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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 72

 ICRAB – Chapter 72

Zhu Ya and Boss Liu were almost finished eating. Two little girls lined up outside with numbers, and finally entered the shop. In order to be able to wait a while, they were arranged by the robot to join Zhu Ya at his table. It turned out that when it was a small stall, most of the diners came and join another diners’s table, so everyone was also very used to it now. But it was because of what the two little girls said that it didn't take long for Zhu Ya to frown.

"Momo, do you think it's really delicious here?"

"I heard from my cousin that the boss may be his classmate, and the other party is obviously a poor woman who can't do anything."

"Huh? There are videos of the boss cutting dried tofu on the Internet. It's amazing."

"My cousin also watched it and said that his classmate was obviously very thin, and her hands looked different from the one on the video."

"So, what's the meaning?"

"It’s either my cousin’s classmates lied, or the boss lied. In short, it may be fish in troubled waters!"

"No way?"

"This is only virtual food on Skynet. It is possible that she can't cook offline. Let's talk about it after we eat."

Zhu Ya was very upset when he heard this conversation. Most of the plates on their table were already empty. What these two little girls mean, didn't it mean that people like him who came to eat frequently were just silly forks who indulge in virtual experience? They were fooled by someone who didn't know how to cook offline?

Zhu Ya already felt that Boss Liu's gaze next to him was also a little drifting. He felt extremely indignant. 

"Little girl, don't talk nonsense about some things. If you want to comment, wait until you have eaten." Zhu Ya couldn't help but speak up. He was not a young man who was inspiring, but the dishes here were his daily motivator. Starting from Mapo Tofu to the current squirrel mandarin fish, he had always been a die-hard fan. Moreover, he really hated people who gossips when others eat.

Zhang Xiaomo's expression changed when she heard Zhu Ya speak. She didn't want to waste time queuing, but it didn't mean she wanted to be criticized by the person at the same table. "Uncle, we're talking, why are you nosy?" Zhang Xiaomo felt that Skynet had poor quality person everywhere, "This third level of the Eastern District, anyone really can come!" She looked up and down Zhu Ya's whole body displeasedly.

Zhu Ya looked like a serious office worker in his suit and shirt normally. But at this moment, he had just eaten a table of delicious food, so his head was sweaty, his mouth was greasy, his hands were not any better, and the crayfish soup on them was not cleaned yet. Looking at the man next to him, it was a middle-aged man with a big belly, sweating profusely, not elegant at all.

"Young girl, don't be rude, be careful of what you say." Zhu Ya was also not good-tempered.

Zhang Xiaomo raised her eyebrows immediately. She had never been scolded by her family, let alone a stranger! "Uncle, be careful that I sue you for harassing me online! Lili, let's go! Don't eat anymore. This kind of broken shop, you know the level by its customers. They are all low-class people who have never eaten real food! Cousin is also too much, why did he tell me to eat here!"

Zhu Ya stared, and even Boss Liu next to him was embarrassed.

Zhang Xiaomo stood up with a cold hum, only to see the back kitchen separated by the glass. When she looked inside, she almost laughed. "What is this? Only one handsome knifeman who has no friends? Ha!"

Behind the glass was no one else but the novice An Hao was fighting with a knife in his hand. Liu Weiwei was not online, so he was in charge of taking after the shop. Serving dishes and cleaning tables were all left to the robots. He practiced cutting vegetables in the back kitchen when he was idle, gritting his teeth and cutting potatoes one by one.

Because of Liu Weiwei's words, he cut very slowly now. He often cut halfway and paused to think, and then continued to cut. Sometimes it didn't go well, and the potato was sliced unevenly, the top was wide and the bottom was narrow, but it was rare. The tortoise-speed cutting and the semi-finished products that couldn't be put on the table, made the knowledgeable Zhang Xiaomo look down on him.

"Lili, I'll tell you that this shop is a lie."

"Look at this… He doesnt even cut as well as I… " Zhang Xiaomo snorted coldly, "Go!" The girl who was dragged away by her swallowed her saliva seeing the food on the next table, she was very disappointed.

"The kid now, ckck." Zhu Ya frowned and shook his head.

Boss Liu's expression was also not good, after all, the little girl just now looked at him contemptuously. "Forget it, Old Zhu." He couldn't fight with a little girl on Skynet at his age.

"The boss is not here today, otherwise she would let them eat the bullshit they just said!" Zhu Ya was extremely upset, he glanced at the glass, "That kid also…" As he spoke, he reached out and tapped on the glass.

An Hao had stayed for two days, and got a little familiar with the guests outside. As soon as he looked up and saw Zhu Ya, he recognized this big guy who had ordered all the dishes in the menu every time recently. "Guest, what do you need?" He put down the knife and opened the small window on the glass.

"Don't cut anymore. Your boss has been scolded, and you are still cutting. If you don't chase it out, there will be bad reviews on the Internet today!"

"Huh?" An Hao was so scared that he threw the knife away. He immediately wiped his hands on his clothes and ran out of the back kitchen.

Zhang Xiaomo walked to the door, but was stopped by the robot.

"Try the new dishes."

Zhang Xiaomo didn't look back, but her friend Chen Like couldn't hold back, and took a small plate and small fork from the robot. "Lili, if you are hungry, I'll take you to the five-star restaurant in the West End, don't eat in this kind of civilian street!"

Chen Like gave a hum, but she looked down at the plate, and subconsciously picked up the fork. "What kind of dish is this?" She asked the robot curiously. She picked out a few transparent but brownish-yellow noodles from the plate, and wrapped them around the front of the fork with a few twirls. Among the glittering noodles, there were also a few small pieces of meat, and a few bright red pepper flakes. She could smell tangy fragrance clearly when she got close. It's the same lingering scent she smelled when she just walked in, making her felt a little hungry.

"Ants climbing a tree, Miss." The robot quickly replied, "One portion for 300 credits."

Zhang Xiaomo immediately slapped off the plate in her girlfriend's hands with disgust, "Lili, stop eating. What a disgusting name!" 

But who expected Chen Like’s eyes to light up immediately after she put the fork in her mouth. The plate with the remaining noodles fell, she squatted down and picked it up distressedly. "Fortunately, it didn't all fall to the ground." She breathed a sigh of relief. She swallowed the remaining noodles in the small plate within a few bites. She almost choked and needed to pat her chest a few times.

Zhang Xiaomo looked so furious, "Lili, you also eat what fell on the ground?!"

However, Chen Like only felt that her mouth was full and her stomach gurgled. It was chewy and elastic, soft and smooth, the meat was spicy and fragrant, and it was lingering in her mouth. "Xiao Mo, um, do you want to go back first?" Chen Like grabbed the plate in her hand and was reluctant to return it to the robot.

"What are you doing? Don't tell me, are you going inside to eat with the person who has scolded me?"

"Don't be angry, I just want to go in and eat another bowl of Ants climbing a tree," Chen Like lowered her head, "It really tastes good, Xiao Mo…"

Zhang Xiaomo couldn't help but feel tight in her chest when she heard the words, "Okay! Then I will go to five-star restaurant by myself, and you can stay be in this small broken shop!"

Chen Like could only bite her lip and couldn't help but feel depressed as she watched her friend leave. But soon she clenched a fist to cheer herself up. She swallowed her drool and received another queue number from the robot. 

When she finally walked into the lobby again, Chen Like could hear the hearty laugh of the middle-aged man who had just disputed with her girlfriend.

"Hahaha, I won a 50% discount, so lucky." Zhu Ya didn't expect that he would be able to draw a big prize after being unhappy.

Boss Liu beside him also smiled openly, "I also got a 30% discount and also got a 500 credits voucher."

"Haha, I also have a 100 credits voucher." They didn't lack this money, but they focused on participating. They were still happy when they thought about eating more Mapo tofu.

Chen Like could only listen in silence, trying to reduce her sense of existence. Just now, when her girlfriend was arguing with others, she was indeed a bit too domineering. Zhang Xiaomo had such a violent temper on Skynet. In reality, she was a sought-after eldest lady who couldn't stand others’ criticism the most.

Chen Like knew that they were in the wrong, and now that Xiao Mo was gone, it was a bit embarrassing that she was the only one to come back. Fortunately, the two middle-aged uncles were full of food and drink, and were obsessed with the lottery draw, so they did not pay attention to her at all.

Chen Like breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately ordered one Ants climbing a tree. She often went on Skynet. Even on this virtual network, she didn’t eat and drink willy-nilly. She only ate the amount that matches her own appetite every time. This way, she wouldn’t indulge when returning to reality which could cause overeating. But this self-made principle only succeeded for five minutes after serving.

When a plate of steaming, soft and curly noodles that was spread full and even piled up was brought to the table, Chen Like picked it up with chopsticks and saw that it seemed that the origin of the dish name was from the minced meat on the noodles looking like tiny ants hanging on a tree branch. She couldn't help opening her mouth and inhaling the fine noodles that became especially translucent and attractive under the sun frantically.

In this second, Chen Like instantly became that poor person who ate rudely and had no knowledge in Zhang Xiaomo's mouth. Obviously she had been to a five-star restaurant, and she had eaten hot and delicious dishes, but now she seemed to be dragged by a kind of magic on the plate. She held the chopsticks and a large pile of noodles was disappearing visible to the naked eye.

It was not until the plate was empty that Chen Like was frightened by her crude way of eating. She didn't need to look in the mirror to know that her mouth was as shiny as the uncle just now, and even her forehead was a little hot and sweaty. Because she was eating too fast, she couldn't help but belch an inelegant sound on the virtual network. She was about to wipe her mouth embarrassedly when she heard a clear but polite voice ringing in her ears.

"Miss, this is a new dessert in our restaurant. I will give you a free copy."

Chen Like looked up and saw a somewhat familiar figure. Looking behind the glass again, the little brother really disappeared. The little brother who Xiaomo laughed at just now, who had bad knife skills and could hardly slice a potato behind the glass, was clearly standing in front of her at this moment, with a sunny face and white teeth. He was a smiling boy with fluffy hairs. He put a cream-yellow transparent mini bottle with cute strawberry embellishments on her table.

"Beautiful lady, this dessert goes well with you. It tastes light, sweet and fresh. After eating rich and exciting dishes, you can enjoy the sweetness of life."

Chen Like blushed for a second.

"Miss, if you like it, please give us a good comment, and you are welcome to visit next time."

Chen Like lowered her head, humming like a mosquito, blushing incomparably in front of the boy. She wrote five-star praise, and wrote a text evaluation no less than ten words. Waiting until the boy left with a smile, she gently picked up a spoon and dug some of the creamy yellow semi-solidified object in the small milk bottle, mixed with some strawberry pieces, and gracefully put it in her mouth. Suddenly, her cheeks were flushed, her cheeks bulged like a hamster, her eyes were bright, and she scooped desperately. The soft taste, the sweet scent of bananas, and the deliciousness of fresh strawberries instantly conquered her.

An Hao finally breathed a sigh of relief as she watched the girl throw herself into food. As soon as he heard regular customers said that the two girls were going to give negative reviews, he immediately asked the robot to chase them out and give them a taste. Fortunately, one of the girls was fooled back into the store, and then another guest kneeling at the feet of his Master was added.

Chen Like finally walked out of the Happy Restaurant in a daze under An Hao's relieved gaze.

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