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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 69

 ICRAB – Chapter 69

In fact, many classics desserts had appeared in the long development of Chinese cuisine, but after the introduction of Western food, many young people were more leaning to cakes, puddings, high-sugar and high-calorie snacks, chocolate, whipped cream and many other calorie sinful things.

Liu Weiwei's ultimate mission was to develop Chinese cuisine, so she could only temporarily put Western desserts aside. Chinese desserts were mainly pastries, and more specialized ones were flour-based pastries, which could also be collectively classified as snacks/refreshments. Snacks had always been a project she had confidence in.

After Liu Weiwei went offline, she looked through the recipes enthusiastically. She stroked the furry rabbit she was holding from head to toe again and again until the little furry rabbit fell asleep comfortably, and finally found a suitable recipe. After noon and lunch, she successfully promoted her curry rice in the cafeteria, and then received the permission from the Marshal. Regarding the incentive for the tail of the crane, she could proceed with her stick and carrot strategy.

When Liu Weiwei got the permisson, she devoted herself to the practice of the new recipe with great enthusiasm.

When Liu Weiwei was busy, the 113 bottom ranked sergeants she was worried about were uncomfortable.

From Yang Likun the 1st out of the 113 t the bottom one called Zhang Peng, everyone was counted as one. They all stood up against the wall with difficulty in the training room where the gravity was sixteen times as high. They were sweating and had their knees bent. Even a finger feels heavy when they wanted to move it.

Not far away, a man in military uniform seemed to be completely unaffected. He easily held his hands behind his back, his legs shoulder-width apart. The two bars and one star on his shoulders shined with some reflections under the light almost made them unable to look directly at it!

"It's only two hours." 

The Internet celebrity Major suddenly turned into a disgusting instructor in their eyes.

"You can't do it?"

"Set the gravity to 32 times!"

Yang Likun, who was holding on to the wall and shaking his legs, couldn't even let out a wailing. He knelt on the ground with a bang. 

Thirty-two times the gravity.

In this training room, each of them carried a weight of 50 kilograms, plus their own weight, all reached more than 100 kilograms. Thirty-two times increment was equivalent to nearly 6,000 kilograms of weight on each person. Every bone, every tissue, every cell on their bodies... was squeezed to the point where it couldn’t move, and it even felt like it would explode in the next second!

Yang Likun opened his mouth, big sweat rolled onto the ground, his military uniform was already soaked. Shaking all over, he felt that he was going to die in the next second.

"It’s just practice!" Qin Mo, with his hands behind his back, had a solemn expression on his stern face. "Last place, Yang Likun, stand up!" His child's mother, even at night, cared about the bottom ranked comrades very much. As the regiment leader, Qin Mo deeply reflected on the probably too advanced nature of the regiment's perennial training plan last night. Not only did it fail to produce all-round outstanding soldiers, but it also made his family member worry. This made Qin Mo feel very guilty.

"How to improve training performance?" Qin Mo was expressionless, looking at the soldier who could not stand in front of him, "Yang Likun!"

The hapless Yang Likun almost cried, "Work hard… Practice…" His voice was almost lost, and he breathed out the words.

Qin Mo nodded coldly, "Very well. Soldier Yang Likun will take the lead, and all of you will follow! Five hundred squats, start now!" How to improve? Of course work f*ucking harder… ! "There is still an hour, if it can't be done, you will practice more tomorrow!" his teacher's way of education was still too kind, smelling poison gas or something.


As soon as Qin Mo left the room, the lieutenant waiting at the door saluted immediately.

"I'll report the results of today's training to the Marshal, you keep watching."

"Yes, Major!"

Qin Mo nodded, then turned and walked out of the training building.

After Qin Mo left, the lieutenant behind finally showed a lingering expression. It was so nice to go in and practice with the major without being called out directly. He looked back at the more than one hundred people in the training room who were crying and howling, and he couldn't help getting goose bumps.

Even his physical fitness, which ranked in the top 10%, he felt that this intensity was too scary!

Major Qin quickly went to the Marshal's office and reported to his teacher. In the subtle eyes of the other party, he resigned and left. After completing the rest of his work for the day, he immediately went back to his room to find his child's mother after seeing the time.

"Huh? Why didn't you go to the cafeteria?" Liu Weiwei was lying and watching the video on Skynet, feeling happy.

Qin Mo shook the sleeping little rabbit awake, put it to Liu Weiwei’s hand to play, and turned off the light brain video, "I come back to take a shower. I will go to the cafeteria with you later."

Liu Weiwei occasionally watched TV entertainment, but she was caught.

"Lying on your side while watching TV is harmful to your eyesight." 

Liu Weiwei couldn’t refute and she was ashamed, so she had to focus on the rabbit the Major sent over and touched its fur. The awakened Xiao Bai was also miserable, no wonder he used his furry buttocks to face the Maor every time.

"… The rabbit… is innocent."

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes, "Then I'll be gentle next time."

Liu Weiwei: "…"

"Ah, right," Liu Weiwei turned over, not forgetting to share her new plan with the Major. "The Marshal has agreed. I am going to make some snacks for the bottom ranked soldiers at night, and I will make some more for them if they make progress. In this way, there are not only punishments but also rewards. They will have a thought and are not easily defeated by painful training."

"Painful?" Qin Mo lowered his head and saw the girl lying on the sofa. A small part of her black hair faintly revealed pink earlobes. She looked very small and somewhat cute.

"Well, being the bottom rank is not something one will do voluntary. They definitely wanted to make progress at the beginning, but when the gap was too big, it was easy to give up. If things go on like this, the ridicule and contempt that they feel will increase. In the end they will feel inferior and give up."

Liu Weiwei had a very sad past. She felt that she would never forget the high school career where she was at the bottom of everything. It was terrible. She was helpless, and she could even clearly feel the despair where she couldn’t do anything matter how hard she tried.

Qin Mo watched Liu Weiwei’s eyebrows frown, her pair of phoenix eyes that had been shining recently showed pain and confusion. He subconsciously stretched out his hand and carefully touched her hair that fell on the sofa.

"Will not."


"They will not give up on themselves."

Qin Mo's tone was firm.

Liu Weiwei felt that the Major was comforting her, but she didn't know he was serious until later. 

When tortured to the point of death, no one would have the strength to give up on themselves. Feeling painful was because not enough exercise and practice!

Major Qin Mo’s military training motto was written like this.

After a short rest, Liu Weiwei checked the time, and the bottom ranked soldiers were about to be released from the small room. She took the calm Major to the scene to observe.

When more than one hundred people, almost pissing and crying, rolled out of the small room, Qin Mo’s face turned dark. He stood in front of his child's mother, blocking this unsightly scene for her.

After the people rolled out, they saw this great god at first sight, and their legs trembled a few times involuntarily. "Young, young, young… Major!" They almost lied on the ground and cried. Why did he come again? This cruel man, with thirty-two times the gravity, they squatted five hundred times until they almost die. They fell on his hands, it was a bad luck of eight lifetimes!

Qin Mo frowned his eyebrows.

The lieutenant next to him, Ren Qiancheng, who was in charge of the tail of the crane training program, had already seen the majesty of the Major in the afternoon. Now that the Major was unhappy, he immediately went up and pulled the two people who were lying on the ground roughly by the collars. "Stand up! Are you still a soldier?!"

Yang Likun and Yuan Zongwei were pulled up, but their legs were soft like noodles… They were exhausted. They were intensively trained in the afternoon, and when they were completely overdrawn, it didn't take long for them to be stuffed into the smelly room to be punished to sing military songs again. They were finally released at a certain point, but when they came out, they encountered this deadly evil man!

Yang Likun deeply felt that he might not survive until the day of his retirement. But when he was desperate, helpless, suffering both physically and mentally, he heard a gentle voice. It was like a fairy music falling from heaven.

"Comrades, come here to have a hot soup and glutinous rice balls~" Liu Weiwei showed her head from behind the broad back of the Major. She smiled and asked the robot to come out with a big bucket and small bowls.

Yang Likun's drool almost flowed out with his tears. He quickly thought of the stinky tofu that was hot but incredibly fragrant yesterday, mixed with the sauce called chili oil and tomato sauce… It was sweet, fragrant, spicy, and delicious. He couldn't bear to rinse his mouth when he returned to his bedroom.

"Come on, one portion per person." Liu Weiwei squinted and smiled.

The lieutenant who had been notified next to Liu Weiwei also said coldly in time, "As the tail of the crane, you only deserve to eat the leftovers from the cafeteria! If you want to enjoy the food, increase by 10% from today and you will be allowed to get one meal in the cafeteria at night!"

Yang Likun shook his hand after receiving the small bowl. This was a sequelae of being tortured by the gravity chamber. However, when he heard the lieutenant's words, his heart shook together with his hands. 10% improvement? Too difficult... that was the same as surpassing the training results of at least 1,000 people above him! How could he do it? He shook his head and looked into the bowl subconsciously. He saw a round, white and tender ball, gently shaking in the clear soup. The ball was white, but some black filling was faintly revealed.

Yang Likun lowered his head and took a sip of the soup. It was light and tasteless, just like boiled water, only slightly sweet. He scooped the glutinous rice ball into his mouth with a bit of suspicion, and gave a rough bite. With a click... his consciousness went blank!


Very sweet.

Bursting sweetness.

It's warm and sweet.

The rich sweetness, flowing from the soft, waxy but non-sticky texture of the seemingly small sphere... It overflowed Yang Likun’s entire mouth, and quickly diverged to his entire limp limbs and painful body. This leisurely and deep sweet scent rushed into his consciousness. He was caught off guard, making him unable to resist. It was so sweet that he was deeply impressed by the delicious taste on the tip of his tongue.

Yang Likun chewed instinctively, only taking small bites, not dare to swallow easily. When swallowed, the wonderful taste would disappear in a blink of an eye. He couldn't bear to eat it at all! This thing called glutinous rice ball had a completely different taste from yesterday's stinky tofu, but it was just as heartwarming. The on his body seemed to be relieved.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew and Yang Likun felt some coolness on his face. When he reached out his hand, he was shocked. It was tears.

Yang Likun wiped his face and fell to the ground almost subconsciously. "Young Major! You kill… me! Practice me hard!"

"I want to go to the cafeteria… I want to eat the foods from the cafeteria!"

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