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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 55

TMMTMQ – Chapter 55

"No, no." The staff member said embarrassedly, "I just think you wearing this clothes look like a real master."

Gong Qingyao smiled faintly, she was really a master.

The two walked back to the dressing room again, Ai Xiaoyun saw Gong Qingyao and said, "I think you wear the clothes very well."

Gong Qingyao did not deny that the clothes were indeed quite comfortable to wear.

Since it was the first time for Lu Qianqian to go to a crew, and she had broken through the third layer of the ghost road, she stayed outside. She said, "Master, there are many brands selling such clothes now. When the filming is finished, let’s buy some when we return to the capital."

Gong Qingyao nodded rarely.

There were three make-up artists in the dressing room. After one of them was done, he looked directly at Gong Qingyao, "Come here." Gong Qingyao has a good foundation, and he could apply makeup in just a few strokes, his status could also increase.

The people at the back of the queue were suddenly a little unhappy, but the makeup artist didn’t pay them any attention. Anyway, they were just some small roles, if they were playing the female lead role like Sun Panqiao, then they could be like Fang Jiayue and be assigned a personal makeup artist.

Gong Qingyao said, "Let them come first."

Seeing that Gong Qingyao gave permission, other actress sat down on the stool in front of the makeup artist. The makeup artist who spoke did not expect that Gong Qingyao would be so straightforward, and he felt a little unhappy.

Ai Xiaoyun was going to ask Gong Qingyao why she let go such a good opportunity. The male makeup artist's skills were not bad, but she thought that Gong Qingyao had her reason to do things, so she didn't speak.

After the person was done, the makeup artist did not call Gong Qingyao to go. The makeup artist next to him seemed to still busy. Only the one in the corner who just finished, looked at Gong Qingyao, and waved her to come.

Gong Qingyao walked over. This was the only female makeup artist here. She was also the one with the least words and the coldest expression. The few actors she had done looked poor. After Gong Qingyao sat down, the makeup artist took the tools in her hand quickly on Gong Qingyao's face.

The first male makeup artist said, "Master Qingyuan can't use red for her lip color. You can try pink, otherwise it will be too gaudy."

The female makeup artist didn’t pay any attention. After applying foundation, she started applying eyeshadow. The male makeup artist did not say much when he saw this. For the final lip color, the female makeup artist chose a bean paste color. After applying makeup, the female makeup artist began do hairstyle. In just twenty minutes, Gong Qingyao’s makeup was completed. She put the brush away and said her first sentence, "It's done."

Gong Qingyao got up and took a look at herself in the mirror. The makeup was much lighter than other actors, but even so, this makeup was already thicker than normal daily makeup. After makeup, her facial features became more three-dimensional.

Ai Xiaoyun behind her whispered, "From the back, you really look like an immortal."

"Isn't that a fact?" Gong Qingyao let out a rare laugh, which shocked Ai Xiaoyun. When she reacted, Gong Qingyao had already walked out of the dressing room, looking like a fairy from behind, but Ai Xiaoyun didn’t manage to say this. There was no time, because the two of them had just left the door when they saw a staff member running over and shouted, "Where is the actress for Master Qingyuan? Is the makeup done?"

Gong Qingyao said, "Yes."

The staff member looked at Gong Qingyao and wiped the sweat from his forehead, "Come with me."

Originally, they scheduled to film Yin Yiyi's scene, but Xie Xiaoman didn't come to the crew because of something, so they could only start the next one. This next one was the scene where the female lead and Master Qingyuan met for the first time.

When this people walked to the filming location, Song Anxiang’s face was already dark to the extreme. This Xie Xiaoman relied on an investor to join, and still make trouble. Didn’t she know? If she had money in the future, stinky investors like that were not rare.

After Gong Qingyao walked over, Song Anxiang saw Gong Qingyao's dress and his face became a little better. He waved his hand, "Everyone prepare!"

Gong Qingyao and Fang Jiayue were in their respective positions, and the staff took out the board and started, "33rd scene first take, Action."

After Fang Jiayue saw Gong Qingyao on the opposite side, her eyes immediately became eager. In this crew, except for the male lead Ji Wen’s acting skill, which was still passable, the rest of the actors were really not challenging.

Jiang Feimeng walked into the courtyard of Master Qingyuan, Master Qingyuan saw a stranger break in, but there was no trace of panic on her face. Jiang Feimeng didn't expect to walk into the courtyard of others, so she showed a slight apology on her face.

Master Qingyuan didn't care if someone strayed in, on the contrary she asked, "Does benefactor have something to worry about?"

"Cut!" Song Anxiang shouted.

Gong Qingyao was stunned for a moment. Through her study, Gong Qingyao knew that if the director's call cut, it means it was NG, but she didn't seem to be NG in the performance just now.

Song Anxiang said, "Pay attention to your position! Qingyuan's position is off."

Lu Qianqian on the side said, "Oh, it's over. Master, when you are filming, you should pay attention to the camera's position, otherwise you will run out of the camera if you are not careful."

"Again." Song Anxiang said.

"33rd scene second take, Action."

After only a few words, everyone heard Song Anxiang’s "Cut!", "Cut!"

After getting stuck three times, Song Anxiang’s face worsened. He decided to give a three-minute break. Ai Xiaoyun came over and talked to Gong Qingyao about the principles of position shifting. However, because she did not have many artists that had done filming, she could only give approximate direction.

After drinking a few sips of water, Fang Jiayue walked to Gong Qingyao, "Actually the simplest guide is, you can aim at the position between me and the camera, and then move an inch to the side."

Gong Qingyao said, "Thank you."

The three-minute break ended soon. Originally, the scene was very simple, so Song Anxiang didn’t plan to rehearse, but because Gong Qingyao got stuck three times in a row, Song Anxiang planned to practice before shooting. Because of Ai Xiaoyun and Fang Jiayue’s tips, plus the practice before filming, Gong Qingyao quickly remembered her position.

After three minutes of rehearsal and explanation, Song Anxiang retreated outside the scene, indicating that it could start.

The staff stepped forward, "33rd scene fourth take, Action."

"Does benefactor have troubles?"

Since there were problems with the previous few positions, Lu Qianqian stood directly behind the camera this time, so once the Gong Qingyao was off, she would remind her.

"Then do it." After Master Qingyuan finished speaking, she turned and left, leaving only a misty figure.

"Ok, done."

Hearing Song Anxiang's voice, Gong Qingyao finally stopped. She would have to keep acting before the director called to stop.

Song Anxiang looked at the film and finally showed his first smile today, "Okay, let's continue."

After filming the scene, Fang Jiayue quickly changed her clothes. While Fang Jiayue changed, Song Anxiang explained to Gong Qingyao about her next scene. Fang Jiayue came back soon. This was a scene where Master Qingyuan foresaw that Jiang Feimeng would be in trouble.

"34th scene first take, Action."

Jiang Feimeng was advised by Master Qingyuan before. After success, she was very happy and went to the temple again to find Master Qingyuan.

"Master, thank you for the last time." Jiang Feimeng looked sincere.

"No, you have already decided." 

Master Qingyuan's face was calm and light, making Jiang Feimeng feel that this person was more advanced and could not help but respect her. "No, I wouldn't decide so quickly without the guidance of the master." Jiang Feimeng's tone was humble.

"Since you and I are predestined, I will give you a calculation today." Master Qingyuan said.

A great surprise burst out on Jiang Feimeng’s face. Master Qingyuan was an expert in the temple. She heard these things when she transmigrated, especially Master Qingyuan also knew that she was transmigrated. Jiang Feimeng was right in her heart. Her respect to Master Qingyuan was even more profound. Master Qingyuan, who had not been out for a long time, wanted to make a calculation for her, how could she be unhappy?

Master Qingyuan stretched out her left hand and began to count. Then she looked at Jiang Feimeng, her eyes seemed to be able to see through herself, Jiang Feimeng was so frightened that she didn't dare to move. After a minute, Master Qingyuan was still quiet.

Lu Qianqian wanted to remind Gong Qingyao, but she stopped seeing that Gong Qingyao's expression seemed really unusual. The cameraman looked at Song Anxiang and asked if he wanted a cut.

Song Anxiang raised his hand, but he never called for a cut, Song Anxiang instead said a little excitedly, "Zoom in and shoot the expression on Qingyuan's face."

The cameraman pointed the camera at Gong Qingyao's face, and the only portrait on the lens was Gong Qingyao.

After another minute, Master Qingyuan said, "The female benefactor will have a disaster in the near future. If you can pass it, everything will go smoothly in the future. If not, it will be a catastrophe."

Jiang Feimeng felt a little scary when she saw Master Qingyuan’s expression just now. Then she heard the catastrophe the master said. She was a little worried, "Can you please give me some advice, Master?"

"Pay attention to the people around you." Master Qingyuan said.

The next thing was heaven’s secret that should not be revealed. Jiang Feimeng didn't ask much, and after thanking her, she left the temple.

"Pass." Song Anxiang shouted.

This scene was finally over, but Fang Jiayue's expression still seemed a little nervous. She always felt that what Master Qingyuan said to Jiang Feimeng was what Gong Qingyao said to her.

Sure enough, just after everyone left, Gong Qingyao walked over, "Pay attention to the people around you, and remember to be careful in everything."

After talking, Gong Qingyao went to change clothes. Due to schedule changes, the next scene for Gong Qingyao would be filmed in December, so after this time, Gong Qingyao would not be needed for a while.

Fang Jiayue was flabbergasted on the spot, and the bad premonition in her heart rose again.

It was already night when Ai Xiaoyun and Gong Qingyao arrived back to the capital, and then they had dinner. Before leaving, Ai Xiaoyun said, "The company will have acting class at the end of the year. Should I apply one for you?"

"Okay." After the actual battle today, Gong Qingyao knew that in addition to performing the characters during the filming process, there were many other things that needed attention to. It was good to learn.

After returning home, Gong Qingyao took a shower before lying down. On the bed, she suddenly thought of the daytime affairs. Master Qinyuan should give divination to Jiang Feimeng as part of the script, but Gong Qingyao saw what was going to happen to Fang Jiayue in the evening through her heavenly eyes. Gong Qingyao glanced out the window, glanced to the west. Gong Qingyao got up, put on her clothes, and ran out.

Feifei, who had just wandered back from the outside, saw Gong Qingyao flying away, blinked, then jumped onto the bed and found a comfortable place to rest.


The author has something to say:

Lolololol, our heroine is omnipotent in metaphysics, but till a novice in the way of acting…


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  1. Yehey I love it when MCs are novice in acting.. it bugs me when FLs who have no previous acting suddenly become great actresses at first take.. smh


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