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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 63

ICRAB – Chapter 63

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, there was still assessment for potential on this?

[The highest apprenticeship potential is five stars. The higher the star, the greater the skills, and the faster the time needed to master basic skills and recipes.]

[This four-star apprentice, do you accept?]

Liu Weiwei took the last bite of meat into her mouth, only to see the person who had sent her the message was the salesperson on the bridal shop this morning. This was expected, but she didn't expect the other party's potential to be quite high. Before long, the last chat message arrived.

[Mrs. Major, I know I was too presumptuous! If I bothered you, just ignore me… But, I really want to learn cooking, it is my dream!]

[I know that apprenticeship fee is one million. I don't have any money now, but I will go to raise money. I… will definitely get it!]

Liu Weiwei was stunned. In her nearly 30 years of living on ancient earth, she had almost never had anything she wanted to do. She had no particular dreams. Well, if you don’t count the daydream of marrying little fresh meat… But to be honest, if she weren't selected by the system, maybe she would have been a boring human being who followed the trajectory of ordinary people. She would study, work, fall in love, get married, raise a baby and then die. Such a strong desire, hope, or dream, had always been far away from her. It's just that now, there was a system commanding her steps, first persecution and then temptation, using the terrible temptation of gaining beauty… that had allowed her to slowly embark on the road that must conquer Interstellar era’s food circle.

Liu Weiwei was already quite impressed by the boy in the bridal shop, and now she was even more interested. Seeing the system’s request for the task of accepting three apprentices, she immediately handed the empty bowl to the robot, greeted the men who were still arguing about nutrient solution to be drank with red braised pork belly next time, and sat on the sofa. She stroked the white rabbit belly that was also full and bulged out, and then replied to the other party.

[I don’t charge apprenticeship fee.]

Liu Weiwei didn't even think about it, so she typed.

[You just need to do a part-time job for me.]

After An Hao sent the message, he stared at his light brain screen. After two minutes, he jumped from the sofa to the ground and started to circle the bridal shop back and forth. For a chef, this had to be a very excessive request. He had been paying attention to food circle and chef association five years ago, and collected a lot of information on the Internet. He knew that no matter who it was, they would have to pay a membership fee of one million to get started before they could get basic culinary training. He wanted to be an apprentice but he had no money. This was basically a white wolf, or even playing hooliganism.

It was impossible for any chef to accept an apprentice who couldn't pay. No chef would pay one million for an apprentice out of their own pocket. An Hao knew the rules very well, but he couldn't help it at all… After tasting the stewed pig trotters, he couldn't stand it at all!

There were still frozen pig's trotters piled in the room. It was as hard as a stone, ugly, and the smell was extremely fishy. Who could have imagined that it would become so soft and white under the hands of a chef? Also, served on some broth, it looked like a white flower in full bloom. The dish was obviously named after the shape of this. 

The stewed pig trotters instantly brought An Hao back to the past. In that year, to celebrate his turning eighteen, his mother took the whole family to one of the most famous Chinese restaurants on the planet. Only then did he know that all the nutrient solutions he had drunk before were not food at all! He would never forget how soft and sweet the braised pig trotters at the party were. He ate a small portion of it in one breath, and his parents gave him most of the food that day. It's not that they couldn't afford it, but they were afraid of being addicted.

They were not a rich family, who could go to such a luxurious restaurant every day? Especially when An Hao was underage, for fear that he would eat the food and know the taste, wouldn’t be able to drink nutrient solutions anymore, and would spend hundreds of thousands on eating and sitting in the sky every day.

Since that time, An Hao had never been to that Chinese restaurant again. After graduating from university, he relied on his mother to work in the bridal shop. On his own salary, he could only go to a regular restaurant once a year. But this did not prevent him from having pig trotters’ dream, a dream of becoming a chef so that his whole family could eat real food every day!

Starting with one million yuan, from beginner to advanced or even special chef, ten years of training plus examination fees would cost ten million. Coupled with the cost of various recipes, the price was sky-high in total!

An Hao knew he was dreaming too high, and had always wanted to give up his dreams. He secretly bought the pig trotters to ponder this time, if he failed he was determined to completely forget his dream. However, he happened to receive the gift of stewed pig trotters. He happened to receive the message from the Major's wife who had common facial features, but smiled like a Buddha's face full of spring breeze.

Food will always be with you.

In one word, An Hao determination completely disintegrated, and his dream for five years was stirred up again. Maybe she was different, maybe she had a way to let him enter the world of gourmet food!

An Hao couldn't help but think so, couldn't help sending her a message, and then fell into anxiousness in waiting and worry. Finally, after countless rounds, his light brain prompt lighted up, and he hurriedly looked down in a cold sweat. But as a result, after reading it over and over again, he almost smashed the light brain’s screen and suspected that he had misread the word.

"Mom, mom! Hurry up and help me see if I have hallucinations?! Am I seeing wrong?" An Hao almost rolled around, hit the elevator door, went upstairs and slipped to his mother's feet.

"What are you doing? Why are you so panic? I saw there are no guests downstairs?"

An Hao's mother, Zhang Mengyun, had short slick hair, and was holding a wedding dress in her hand. She was hand stitching.

"Mom, look, what does this said?"

Zhang Mengyun raised her eyebrows, "You don't know how to read anymore?! What are you doing?" But the next second her eyes fell on the screen of her son's light brain, and she couldn't help but be stunned.

"Apprentice fee? What does it mean? Let me tell you, don't add messy people willy-nilly."

"Oh, mom, do you know who this is? It's the guest from our shop in the morning, the one you're obsessed with, the Major’s wife! You ate the stewed pig trotter sent by her just three hours ago!"

Zhang Mengyun immediately put down the sequins on her hands, "The Major's wife? What did she mean by apprentice fee?"

An Hao sighed, but immediately rolled the his light brain’s screen up and down to let his mother see the conversation record above.

After reading, Zhang Mengyun was also a little surprised and went speechless for a long time.

"Mom, the other party doesn't charge apprenticeship fee, do you think she made a typo?! As long as I get to work, then of course I will go!" An Hao's eyes were red with excitement. He shook his mother’s hands, but was slapped away.

"Then you can reply to her! Ask, what about the recipes and the exam? Are the fees in accordance with the association's standards? Will it be more expensive than ordinary ones?"

An Hao immediately followed suit and immediately got a new reply.

[Since I teach cooking, of course, including recipes.]

[As for the exam, is this important? Do you want to learn how to cook, or do you want to take exams?]

An Hao almost jumped from the floor, "Of course I want to learn cooking! Mom, I'm going to work on the Major’s wife shop!"

Zhang Mengyun originally subconsciously wondered if it was a liar, but after eating the stewed pig trotters, she also couldn't say anything. "Did you check it clearly? Is it really Major Qin's wife?"

"Mom! You just cut down other people's news and posted them on the shop window as a model! Can I not know each other!?"

"Then you go. You get so much with nothing, so be like those robots who are obedient and easy to use. Even if you are deceived, the Major's wife probably lost and regret more."


An Hao immediately told Liu Weiwei anxiously that it didn't matter how long he needed to work for her. From now on, he would work hard and follow her instructions. Soon, he received his first learning task, which was to watch a video.

An Hao, who had been lingering in various food forums all the year round, shouted on the bridal shop in the first second after opening the video. The video was nothing else other than a very famous online celebrity video recently, whirlwind knife cut! The hands on the video were so cool that there were no contenders. He had watched the video at least a hundred times. 

Some netizens even said that this was not a human hand at all, it was a transformation of the Octopus Beasts. At this level, it was almost like there were eight hands operating!

[You start with potato slicing to practice.]

[I will invite you on Skynet tomorrow, and I will give you a demonstration on the spot. Now you can watch the video to learn.]

An Hao's mouth was already wide open. This, this, this... the Major's newlywed wife was the god- like-octopus-man?!

However, this was not the most shocking.

By the next day, An Hao received Liu Weiwei's message and immediately logged on to Skynet. He was ready to be a cow and a horse, but he found himself standing in an empty shop in Skynet…

"Ah, sorry, I just opened a new shop today." Liu Weiwei said. Within the shocked eyes of the other party, she chose a small and fresh store decoration style that she preferred. The entire shop was about 200 square meters in total. In addition to the back kitchen, which was specially separated by transparent glass, there were more than 20 tables for four and two diners. After the selections were completed, the Skynet virtual shop immediately took on a brand new look, the need for construction team was eliminated.

"Okay, we are ready to open. You follow me to the back kitchen first, and I will introduce you to the dishes we will be selling today."

Only then did An Hao know that the famous stall on Donglin Third Street that he couldn't get in line every time was opened by his new master! He literally spent more than 20 years of good luck yesterday!

"By the way, did you buy potatoes? The most suitable for beginners is to start with potatoes. I will demonstrate for you again."

An Hao pricked up his ears and stared wide. As a result, the secret was only eight words.

"Cut it in half, and then slice it."

With the sound of the kitchen knife hitting the cutting board, the movement in front of An Hao was so extreme it looked like clouds and water flowing. In a blink of an eye, a round potato on the chopping board turned into a potato chip that was almost transparent…

An Hao: "…"

"Should I do it again in slow motion?"

An Hao nodded in tears.

"Oh, by the way, our main dish today is squirrel mandarin fish. Let's set them on recommendation to the robot today."

"Ah, okay!"

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