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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 80

ICRAB – Chapter 80

Before Lu Qingheng finished speaking, a loud noise suddenly exploded.

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, and immediately looked towards the kitchen when there was another explosion. She ignored the video call with Lieutenant Lu, the butler robot rushed into the kitchen and she followed carefully. As soon as she entered the kitchen, she saw a big hole in the window. Apart from a lot of broken glasses, there was also a very familiar empty bucket on the floor.

"Is everything alright, sister-in-law?" Lieutenant Lu jumped anxiously, "I will let the boss go home immediately!"

Liu Weiwei was indeed frightened, and she immediately escaped from the kitchen. That big bucket was clearly the size used in the cafeteria, so it had to be the bucket of mutton soup she lost at noon! 

Standing at the door of the kitchen, Liu Weiwei could smell a faint scent of mutton soup. She was not forgetful, there was really thief! And now after the thief went to the cafeteria, he came to rob her house.

Liu Weiwei could do everything else, but she was timid and scumbag in terms of physical abilities. She was frightened by the villain and even only imagining it made her calf tremble.

Fortunately, Lu Qingheng came out of breath and soon followed by Qin Mo. There was also Mu Ming, the beautiful man who had been anxious in the morning. When they came in, Liu Weiwei was lying on the sofa, not daring to go anywhere. Qin Mo immediately checked whether she was injured, while Lu Qingheng and Mu Ming quickly went to the kitchen and brought the suspicious glass-smashed bucket to the living room.

"It's okay. You can see what's in the bucket." Qin Mo's voice was calm, so Liu Weiwei quickly relaxed. She stretched her head and looked inside, almost laughing out loud. 

It was originally stolen, but the bucket that was stolen reappeared, and at this moment, there was a furry rabbit with all four limbs spread inside. The furry rabbit first looked up at them, and then quickly buried its head back and licked the bucket wall with its small lips.

Mu Ming grabbed the small but fat little rabbit with one hand.

Maybe the rabbit was also holding grudges. It obviously remembered the blond guy in front of it. He was talking about eating rabbit sashimi the night before. Its neck was grabbed by his hand, but it raised its furry leg and with a snap, it kicked him in the face.

The prosperous beauty Mu Ming couldn't stand still, and directly fell into the sofa. Liu Weiwei was sitting on it and was about to be hit, so Mu Ming was shot away directly by the ruthless Qin Mo.

Mu Ming grabbed the furry rabbit and rolled on the ground twice before stopping.

"Xiao Bai!!" Liu Weiwei was so distressed.

Mu Ming: … The one that is wounded is obviously this prosperous beauty, okay?

He stood up, his first reaction was to touch his smooth face, and when he plucked out some rabbit fur he almost screamed. His handsome face was swollen by the paw kick from that smelly rabbit. He didn't want to study what kind of rabbit it was, he just wanted to pluck out all its fur and cook it!

But Qin Mo looked at his anxious child’s mother and raised his eyebrows, "I have a clue on your beast pet."

"Ah, where's my cutie?" Mu Ming instantly threw the rabbit to Lu Qingheng, "I'm going to pick it up! There are ugly guys here, so cutie must be scared and can't find its way home. It also can't see its beautiful owner…"

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched, and she glanced at the little rabbit that was soaked with mutton soup. Her brain was finally sober, and she immediately asked the robot to take Xiao Bai to the bath. Xiao Bai liked to eat the dishes she cooked the most. No matter whether it was sweet, salty, spicy, sour, vegetables, fruits, meat, or noodles, it could eat a lot. As long as its rabbit’s head got into the bowl, all would be gone. "The thief must have thrown the bucket into the kitchen, and Xiao Bai jumped in when it smelled it."

Qin Mo touched Liu Weiwei’s head, clicked on the video on his light brain, and played the projection, "The thief in the cafeteria has been found. I have retrieved the surveillance record of the camera at the back door of the kitchen." When he finished speaking, he glanced at the two men standing on the ground.

Soon, the video began to play.

At the beginning, Liu Weiwei was too scared to be surprised, and then she opened her mouth wide in the end. She saw a small animal she was familiar with, after four patrolling soldiers passed by, a small animal with a furry tail that looked like a big broom suddenly appeared. It suddenly jumped to the middle of the hallway. It was also very humane. It looked around and when it found that there was no one around, it quickly raised its small paws that seemed to be wearing white gloves, and moved behind.


Liu Weiwei was shocked. Seeing the little animal turning its head and facing the screen, she was instantly attacked by its adorableness. Wasn't this a red panda with a golden body? Except for the fur pattern and the color that was slightly different, the other appearance looked exactly the same as what she previously saw in the zoo. Round face and mouth, some white markings on the cheeks, stubby furry limbs, fluffy tail with dark red and gold rings at the end…

Liu Weiwei blinked. She felt it was familiar but couldn’t remember where she had seen it before.

"Little cutie!" Mu Ming, whose face was covered with black and green, directly howled at the screen, "Little cutie, what are you doing? Wait, were you also snatched by the thief in the cafeteria? Huh?!"

Liu Weiwei was taken aback. It turned out that the little red beast that peed at her house last night was such a rare species cute little panda and not a fox?! But everyone called it Little Fox! She didn't see the front of it, otherwise she would definitely hold it in her arms last night and touch it as well.

But before Liu Weiwei's imagination was over, a huge figure appeared on the screen soon. A gray and tall beast with two long-haired hooves that looked thick and powerful, also a long tail that looked very aggressive.

"F*ck, my big gray!" Lu Qingheng howled this time. He was heartbroken and wanted to chase his pet directly to the cafeteria when an unbelievable picture appeared in the video.

The agile gray kangaroo quickly followed the furry but incomparably clever red panda, and directly stretched its front hoofs and pushed open the window of the cafeteria's back kitchen. The little red panda dexterously turned over and rolled directly into the window, but its fat ass almost got stuck on the window sill, so finally the gray kangaroo pressed it in with its hoof. Soon, the gray kangaroo lied on the window sill with his two front hooves, and stuffed its handsome kangaroo head into the window.

The things happening inside of the kitchen was not visible in the video, but shortly after, the red panda's golden round head with white stripes came out of the window again. Its two stubby claws quickly gestured in the air. After that, the gray kangaroo turned his body and stuck its thick long tail into the window.

The little red panda stepped on the gray kangaroo's head and made two rapid calls, as if cheering it up. Finally, the gray kangaroo's tail successfully wrapped around a large bucket that was about one meter deep. The kangaroo pulled back its tail and the bucket slid out of the kitchen window.

The little red panda immediately jumped to the ground. Like a well-trained man, it turned over and lied on its back. Its stubby claws caught the bucket that was almost overturned. Its round face happened to be facing the camera, and at this moment it seemed to be grinning triumphantly. After waiting for a second, it stuffed that cute face into the bucket while Liu Weiwei screamed.

The gray kangaroo next to it also stretched out its two front hooves and directly lifted the bucket with a red panda attached to it. The kangaroo pushed both into the bush and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The people in the living room were dumbfounded, except for Qin Mo who took out the video. He was able to stay sensible and calm. "The thieves in the cafeteria are them." He relentlessly announced the final conclusion.

"No, no, it's impossible for my little cutie to do such an unbeautiful thing! It must be threatened, yes, the kangaroo must have threatened it. That big kangaroo must have bullied my beautiful cutie with its big fist."Mu Ming's entire beautiful face was about to collapse. His little cutie couldn't do such a shameful thing.

But as soon as Mu Ming finished speaking, Lu Qingheng next to him jumped up, "Major Mu, my big gray is very stupid, how could it instigate your beast?! No wonder it ran away, your beast went to the Scientific Research Bureau for inspection a few days ago and it must have said something to my Da Hui, which has damaged it! Really, from ancient times to the present, beautiful women have always been full of bad water." (TN: Da Hui literally means Big Gray.)

There were two unacceptable things in life for Mu Ming, who was a self proclaimed prosperous beauty. One was when beautiful things being destroyed. The other thing was when his little cutie was bullied. "Little Lu, you are so courageous now? Do you dare to commit crimes and scold my little cutie? Your big gray kangaroo only has fists, stiff tail, and thick body. There is no cuteness at all. You dare to say our little cutie hooked up your ugly and explosive kangaroo?" Mu Ming instantly took off his gloves and threw them on the ground, "Duel, use your blood to apologize to our little cutie!"

Liu Weiwei looked dumbfounded, and stretched out her hand to pull the expressionless Major Qin next to her.

Qin Mo didn't want to care at all, "Let them fight. That way I don't need to do it."

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched, "Isn’t this bad?" She lowered her head and touched her belly, "Where is the good prenatal education, Major? Let the baby see such a violent scene, is it?"

One sentence stopped the infamously cruel Major Qin Mo. It wasn't until the two people were separated by him, all panting, and looking at each other like a mortal enemy that Liu Weiwei took out the iced sour plum soup from her space. "Drink a little to lower the fire."

Three men had a drink each.

Liu Weiwei herself couldn't be too greedy with cold things now, so she just made them to relieve her gluttony.

Qin Mo watched Liu Weiwei pouting and swallowing. He also took a sip. The sour and sweet taste of the iced sour plum soup instantly burst out on the tip of his tongue with a very refreshing coolness. The refreshing taste flowed down his throat into the body, and every internal organ seems to be refreshed by this iced drink.

Even the two men staring at each other fiercely, after finishing half a cup, their last hint of impetuosity disappeared instantly. From head to toe, their bodies were icy and cool, so cool that even their toes felt comfortable.

When the robot came out holding a fluffy white rabbit that had become beautiful again after a bath, it kicked out again. It kicked Mu Ming's beautiful face with a snap, and then its rabbit head was inserted into the very narrow opening of the cup. Its three-petal hare lips magically sucked up half of the iced sour plum soup inside.

Level 7 Rabbit King: Isn’t this our Level 5 brother, the little red panda’s shit shoveler? The belongings of a servant's servant are the king's!

Mu Ming: … Sh*t !!!

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