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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 58

TMMTMQ – Chapter 58

After hearing this, someone immediately responded, "Rong Rong, you might be fine, but we don’t know how many years we have left."

The name of the person who said that female lead role was the only one that counted was called Shi Rong, and she was the only one of all newly signed artists who had ever filmed. She filmed singer Shao Chengzhou’s MV.

Who was Shao Chengzhou? Compared with the artists in Liren Entertaiment, Shao Chengzhou's reputation was on the same level as Jiang Xiaonan, Liren Entertainment’s number one. Shi Rong not only filmed Shao Chengzhou's MV, but was also the female lead in the MV.

Shao Chengzhou's reputation was not small. Shi Rong could actually choose a better company for her debut, but because she had too high a vision, she didn't want to join some small companies that invited her, however the big companies that she set her eyes on didn't accept her. In this way, she didn’t sign up to a company for a while. By the time Shi Rong chose one, a year had passed and the influence of her role in Shao Chengzhou’s MV slowly diminished. At this time, Shi Rong had to sign to Liren Entertainment.

So on the first day of the newcomers’ training, Shi Rong played a little bit big. When everyone was around her, she felt very happy, but she didn't expect that someone who seemed to be as famous as her came. That person was actually already filming a drama.

During this period of time, Shi Rong had been worrying about her own affairs. The people entertainment industry she was concerned about was big stars and big companies. She had never paid attention to Gong Qingyao, so she naturally didn’t know who Gong Qingyao was.

Shi Rong glanced at Gong Qingyao, and found that the other party still had the same expressionless expression, and suddenly she felt a little unhappy.

The people present immediately understood Shi Rong's thoughts, and they were suddenly in a dilemma. If they talked to Gong Qingyao, Shi Rong would be offended. If reversed the other way, it seemed to be a bit bad as Gong Qingyao was their senior.

Fortunately, at this time, the training teacher came. This teacher was a man who was not much bigger than them. As soon as he walked in, he clapped his hands with a sharp tone, "Please stand in a row of four people in order of height."

Gong Qingyao estimated her height, and then stood silently following the countdown, while Shi Rong stood directly in the middle of the first row.

The male teacher said angrily, "The order of height, don't you know what height is?"

Shi Rong was a little unhappy as she didn't expect this teacher to be so merciless, but she moved a row back.

"Okay, listen up, everyone. I'm your dance teacher. My name is Elrc. You can call me Teacher Elrc or Teacher E. Starting from the leftmost side of the first row, you first introduce yourself briefly." Elrc said. (TN: The teacher name is written in alphabet ‘Elrc’ in the raw, and I am not sure how to pronounce that.)

A small girl on the leftmost side of the first row said, "Hello Teacher Elrc and everyone, my name is Lu Xiaowan, a native of the Capital. I grew up..."

"Stop." Elrc raised his right hand slightly and interrupted, "For the introduction, name and what kind of dance, enough."

Lu Xiaowan paused, and then continued, "Lu Xiaowan, ballet, has been dancing for ten years." 

There was a sigh of sound in the classroom. Ten years of dancing was really amazing.

Teacher Elrc didn’t have any expressions and looked directly at the next one. He didn’t ask for duration of dancing just now. What he hated most was this kind of smarty person. Lu Xiaowan didn’t know her simple self-introduction had let Elrc reduced her evaluation by one point.

"Shi Rong, I learned ballroom dance."


"Gong Qingyao , never dance." 

Everyone laughed but Elrc still showed no expression. After everyone present had introduced themselves, Elrc said, "Before the course begins, I want to first see how your basic skills are." After all, if the students said that they had been dancing for a few years, he could tell at a glance.

Elrc was a straightforward person, "Lined up in a row, still in the order of height." He took the new students to the innermost part of the classroom, and put his leg on the pole.

Seeing that most of the people did not move, Elrc said angrily, "Why are you looking at me? Stretching."

Everyone started to stretch. Gong Qingyao didn't dance, so she didn't know that she needed to stretch before dancing. But she watched Elrc's movements, and just followed suit.

Elrc looked at the students’ stretching movements, and the impression in his mind was about one or two points. Five minutes later, he clapped his hands again, "Okay, go back to the middle of the classroom."

This time, without Elrc order, everyone stood in the same order as before. 

Seeing everyone in order, Elrc made a set of actions, Gong Qingyao felt he moved like running and flowing water, which was really good-looking.

Elrc said, "You imitate the actions I just did."

This set of actions had a total of four eight beats. Some people only remembered the content of the first one, and some remembered a few of them. It seemed that none of the people remembered it all.

Only Shi Rong and Lu Xiaowan did a full four eight beats. After they finished, they looked at Elrc and Elrc nodded. These two people were currently considered to be relatively good here.

Since filming Shao Chengzhou's MV, Shi Rong knew that she would make a debut. Although she did not sign a contract with a company until this year, Shi Rong had been building herself in every regard.

And Lu Xiaowan, she came from a middle class family, and she had been learning dance since she was a child because she dreamed of being famous since she was a child.

Although Gong Qingyao was standing in the back row, she also remembered all Elrc's movements, but she did it very slowly and was not so graceful. The first time she was a little stiff, so Gong Qingyao did it the second time. Still not so soft, Gong Qingyao went on to do it a third time. 

Elrc quickly noticed Gong Qingyao. She was the third person who could remember all set of movements, but her dance was not as graceful as Lu Xiaowan's, and her expression was not as good as Shi Rong’s, but she had a good memory. She seemed to be able to endure hardship, and Elrc eyes couldn't help but show appreciation.

Seeing this scene, Shi Rong gritted her teeth. After all, this was the first time Elrc showed such eyes today.

Due to the uneven dance level of everyone, Elrc had to teach from basic movements. But because the training time was only one month, and the dance class was not every day, the teaching progress of Elrc was very fast.

Today was the first day of training. Even so, after this first class, some of the classmates had been struggling to learn. When class was over, Elrc said, "Today is the first training, so my progress was slowed down a lot. The next time will not be this easy."

Elrc left the classroom under the wailing voices of everyone.

As the classmates were desperate, they thought that Shi Rong and Lu Xiaowan were dancing well just now, so they came to consult them one after another after they got out of class.

Shi Rong seemed to enjoy this moment very much, "Everyone eat first, and I will teach everyone after we go back to the training room."

Lu Xiaowan on the side also said, "Rongrong is right."

"Rongrong, Xiaowan , you are so kind." Someone said immediately.

"For me, Rongrong and Xiaowan will be able to get famous first among us."

Everyone left the classroom jokingly. Gong Qingyao stood in front of the mirror in the classroom and reviewed what she had learned in the morning before going to eat.

The afternoon class was etiquette. This first part was to practice smiling. Gong Qingyao was a person who rarely even laughed once in ten thousand years, so this lesson was really difficult for her.

Since today was only a preview, and formal training would not start until tomorrow, after the afternoon training was over, there was no evening training.

After dinner, everyone went straight back to their room. Most of the students were in a two people room. Only Gong Qingyao was in a separate room. Of course, these were all Ai Xiaoyun's arrangement.

Seeing that it was still early, Gong Qingyao went back to her rented apartment to pack some things, and she also took Feifei over by the way. It was nine o'clock when she returned to the dormitory. While there was still time, Gong Qingyao calculated the whereabouts of many children before going to rest.

In the early morning of the next morning, the formal training began. The first thing to do was to go to the gym and start running. Gong Qingyao went straight to practice until almost 6:30 and then went to the gym. Gong Qingyao took a look, there were not many people coming. The coach saw Gong Qingyao came over, confirmed that she was a new student in training, and then took her to the treadmill.

"This is the speed. If you think it is too fast, you can press this minus sign." After the coach explained, Gong Qingyao began to run. The two-kilometer distance was very easy for Gong Qingyao.

Gong Qingyao restrained her speed, and finally finished the run in ten minutes. Seeing that everyone was still running, Gong Qingyao started running again.

Many people hadn't finished the two-kilometer distance by seven o'clock. The coach said directly that they could not eat breakfast before they finished running. The schedule said that students should start running at 6:30, but only one came on time.

Seeing that it was seven o'clock, Gong Qingyao went straight to the cafeteria. Shi Rong on the side asked the coach, "Have she finished?" Shi Rong finished her last hundred meters. 

The coach looked at Gong Qingyao’s treadmill. The figures show, "Oh, she has run six kilometers." The crowd was very noisy, running six kilometers in half an hour was not normal!

When everyone arrived at the cafeteria, they found that Gong Qingyao had finished eating and returned to her bedroom. Many people secretly decided that they must get up early tomorrow.

At eight o'clock, everyone came to the classroom wearing exercise clothes. Today's first class was to perform happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy. (TN: 喜怒哀乐 /xǐ nù āi lè four types of human emotions, namely: happiness 歡喜/Huānxǐ, anger 憤怒/fènnù, sorrow 悲哀/bēi'āi and joy 快樂/kuàilè)

There was no doubt that Gong Qingyao's performance was at the bottom.

At nine o'clock, the teacher finally gave a ten-minute break. While the teacher was going to drink water, Shi Rong looked at others and said, "Yesterday's pasta was really good."

In return, Shi Rong and Lu Xiaowan taught everyone how to dance. Everyone invited the two people to dinner. Upon hearing this, some students replied, "Yes, I want to go again."

"But there won't be any time from now on. Every day is full of courses." After the formal training today, everyone discovered that the training was very serious.

"The key is that running is exhausting." Someone said.

When everyone was discussing, Shi Rong had been paying attention to Gong Qingyao's movement, but found that the other party didn't care at all. When everyone invited her to dinner last night, Shi Rong deliberately asked everyone not to call Gong Qingyao.

At this moment, Shi Rong deliberately let Gong Qingyao knew that everyone went out and didn't call her. Shi Rong meant it was obvious that she wanted Gong Qingyao to know that she was being pushed out.

However, Gong Qingyao disappointed her, as there was no expression on Gong Qingyao's face.

Gong Qingyao was actually a little sad now, of course, it was not because she was being pushed out. To be precise, Gong Qingyao had not realize herself being pushed out at all, even if she found out, she will be indifferent. Gong Qingyao's sorrow was how this expression of happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy must be expressed.

Back in the bedroom at noon, Gong Qingyao fell asleep directly. This training was much more tiring than fortune-telling. It was really not easy to be an actress.


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