not picky at all.

After putting down the bowl, Captain Gu blushed. After eating, he came back to his senses, remembering that he came here for inspection. To try the poison himself, he only needed to eat one meatball. But what he had done was like a civil servant eating a King's meal.

"Um, how much is this meatball soup?" Captain Gu wiped his mouth.

An Hao, who had returned to his normal mood, immediately explained proudly, "Bursting Meatballs with vermicelli, 500 per servings." The price was still the price that the Master set for his hard handwork. Originally, if the robot made it, the price was only half.

Captain Gu was taken aback, "Bursting?" He thought that he had heard it wrong, but after thinking more, he found it very appropriate. Wasn’t the meatball just now burst in his mouth? It sounds weird at first, but after tasting the deliciousness, he found the name to be very original.

Captain Gu nodded repeatedly, feeling deeply interesting, "It turns out that all the meatballs are hollow in the middle."

Liu Weiwei smiled, "Yes, Captain Gu. I believe that after you taste it yourself, you must have a definite conclusion, right?"

Captain Gu was of course unable to distinguish violations only by his tongue, but none of the machinery and equipment he brought found any problems with the dishes. "I have to trouble the shop manager to help me pack all the dishes in the shop, I need to bring it back to the Security Bureau for filing. The value of the dishes will also be included in the compensation from the complainant."

This was routine, so Liu Weiwei was very cooperative.

At the same time, Zhang Xiaomo was directly frightened by Chen Like's tears. 

Chen Like said that she must come to apologize personally to the Boss. Helpless, Zhang Xiaomo could only follow her to the entrance of Happy Restaurant. But as soon as Chen Like saw the shop being closed, she regretted not stopping her girlfriend from making the complaint and directly shed tears.

After the shop was closed, the two of them could not enter either, but many diners at the door did not leave. They were waiting for the investigation result of the law enforcement brigade. They only waited for more than twenty minutes before the law enforcement brigade came out from the shop.

"Sorry for bothering you. We will counter sue the complainant for the suspension of business compensation and also mental damage costs."

Liu Weiwei was sending the brigade out.

"Impossible!" Before the waiting diners could breathe a sigh of relief, Zhang Xiaomo shouted out aloud. She received counter sue ticket immediately. Because of hindering the operation of Happy Restaurant, the suspension of business was calculated according to one hour, totaling 600,000 credits, and the compensation for reputation loss was about 6 million credits. Including the dishes needed for the sample survey, the total was 6.77 million.

Zhang Xiaomo, who had more pocket money than ordinary white-collar workers, was still frightened by this number. "More than six million?! Sh*t, this is robbery?! Does this shop even make this much money in a year? Security Bureau, have you been bribed?!"

Even if Zhang Xiaomo gave up her 10 years saved pocket money and sold all the brand-name bags in her possession, she still couldn't make up that much.

Captain Gu, who was about to leave, looked very ugly, "Are you the complainant? The test report has been sent to your personal mailbox. Slandering others without evidence, in Interstellar Alliance’s law enforcement system, the consequences are serious."

Zhang Xiaomo was trembling with anger. She had already seen the seriousness of the matter from the ticket.

An Hao immediately stepped forward and protected Liu Weiwei behind him, but she refused his kindness.

Liu Weiwei smiled like a spring breeze, and walked to the front, "You don't approve of my Happy Restaurant?"

Zhang Xiaomo snorted.

Liu Weiwei smiled, "Have you learned cooking? I heard that you are very critical of my first apprentice’s knife skills."

Zhang Xiaomo raised her neck proudly, "Yes, my teacher is a super chef. It is not comparable to a small shop like yours!"

The old diners at the happy restaurant next to Zhang Xiaomo couldn't stand it anymore, and they all came over to criticize.

But Liu Weiwei was stunned. Looking at the other party's arrogant appearance, it was just like the third apprentice's candidate that the system said. But this attitude really, it needed to be straightened properly! "How is your culinary talent level? I heard that when people first joined the Chef Association, they will be evaluated."

"You heard? Wow, your fakeness has been exposed. You heard means you don't understand at all! I have a Level 5A in potential, and the teachers who have taught me say that I am born to the job. I just glanced at your apprentice and can see his…"

"5A, is that the highest level of talent?"


"Well, I think it's just so-so. I thought…"

"Huh? What are you talking about!?" Zhang Xiaomo finally entered the shop, but not voluntarily. She was squeezed in by the guests who swarmed back in after the shop reopened.

"Xiao Mo, apologize. It was originally our fault." Chen Like tried to stop her girlfriend who wanted to leave immediately, "You must apologize to the boss."

Zhang Xiaomo crumbled and wanted to leave, but found that the door was blocked by other diners. They were staring at her fiercely.

"This, this black hearted shop…" Each of these guests, it was like an illegal gang!


"Don't even try to leave before you apologize!"

"D*mn, what a shameless person!"

The diners were full of righteous indignation and soon surrounded the door of the small restaurant.

"Miss, it's okay not to apologize." An Hao put on his chef's uniform, turned out from the back kitchen fully armed. What he said surprised everyone. "I, An Hao, the Master’s apprentice of three months and eight days, a Happy Restaurant trainee chef, challenge you!"

"You think we are a black hearted shop? You think our dishes are not delicious? You think we used tricks to get customers? You think my knife skills are terrible, that’s why you say that our shop is useless?! Then use your cooking skills to speak and defeat me!" An Hao put his hands on his chest handsomely.

Zhang Xiaomo stared, "What do you mean?"

"Since you don't believe in the results of the Security Bureau and don't want to admit the counter sue ticket, then defeat me!" As An Hao said this, he took a step closer to Zhang Xiaomo, who backed away in shock.

"Cold dishes, hot dishes, soup, stew, snacks, you can choose any topic. We can also draw lots. If you are defeated by me, it means that you don't even fit to lift shoes for my master and our shop! Very simple rule, isn't it?" An Hao held an electronic lottery bucket in his hand.

The people in the shop were instantly astonished.

"What! Is this a PK?"  (TN: The phrase PK, or player-killer, is most commonly used nowadays in computer games as players are out to ‘kill’ or defeat enemies.)

"F*ck, within my lifetime, I can also see the live version of a cooking competition?!"

"This little girl was indeed too arrogant! The Boss’s apprentice, beat her!"

"Handsome… hey, this little apprentice is quite cute~"

"Make this annoying little girl cry! Brother, I will come to the shop to eat every day!"

Zhang Xiaomo kicked the leg of the table with a bang. All the mocking around made her blush and tremble. She had never been attacked by a group like this. "Okay, let’s do it! Let’s compare!" She stubbornly ignored Chen Like's objection next to her, "I have also studied cooking for only three months, but I can definitely beat you!"

An Hao, who was serving as a junior chef, took a solemn step forward. "Come! Bet our dignities as chefs!"

The loud and firm voice directly stunned Zhang Xiaomo and she almost fell on the chair. But after a while, she recovered. The glare she made at An Hao was undoubtedly like she was looking at a fool. "The dignity of a chef? Do you think you can beat me after studying cooking for only three months? My teacher is a super chef who is also a permanent chef in a five-star hotel plus enjoys the honor of being a director of the Chef Association."

Zhang Xiaomo looked at Liu Weiwei with sarcasm in her eyes, "And in this civilian area, there is no special chef at all. Your teacher is definitely not one."

An Hao didn't look back at all. He just drew a red ribbon from his waist and tied it on his head, "Then each of us will present the strongest recipes we have learned to decide the winner. Whoever loses… have to quit!"

Zhang Xiaomo's scalp exploded, "Do you even understood what I said?!" Was she stupid to bet against a low-level chef with the quota of a special chef's disciple?

"If you don't want to, then pay the compensation, Miss." Liu Weiwei unconditionally supported Xiao An, and she also wanted to see the strength of this suspected 'third disciple'.

Zhang Xiaomo gritted her teeth.

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