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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 63

TMMTMQ – Chapter 63

After Qin Tianhe sent Tang Ruihe away, he sighed. For a while, he had mixed feelings. He never thought that his naughty son would have done such a big thing. Qin Tianhe felt that maybe all these years, the family had not really known this child.

Uncle Dong on the side of the car asked, "Master, where should we go?"

"Go home." Qin Tianhe got in the car, and then said, "No, go to Haoye." Qin Tianhe remembered what Qin Haoye said. He said his brother had a very clear mind. It seemed that his eldest son could see the most clearly in his family.

"Okay." Uncle Dong replied, and then drove the car to Qin Haoye's company.

The Qin family was not a business family, but when it came to Qin Ze’s generation, obviously no one wanted to inherit the mantle of the older generation. The eldest son Qin Haoye directly started his own business and established his own business empire, while the second child, Qin Ze, did Children Go Home. Qin Tianhe looked out the window. 

Qin Ze drove Gong Qingyao directly to the supermarket. The two bought some ingredients, "Let’s eat at home tonight. I will cook."

As long as someone else made it, Gong Qingyao would naturally have no objection. 

Qin Ze chose the ingredients, and the two returned to Gong Qingyao's apartment. After entering the door, Qin Ze went directly to the kitchen.

Gong Qingyao walked to the table, sat down, and began to predict the whereabouts of some children.

When the two were busy, there was a sudden knock on the door outside, loud and a little hurried. Gong Qingyao raised her head. Qin Ze came out of the kitchen and gestured that he would open the door.

The place where Gong Qingyao lived was very shabby, there wasn’t even cat's eye on the door. Qin Ze opened the door with a trace of alertness. He saw a middle-aged woman standing outside the house, and Gong Qingyao had never seen this person.

The woman didn't expect that a handsome guy would open the door. The ferocious expression on her face immediately faded, "Qingyao is there?"

Gong Qingyao responded, and then walked out.

Seeing Gong Qingyao came out, the woman's tone was not as gentle as just now, and she spoke like she was superior, "You won't have to pay for the rent next year. This building will be demolished soon. You can move out one of these days." This girl paid the rent late every year. It just so happened that this building was going to be demolished, so she didn't need to pay anymore, but the boyfriend this girl makes is quite handsome.

The woman left after speaking.

Only then did the two realize that this woman was the owner of the apartment, Gong Qingyao sat back at the table, thinking that she would go to find new house tomorrow.

Qin Ze returned to the kitchen and continued cooking. After a while, Qin Ze brought the finished dish to the table. When Gong Qingyao saw this, she went to the kitchen to help with the dishes and chopsticks. Qin Ze made a tomato egg soup, braised pork, a stir-fried lettuce and a plate of grandma stir fry.

Braised pork

Grandma Stir-fry

Tomato Egg soup

"The braised pork is a bit time-consuming, otherwise I would be done early." Qin Ze said.

These dishes were all home-cooked, and they looked delicious.

The two sat opposite each other, Gong Qingyao picked up her bowl and chopsticks, Qin Ze picked up a piece of braised pork and put it on Gong Qingyao’s bowl.

Gong Qingyao took a bite. The braised pork was made with pork belly, after being cooked for an hour, the taste was very fragrant and delicious.

Qin Ze asked, "What do you think of the villa in the Light of Hope Community?"

Qin Ze had asked this question several times. Gong Qingyao didn't understand why Qin Ze mentioned it again. The braised pork in her mouth went down and Gong Qingyao raised her head. "Not bad."

Qin Ze then asked, there seemed to be an imperceptible tension in his eyes, "Also the one on the right?"

"It was also good." Gong Qingyao's answer was still concise.

Qin Ze said, "Then how about you move there?" The villa was actually built for Gong Qingyao. He learned that the place where Gong Qingya lived was rented. At that time, Qin Ze decided to build the villa area. After that, Qin Ze invited Gong Qingyao to the Light of Hope Community again with the help of looking at its Feng Shui, but also in order to see whether Gong Qingyao liked it or not.

It’s just that Qin Ze never found a suitable reason to give the villa to Gong Qingyao, because Qin Ze knew that once Gong Qingyao refused, then there would be no room for reversal. He didn’t expect the landlord to come today. Qin Ze wanted to try it when the landlord said the building was going to be demolished.

Only then did Gong Qingyao understand Qin Ze’s thoughts. When Qin Ze saw Gong Qingyao not speaking, he went on to say, "You help Children Go Home and calculate the whereabouts of the children every day. We have never paid you anything for the calculations. Take the villa as our gratitude and payment. I hope you will continue to help us and help Children Go Home in the future."

"Okay." Gong Qingyao said.

Qin Ze was taken aback. He didn't expect Gong Qingyao to agree so soon. It was much easier than he thought!

"Then I will find a moving company tomorrow." No, he had to make a reservation first. At the end of the year, there should be a lot of people moving. Qin Ze had already begun to plan the follow-up.

Gong Qingyao pointed to the food in front of her, "Eat first."

"Okay." Qin Ze thought about waiting for Gong Qingyao for him to also move over to the other villa and his heart was instantly exhilarated. Qin Ze ate while looking at the apartment again. The room and the furniture came fully furnished. The electrical appliances and everything were all provided by the landlord. Excluding this, it seemed that there was nothing to move away.

After eating the meal happily, Qin Ze cleaned up the kitchen, and went back to Light of Hope Community. On the way back, he made an appointment with a moving company and arranged for someone to put all the furniture in the villa. After it was done, Qin Ze looked at the villa several times and only left after seeing that the furnishings in the room were consistent with what Gong Qingyao had said.

In the early morning of the next morning, Qin Ze brought the moving company to Gong Qingyao's apartment. He originally planned to help Gong Qingyao to collect her luggage, but found that Gong Qingyao had already put away his bags. There was only one tartan bag and two boxes in total, plus a paper bag and a dog.

Ten staff from the moving company was dispatched, and they were going to put up the ladder towards the third floor. As a result, they heard the two staff members who came down  said, "No need ladder."

"Huh?" The ladder was still being adjusted. The staff was a little puzzled.

The other staff said, "Did you see? This is the entire luggage."

The staff standing on the ladder saw that there seemed to be a lot of things in the house, and asked in confusion, "Don't the electronics and furniture need to be moved?" The refrigerator, the bed, and so on. 

Qin Ze said, "No." 

This was the first time that the moving company had encountered such a situation. Generally speaking, when moving, everyone would fill up their cars. As a result, today there were more moving staffs than luggage.

After Gong Qingyao got on the truck, the staff asked uncertainly, "Is this all?"

"Yeah." Gong Qingyao nodded.

The car soon arrived at the Light of Hope Community. The staffs moved the luggage to the house. Qin Ze paid the money and the mover left.

Seeing that the furniture had been placed in the house and the room was clean and tidy, Gong Qingyao knew that Qin Ze obviously arrange this when he went back yesterday. So she said, "Thank you."

In fact, Gong Qingyao was willing to live here, Qin Ze was already very happy. Seeing Gong Qingyao thanked him, Qin Ze smiled even more. "There was not much time for ventilation, but there is not much formaldehyde." Yesterday he specially ordered someone to buy a formaldehyde meter to test the concentration of formaldehyde in the house. It was within acceptable standard.

This was Feifei’s first visit. He ran around the room with his short legs. As for Lu Qianqian, she had been here a long time ago, but it was the first time she was here when the furniture was in. She was happy to live here from now on. She followed Feifei and floated around the villa.

Qin Ze didn't enter the villa, "You clean up first and contact me if you have anything."


After Qin Ze left, Gong Qingyao took out the previously carved rough jade stone, placed it in some corners of the villa, and pasted a few talisman papers. After that, there was a comfortable air in the villa. If Qin Ze used the formaldehyde meter again this time, he would find that the concentration of formaldehyde in the house had become zero.

Feifei ran to the floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor, stretched his body, and then lay on the ground. The sun was shining on him. He lied lazily and felt very comfortable. This new place was good.

Gong Qingyao didn't have much luggage, so she moved all of them to the bedroom on the second floor.

Lu Qianqian floated up on the side, "Master, the refrigerator is full of foods, and the kitchen is also fully stocked. It seems that Qin Ze is so good to master." Since contacting him for so long, Lu Qianqian found that Qin Ze was different from the rumor.

Gong Qingyao hung up her clothes, took out her mobile phone, and went to sit on the lounge chair on the balcony. She still remembered the promised January 1st lottery draw on Weibo. Seeing Gong Qingyao taking out her cell phone, Lu Qianqian also thought about the Weibo lottery draw. She immediately floated over and stared at Gong Qingyao's cell phone.

Gong Qingyao drew the lottery.

[Gong Qingyao: Congratulations to @Liangyou1 user for getting a free fortune-telling, the only official Weibo lottery tool...]

"Liangyou, why is this name so familiar?" Lu Qianqian said from the side.

Gong Qingyao clicked on Liangyou's private message box.

- Gong Qingyao: What do you want to count?

Liangyou didn't reply, the person was not online.

Gong Qingyao waited for a while and then returned back to her Weibo home. But then she saw that the comment below her post had exploded. In the past, there were indeed comments on the winner announcement post for the lottery, but they were very few. But today, 999+ comments appeared within a short while. Gong Qingyao clicked to open the comment section.

[Fuck, Liangyou? Are my eyes blurred?]

[I just clicked in and took a look, it really is Liangyou.]

[My mother, it was Bo Liang side account!!]

[Ah, Liangliang actually paid attention to the master!!]

[No, no, I'm going to take a breath.]

[I was lamenting that I didn't win, but when I saw the one who won, I almost dropped the phone. Please tell me, I'm not dreaming.]


Lu Qianqian here also reacted, "This Liangyou. It's Bo Liang's trumpet!"

"Bo Liang?" Gong Qingyao was a little puzzled why everyone reacted this exaggerated.

Lu Qianqian was very excited, "Bo Liang, Actor Bo! The protagonists of the ‘Excalibur’, ‘Red Valley’, ‘Happy Family’ and so on that you watched before are all him!"

It turned out to be him, Gong Qingyao understood, and then retracted her phone.

Seeing Gong Qingyao’s reaction, Lu Qianqian knew that Gong Qingyao didn’t care who the other party was. Probably even if The Emperor came, Gong Qingyao wouldn’t raise her eyebrows. But that didn’t stop Lu Qianqian gossiping heart, "Ah ah ah, I really want to know what the actor wants to count. I’m looking forward to it.”

Many netizens were also discussing under the comments. Bo Liang’s fans directly pushed Gong Qingyao on the hot search with #Bo Liang, Gong Qingyao#. This allowed Gong Qingyao's followers  to directly exceed one million.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.
    I think Qin Ze is a good guy. Though I still miss the Lu guy from the variety show. Such a good, normal guy... Hope he has a happy ending

    1. same
      if he is the ML, its will feel different and refreshing.

  2. QZ really shows up only to eat, cook or brush his face for a few seconds 🤣🤣🤣 but thats okay atleast he doesn't have facial paralysis and dominerring Ceo aura.


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