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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 64

ICRAB – Chapter 64

Zhu Ya got a big order of more than two billion yuan, and when the two parties signed it, he decided to invite the client, Mr. Fang Liu, to a five-star hotel for a big meal. Most of the relationships between men had their last breakthrough on the wine table. Zhu Ya was a foodie himself, he immediately decided to use up his one-month business entertainment quota, and invited Boss Liu to go to the best restaurant on their planet – the five-star Ai Luo restaurant.

"Chief Zhu, you are too polite. I heard that this restaurant has to be booked one month in advance to reserve a seat." Boss Liu was also a knowledgeable person.

Zhu Ya laughed, "It just happens that my friend has something to do, and the seat is vacated. Mr. Liu, please order what you want to eat today, you are welcome."

This Ai Luo restaurant was also somewhat famous, and the pictures of super chefs were hung on the walls.

"Ah, I know this Mapo tofu. It is delicious." Zhu Ya subconsciously recalled the ecstasy and drooled.

Boss Liu was also knowledgeable, "Sichuan cuisine is indeed a classic, Let’s order! How about beet soup? Let's also have stir-fried seasonal vegetables."

"Okay, that's it, waiter!" Zhu Ya was very bold. Two vegetarian dishes and one soup, the total price was only 150,000 credits. Zhu Ya especially missed the stall on Skynet at this time. The prices were almost nothing. Although it was a virtual food, and it had no benefit for the body, the taste was still very delicious.

There were not many guests in the five-star restaurant, so the serving speed was not slow. They talked for some time, and the food was ready. Zhu Ya immediately served Boss Liu a bowl of soup, and then also scooped a small bowl of Mapo Tofu for him.

Boss Liu ate it with a smile. "This is it. I came here twice just for eating in this Ai Luo restaurant. It tastes really good." He immediately gave thumbs up, "This mapo tofu is indeed not inferior to other restaurant specializing in Sichuan cuisine. It is authentic, first class!"

When Zhu Ya heard Boss Liu say this, he felt that the money spent was worth it, and immediately scooped himself a bowl. He was also very experienced and directly spread the tofu on white rice. One spoonful, one bite, chew and swallow!

Boss Liu: "Oh, Mr. Zhu, this tofu is really fragrant!"

After Boss Liu finished speaking, Zhu Ya still wanted to laugh in agreement, but he swallowed a bite of rice mixed with tofu, and couldn't laugh anymore… This tofu was not exciting enough at all!

Zhu Ya was taken aback. The hot mouth feels was only eight points, it should be the ultimate taste of hot and spicy, but it was only eight points. When he bought it at the stall on Skynet, he sweated every time even after he mixed it with rice. And this five-star restaurant Mapo tofu costs more than 50,000 of the stall’s one. If compared, the five-star one looked like a simple low-profile version.

Zhu Ya had to frown, and the more he chewed, the more upset he felt. How much was this dish in Skynet? That was much more delicious than this fifty thousand one! Not in the same class at all. Even if this five-star restaurant was not a Sichuan restaurant, it had to be at least 85 points, right?

Zhu Ya chewed the minced meat in the dish carefully, and felt a bit stuffy… His heart was pricked, fifty thousand yuan!

Zhu Ya's face was not very good, and Boss Liu next to him could also see it. 

"What's the matter, was it too spicy?" Boss Liu was very particular about using public chopsticks. He used the chopstick and picked some stir-fried vegetables for Zhu Ya.

Zhu Ya shook his head, "I can eat spicy food." With that said, he still ate the greens that Boss Liu gave him. Suddenly, his face became even more rigid. 

How to do?

After eating dried tofu soup, eating this kind of green vegetable that had no savory taste or fragrance at all, Zhu Ya felt heartbroken when he thought about the price behind it. As a foodie, he was quite willing to spend the money. He hadn’t come to a restaurant for a long time recently. This time he made 200 million credits and came to have a meal to improve his quality of life, but the result… Why didn't he find this restaurant unpalatable before? The price was so expensive but it was so unpalatable, it's a scam!

Zhu Ya suddenly missed the food made by the stall owner. He wanted to eat her crayfish, curry rice, dried tofu soup, wanted to eat everything on the menu… and also want to eat the beet soup that she made… what the taste would be.


Zhu Ya sucked the saliva secreted on his mouth and couldn't help sighing.

Boss Liu was taken aback, "What's wrong, isn’t this good food?"

"No problem, eat first, and I'll talk to you later."

The worst meal friend was when you were enjoying food and it was obvious that it was delicious, but the other party said it was garbage. Zhu Ya endured his feeling and decided to talk about it after dinner.

In the end, most of the food went into Boss Liu's stomach. Zhu Ya had a poor appetite. There would be no harm if there was no comparison. But after the comparison, he couldn't wait to patronize the stall again.

When he finally finished paying the bill, Zhu Ya grinned out of the restaurant, and then said to the satisfied Boss Liu, "I know a better restaurant. The taste of this restaurant is really not as good as that."

"Huh?" Boss Liu was startled, his eyes changed a little when he saw Zhu Ya, "More delicious? Is it an old brand? Mr. Zhu, you have eaten a lot of delicious food, you are a gourmet." Originally, he thought that Zhu Ya was middle to high-level worker. He shouldn’t have that much money like a boss and shouldn’t be able to go to restaurants too many times. But with this sentence, Boss Liu immediately recognized Zhu Ya as a rich second generation.

Zhu Ya waved his hand, "It's just a small stall on Skynet."


On the Internet, although Liu Weiwei's booth was already a small Internet celebrity, but the people who liked to browse forums were mainly young people who pay attention to new things. Boss Liu obviously had never heard of it.

"She also makes Mapo tofu, which is much better than this. Hey, Boss Liu, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it tastes several times better. But taste is exactly like this, when it's 80 point delicious, you think it's delicious. But if it is added twenty points and has full marks, with that kind of taste you won’t even be able to speak! Your whole person wants to put all of your perception on your tongue!" As Zhu Ya spoke, his entire face flushed with excitement. "That's not just a gap of twenty points, it's a gap between enjoyment and fullness!"

Boss Liu was skeptical, but Zhu Ya just received the new news. "Oh oh oh! She's opening a shop online! Boss Liu, I'm going to have another meal online. Are you interested to go together?"

Boss Liu looked at the time, and was not in a rush, "Okay, I'll accompany you to eat, I'll take this meal!"

As they said this, they hurriedly boarded the aircraft. 


Meanwhile there were two people who were about to enter the restaurant from the side of the road.

"What's the matter, Qi Fei? Let’s go in."

"… Okay." The lagging green-haired boy turned his head three steps at a time, and the resentment and unbelievableness in his eyes turned into substance. But in the end he walked into the restaurant.

Boss Liu followed Zhu Ya almost all the way to the door of the shop.

"Is it so urgent?"

"She is only open for one hour a day. She changed the location today, and my login point is set incorrectly…" Zhu Ya also wiped away his sweat. Fortunately, they were not late.

Standing at the entrance of a new store with the sign saying Happy Restaurant, Zhu Ya almost cried. He watched the stall owner’s growth with his own eyes. From the small stall in the corner of unpopular alley, even without a table, it grew up to a regular restaurant with a virtual shop on Skynet. Witnessing the boss's step-by-step growth, waiting for the boss to develop new recipes one after another, it was touching! "Boss Liu, let's go in and get a seat!"

Zhu Ya dragged Boss Liu and walked to the store quickly. There were not many people at this time, and they happened to grab a table for two people closest to the kitchen glass.

"Huh? You can also see the back kitchen!?" Boss Liu was originally inattentive, thinking that Zhu Ya was too exaggerating, but now he couldn't help being interested.

Zhu Ya was so excited when he called a robot and said, "Order."

"Boss Liu, I'm not being polite to you anymore. All the dishes are mandatory, so let's order them all?"


"Great! I'll have one serving of everything. In addition, pack another two full sets of dishes for me, and check out separately." Zhu Ya was familiar with ordering, and turned his head to greet Boss Liu who was still studying the kitchen behind the glass, "Buying more for take away here is a must."

Boss Liu smiled, but he didn't speak. He hadn't tasted the food yet, and he was still skeptical. If it tasted really good, it's not too late to pack more after eating.

The saying that the richer the person the more stingy was true.

At this time, Liu Weiwei was already wearing the junior chef uniform that the system gave her to open the shop, wearing a mask and a hat, she walked into the glass window from the outside.

"Junior chef?" Boss Liu smiled. The five-star restaurant just now had a special chef.

Zhu Ya saw Boss Liu’s scorn, but he didn't care. His eyes were firmly glued to the glass in front of him.

As soon as Liu Weiwei received the message that a customer had ordered the squirrel mandarin fish, she was ready to cook this dish. She asked An Hao to stay aside to watch the whole process and explain to him a little bit. "The squirrel mandarin fish is a famous dish in the south of Yangtze River."

"Look, smell, sound, and comprehension of all five elements can be regarded as a must."

An Hao nodded immediately, taking notes desperately.

Liu Weiwei grabbed a lively mandarin fish, slapped it neatly and knocked it out with the back of the knife, removing scales and fins, washing and draining the internal organs, and showing them to An Hao step by step. "From now on, you will do all this. After you are proficient, hand it over to the robots."

An Hao was stunned, not to mention the diners outside the glass window. Liu Weiwei’s hand was extremely bloody, but because she did it so quickly, it seemed a bit pleasing to the eye.

Liu Weiwei picked up the knife and dropped it, cutting off the entire fish head with a single move, pressing the fish body, and quickly moved the knife along the spine of the fish to the tail.

An Hao was close enough to see most clearly. Liu Weiwei’s knife was completely attached to the fish bone, turned the fish body upside down, and then cut it the other way. She easily removed a complete fish bone, while the fish tail was still attached to the meat! These hand movements were another shock different from shredding!

An Hao swallowed.

"Cut horizontally first, and then cut vertically."

Many instructions floated into An Hao's ears again, his eyes widened instantly, and he immediately turned on his light brain video recording function and stared at Liu Weiwei’s hand firmly. This time there was no fierce chopping noise, but after each knife rolled off the fish, it didn't seem to be cut into any strips, but in the end, cross flowers bloomed in her hands. Diamond knife pattern! Each cut was xtremely standard, as if imprinted from a mold...

"Jiangsu cuisine pays attention to the fineness of knife skills, and the taste is light but delicate, so the most important thing for you now is to practice basic skills." Liu Weiwei said, rubbing some cooking wine and salt on the fish, then rolling the fish in the starch and lifted the fish by the tail gently to remove the remaining powder.

An Hao hurriedly responded, but his eyes couldn't move away from Liu Weiwei’s movements.

After rolling the fish on starch, Liu Weiwei pinched the tail of the fish and picked it up, and the diamond-shaped petals all bloomed, but the flesh of the fish was not scattered at all, and it could still be seen that it was a complete fish. Then she carried the fish on the oil pan, picked up a spoonful of hot oil, and poured it on the fish body with slowly. With this, the pattern became more crystal clear and even more prosperous. "This is to maintain the shape." She put all the fish into the pot carefully, "When the shape is set, let it swim in the oil… Also, put the seasoned fish heads in too."

After a while, the head and body of the fish were all fried until golden. After they were put on the plate, An Hao eyes went wide.

When it was put together, it was like a complete fish again, and it really looked like a squirrel…

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