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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 83

ICRAB – Chapter 83

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Liu Weiwei reported to the Marshal's office, and Qin Mo followed behind like a tail.

"I'm off work. I will just take you to the door." Qin Mo didn't care. When he got there, he stood outside the door with his hands folded on his chest, glaring at the door like a security guard, staring at his teacher so hard that the Marshal almost smashed the papers on his table.

"What's with your face? Will I eat your wife!? Get in together, Bastard!" Marshal Li Er had a headache.

The expressionless Major Qin led his wife into the office, and directly pressed her into the chair in front of his teacher’s desk. "Report." He stood at attention and made a military salute.

Marshal Li Er rolled his eyes, "Say."

"According to the law of cooking soldiers, their working hours of each day are determined by their direct superior in charge. In other words, it has nothing to do with other people." Major Qin Mo stood stiffly, "It is off work time now, Marshal. The cafeteria is also closed. It's time to rest for Clerk Liu."

Marshal Li Er shook his fingers, and finally slapped the table. He was even more furious when Qin Mo quickly covered his wife's ears.

"Teacher, please don't scare pregnant women."


Marshal Li Er calmed down his anger with a cup of tea. Looking at the somewhat stiff Liu Weiwei, his expression eased, "I heard about the mess in the cafeteria, and Lieutenant Colonel Chen from the Scientific Research Bureau also sent me a report." The weak girl in front of him was now his treasure. As long as he thought of the report he just received, his mouth couldn't be held back from rising.

"The food you cook has an impact on the stability of the military, and everyone can see it, but it will take time to prove its effects in personal physical and spiritual qualities. But for the benefits of beasts, Lieutenant Colonel Chen would like to cooperate with you in the Scientific Research Bureau. It was for his research about the advancement and taming of beasts that has been a Major research topic for the past 100 years. If we can draw some conclusions, then apply it in the battlefield…"

Liu Weiwei was taken aback.

Qin Mo pressed his thin lips tightly, and his whole body exuded an uncomfortable aura, "Rejected. Even the 20,000 sergeants on the base and the logistics personnel cannot all enter the cafeteria, now adding beast research? It is impossible to cooperate. Our aim is the improvement of the soldiers first, so there is no time to cooperate with Lieutenant Colonel Chen."

Marshal Li Er was sipping tea and almost chocked. He glanced at Liu Weiwei and resisted the urge to growl loudly, "Last time you made a report and said that you want to let retired personnel learn cooking and I approved. I just want to ask Clerk Liu Cook today, food for the beasts, is it possible to learn? How long does it take?"

Liu Weiwei blinked, and when she wanted to answer, Qin Mo squeezed her palms. "Marshal, whether the advancement of gray kangaroo and the red panda is directly related to food, Lieutenant Colonel Chen has yet to come to an inevitable and clear conclusion."

Marshal Li Er snorted, "In the past 100 years, the Scientific Research Bureau has selected samples from the beasts you captured every time for research. To this day, you have slain at least a thousand beasts, and only a few have evolved. However, the beasts sent from the Liyang High School, 12% of them had their physical fitness increased to varying degrees in the last two weeks."

Qin Mo's handsome face was startled, and he couldn't help looking at his innocent child’s mother.

‘Take your foods out when you see a beast. ’

‘Such an offensive… cooking will be natural nemesis of the beasts’ keen sense of smell. ’

‘Don’t be afraid, just throw your food at them. I'll be back soon. ’

What he had said to the girl suddenly appeared in his mind. Instantly, he was a little stunned, and also a little bit dumbfounded. So his child’s mother, at that time, listened to him and threw the delicious food that he mistakenly thought to be dark cuisine in front of the beasts, and finally caused the beasts to… evolve? This was even more fairy tale than the stories he made up for the children every night.

"Have you fed a lot?" Qin Mo couldn't help asking, but after he asked, his always expressionless handsome face became a little stiff. At that time, Lu Qingheng reported that there were many different types of high-level beasts running to the low-level beast areas, suspecting signs of beast wave. When he returned, he only saw the girl had fainted on the ground.

Qin Mo's mouth twitched. His child's mother's craftsmanship really feed both humans and beasts. Moreover, he had instructed her to do this to the beasts. His face was ugly, and he fell into an endless loop of self-condemnation. Not only was he a beast that couldn’t even let pregnant women go, he was also a self-righteous dictator… basically a beast.

Thinking about it now, she already had the baby at that time. Qin Mo left her alone in the pile of beasts. She threw tempting food to a group of beasts that had not been fully domesticated, which was a very dangerous operation. Thinking about this now, his back was a little sweaty, and he was scared!

But when Qin Mo condemned herself, Liu Weiwei seriously thought about her task, and then imagined the beauty points she just received.

[The pet mission is complete!]

[Task Reward: The cheats and special recipes for the development of beast pets are unlocked, +10 beauty points rewarded.]

[Cheats and Special Recipes for Beast Pet Development: After touching, analyze the recipes that beasts love, cook the corresponding recipes to feed them and reach five-star rating. There is a certain chance that Beast Pet ability will be improved. In addition, eating corresponding recipes can effectively reduce the daily food intake of beast, and achieve the effect of slow taming.]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback by the sudden messages from the system. It turned out that a five-star evaluation was required to evolve the beasts. No wonder only 12% of the beasts in school changed. Even if she taught other people, it would be impossible for them to result an evolutionary effect on the beasts in a short term, but taming would be fine. She immediately shared this information with the Marshal and the Major as a hypothesis.

"Only taming confidence? That's okay." Marshal Li Er's eyes were shining. He felt that he had dug a big treasure this year. But he immediately turned his head to his student with a look of innocence.

Marshal Li Er coughed. "Then let the robots and retired soldiers try. Clerk Liu, during this time you focus on recuperating first, as long as you still run the cafeteria."

"Of course, if you can allocate time to participate in Lieutenant Colonel Chen’s research in the Scientific Research Bureau, it will also be very welcome. He said that once there is a breakthrough, 40% of the project's contribution value will be allocated to you personally."

Qin Mo's face turned dark, but Liu Weiwei was very interested.

"Then I will give you the contact information of Lieutenant Colonel Chen. If you have the energy, you can contact him yourself. Don't force yourself. Otherwise, someone will likely destroy his own teacher."

Liu Weiwei smiled embarrassedly, "Okay, Marshal."

When Liu Weiwei went back with Qin Mo, she hugged and kissed her scented little furry rabbit as soon as she got home. Suddenly a row of texts from the system appeared. It was floating in the air.

[Level 7 lop-eared rabbit: SR-class diners.]

[Suitable recipes for SR diners: all.]

[Current favorability: 100.]

[Before the next level upgrade, it still needs to eat 13,738 five-star dishes.]

Liu Weiwei held Xiao Bai's paw, shook her abruptly, and lowered her head in disbelief. The SR-class diner were not Lieutenant Lu, but her family’s Xiao Bai?!

Also 7… Level 7…

Liu Weiwei accidentally slammed into the strong chest of the Major behind her, and he hugged her shoulders. "Why? Where is it uncomfortable?" Qin Mo felt that her expression was not quite right, and immediately threw the bunny in her arms onto the sofa. He reached out to touch her forehead. "Tired? Are you dizzy?"

After being called for a long time, Liu Weiwei tremblingly grabbed the Major's powerful arm. The hard muscle finally made her feel a little settled, as if someone who was about to drown caught a driftwood. "Level 7 beasts…" She swallowed hard, "To what extent?" Her Xiao Bai was still very young.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows, and took a closer look at Liu Weiwei’s somewhat pale face. He held her little hand, and the cold temperature made his brows wrinkle even more. He immediately took her whole body into his arms and patted her back lightly. "Scared? What do you ask this for?" He helped her to calm down for a long time, and finally waited for her heartbeat rhythm to be normal. He coldly forced the rabbit on the sofa away. He then took a soft and big bear doll for the baby girl from his space and gave it to her.

"Don't be afraid, the research bureau does not have a Level 7 beast. A beast of this level never gives in and is unwilling become a living research subject." Qin Mo was halfway through his words, but then coldly glanced at the little rabbit who jumped on the cushion below and began to lick its paws. He touched Liu Weiwei's head.

"Generally, only beast wave or wild beast bases have Level 7 beasts. You don’t have to worry if you go to the Scientific Research Bureau. There are chips implanted in the body of the beasts there for emergency measures in times of crisis."

Liu Weiwei was stunned, and she didn't even notice the big doll she was holding. But half an hour later, when she looked at the large robot that the Major happily bought back from the Internet, also a super big rabbit doll with a height of more than two meters, a whole body of snow-white fur, and two slightly drooping pale golden rabbit ears, she suddenly recovered!

Xiao Bai, who had shrunk into a ball under Liu Weiwei’s feet, was also shocked at the moment. It raised its head to look at the rabbit doll that looked almost the same as it, but with a magnification of more than ten times. It opened its three petals hare lips in astonishment.

Liu Weiwei finally knew that this Level 7 lop-eared rabbit was not a system error, she remembered everything. This was the rabbit king who sat on her forehead at the time – the one whose front teeth could bite her neck instantly!

"Squeak!" The mini version of Rabbit King finally reacted and kicked the pirated rabbit doll angrily.

But Qin Mo, who was sitting on the sofa, pinched Xiao Bai’s ears as soon as he lowered his eyes and stretched out his hands. Regardless of its resistance, he turned his head and patted his child's mother's somewhat stiff back. "Don't be afraid, this is the latest robot. I will not always be here in the future, so at that time it can take care of you and protect you. For the shape, I chose the rabbit shape you like. The fur is also very soft and there are no bacterial parasites. Moreover, it does not need to be fed, and you also do not need to massage it. Do you like it?"

Liu Weiwei: …

Level 7 Rabbit King: …


The author has something to say: 

Major: From then on, there are two rabbits in the house, one each for the daughter and the mother. One is non-toxic and harmless, while the other is poisonous.

Rabbit King: Look at my whirlwind kick, let’s fight!!!

Girl: Xiao Bai, come here! The mutton soup pot, did you instruct the red pandas to steal it? Okay, a Level 7 but still gather crowds to make trouble. Your snacks for this week are gone! You also broke the robot, so this year's snacks are gone!

Rabbit King: … squeak~ (pretending to look innocent and cute + sincerely regretting.jpg)


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