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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 78

ICRAB – Chapter 78

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On the next day, Mu Ming came to the door in person, crying. His sluggish handsome face had black circles under his eyes. His usual shiny blond hair was a little dull and crooked.

Liu Weiwei was about to go to the cafeteria with the Major, but Mu Ming asked for help.

Qin Mo was expressionless, "Not in my house."

"It's really not you who took little cutie away?" Mu Ming was so anxious that his mouth was a little uncontrollable. "It's really not you? Although little cutie peed on the floor of your house yesterday, it was not intentional. You can't punish the poor cute little fox for it."

Liu Weiwei was a little embarrassed, but after looking at her Major, whose expression was really subtle, she decided not to get involved with this matter and remained silent. She glanced at Xiao Bai, who was sleeping inside at the moment. It was well-behaved, and it slept curled like a little dumpling. She felt that her own Xiao Bai was the most worry-free.

Qin Mo was impatient to hear his partner say these nonsense assumptions, and was even more unwilling to respond. He didn't bother to look at Mu Ming. He took Liu Weiwei's little hand and walked out the door.

Along the way, the beautiful Mu Ming was cruelly accusing someone who dared to abduct his little fox. He was heartbroken. "If the culprit gets caught, I will skin him! It's inhumane, to do something like this to little cutie, it's so inhumane! If I didn't get his muscles to put it in a frying pan, I will write my name upside down."

Liu Weiwei listened and couldn't help but sweat, "Major Mu, isn't your spiritual power is at a high level and your ability to sense beasts is very powerful?" These were what she read on the Internet. At least half of the female fans discussed the powerful abilities of this prosperous beauty every day. They said he could leave a spiritual mark on the beasts, trace them to their lair, and destroy all together. She was curious and asked casually. Although she herself was a scumbag in spiritual strength, at least her family Xiao Bai had never been lost. Thinking about it this way, she was quite proud, at least she was much better than a genius in terms of pet keeping.

Sure enough, Mu Ming, who had a vicissitudes of expression on his face today, suddenly felt as if he had been stepped on his tail. His whole face was unsightly, and there was even a bit of tears on his eyes. "I felt it, but the little cutie sprayed urine in your house yesterday. The place that has its smell in the military camp the most is now your house." With that said, he looked at the man beside Liu Weiwei in a vague way. "Old Qin, it’s really not you?"

Qin Mo gave Mu Ming a cold look. He was very busy every day now. An expectant mother who needed to take care of the child had to be taken care of so in her daily life everything was to the highest level of happiness. He has tolerated the furry rabbit that liked to sleep for too long in his opinion, so why would he bring another little thing that urinate and defuse to the house again? He was not crazy yet!

Liu Weiwei, who was deeply sympathetic didn't know how to persuade Major Mu Ming who was downcast. If Xiao Bai was lost, she would definitely be anxious, even wished to ask for leave to find it. She could deeply appreciate the love of pet owners to their pets, but she couldn't help much. At most she could only put an effort to help search the area surrounding the cafeteria.

When Mu Ming heard this, he felt that he was really ill and went to the doctor, thinking that this somewhat old-fashioned suggestion was good. He immediately said that he would go back to write a poster immediately, and then find a few pictures of little cutie to post on the entrance of the cafeteria. Whoever finds it, he would reward them.

After Liu Weiwei said goodbye to both Majors, she went into the cafeteria’s cooking room. After finishing the breakfast preparation, she thought about lunch. In order to relieve the tension and anxiety of pet lovers, she planned to cook soup at noon. Naturally, a chef could only help each other in the way of a chef, and she could only cook a good dish to soothe the other's anxiety.

In the army, most people needed a lot of physical energy for daily training. Although there were air conditioners everywhere keeping stable temperature, she had seen the soldiers while they were eating in the cafeteria several times. Their clothes were covered with white marks. The white marks were marks left after the clothes were wet with sweat and then dried, showing how intense each of the soldiers had practiced. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the meal at noon every day was the most important. People needed to eat warm tonic.

Liu Weiwei thought about it, and picked out good quality mutton leg bones from the cafeteria storage room. She was going to make a mutton soup.

When people were frustrated and even shivering due to cold wind, it was very good to drink a bowl of mutton soup that had no smell but was filled with the unique aroma of mutton. Steaming white soup topped with a few corianders, green onions, and decorated with steaming mutton was a superb enjoyment.

The power of a bowl of soup shouldn’t be underestimated. Mutton bones were cracked open vigorously, put it in a large pot to simmer, and then sliced mutton was. If particular, some ginseng or even red dates and wolfberry could be added to the soup, which was nourishing and refreshing. For the most exquisite taste, simple cooking wine, salt, sugar, pepper and other homemade seasonings were added to make a holy product that was hot and white but relieved the cold and nourished the kidney.

According to her own taste, Liu Weiwei also liked to put some white radish to increase the nutrition of the soup with vegetable fiber and vitamins. It could also increase the sweetness of the soup and relieve some greasiness. This soup, not only good for men to drink as tonic, people claimed that for women it also had breast enhancement effect, but she didn’t know whether it was true or not.

Liu Weiwei started boiling the soup in the morning, and at noon or even evening, the taste of the soup would become stronger and stronger. The taste was authentic, not greasy, and it also brought the most authentic, original and healthiest taste of the mutton itself. Gradually simmered, the savory flavor of the mutton persisted for a long time, and the more it was boiled, the stronger it became. This kind of soup, simply served with white rice, or with a piece of dry bread, was a rare delicacy in the world, enough to warm an anxious heart and made it a little stable.

Liu Weiwei clapped her hands, closed the lids of several cauldrons, and went to the front of the cafeteria to check around. The soldiers at the meal were all in a lively scene of continuing their struggle with making rice balls, which looked quite interesting. She stopped to admire her masterpiece, closed the door of the cooking room, and asked Robot No. 1 not to extinguish the fire on the stove. After that, she went back to rest.

Of course, Liu Weiwei was not free when she went back. She prepared Xiao Bai’s food for the day, and went to Skynet to check the business situation of the restaurant. As soon as she went online, she was shocked by the long line at the door. Originally, there were also lines on her stall, but it used to be a one-hour stall. Now it was open three meals a day, but the line was still so long. 

Liu Weiwei suddenly felt that she was also a super chef. When she walked around the back kitchen door of the restaurant, she was fully armed. Strictly in accordance with the high-demand cleaning regulations, wearing chef clothes and gloves, and standing behind the glass window, she was directly surrounded by a group of old diners. Naturally, everyone couldn't get behind the glass, so all spoke from the other side cheerfully.

"Congratulations Boss, hope you are blessed with a hundred years of good marriage, what new dishes today?"

"Wish the Boss to give birth early, can you give us a discount?"

"The desserts are great, I wish the boss sweetness and love always."

Liu Weiwei thought that the people in the future were super cute, all of them were very talkative, and they also liked to make friends.

[For cute people, of course, we should cook the best food!]

[It has been a long time since the host has brought the diners new dishes full of surprises. Please find inspiration from the development of the Chinese cuisine in a millennium and give the diners a moving dining experience again!]

[New task: launch a new dish, collect praise from 1,000 diners, and surprise them unexpectedly.]

[Task Reward: The purity of spiritual power will be increased by 1%, the physical strength will be increased by 1%, and the mood bonus of diners will be increased by 5%.]

Liu Weiwei was already quite familiar with the task that might jump out at any time, but these rewards shocked her. She almost adapted to the fact that she was a scum in this life, but she actually still had the opportunity to become elite? Also, the mood bonus reward that didn't appear for a long time also appeared again. This task was simply too precious and had to be completed!

"Master, did I cut it wrong?" An Hao, who had just cut a potato next to Liu Weiwei, was startled when he turned his head and saw her gritting her teeth.

"Ah, no." Liu Weiwei shook her hand in embarrassment. However, when she turned her head to look, she was pleasantly surprised to find that although An Hao's potato slices weren't thin enough, they already had some consistency in thickness. "You have improved, keep practicing."

"Okay, Master!"

The four-star appraisal of talent given by the system was obviously not imaginary. In addition to the ability to sell wedding dresses, An Hao also had some talent for culinary skills and was quick to get started. Knife skills, although he still had to continue to practice, he could obviously learn new things already.

"Xiao An, I will prepare new dish today, and later it will be left to you." Liu Weiwei washed her hands as she spoke, and quickly fiddled with the ingredients. "Knife skills are a must-have training every day, so you can't leave it behind. But in addition, you should also learn some breakfast making skills."

An Hao's expression was straightened instantly.

"The daily breakfast in our shop is currently relatively simple pastry, fried dough sticks, pancakes, fruits, small wontons, and things made from beans, like soy milk and tofu. These are not difficult to make. You have a quick understanding, so you should basically master them within one week."

Liu Weiwei’s hands didn't stop, and after she said this she looked up at the glass in front of her. "Do you know why I want to install this glass?"

An Hao touched his head, "In order to let the diners see the entire cooking process?"

Liu Weiwei nodded, "Well, so you have to work hard to grow. When I'm away, the chef of this shop will depend on your support! Every diner who comes here is precious. If the food is not tasty, the service is bad, or if the diner see a dirty kitchen, they are likely to never visit again."

An Hao blushed all of a sudden. It suddenly occurred to him that yesterday because of his inferior knives, a female customer who had entered in the line left, and she also almost had a conflict with a regular diner. "Master, I will practice hard so that I won't shame you! I won't discredit the shop!"

Liu Weiwei nodded. She demonstrated all the dishes, and watched An Hao while giving instructions. The processes were recorded for self practice, and she went offline after asking him to go through everything repeatedly. After she went offline, she was just going to notify the cafeteria robots to move all the mutton soup outside, but she got the news that the big soup pot was missing!

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