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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 90

ICRAB – Chapter 90

[A new task is released!]

[It's time to fill up the vacancy for the third apprentice!]

[The host whose ultimate goal was to become a Master Chef, after accepting two highly talented disciples to get started, how can you be satisfied with an ordinary disciple anymore?]

[Third disciple’s task: Conquer a young chef who has been blinded by the Interstellar Chef Association, reverse his/her impression of Happy Restaurant, put him/her under your command, and make him/her become your capable hand!]

[Time limit: three days. Task reward: Advanced seasoning skill book; beauty points +10; the disciple can be assigned talent points.]

Liu Weiwei had just finished instructing Yang Likun who had reported in the cafeteria on time, when she was suddenly attacked by the new mission. It took her three months to receive her second disciple. She originally thought that a five-star talent was enough difficulties, but now looking at the task of the third disciple, she felt even worse. Where was she going to find a young talent who has lost footing? Reading the description of the task, it should also be someone that had visited Happy Restaurant?

This task was just one word, mystery!

"This disciple can receive talent points? It doesn't matter if the talents are not enough, I can give more?"

[Yes, host. After all, our goal is to conquer the interstellar, so if the talent is not enough, just push it up!]

"…" Liu Weiwei had known that her system's brain was abnormal, so it was no surprise now. She happened to be free, so she went on Skynet. After the network read her brain waves, she now also looked like a pregnant woman with a big belly on the virtual world. Every time she entered the restaurant, not only were the diners staring at her, but her apprentice An Hao was also nervous and treated her like a fragile crystal. This was why she didn’t go online during peak hours. Only when there were fewer customers in the shop, she went online to give instructions to An Hao on his cooking skills.

Now Happy Restaurant was changing rapidly. The font signboard of the shop, and there were four crowns flashing behind the name. There was a special queue area outside the shop for diners to wait, all showing its popularity. The number of positive reviews had been more than 130,000. This was still based on the restriction that the shop didn’t do delivery and only accepted takeaways.

"How is the response on the new dish?" Liu Weiwei asked her first apprentice as soon as she entered the kitchen, "Do the guests like it?" Although she spent a short time on Skynet every day, she still introduced a lot of new dishes every once in a while. Originally, she was very confident in her cooking, but as soon as the system task came out today, it was indirectly criticized, so she couldn't help but ask before today's teaching.

"Very good, Master." An Hao held the knife with a look of excitement, "Especially the three new dishes. They have been receiving rave reviews in the shop. Old diners always pack another portion every time they finished eating. Several guests asked if the crystal pigskin jelly could be made bigger. They wanted to put it in the freezer and display it as a work of art at home."

Liu Weiwei was stunned.

Crystal pigskin jelly, as the name suggested, was cleaned pig skin cut into strips, cooked in water, and put in the refrigerator. These processes made it condense into a beautiful solid jelly that looked like crystals. They were cut into pieces when served. This dish was rich in collagen that could delay skin aging, it was a famous healthy cold dish for beauty. The benefit was even higher than the high-end appearance of the dish. The crystal like jelly was flawless when seen with naked eye. Under the light, it could also reflect colorful sheen. It was not only good-looking, but the taste was also light. It melted in the mouth. When eating the ice-cold crystal jelly, the diners would clearly feel the meaty juice melted slowly on their tongue after the initial coldness. It brought a refreshing and clear taste experience.

Liu Weiwei also liked this dish very much, especially as she now needed to eat lighter food while Xiao Bai at home also couldn't eat too salty or spicy. So this crystal pig skin jelly was very suitable. But an artwork… this praise was a bit too much. "How about the vegetarian duck that started last month? Any diners leave a comment?"

Liu Weiwei often read the business reports, but there were too many comments, also, not every diner would comment on every dish. Just based on the sales volume, vegetarian duck was not that many. It was far less popular than the Sichuan dishes.

An Hao touched his nose, "Master, vegetarian ducks are a kind of dim sum, right? You sell them one by one, the diners can only taste a small portion, so it was covered by our other signature dishes. A few days ago, some old customers said that they don’t even look at it. I want to ask if you have any story about the origin of this dish?"

Liu Weiwei pursed her mouth. The vegetarian duck sales were worse than she expected. She thought if it was cheaper it would sell more, but it turned out to be totally different. Nowadays, more and more people liked heavy taste. After eating spicy dishes, it was more difficult for them to appreciate the relatively simple taste of the vegetarian duck. As for the other light flavored dishes, everyone would prefer the cool crystal pig skin jelly or dried tofu soup. Even the sweet and sour squirrel mandarin fish had a strong gimmick that could attract customers to buy.

The vegetarian duck’s situation could be said to be very embarrassing. It was obviously delicious, but the taste was not strong enough, the appearance was not attractive enough, and there was no distinctive selling point. 

Speaking of it, this poor sale was also her fault. At that time, a gourmet task that was enough to surprise the guests, the first thing Liu Weiwei thought of was the vegetarian duck. It took her a lot of effort to redeem the recipes, but she didn't expect that the diners who had eaten big fish and meat dishes would not find any surprises about the vegetarian duck at all. "This is a vegetarian food made by monks in ancient earth. They can't eat meat, so they made tofu skin shaped similar to duck."

"Huh? No wonder, the color is very similar to Master's roast duck skin…"

Liu Weiwei had given An Hao a taste of the roast duck, but she hadn't sold it online yet. "Okay, Master gives you a task. Can you help me find out if there are any demands for snacks? We will sell vegetarian ducks as snacks in plastic packaging." She still remembered that when she was young, she thought vegetarian ducks were the best snack on the go.

"Okay, Master!" An Hao responded happily.

Liu Weiwei gave a hum, flipped through thousands of pages of shop reviews, and pressed her eyebrows, "Then have you face any complaints or guests who expressed dissatisfaction?" There were good reviews on the Internet, but she had never seen a bad review or a so-so review. How to find the third apprentice who was disappointed at the shop was a serious problem.

The knife on An Hao’s hand shook. In a blink of an eye he looked at the table outside and instantly sweated, "Master, Master, did you already know…?" He lost the knife and almost fell on the ground! "Master, I was wrong! You forgive me! I didn't mean it! Because I caused the loss of customers in the shop, I still shouldn't hide it from you, I was wrong…"

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, "What are you doing? Get up!"

Only then did An Hao spoke out about the female customer who was terribly disappointed of his knife skills. "Since that day, I changed my position into facing the wall while cutting potatoes in fear of disappointing the guests again. Master, I was wrong." He lowered his head, extremely depressed. Originally, he didn't want to tell his Master. He wanted to practice knife skills more desperately and posted a video like his Master did to attract more dines to the shop.

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, only then did she know that there was such a story. "This was nothing. Who didn't start from scratch? Don’t pay attention to her that laughed at you, one day you will crush her and become a rich and handsome winner of life." She patted the dejected head of her eldest disciple, as if she was coaxing Xiao Bai at home.

As Liu Weiwei said this, still in An Hao's shining worshiping eyes, she opened the small door of the back kitchen and walked outside to the dining hall.

An Hao followed step by step, for fear that she would be bullied.

Soon, they stopped at a table.

Chen Like, who was madly sucking Ants climbing a tree, raised her head in embarrassment. The noodles were only sucked halfway, but she was reluctant to spit them out or cut them with her teeth. She blushed and sucked hard. She didn’t even willing to waste a bit of soup or noodles.

"Hello miss, I am the owner of this shop. I heard that the poor service of this shop caused you to break up with your friends."

Chen Like was full of noodles’ energy and smoothness. She chewed hard, and swallowed it after a long time. She picked up a paper towel and wiped her mouth before returning to her usual lady like state with some embarrassment.

"Boss," Chen Like stood up, "No, my friend was in a bad mood that day. It's not a problem with this shop." She had conscience. She liked the food in this shop very much. Not only that, she glanced at the two uncles who were now at the same table with her. She was shy and apologetic, "We were the one that were rude that day. You don't have to apologize, boss." 

Now, as long as Chen Like was free after school every day, she would definitely come to eat in the shop. After a long time, she often encountered Zhu Ya or the other diner who were in conflict with her best friend Zhang Xiaomo that time. After getting acquainted with each other, she discovered that the uncles were actually very nice. The conflict occurred because her best friend Xiaomo had a bad temper.

Liu Weiwei had a mission in mind, "We should do everything we can to make every guest feel at home." With that, she asked the robot to prepare a temperature keeping box. "This is basically all the dishes in our shop. Please take it to enjoy with that friend. If you can, please also pass my greetings to her."

Liu Weiwei's attitude was so sincere that people couldn't refuse.

Zhu Ya and Boss Liu, who were at the same table with Chen Like, couldn't help but make a fuss. "Boss, you are too kind! But you are right, let her taste it, and see how she pushes it next time." Zhu Ya had a bad temper, and it was hard for him to see the boss suffer.

Boss Liu also nodded next to Zhu Ya, "Facts speak louder than words. Who is the one that should apologize will be known as soon as she eats these foods. By then, Xiao Chen, you don’t have to speak for her anymore. After letting her eat, you ask her to go online and personally apologize to the boss and the shopkeeper boy directly."

Chen Like was a little embarrassed, one side was her favorite noodles, and the other was her best friend.

"Don't be nervous, just bring this to her as a small gift." Liu Weiwei let Chen Like relax.

The owner of this shop was very nice and gentle, and the shopkeeper was also very handsome and reasonable. Chen Like deeply felt that her girlfriend was indeed overly arrogant. She quickly sucked up all the noodles in front of her and hurriedly went offline, "Boss, I will definitely help you bring this to her~"

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