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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 94

ICRAB – Chapter 94

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"Uncle, are you kidding?" Zhang Xiaomo's expression was distorted halfway through her laughter.

Zhu Ya didn't answer, but instead looked at An Hao behind the glass.

Zhang Xiaomo gritted her teeth and looked over. She found that the other party's dishes had also been completed.

"Brother, remember to give this young lady a copy too." Zhu Ya touched his nose and loosened the tie on his neckline. "Let her know what it means – the consequences of being uncultured."

Zhang Xiaomo was so angry that she didn't want to talk at all.

But An Hao, who was behind the glass window, responded without taking off the mask at this moment, "Okay~" He put the dishes in the serving aisle, so that the robots in the shop could serve them to everyone's hands.

When Liu Weiwei received the notice from her first disciple to go online, she couldn't even find the place to stand on the dining hall, so she could only hide in the back kitchen.

"Master, please also give me some advice." An Hao personally handed Liu Weiwei the dinner plate with both hands, his face extremely nervous. He didn't care much about the outside review, but more concerned about his master’s opinion. He knew very well that most of the noisy and chaotic discussions outside come from ordinary diners. If he wanted to compare the degree of professionalism in tasting, everyone added up together might not be as good as his master.

Liu Weiwei nodded, like a dragonfly, she tasted every dish.

An Hao swallowed.

"There is still room for improvement," Liu Weiwei put down her chopsticks and drank some water. "The seasoning of the dishes still needs to be pondered."

An Hao squeezed his fist, "Yes."

Zhang Xiaomo laughed when she heard this, "You are self-aware, but if you still say that, you should accept defeat."

Liu Weiwei turned her head, wiped her hand with a tissue, and threw it into the trash can next to her, "Although it only has 60 points, sometimes it may be enough to win."

"You…! You haven't tasted my cooking yet!"

"Let’s listen to what the judges say first." Liu Weiwei pursed her lower lip.

Zhang Xiaomo turned her head in anger and immediately looked at the passers-by judges. In fact, just after the dishes came out of the pot, no, even before An Hao finished cooking, from the back kitchen began to spread a strong sourness that made her feel extremely hungry.

In Western food, the soup was served first. Soup or appetizer was often served as starter. Zhang Xiaomo originally thought that this small Chinese restaurant didn't understand at all, but she didn't expect that the soup made by the other party was more appetizing than hers. She thought, and saw that the judges had all put down their chopsticks. They had already written their evaluation results to her friend Chen Like. 

Zhang Xiaomo couldn't help being overjoyed. The judges ate up all her cooking. But before she could come up with a declaration of victory, she snorted in her heart when she saw the comforting eyes made by Chen Like while looking at her.

Chen Like was still drinking soup, but when it came to the evaluation, she could only put the spoon down with unsatisfactory thoughts, and looked at Zhang Xiaomo embarrassedly. "Of the ten Skynet reviewers who signed up, eight have already sent the results." As she said this, she paused, but she didn't deliberately whet everyone's anxiousness, so soon she continued. "Although all the votes have not yet been received,… but majority wins over the minority, so the winner is the apprentice chef… An Hao."

In order to make her girlfriend suffer less, Chen Like racked her brains and even concealed the number of votes. What she received was 8:0, and even as she was speaking, she received a vote from the last two judges. The evaluation results of these two people were also on the side of Happy Restaurant.

"Impossible!" Zhang Xiaomo almost tore the napkin in her hand. "It must be a mistake. No. 1 food is Western food, steak! It's the food you have demolished. You didn’t just stop after a bite, so it must be delicious…" She couldn't continue talking because the passerby judges who had put down the chopsticks and spoons all bowed their heads and ate wildly after announcing submitting their evaluations! Even when she doubted the results and pointed at them, no one looked up.

The chopsticks rubbed against the plate, and the sound of everyone drinking soup and chewing boldly echoed in the dining hall.

When Zhang Xiaomo was faltering, Zhu Ya pushed aside the crowd from the corner, walked to the front, and called a robot through the glass. "Give her a bite." He was picking his teeth with a toothpick in spite of his image. He had two loose buttons on his shirt and his tie was hanging around his neck sloppily. There was even a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.

"Show her what delicious food really is," Zhu Ya said, "Little girl, it's useless to just talk."

Zhang Xiaomo rushed forward with a snap, pressed the emergency window button in front of her. She snatched the dinner plate in the robot's hand in anger and shame. When she lowered her head, she saw a bowl of brown soup that was not beautiful. "This appearance obviously…" Lost to her!

Zhang Xiaomo picked up the spoon in disbelief and quickly delivered some broth into her mouth. Her eyes were turning red instantly, and tears almost burst out.

"Ah, be careful!" An Hao touched his nose, but was obviously too late.

Zhang Xiaomo's tongue was so burnt that she almost lost consciousness. She was about to put the spoon down, but it stopped in the air. Sourness, from the small cells on the tip of her tongue that were scalded, sourness leaped and slowly volatilized the sour taste from balsamic vinegar in her mouth. Spiciness also spread, as if stepping on the sour bubbles. The warmth sank to the bottom of her heart, until she slowly recovered…

She couldn't help but have another spoonful! Zhang Xiaomo had never been a person with perseverance, so she listened to her heart quickly. She blew a spoonful of soup, put it on her mouth, and drank it quickly. Her entire small face, which was originally skeptical, was instantly astonished. The soup actually used the same ingredient as her staple food, beef. It's just that in the soup, the beef was cut into small cubes, and was full of sour and spicy soup. In the smooth, spicy, and sour soup, the small mellow beef cube was accompanied by chewy and crisp mushroom. It was just like after receiving a gift from someone on her birthday, she was pleasantly surprised to found that there was an extra big red envelope inside the gift box!

The liquid soup stimulated the taste to the extreme, the hot and sour awakened the taste buds and appetite, while the auxiliary materials in the soup increased the taste. It made people drink the soup while also chewing continuously.

She lost… The spoon in Zhang Xiaomo's hand snapped into the empty bowl. She unknowingly… drank it all… The dark soup that was so ugly… 

"What kind of soup is this?" Zhang Xiaomo never said anything or even suspect that it contained poppy. After eating it in person, she knew that she was really attracted to the soup. The salty, sour, and hot blended with each other. This taste and that taste appeared alternately. It had seduced her so that she couldn't stop the spoon in her hand. There were no other additives at all!

"Hot Pepper Soup (胡辣汤/Hú là tāng)." An Hao scratched his head. He put on a chef's hat to stop himself in embarrassment, "I'm not good at learning, and I'm not as good as Master's authentic taste. My seasoning today was too much vinegar." He was a little embarrassed, and even had an expression of envy.

Zhang Xiaomo clenched her fists. His too much vinegar today had drowned her! The judges ate her food first today. Even if on Skynet eating would not lead to a feeling of fullness, but continuous eating would still gradually reduce people's appetite. In particular, her dishes today were actually a little more calculative, whether it's the soup or dessert, milk and sugar were used. After eating, it was inevitable that mouth would feel sticky and the taste buds would be invaded by the sweetness, which would make the diners feel that the meal should be stopped.

Desserts in the restaurant represent a full stop for the meal. Few people would want to order another steak after eating desserts. This was in line with the long-standing eating habits of everyone and the order in which the taste buds accept the various flavors of sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. Zhang Xiaomo speeded up the production speed and chose the simplest dessert to end the course, which was a strategy in itself. But she didn't expect that because the other party's had used too much vinegar, the strategy she set up was easily broken. But now he still pretended to look innocent, telling her that he was just not good at learning, so he had added too much vinegar?

It's so ironic!

Zhang Xiaomo quickly gritted her teeth and moved her gaze to the second dish, the staple food. But at a glance, she clenched her fists tightly. She couldn't believe that she had lost to such a casual guy. "Your staple food is the simplest fried rice?"

Zhang Xiaomo felt that he was greatly insulted. Fried rice was commonly sold in every Chinese restaurant. Even fried rice recipe was currently the only food that the Chef Association did not charge additional fees, because it was too basic. Even if she was learning Western food, as long as she had a certain understanding of seasonings, she could also make a bowl of egg fried rice!

It’s not about cooking at all. As long as people avoid making common sense mistakes, it’s hard to ruin fried rice.

"The starter soup is so strong," Zhang Xiaomo gritted her teeth. "But you only make light fried rice as thestaple food. How can this overwhelm the taste of the soup?" Course meal paid more attention to the gradual taste from light to deep, so that the taste of the appetizer would not overwhelmed the latter, which would cause tasting experience to be reduced.

However, this fried rice obviously didn’t comply with this rule.

"Could it be that you want to keep the taste of soup in the mouths of the diners? With one soup, you are trying to beat my three dishes?" Zhang Xiaomo felt that she had been molested. However, a thin hand suddenly reached out to her with a plate of fried rice.

"This is not fried rice." Liu Weiwei's voice was very soft, but every word hit Zhang Xiaomo's heart.

"Do you think I'm a commoner who doesn't understand anything? I've had five-star egg fried rice since I was five years old!" However, the plate had reached directly under her nose.

Liu Weiwei didn't say anything, and successfully cut off Zhang Xiaomo's voice.

"Lamb fragrance… and, there is also cumin? You actually put cumin in your fried rice!?" Zhang Xiaomo's voice changed. If it was said that in the field of heavy flavors, in addition to sweet and sour, there were also unforgettable flavors that were enough to be engraved on people’s tongue.  Cumin flavor in Chinese food could definitely rank number one.

Cumin, it was neither sour nor spicy, nor was it just salty. Even if the previous bowl of soup was hot, sour, and refreshing, while the taste was extremely strong, it still couldn't defeat even a little bit of cumin. Because cumin had a taste resonance that echoes before and after!

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