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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 53

TMMTMQ – Chapter 53

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As soon as these words came out, the ward fell silent again, but this time Gong Qingyao did not intend to give the other party a chance to speak, "Cao Peng is not your biological son, this year, you found a so-called biological son. That person was short of money, but Cao Peng couldn't make so much at once, so you came up with this shameful way."

Cao Peng looked shocked, what did ‘not your biological son’ mean? His wife who had been silent on the side said, "Cao Peng, is this true?" Her voice was hoarse, and she probably didn't expect the truth of the matter to be like this.

The old woman and the old man looked at Gong Qingyao, as if they wanted to argue, Gong Qingyao continued, "Oh, also, that so-called child is not your biological child, but just someone who wants to defraud you of your money."

"You lie!" the old woman shouted immediately.

Undoubtedly, this news was a bolt from the blue for the two of them. The old man on the side wanted to make up for something, "You, what are you talking about? We don't understand!" Obviously, this was something made up.

Tian Zhenguo said, "Nurse, we ask you to do paternity test, and the company will pay for it." After saying that, he glanced at Qin Ze. He saw that Qin Ze had no objection, so he immediately stood in place without squinting. Paternity test cost was not much, they had even dug up such big news.

Cao Peng looked at the old woman, and heard the old woman say, "Whatever the result, Cao Peng is our child."

There was a feeling of the old woman words to be the same as saying there was no three hundred silver taels here*, so Cao Peng, who was originally a little skeptical, suddenly believed the possibility. (TN: Based on Chinese folktales, read more here

Qin Ze on the side said, "If he is your son, when Cao Peng needed blood, why didn't you as his parents want to give blood transfusion?" After Qin Ze returned to the company yesterday, he checked Cao Peng's relevant information. He remembered that he was young, he fell down the stairs, and his family members were competing to give him blood transfusion. So when he saw that Cao Peng’s parents were unwilling to give Cao Peng a blood transfusion, he was a little puzzled. Today with Gong Qingyao, Qin Ze figured out the reason.

The old man was speechless. It was not because he didn't want to give blood transfusion, but because his blood type did not match.

Gong Qingyao said again, "If it weren't for the scaffolding on the construction site, the one lying in front of you at this moment will be a corpse."

Qin Ze added, "So it was an attempted murder!"

"How could it be murder?" The old woman covered her face, "I never thought of killing Cao Peng, I just wanted to get a few million in compensation."

When the old man heard what his wife said, he knew that everything was over.

Cao Peng's wife looked at the old woman desperately, "Fourth floor? You are really cruel, even if Cao Peng is not your own, are the feelings after all these years fake?"

"It was he who said that falling from a higher point would have more effect. Low floor might just be scratched." The old woman said pointing to the old man, he went to the site prior to see that the fourth floor is not that high.

Cao Peng was educated to be filial to his parents since he was a child, but he never thought that he was not their biological son at all, and they wanted to put him to death.

Tian Zhenguo on the side shook his head, "The first floor in Light of Hope Community is very high, equivalent to two floors on normal building, that is to say, the so-called four floors is five floors in ordinary residential building!"

The two elderly were stunned on the spot, they really didn't expect it.

Tian Zhenguo sighed, "Cao Peng, it's really luck that you didn't die."

Cao Peng lowered his head and said nothing, not knowing what he should be thinking.

Qin Ze looked gloomy and said, "Subsequent matters will be handed over to the lawyer."

Gong Qingyao walked out of the ward after handling the matter, and then Qin Ze then walked out. He looked at the people recording around and said, "Please also delete the video on your phone, thank you."

They should not spread this shameful matter, so as not to cause secondary harm to the parties involved. Gong Qingyao knew that Qin Ze was a kind-hearted person, so she couldn't help but praise him.

After Qin Ze left, someone immediately said, "They are the people behind Children Go Home. Have you heard what happened just now?"

"I heard it." Someone followed.

"Children Go Home is doing really good deeds for our country. How can such a company be denigrated by malicious public opinion?"


For a while, people seemed to forget that one of them said Qin Ze was a well-known bum in the capital, and he wouldn't do any good deeds.

"So, I want to post this video."

"I also post."

No one said that they would delete the video.

As soon as Gong Qingyao and Qin Ze got in the car, the accident in Light of Hope Community was exposed. As soon it was posted on the forum, a thick comment section was instantly built, especially one post with the highest click rate and comments, the title was <Someone was injured in the Light of Hope on August 18th.>

[Poster: I was watching a dog-blood event in the hospital today. This event refreshed my understanding of the world since I was a child. Let’s not talk more nonsense, and get into the topic about Light of Hope Community. Probably only a part of you know this community, but most of you should have heard of Dream Garden Community. Everyone also knew Children Go Home, this Light of Hope Community is owned by them. They are going to build an office in the former Dream Garden Community, now renamed Light of Hope Community.]

[1L: I am waiting for gossip.]

[2L: I heard about Light of Hope Community accident, they said a worker fell and broke both legs.]

[3L: That place was originally a wicked place, and it will be very difficult for them to keep it now that something happened.]

[4L: Upstairs is correct, it was a terrifying place.]

[5L: I want to know the continuation, where is the original poster?]


[32L (Poster): Everyone knew that Dream Garden Cmmunity is a place with extremely bad feng shui. There were too many things happened in the previous project so it became an unfinished building. When Children Go Home announced that their office building was built there, netizens wondered whether it was due to insufficient funds. However, today I discovered that it was not due to insufficient funds at all.]

[33L: What's the reason for that?]

[34L: I feel that the poster is deliberately posting cliffhanger.]

[35L: I plan to refresh this post in an hour.]


[87L (Poster): Why not lack of funds? Because the President behind Children Go Home is Qin Ze! Who is Qin Ze? He is one of the four great young masters, the son of the Qin family, and is also the famous bum of the capital. He has tens of millions of fans. Everyone knows him so I won’t talk any more nonsense, here’s just one thing to say, Qin Ze was the person behind this Children Go Home, I honestly really didn’t expect it.]

[88L: What's wrong with Qin Ze? He is handsome and rich.]

[89L: The bum can do serious things?]

[90L: I'll tell you upstairs, don't look down on the bum.]

[91L: No matter what Qin Ze is like, I like him.]

[92L: Originally I want to refresh in an hour, but I couldn't control my hands.]

[93L: Don't talk about it upstairs, I've been refreshing the post so frequently my F5 is almost broken.]

[94L: How can the poster prove that the person behind this Children Go Home is Qin Ze?]


[197L (Poster): Don’t worry, let me take my time. My relative has been hospitalized recently. This hospital happens to be the same as the person who had an accident in Light of Hope Community some time ago. I saw Qin Ze this morning. When he came, I followed silently. Note: I saw there was a young girl with him, plus a middle-aged person. Later I found out that Qin Ze was going to a certain ward...]

[198L: In a certain ward, the target of his fooling around could also be pregnant.]

[199L: Is the upstairs dark because of darkness? The relatives of the host are unwell and he saw Qin Ze on the same floor. Can the obstetrics department be on the same floor as ordinary patient ward?]

[200L: Stop the noise upstairs, and wait for the follow-up slowly.]

[201L: Can you update it faster?]


[278L (Poster): It’s not that I’m not hurrying up, I’m posting on my mobile phone, so the speed is slow, please be patient. If you can’t wait, you can refresh the post in the afternoon. Continue, that ward is where the Light of Hope worker is staying. After Qin Ze entered the ward, the door was closed. I wanted to hear what was going on inside, but unexpectedly discovered that the door of this hospital has a very good sound insulation effect. Of course, I didn’t give up so easily, so I just stood near the door and waited, a nurse finally arrived.]

[279L: The original poster should stop paying attention to the netizen's words, please take it easy.]

[280L: Here comes a nurse, then what?]

[281L: The original poster probably could hear what’s happening inside.]

"282L: Poster takes your time, don't worry."


"387L (Original): It's a coincidence. The nurse came and opened the door. The moment it opened, I heard an old lady crying. The crying was a heart-piercing one. I immediately rushed. After I went over, the other patients and their family members on the side wards also heard this movement and all came around. To tell the truth, everyone was wondering if someone was dying, but it turned out that it was not. Two elderly people in the room were furious, and it seemed that something hadn’t been negotiated. I stood next to the little nurse, we watched the old lady quietly on the side, doing our best to be as invisible as possible.]

[388L: Lololol want to laugh inexplicably, go in, the atmosphere inside is too horrible, let's go out, but there are people behind, how can you quit?]

[389L: Sympathy for the little nurse.]

[390L: Is this a partial topic upstairs? Shouldn't the focus be that the two sides have not negotiated something?]

[391L: Needless to say, it must be compensation, but I want to know the follow-up of the little nurse.]


[512L (Poster): I vaguely heard the old lady say that the President doesn't care about people. At that time, I was wondering whether Qin Ze was the President. At this time, the little girl who came with Qin Ze talked and said to the worker, ‘Are you sure you fell off accidentally?’ My mother, the whole audience was quiet at the time. As for the little nurse, she stayed silent and watched these gossips quietly.]

[513L: What what?]

[514L: No, no, no, I don't understand, what do you mean by accidentally falling?]


[673L (Poster): Then, the old lady began to question who the little girl was, and Qin Ze said that she was an important person in their company. The focus was she is an important person to Children Go Home! The old lady began to play tricks, and we all thought the small girl would be overwhelmed, but at this time she continued to ask the injured worker if it the fall was really unintentional. To be honest, at that time, we all thought the little girl was probably a cannon fodder. After all, who would take the initiative to jump off the fourth floor?]


The author has something to say:

Gong Qingyao: Who said I was a cannon fodder, eh?


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