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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 75

TMMTMQ – Chapter 75

Actually, Guo Yuankai didn't plan to go to the reality show this time, but later thought that Gong Qingyao was there, so he came over. He wanted to try asking for Gong Qingyao help. After all, there was a chance as well.

Gong Qingyao said, "But I only have time on weekends." The leave she asked to the crew had expired, so she had to rush back to Shancheng today as there was a scene to be filmed this evening.

"No Problem!" As long as Gong Qingyao agreed, two days later was also good.

After leaving, Gong Qingyao gave Guo Yuankai a talisman and asked him to put it under his sister's pillow. Then the three separated and boarded the plane. Gong Qingyao rushed directly to Shancheng, while Qin Ze and Guo Yuankai returned to the capital.

When Zhang An saw Gong Qingyao returned to the crew, he just nodded. There was Gong Qingyao’s role in this evening's scene. Gong Qingyao put her luggage and went to the dressing room. The crew originally thought that Gong Qingyao's filming tonight would be messed up, but when the filming started, everyone discovered that Gong Qingyao seemed to have good energy.

In the scene, there was an accident in Yunyou’s house. The kind-hearted Yunyou was receiving someone jealousy, and someone threw a torch at her house. Yunyou was trapped in the fire, but the bad guy locked that the doors and windows around Yunyou’s house. Yunyou couldn't get out no matter how, seeing Yunyou about to be burned to death by the fire, Fairy Lanyun descended from the sky and tried to rescue her.

It seemed simple, but Fairy Lanyun was a person from the immortal realm. When flying down the sky, she needed to use wire to fall from a high place, while to rescuing Yunyou, she needed the wire again to stop mid air and made poses of fighting the fire. Fortunately the first half was quite easy, but the second half was a bit difficult. After all, Gong Qingyao had to remain in the air and couldn’t be shaken. In the middle of that, she had to make a watering gesture.

For an ordinary actor, filming this scene was very difficult, let alone a person who had just returned from a leave. Zhang An saw that Gong Qingyao didn't say anything, so he decided to continue filming the scene according to the schedule. Zhang An commanded the crews to start preparing.

"The 43th scene first take, Action." 

At night, Yunyou slept very sweetly, but she suddenly felt that the temperature of her body was getting higher and higher, and there was even a smell of smokes. Yunyou got up in a daze and found fire in the house. There were no valuable items in her house so Yunyou only grabbed her mother’s relic and ran out of the house with the wooden hairpin. However, she found that the door of the house was firmly locked, so she ran to the side window. But she found that all the windows were also locked from the outside.

Yunyou was originally a little girl. How could she have enough strength to open locked doors and windows? But she didn't give up. She picked a stool in the house and slammed it towards the window, trying to save a bit of her life.

In the end, the stool fell apart instead. Then Yunyou picked up one of the wooden slats and also smashed it against the window. However, Yunyou was just an ordinary human little girl. After a long time, the window only had small broken opening, but the fire became bigger and bigger. She could even feel the heat behind her.

Just when Yunyou was desperate, Fairy Lanyun fell from the sky. She held a fairy bottle in her hand, and poured the water inside the bottle on the roof of Yunyou's house. Immediately the flames disappeared.

"Cut!" Zhang An shouted. "Yunyou, pay attention to your expression!" 

Yunyou who stayed in the house didn't know that Fairy Lanyun had come from the sky, so at this time, she should still look desperate rather than happy.

"I'm sorry Director." Tang Jing’s face was apologetic, but when she turned around, no one saw the sly look that Tang Jing had.

"The 43th scene second take, Action."





These cuts were either when Fairy Lanyun was watering, or when she was done watering. 

Zhang An was completely angry, "Tang Jing, can you do it or not?!"

Tang Jing expressed a full apology, "Director Zhang, I..."

Gong Qingyao on the side said, "Shoot my part first."

Zhang An felt it. At present, it could only be like this, "Okay, take Fairy Lanyun’s part first." 

The Fairy Lanyun parts played by Gong Qingyao passed in one take. After Gong Qingyao finished the performance, she directly removed her makeup and went back to her room to rest. Gong Qingyao walked fast without seeing the twisted expression on Tang Jing's face.

After taking the time to look at her mobile phone, Gong Qingyao realized that Cheng Lei had actually called. Gong Qingyao called back, and Cheng Lei’s slightly apologetic voice came from the phone, "Qingyao, what you asked me to do last time. I can’t do it."

In other words, Cheng Lei didn’t find Ning Yong’s information, "It’s okay."

Cheng Lei didn’t expect that he couldn’t even find a person’s basic information, but it seemed that someone was obstructing him from investigating from behind. 

After hanging up the phone, Gong Qingyao frowned. Ning Yong was really no ordinary person.

When Gong Qingyao slept, the sub-shot of Tang Jing also finished. Tang Jing hated Gong Qingyao so much. In the first play between the two, Gong Qingyao harmed her countless times. In this scene Tang Jing knew that it was painful to fly using wire, so she deliberately let Gong Qingyao keep flying. On cold nights, and under the pressure from the wire, Gong Qingyao should feel uncomfortable. But she didn't expect Gong Qingyao be able to shoot many times and not tired.

If only Tang Jing knew that Gong Qingyao did not rely on the power of the wire at all. So filming these things was not tiring for Gong Qingyao at the least. If she knew, Tang Jing would probably be angered to death.

When she woke up the next day, Gong Qingyao was full of profound energy, so she took out the wooden sign and directly injected the seven batches of profound energy into it. The entire yin in the wooden sign was broken by Gong Qingyao. After a while, Gong Qingyao retracted the profound energy back.

Gong Qingyao tried to refine the wooden sign. During the refining process, she heard a knock on the door. Gong Qingyao retracted her profound energy and put the wooden sign away. She got up and opened the door. It was a strange girl with a baby doll face, and a pair of black-rimmed glasses. She looked like she was only twenty years old, but for Gong Qingyao, who was proficient in face reading, knew that the other party was already more than twenty years old.

Seeing Gong Qingyao opening the door, the visitor hurriedly introduced herself, "Sister Yao, my name is Qiu Yuan, and everyone calls me A Yuan. I am the new assistant arranged by the company for Sister Yao. Please take care of me." Her words were like endorsements script.

Gong Qingyao said, "Come in."

Qiu Yuan was still in a daze and had a tangle in her heart. She had forgotten to introduce the work she was responsible for before and what she was good at. Qiu Yuan frozenly followed Gong Qingyao into the room, and then stood in the room with a silly look.

Judging from her face, Gong Qingyao had already saw at Qiu Yuan was an upright person. Gong Qingyao changed her shoes and looked at Qiu Yuan, "Do you know my schedule?"

Speaking of work, Qiu Yuan didn't seem so confused. "I checked the schedule and originally Sister Yao’s scene today is in the morning and afternoon, but Tang Jing asked for leave in afternoon because something, so the afternoon scene is adjusted to morning also. That is to say there are two scenes you need to record in the morning."

Gong Qingyao nodded and walked outside the room. Qiu Yuan followed her and glanced at her watch. "The shooting of the first scene is at nine o'clock. Sister Yao now has ten minutes to eat breakfast, and the next hour will be used for makeup and changing clothes. We should set aside 20 minutes to avoid accidents."


Actually, it was fine for Gong Qingyao whether she had an assistant or not, but after listening to Qiu Yuan’s report just now, Gong Qingyao felt that it was not bad to have an assistant. At least, she could leave everything about the entertainment industry to Qiu Yuan and devoted her time to metaphysics. Of course, Qiu Yuan's face showed she was a reliable person, otherwise Gong Qingyao would not make such plans.

In the morning, the first scene was shot with the male lead, and the second scene was with Tang Jing. There would be a ten-minute break between the two scenes. Gong Qingyao sat under the temporary tent on the side and heard the people around her mentioning the word most beautiful back.

Qiu Yuan on the side heard this and explained to Gong Qingyao in a low voice, "Sister Yao, there is a brand called Buyi. The style of the clothes is very similar to yours. Their staff took a picture of one Buyi customer and posted it on the Internet. That person’s back is very beautiful. After this photo became popular, everyone called the customer ‘The Most Beautiful Back’."

Qiu Yuan probably had a certain social barrier, so it’s a little bit illogical when she talked about it, but Gong Qing Yao understood. Buyi’s employee posted the back of a person wearing Buyi clothes on the Internet, and the back of this person was called ‘The Most Beautiful Back’.

Qiu Yuan whispered again, "Sister Yao, I think your back looks a bit like that customer." 

The tent was small, and everyone was crowded together. The person beside must have heard what Qiu Yuan said and couldn't help but snorted coldly. "Look, like I said all cats and dogs want to pretend to be the owner of this back."

"Yes, the clerk also said that the person wearing this dress is a person with very good temperament."

Qiu Yuan's face flushed. She was not good at arguing with others, but she really felt that Gong Qingyao's back was similar to that back.

Gong Qingyao didn't pay attention to the two people at all. She walked directly to the set to start filming the next scene.

Tang Jing originally wanted to make trouble again, but Zhang An had warned her again and again, so the filming was finished smoothly.

Qiu Yuan followed Gong Qingyao to remove makeup and change clothes with a gloomy expression on her face. It wasn't until lunch that Qiu Yuan said, "Sister Yao, I really think your back looks very similar to that picture, but they..." They said too much.

Gong Qingyao nodded faintly, "Don’t think about it, eat." 

As if infected by Gong Qingyao's calmness, Qiu Yuan felt that things didn't seem so depressed anymore.

After lunch, Gong Qingyao said that she didn’t need Qiu Yuan to come over in the afternoon. Qiu Yuan thought Gong Qingyao was a little unhappy because of what happened in the morning, and wanted to comfort her, but when she saw Gong Qingyao shut the door, she had to return to her room. In the room, she was not sociable in reality, but she was very good on the Internet. Qiu Yuan re-registered a Weibo called ‘Sister Yao's Assistant’.

Back in the room, Gong Qingyao continued to refine the wooden sign. Late at night, Gong Qingyao finally finished refining a trace. Once there was an opening, it would be much easier, so Gong Qingyao worked hard and refined to the early morning of the next day. When the light hits the room, Gong Qingyao drew a trace of yin energy from the wooden sign into the ring, hoping it would have a certain effect on Lu Qianqian's recovery.

After doing this, Gong Qingyao put the wooden sign away, and Qiu Yuan also came over. She greeted with a happy face, "Sister Yao, I packed our breakfast today, so we can go to make-up after you finish eating." Some actors in the crew were really annoying, so eating quietly in the room would be happier.


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