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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 91

ICRAB – Chapter 91

When Zhang Xiaomo received the temperature keeping box brought by her best friend, she dismissed it very much. She somewhat despised Chen Like's behavior in eating in other's shop, "Lili, someone with our identity shouldn't have appeared in that kind of civilian shop. It doesn't even have a Golden Crown title, would you dare to go?"

Chen Like knew that she wanted face but was beaten by the foods in that shop, so she would never step in again. "Xiao Mo, anyway, I brought it over because of the kindness of the boss. If you don't eat it, then I will eat it." As she said this, she opened the box. She was really trying to grab the foods out.

"Lili! You…" Zhang Xiaomo was so angry that she almost fell down, "What wrong medicine did you take!"

"Xiao Mo, the man with poor knife skill is only the boss's apprentice. You only need to eat once to know that the taste is really… fascinating." Chen Like bit her lip and said.

"What kind of vulgar name is this kind of indiscriminate restaurant has? Happy Restaurant? It has a strong grassroots atmosphere at a glance. Where will it taste good?" Zhang Xiaomo snorted coldly. She had never been to the civilian area since the first day she was able to go on Skynet. If her cousin hadn't asked her to go this time, she wouldn't have been wronged by the shameless uncle. Although it had been a long time, thinking about it again, she was still angry. The people from top to bottom at home, including the robots, had never made her so angry.

Zhang Xiaomo’s nose snorted again, but suddenly a strong smell that usually only exuded by high-end cuisine, unexpectedly radiated from the temperature keeping box with the grassroots shop name written on it. The tip of her nose moved and took a full breath, which directly made her squeamish cheeks stiffened.

When Zhang Xiaomo entered Happy Restaurant that day, she actually already smelled the strong smell of Sichuan cuisine, but she didn't eat spicy food so she was not interested in it at all. In her dining knowledge, Sichuan cuisine was not comparable to the refined Cantonese cuisine or even Huaiyang cuisine. Historically, it was because of the natural climate that Sichuan people liked spicy food. Probably because she obviously wasn’t in the right condition weather wise to like it, she really didn’t.

But now, what fills the tip of Zhang Xiaomo’s nose was another smell that was not the same as the usual spicy Sichuan cuisine she had before. It was not too irritating. It was more lingering and lasting than the high-end cuisines she had smelled before. She even felt her appetite faintly tempted. This was very abnormal!

"Well, they even dare to use illegal spices!" Zhang Xiaomo sneered. "Lili, you were deceived by the boss of the black hearted shop! The teacher of my junior cooking class said that dishes with strong aromas are usually heavy in oils and spices, not healthy food. This small restaurant on Skynet, the dishes are too fragrant, it even surpassed the five-star hotel’s dishes we have eaten, so how could it be possible? They definitely used prohibited seasonings!"

As Zhang Xiaomo said this, a light flashed in her mind, and she was filled with righteous indignation, "You say you were fascinated by eating it once. Didn’t they write it in ancient books? Some people put addictive poppy in their dish?!"

Chen Like was in astonishment. She never expected that she would kindly send a dish to her friend, but it turned out to be food with illegal poppies. "No way? There are many diners, and the boss looks like a good person."

Zhang Xiaomo looked at Chen Like with a look of hating iron for not being steel, "Did you feel unusually thirsty after eating? Thinking about this taste every day and don't feel like eating anything else? You are stupid! You don't have any common sense!" She poked a finger on Chen Like’s forehead, "Let’s have a look, Skynet’s civilian neighborhoods is the most messed up. They are all doing bad things behind! Like I said, how can you act like you were possessed recently? The body is the same, but you went to that small restaurant alone every day!"

"No, I want to report this broken shop!" Zhang Xiaomo was filled with outrage and decided to count the old and new hatred together. She didn't want to taste the foods at all and was going to throw away the box, but she changed her mind and immediately took out the dinner plates one by one and put them on the table. She immediately took photos to report, and when she finished it, Chen Like who was next to her was dumbfounded.

Chen Li wanted to stop Zhang Xiaomo, but what should she do if she was indirectly harming other people? So she was nailed to her seat.

"It’s done," Zhang Xiaomo clapped her hands triumphantly, "If I made a mistake, I will come to apologize. Humph, like I said, how can a small shop that is located in the middle of nowhere be so famous! They definitely use drugs!"

Chen Like couldn't hold Zhang Xiaomo back, but she stood silently on the side of the boss in her heart. But she didn't know that if a restaurant operating on Skynet was reported to sell prohibited toxic and harmful ingredients, it would be punished very seriously.

Regardless of whether there was conclusive evidence, Liu Weiwei's shop was directly blocked ten minutes after the report.

When people from the Food Safety Bureau enter the shop, the first thing they did was to clear the shop and close it; the second thing was to check the ingredients of each dish.

"What? We ate poisonous food?"

"It’s impossible, right?"

The regular and new diners who were kicked out of the shop were all confused and couldn't believe the situation.

Even Liu Weiwei on the kitchen was equally stunned. It wasn't until only she, An Hao, and a group of law enforcement robots with precision instruments were left in the happy restaurant that the security bureau’s Captain Gu, who led the team, spoke.

"Boss Liu, I’m sorry, although your credit rating is the highest, someone complained about the use of poppy in your shop, which can cause serious consequences. It may make the citizens of Skynet addicted or even psychedelic. According to the food safety regulations, we must close the restaurant immediately."

Liu Weiwei didn't expect that in this interstellar era, there would still be such intrigues.

"If the other party's complaint is false information, we will ask the other party to compensate you for all the losses during the suspension. And, we will also give you a label of qualified food certification outside the shop."

"Well, if that's the case, then you can check slowly." Liu Weiwei could only go to the side and let them check. "Xiao An, you can cooperate with them."

Captain Gu asked the robot to do an instrument check, and quickly reached a preliminary conclusion that there was no problem. But he was also a little confused, and took a look in the kitchen himself. "The citizen said, your dishes exude an unusual fragrance…" He was halfway through talking when he passed a big bucket of soup. As soon as he lowered his head, he smelled an aroma that almost awakened his whole person. Fragrant, really fragrant… an aroma that was so weird that he couldn't refuse it!

"What is this?" Captain Gu had been in charge of the inspection of gourmet restaurants all year round. He was well-informed, but he had never smelled such a strong fragrance. It was like normal broth, but so much more.

Liu Weiwei glanced at it and said with a smile, "This is the stock used in our shop, basically it has been cooking since our opening." In the past, every century-old restaurant had a pot of broth that had been boiled for many years. This was also a secret recipe that was never passed down in every restaurant.

But Captain Gu felt the practice to be new, "Is this soup sold separately?"

Liu Weiwei smiled and shook her head, "Xiao An, you can give Captain Gu a try."

An Hao immediately responded, but Captain Gu waved his hand.

"Seeing is believing, hearing is not. There is no problem with our dishes, Captain Gu please try personally." Having said that, An Hao enthusiastically passed both the chopsticks and the spoon up.

Captain Gu quickly took a deep breath at the white soup bowl in front of him. He wanted to refuse, but the scent surging on the tip of his nose seemed to command him to lift the lid. When the soup was revealed, he still did not forget to make excuses for himself – He was doing this to enforce the law impartially. So he needed to test the food himself. After the self excuse, he took a generous sip of the soup. 

However, before Captain Gu was able to put down the spoon, there was a layer of goose bumps on his back. He thought the soup smelled of meat and bones, but he never expected it to have a strong seafood flavor! Moreover, it was not only the fresh and high-quality seafood flavor that rolls on the tip of his tongue, but there was also a hint of high-quality beef and pork bones mixed in the soup.

Captain Gu couldn't help but bow his head in astonishment. The transparent soup in the bowl was very clear, and there was no excessive oil floating at all. Looking down, people could see the bottom of the pot. Besides a little bit of green onions and coriander, the flavor-rich soup also contained lots of delicate transparent rice noodles, and to his surprise, there were also a few light gray round balls floating on it.

"This is fish ball soup? No, this color is beef meatballs!" Captain Gu was indeed someone who was experience in gourmet, he got it right just by seeing. But soon he frowned again, he had also eaten meatballs and boiled soup before, but in other shops, the taste of the soup base was definitely not as strong as this one. The broth here could fully present the freshness of the seafood plus the aroma of beef and pork, this mixture didn’t make people feel abrupt or conflict. What's even more amazing was that the beef meatballs looked quite big, but it could still float on the soup without sinking to the bottom of the pot.

Liu Weiwei was a good cook. A good cook would never be anxious before the diners tasted the foods. "Try it and you will know it, be careful and eat slowly." All she gave was a friendly reminder.

Captain Gu immediately heard the self-confidence in Liu Weiwei’s tone. He could also completely see that the young male chef next to him was full of expectation and pride at the moment. What was the other party expecting and proud of? He didn't know. But he quickly took the spoon again and scooped the beef meatball.

But who would have thought, Captain Gu didn’t successfully scooped the meatball into his spoon because he was impatient, but instead accidentally poked the meatball out of the bowl. When he was about to bend down to pick up the meatball from the ground, a shocking scene happened. The seemingly ordinary beef meatball was actually like a small leather ball he bought for his son. It bounced on the ground twice, and then rolled out to the diagonally opposite side a little bit.

In the end, Captain Gu needed to take two steps before he picked up the meatball. He couldn't help but subconsciously squeezing the meatball twice with his fingers. "This elasticity…" Was this still meatball?

Captain Gu almost forgot what he was here for today because of his shock.

"Gu team, if the food fall on the ground, just throw them in the recycling bin."

Not until An Hao passed the trash can that Captain Gu reluctantly threw away the beef meatball in his hand. But soon, he was attacked the next ball.

This time Captain Gu was very careful and finally put the whole meatball in his mouth.

"Don't!" An Hao who was next to Captain Gu almost yelled, "You have to cool it down first..."

Captain Gu: !!!

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