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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 66

TMMTMQ – Chapter 66

Qin Ze was immediately infected by this atmosphere. It was obvious that the villagers' happiness came from their heart. When they saw that Gong Qingyao brought friend over, they also greeted Qin Ze enthusiastically.

"Qingyao's friend is here, come to our house when you have time." 

"Yes, don't be polite, you can go to our house to eat."

Qin Ze responded to this one by one.

Today was the 27th of the twelfth lunar month, and the festivity in Hongyan Village seemed to have started. According to custom, this day was the day for slaughtering chicken.

The villagers had already gone to the market in town early in the morning. They were all busy killing chickens, and chickens’ clucks could be heard everywhere in the village.

When the village secretary Wu Tiezhu and the village head Wang Dashan learned that Gong Qingyao had come, they rushed over. Wu Tiezhu first said, "Last time you came, we didn't know. So this time let’s have a meal together."

Wang Dashan followed, "No, every time you come, you bring things for the village. This is a bad. We are already very happy that you come here, no need to bring anything." 

The other villager continued, "I killed the chickens at my house today, so eat at our house later."

"Our house also killed the chickens."

Everyone sent out invitations.

"Let’s see later." Gong Qingyao came this time in addition to visit Xiaomi, but also to practice for a while. After all, once she returned to the capital, there would be less time for cultivation. Of course, the conditions for cultivation in the city were also not so good.

Feifei jumped from the ground onto Gong Qingyao's shoulder, and a villager immediately noticed, "Qingyao’s pet is so qute." 

When Feifei saw someone greet him and shook his tail. 

Qin Ze watched, frozen, when did this little ancestor change his temper into this good?

Gong Qingyao handed the tartan bags in her hand to Wu Tiezhu and his party. She asked them to distribute these supplies. Gong Qingyao and Qin Ze then went to Xiaomi's house. Xiaomi and Grandma Qian had long heard the news of Gong Qingyao's arrival, and they were already rushing to the entrance of the village.

They met halfway through, and Xiaomi shouted happily, "Sister Qingyao."

"Xiaomi has grown a lot taller." Gong Qingyao said.

Xiaomi looked at Qin Ze next to Gong Qingyao and asked, "Is this sister Qingyao 's friend?"

Gong Qingyao nodded slightly, "Qin Ze." 

"Hello Uncle Qin Ze." Xiaomi shouted.

Originally, Qin Ze was a little happy when he heard Gong Qingyao admitting that he was her friend, but when he heard Xiaomi’s greeting, Qin Ze’s smile almost broke. He took off the backpack and took out a small cake from it. "Here you are." God knew how much he worked so that this cake would not be broken on the road.

It was strawberry mousse cake, which looked very nice. Xiaomi glanced at Grandma Qian. Seeing that the other party had no objection, she happily stepped forward to take the cake, "Thank you!"

Qin Ze quietly said the condition, "Then can you call me brother?"

Xiaomi opened the lid of the cake, took a bite of the cake with a spoon, "You have to wait until I've known you more."

Qin Ze smiled. This child acted like a little adult, no wonder Gong Qingyao liked her, and Grandma Qian on the side finally found the conversation, "We are already very happy that you come over. You don't have to always bring things for the child, you will spoil her."

Xiaomi raised her head and said seriously, "Grandma is correct. We are already very happy that you come over. You don't need to bring anything. The second sentence is wrong because I won't become spoiled."

Everyone laughed. Even Gong Qingyao showed a rare smile.

"Look at this child, she has been spoiled already. Let’s go and sit at home." Grandma Qian led them back home.

After entering the house, Gong Qingyao and Qin Ze sit down, and Grandma Qian went to the kitchen to cook. Gong Qingyao took out a book, paper and pen from her bag and handed it to Xiaomi.

After saying thank you, Xiaomi asked, "Sister Qingyao, do you want to test me?" She has learned a lot during this period.

Seeing Xiaomi’s self-confidence and thinking that there was still time, Gong Qingyao said, "Okay, then continue from the last time."

Qin Ze didn’t expect Xiaomi to be interested in metaphysics. He sat quietly and listened to Xiaomi’s talk. After he knew Gong Qingyao, Qin Ze also paid attention to metaphysics, but when he heard Gong Qingyao talk with the child, Qin Ze found that the content he had known was too shallow.

As Xiaomi talked, Gong Qingyao added on some parts that was lacking. When Grandma Qian came over to call everyone to eat, Qin Ze and Xiaomi both had learned a lot. Qin Ze decided to study metaphysics well when he got back.

The four of them sat on the table, and Feifei took a plate and ate on a stool next to Gong Qingyao.

After eating two bites, Xiaomi asked expectantly, "Sister Qingyao, will you live in our house at night?"

"No," Gong Qingyao said.

Xiaomi knew that Gong Qingyao had her own plans, so she didn't say more.

Qin Ze couldn't help asking, "Then where do you live?"

"Cave." Xiaomi replied. Sister Qingyao liked the cave here, so she would definitely live there.

Qin Ze was slightly startled. Gong Qingyao chose to live in the cave during the reality show was that because the cave was really good? Seeing that Gong Qingyao had no objection, it seemed that she really planned to live in the cave at night. Anyway, this Hongyan Village, there were many caves, so he would also try to stay in one of the caves later.

After eating, Gong Qingyao and Qin Ze set off to go up the mountain. Due to the slippery road, Qin Ze chose to live in a cave not far from the foot of the mountain, while Gong Qingyao continued to walk up until she reached the cave where she had practiced before.

Before Gong Qingyao continued to walk up, Qin Ze suddenly called, "Qingyao."

Gong Qingyao turned around and looked at Qin Ze.

"Could you take an hour every day to go down the mountain and have a look around?" Qin Ze knew that Gong Qingyao was going to practice, but now was the New Year period, Qin Ze hoped that Gong Qingyao could also experience the taste of New Year here.

Gong Qingyao said, "It depends on the situation."

It was not a direct refusal, so it was still possible. Qin Ze happily said goodbye to Gong Qingyao, and then walked into his cave. Qin Ze found that even in winter, the cave was not too cold. Qin Ze hung a worn-out bed sheet that Xiaomi gave him at the entrance of the cave. After a while, the cave warmed up. It was really like a magical hole.

Qin Ze originally thought that he would be unable to sleep on a hard rock, but he didn't expect to fall asleep as soon as he lied down. When Qin Ze woke up the next day, he thought it was because he was too tired yesterday. Seeing that it was already bright outside, Qin Ze went down the mountain.

Gong Qingyao on the top of the mountain was still cultivating. When it was sunset, Gong Qingyao opened her eyes and ran down the mountain. Feifei on the side changed his posture to continue practicing. Lu Qianqian followed Gong Qingyao out after seeing the movement.

Gong Qingyao came to the bottom of the mountain and found that in a day's time, Qin Ze had become one with the villagers.

At this time Qin Ze and Xiaomi were walking back, and Xiaomi pulled Qin Ze to chat, "Uncle Qin Ze, do you think Sister Qingyao will come today?"

"Don't worry, she will." Qin Ze patted Xiaomi's head.

Xiaomi said happily, "I made steamed buns. I must give them to Sister Qingyao."

Today was the 28th of the twelfth lunar month. Every household was preparing staple food for the Chinese New Year. Most of them were steamed buns, Xiaomi’s home was no exception, Gong Qingyao followed them into the house.

Qin Ze first discovered Gong Qingyao with a hint of surprise in his eyes, "You are here."

Gong Qingyao nodded slightly, "Is the bun finished?"

Xiaomi immediately ran to the table, picked up a bun, and handed it to Gong Qingyao. "It's done. I'm still thinking, what should I do if this steamed bun is left cold? But Sister Qingyao came over right away."

Qin Ze also said, "Eat it while it is hot, it tastes good."

Gong Qingyao took the steamed bun and took a bite. The stuffing of the bun was cabbage plus a little meat, the taste was quite delicious.

"Is it delicious?" Xiaomi asked.

"Not bad."

Xiaomi was even happier after hearing this. "There is still a pot of steamed buns. Steamed buns are the best when it is just cooked."

Qin Ze looked at Gong Qingyao, "Grandma Qian made buns in the kitchen. Should we help?"

"Okay." Gong Qingyao knew how to cook, but she rarely did. As for making steamed buns, it was even more rare.

The three of them planned to go to the kitchen. Xiaomi said to Gong Qingyao, "Sister Qingyao, Uncle Qin Ze is so stupid, he only finished wrapping one bun after a very long time, even so, the bun is still ugly."

Qin Ze: … Can a bun look good directly on the first try?

When Grandma Qian heard this, she hurriedly said, "Xiao Qin's bun is already very good."

Xiaomi covered her mouth and smiled, "It must be Uncle Qin Ze’s first time making a bun." 

Qin Ze was a rich man from the city, he also came from a wealthy family. It wouldn’t be easy for him to be able to do farm work. Today they persuaded for a long time, but Qin Ze insisted on doing it himself, so Grandma Qian’s impression of Qin Ze was very good.

"Sister Qingyao, can you make buns?" Xiaomi asked. When she looked up, she saw Gong Qingyao had wrapped one. 

Gong Qingyao handed it to Xiaomi, "What do you think?"

Xiaomi took the bun with a look of admiration, "Sister Qingyao is great."

Qin Ze on the side looked at the bun in his hand. He felt that he had already wrapped it well enough, but only after seeing Gong Qingyao's bun did he know what was considered good.

The four people worked together and quickly wrap up the remaining buns. Grandma Qian put the buns in the steamer and put them on top of the boiling pot. After it was steamed, Gong Qingyao ate one and went up the mountain again.

Qin Ze stayed to help clean up, and then returned to his cave. That night was also a dreamless night.

Gong Qingyao went down again on New Year's Eve. She heard the sound of firecrackers at the foot of the mountain during her practice and walked out of the cave. Gong Qingyao saw that the people at the foot of the mountain seemed to be very lively, so she went down the mountain.

Qin Ze was helping Xiaomi paste the Spring Festival couplets. Xiaomi stayed on the side and gave commands, "Go a little to the left, then to the right, it's okay, that's it."

The spring couplets on the left were pasted, and when they looked back, they saw Gong Qingyao. Qin Ze and Xiaomi was immediately happy. They waited for a day yesterday but Gong Qingyao didn’t come.

Gong Qingyao helped them to paste up the rest of the Spring Festival couplets, and then hung the red lanterns also. The festivities of the New Year were even more intense.

Xiaomi looked at the big red lantern and said happily, "Goudan’s mother, Aunt Cao, can make beautiful window stickers. Would you like to check it out later?"

Gong Qingyao didn't have much interest in these but Qin Ze said, "Let's go and see. Experience the taste of New Year here." 

The three of them walked towards the Goudan’s house. Cao Lan cut a lot of nice window stickers. These window stickers seen from outside showed that Cao Lan was a dexterous person. When Gong Qingyao and her party entered the house, Cao Lan was still busy.

Hearing the movement, Cao Lan looked up and found that Gong Qingyao had come. She immediately put down what was in her hands, and stood up, "Qingyao is here, come in and sit down."

Qin Ze discovered that this Cao Lan seemed to have a good relationship with Gong Qingyao. Although he didn't know what happened here during the flood at that time, he could also guess that Gong Qingyao must have saved everyone.


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