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The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Chapter 76

TMMTMQ – Chapter 76

Obviously, Gong Qingyao also agreed with this idea. Gong Qingyao took the breakfast, sat by the room window and began to eat.

Qiu Yuan said, "Sister Yao, I registered a new Weibo called Sister Yao's Assistant, can I take a picture of you and post it online?"

Gong Qingyao knew that many celebrities would regularly post selfies on Weibo, but she didn't have this habit, so she agreed upon hearing Qiu Yuan's proposal.

Qiu Yuan directly took a picture of Gong Qingyao's back and uploaded it to the Internet.

[Sister Yao's Assistant: Hi, everyone, I’m Sister Yao @Gong Qingyao assistant. As a new assistant, the first thing I do is post photo. I hope you like it. In the future, I would like to ask you to advise me on my work. (Picture)] 

After posting, Qiu Yuan happily followed Gong Qingyao to the filming scene.

After Gong Qingyao finished filming, she soon discovered that people around her were pointing to her, and Qiu Yuan also looked sad.

Since Gong Qingyao still had some scenes to be filmed in the afternoon, she was just waiting now. Qiu Yuan saw that the filming was finished, so she brought Gong Qingyao's lunch over. "Sister Yao, eat something first." Although in order to look thinner on the lens actresses sometimes would try to refrain from eating, Gong Qingyao three meals a day were always regular and quantitative.

"Okay." Gong Qingyao took the lunch. Qiu Yuan was still a little absent-minded.

After Gong Qingyao finished her lunch, Qiu Yuan finally said, "Sister Yao, I seem to have done something wrong."

Gong Qingyao took a tissue and wiped her hands, she then looked at Qiu Yuan. Qiu Yuan began to explain, after half a day, Gong Qingyao finally sorted out the whole thing.

This morning Qiu Yuan posted a photo of Gong Qingyao on the Internet. The photo Qiu Yuan took was of Gong Qingyao's back. Although she was sitting, anyone with a discerning eye knew it was the same series of clothes with ‘The Most Beautiful Back’ photo.

After ‘The Most Beautiful Back’ photo became popular, many people pretended to be the owner of the most beautiful back, but in the end they were all identified by the diehard fans of ‘The Most Beautiful Back’.

These diehard fans were quite powerful. With just one photo, they could reveal all counterfeiters. They were familiar with all the characteristics of their idol’s back figure, so after Qiu Yuan sent the photos, many netizens were in chaos and started to mention ‘The Most Beautiful Back’s diehard fans.

[Here is another little star who wants to hype, @The Most Beautiful Back Loyal Fan.]

[@The Most Beautiful Back Loyal Fan. I don't see any difference. Please come to check this fake.]

[Who is Gong Qingyao? Never heard before.]

[I just read it. Weibo's profile is a metaphysical master. How can a metaphysical master act?]

[This is not clear. It must be a set up.]

[Master, I didn't expect you to be like this. I am really disappointed.]


The Most Beautiful Back Loyal Fan never gave a response. There were more and more netizens scolding Gong Qingyao. At this time, another negative news about Gong Qingyao was suddenly pushed to the hot search, #Gong Qingyao playing big name#.

[Daily Entertainment: #Gong Qingyao playing big name# According to an informant in ‘Legend of Yunxian’ crew, Gong Qingyao asked for leave within a few days of joining the crew, and performed a scene more than a dozen times.]

There were a lot of news about this in the entertainment circle, and the degree of conviction was not very high. The source was that one of the actress called Ren Nian, who played the female friend of the female lead, posted a selfie on the internet an hour ago, and then many netizens started gossiping. Netizens started to as Ren Nian about Gong Qingyao, and Ren Nian's answer was also very interesting.

[Ren Nian: Qingyao did take a leave of absence. As for many NGs, it was excusable.]

The meaning of these words confirmed Gong Qingyao's request for leave, which indirectly showed that Gong Qingyao's request for leave after only short time joining the group indeed happened. Doing NG was excusable, that said that Gong Qingyao had indeed NG many times, so that this could fully prove that the content of the news was true.

[You really think you are a master, aren’t you?]

[Hehehe, fan turns black.]

[Gong Qingyao will ruin all passersby by doing this.]

[Such a small star, why act like big names?]


Qiu Yuan held back her tears. "Sister Yao, I'm no good. I shouldn't have posted the photo."

"It's okay." Gong Qingyao had seen ‘The Most Beautiful Back’ photo before, and she knew after she walked out of Buyi store before, the staff took it.

As for Ren Nian's words, Gong Qingyao didn't plan to take care of it either.

"Sister Yao, what should we do next?" Qiu Yuan asked, "Otherwise, let's ask Director Zhang for help?"

Zhang An was a very strict director. He hated troublesome thing like this, more over if he needed to take initiative to confirm. Gong Qingyao said, "No."

In fact, Qiu Yuan wanted to ask Tang Jing to help, but she had seen her attitude this past few days and it was already nice that she didn’t come to find fault. But it was just Tang Jing, when did she become so unreachable? Didn’t she just need Tang Jing admit that she was the one NG? But then Tang Jing would be stupid if she agreed to admit these things. As a new assistant, Qiu Yuan was very protective of Gong Qingyao.

Gong Qingyao still filmed when it was time to film. She didn't care about online opinions at all.

After filming the last scene on Friday night, Gong Qingyao could finally breathe a sigh of relief. For the next three days, she didn’t have any scene, but it was late so Gong Qingyao planned to stay for one more night and return to the capital tomorrow.

After returning to her room to freshen up, Gong Qingyao just lied down when she found that Lu Qianqian had come out of the ring. She seemed to be recovering well. In the past few days, whenever Gong Qingyao refined the wooden sign, she would give a little yin energy to the ring. As expected, the first question after Lu Qianqian came out was, "Master, where did the yin energy come from?"

Gong Qingyao took out the wooden sign.

Lu Qianqian didn't know what it was, "Thanks to these yin energies." Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to recover so quickly.

"Master is going to sleep?" Lu Qianqian asked when seeing Gong Qingyao. She then glanced at the sky, and found it was already dark.

Gong Qingyao told Lu Qianqian today's date and time.

Lu Qianqian realized that she had been recuperating for a few days. She couldn't help but spit out her tongue, "Master, hurry up and rest."

Gong Qingyao turned off the light and went to sleep, while Lu Qianqian picked up Gong Qingya's mobile phone and started to brush Weibo.

When she got up the next morning, Gong Qingyao found that Lu Qianqian had an unhappy face. She found Weibo could make Lu Qianqian so angry.

"Master, they are all slandering you!" Lu Qianqian said, "‘The Most Beautiful Back’is obviously you Master."

Gong Qingyao put on her clothes and went to the bathroom to wash her face. Lu Qianqian followed, "Master, I know you don't care about the thoughts and opinions of those people, but the entertainment industry works differently."

Gong Qingyao took a towel to wipe off the moisture on her face.

"Master, can't you see it? Someone is deliberately blacking you!" Lu Qianqian was very upset. "Master’s current status in the entertainment industry can be classified as just a bit famous. This kind of news can climb on hot searches was because someone obviously bought it. In addition, why Ren Nian's Weibo was so coincidentally posted at this time? The things she said were obviously premeditated!"

Gong Qingyao returned to the room and packed her clothes into a suitcase. Lu Qianqian pulled Gong Qingyao's sleeves, "Master, are you really not going to clarify?"

"Should I?" Gong Qingyao asked back.

If it weren't for the fact that the other party was Gong Qingyao, Lu Qianqian would have wanted to get into their heads. If ordinary people were wronged, they would have jumped up angrily. Her master was different, it was as if these things were not her business.

Qiu Yuan had already booked a flight ticket back to the capital. When it was time, she was ready to call Gong Qingyao, but found that Gong Qingyao had already packed her luggage. "Sister Yao, the bus going to the airport is about to leave, so let’s have breakfast at the airport."

"Hey, who is this?" Qiu Yuan arrival immediately attracted Lu Qianqian, and she ran to Qiu Yuan to observe closely.

Qiu Yuan felt the air around her suddenly turned a bit cold, so she zipped up her clothes, and then walked downstairs first with Gong Qingyao's luggage.

Gong Qingyao said, "Assistant."

"Wow, the company has sent assistants to Master!" Lu Qianqian was very happy, but she was a little bit disappointed as if she would fall out of favor from now on.

Seeing Gong Qingyao walked out, Lu Qianqian followed behind and shouted, "Lu Yongyi and the others said on Weibo that you are not such a person." But, after all, Lu Yongyi's popularity was not very high. The black news was like the sea, even if small pebble was thrown into it, it couldn't stir up any waves.

After returning to the capital, Gong Qingyao returned to Light of Hope Community. When passing by the guardhouse, Gong Qingyao retrieved the invitation sent by Liao Yehong.

Seeing that the guard seemed familiar with Gong Qingyao, Qiu Yuan asked in a low voice, "Sister Yao, do you live here?"


Of course Qiu Yuan knew Light of Hope Community, and she was a little surprised when she saw Gong Qingyao's house. After entering the house, Qiu Yuan's surprised expression was even more obvious, "Sister Yao, your house is so beautiful."

Qiu Yuan put Gong Qingyao’s luggage away, and Gong Qingyao motioned to her to relax. Gong Qingyao then opened the envelope she had just retrieved. After looking at the invitation, she discovered that the invitation addressed her as an Elder of the Metaphysics Society. She remembered Liao Yehong said that there was no need obligation to join the learning sessions, Gong Qingyao continued to read the invitation.

The first exchange meeting would be held on April 22, there was still quite a bit of time until then. After Gong Qingyao noted the time, she put the invitation in her bedroom, sorted her luggage, and then contacted Guo Yuankai. Soon after, Guo Yuankai sent over the address of his sister’s hospital.

Seeing Gong Qingyao had finished, Qiu Yuan said, "Sister Yao, then I will go back first."

"Where?" Gong Qingyao asked.

"Go to the company first." Qiu Yuan said.

"Okay, I'll drop you." Gong Qingyao drove Qiu Yuan to the company first, and then she went to the hospital address sent by Guo Yuankai.

Guo Yuankai knew Gong Qingyao was coming, so he waited downstairs directly. If it weren't for Guo Yuankai's saying that Gong Qingyao was a bit cold, his whole family would also be waiting downstairs.

Gong Qingyao parked and saw Guo Yuankai standing at the door of the emergency room, wearing a black mask and a hat on his head.

Guo Yuankai was surprised when he saw Gong Qingyao coming over without any disguise, "You don't need to wear sunglasses?"

Gong Qingyao asked, "Where is your sister?"

Guo Yuankai hurriedly took Gong Qingyao inside and waited for the elevator. While waiting, people around looked at Gong Qingyao a few times and started to whisper among them. Most of the people who came to the hospital were patients or their family members. Eighty percent of them were not interested in looking at other people. Only some would look around leisurely.


The author has something to say:

Lu Qianqian: You dare to slander my master!

Everyone: Shut it! What Master.

Feifei: Stupid humans, just you wait!


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