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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 37 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 37 Part 2 of 2

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Soon they stopped in a small building with a dark appearance and only a golden military sign hung in the air. It was at lunch break, Lu Qingheng informed the sergeant who was standing guard of his coming and Liu Weiwei was ushered in.

When Liu Weiwei pushed open the office door, she smelled a suspicious smell, a bit like the smell of grilled chicken. Only a crack in the door was opened, and the smell came out of the room like a shadow. And this was not like ordinary grilled chicken, but a roasted meat with perfect skill, which was no less than the level that she had practiced a thousand times in the training room. It’s not that she was sensitive, but that she had practiced roasting chicken wings too many times in the system training classroom. The fragrance of chicken fat was tumbling and the scent of cumin was stimulating. She was really familiar with the smell, and she knew it by just its smell!

Liu Weiwei sniffed, suppressing curiosity in her heart, and carefully raised her eyes to look at the person behind the desk. The Marshal's office was not extravagant. What she saw was ordinary furnishings. However, the old man in military uniform sitting upright was full of majesty and righteousness, he had a steel-like aura!

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but straighten her back, "Hello Marshal! Trainee cooking soldier Liu Weiwei come and report!"

There was a low laugh immediately behind the desk. "It's as energetic as in the video, not bad." Marshal Li Er squinted and praised. While Liu Weiwei was observing him secretly, he was also observing the little girl who walked in, the cook who was assigned to his disciple. She was in a pure white dress, her physique was pleasing to the eye. Her white goose-egg face was a bit pointed, her limbs were very slender, but she had a straight posture, and her voice was very neutral. The smile on her face was also warm, which made people not feel bad. It was the same as those reported before, this cook was different.

Marshal Li Er couldn't help but nod in his heart when thinking of Liu Weiwei’s ‘The Loveliest Person’ speech. "Come here all the way, are you tired?" He looked at the girl's face that looked tired.

Liu Weiwei was taken aback for a moment. She didn't expect that the Marshal cared about her. She was about to answer, but the marshal interjected again.

"I watched your interview video. Since you are here, I still have to ask again, what makes you want to be a cook? You should have known before that this post has no military status in the military. Without military status, it means that there is no promotion or salary increase, and there is no benefit policy that matches the accumulation of working years."

Liu Weiwei pursed her mouth, and as soon as she raised her head, she could see the other's sharp gaze focusing on her, like a towering mountain with an unwavering momentum, it immediately covered her! It seemed that if she made a mistake, her qualifications as a cook would be deprived on the spot.

"I don't know." Liu Weiwei immediately shrugged her shoulders.

Marshal Li Er squinted.

Liu Weiwei looked down at her toes, "I'm just an ordinary person who wants to make delicious food for more people to taste. I never thought about how powerful I should be." When she said this, she was helpless, "I only learned later that cooking soldier didn't even need to cook at all."

Marshal Li Er was stunned, but soon burst into loud laughter. "You just want to cook for more people? Hahahaha!"

Liu Weiwei: "Huh?"

"Then I have a hundred thousand sergeants in the Eastern Army Group, was that not enough? If it is not enough, the four major army formations, east, west, north and south, exceed 500,000 per area, and there are more than 1 million sergeants on standby during the alert period, was these enough?"

Liu Weiwei stared, "I heard that cooking soldier..."

Marshal Li Er waved his hand immediately, "Don’t listen to those sh*t! Anyway, you can treat that kid Qin Mo if you are in the mood. If you are not in the mood, you can just cook in our Cafeteria. I promise, as long as you work hard, you will get an internship every year. All of them are the best, and I will also recommend you to apply for a scholarship! Once you become a full-time soldier after graduation, you will be awarded the title of honorary cook and you will be promoted with a salary increase every year."

Liu Weiwei: "Ha... really?"

"Well, how about you take a rest today, and then go to the cafeteria to help in the evening?"

Liu Weiwei immediately had black lines on her forehead, "One hundred thousand sergeant's dinner?"

The Marshal waved his hand, "This is just a military district, so less than 20,000 people."

Twenty thousand was already enough to make Liu Weiwei kneel down.

"It's okay. You choose the simplest food to make. In addition, I will assign you 20 robots to help, and another squad of soldiers will be dispatched to help you. You don't need to make all 20,000 servings, just make 5,000 servings." The marshal squinted, "Only the most diligent soldiers trained that day can eat your superb delicacy. The allowance for cooking will be counted as a separate portion for you."

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. When she was about to go out, the Marshal remembered another question. "By the way, is cooking stated in the military academy volunteer manual, the basic introduction of cooking soldier?" He believed that he would never write about cooking.

Liu Weiwei blushed a little, "I listened to an introduction from an online senior. My grades were poor, so I could only apply for the logistics department. I didn't take a closer look at the volunteer introduction."

"Senior?" Marshal Lear raised his eyebrows, suddenly thinking of the trumpet that his student usually used. He chuckled, his chest shook, and finally burst out from a chuckle into a big laugh.

Liu Weiwei looked stunned.

"This is fate! I have to be very grateful to that guy!" The marshal finally stopped laughing, then leaned forward and said solemnly.

Liu Weiwei hummed, and suddenly her inspiration flashed, "Chief, I want to mail some food to the senior's to express my gratitude, don't you know if this is considered a violation of the military rules?"

The Marshal, who had forced himself to restore his majestic expression, suppressed his smile, put his hands on the table, and clasped his eyes tightly. "Of course you can. For your benefactor, you can post as many as you want."

Liu Weiwei immediately smiled sweetly, "Marshal, then if I still want to go on Skynet..."

Before she finished speaking, Marshal Li Er nodded, "No Problem. As long as it is non-working hours, doing anything that is not illegal is your personal freedom."

Liu Weiwei faintly felt a little strange. She hadn't finished speaking, how did the marshal seem to know what she was going to do. But she still bowed quickly and left.

After Liu Weiwei went out, the Marshal, pretending to be serious, let out the laugh that he held in, "I don't know if Sanpang boy queue up to buy crayfish in the morning." He muttered, then opened the drawer, took out a half-eaten grilled chicken wing inside and put it in his mouth again, chewing it slowly.

Liu Weiwei initially wanted to see a doctor first, but now she didn’t have time anymore. "Thank you, Lieutenant Lu, take me directly to the cafeteria." A meal for five thousand people had to be prepared for at least three hours. Time was tight.

Lu Qingheng's eyes lit up when he heard that it was something to eat, and he immediately led the way.

On the way, Liu Weiwei thought about all the dishes she knew in her heart, and finally decided on the most suitable dish that could be done with the robots – Chuan Chuan. She exchanged hot pot seasoning and bean paste directly from the system. When she arrived at the cafeteria, she found that twenty robots sent by the Marshal to assist were already waiting.

Lu Qingheng was quickly pushed out by Liu Weiwei and she asked him to come to the cafeteria for dinner at night. A squad of ten people also ran to the cafeteria to report. The squad leader was Tao Xing, a Private First Class.

In fact, they received an order to prepare dinner with Major Qin Mo’s cooking soldier, which they thought was a waste of time. After all, once everyone had finished training, they only needed to get their quota of nutrient solutions. Instead of preparing for only distribution like this, they thought it was better to go for more training, so they were a little bit repulsive inside. But Tao Xing still stood at attention and asked the cook for instructions.

Liu Weiwei listed her fingers and said, "To make five thousand skewers for everyone to eat, at least five thousand catties of chicken, duck and fish meat, plus five thousand catties of vegetables are needed right?"

Tao Xing and the other nine Privates were at a loss.

When Liu Weiwei finally finished her calculations, she smiled at the ten people, "Comrades, I have to trouble you to command these robots. We have to prepare 200,000 to 300,000 bamboo sticks or iron sticks, about this thickness and this length..." She gestured in the air. 

"Then, I need three thousand catties of Bibi meat, one thousand catties of Libo bird meat, one thousand catties of Arowana fish, and one thousand catties of shrimp. All Bibi meat and Libo bird meat need to be cut into thumb-sized pieces. Arowana and shrimp should be de-shelled then skewered on bamboo skewers." Liu Weiwei said, and quickly walked to the cooking table, took out some Bibi meat from her space station, and quickly cut it into pieces. Make one skewer as a demonstration.

Liu Weiwei turned her head over, "In addition, we also need mushrooms, cabbage leaves,… After all of them are cleaned, put them on a bamboo stick also." She basically made samples of things and showed them to the ten-person soldier squad and the robots. "Squad leader Tao, I don't know everyone's names very well, so please assign specific tasks to everyone." 

In fact, during the few days Liu Weiwei was in the cabin, she often felt nauseous and couldn't handle meat and fish at all. In the end, the task was left to the robots. The good news was that the robots did a good job as long as someone clearly gave them instructions and demonstrated it first. So the preparation and processing of cleaning and cutting was handed over to the robot.

Moreover, the skewers had relatively low requirements for the size and shape of meat and fish pieces. As long as the soup pot seasoning, as well as the spicy powder dry dip and oil dip for people to taste in the station area could reach a 60-point pass.

But Tao Xing several people next to him heard were dazed, and it took a long time for them to react, "Isn't it just distribution and drink nutrient solutions for dinner?"

Liu Weiwei was taking out condiments from her space while keeping accounts for future reimbursement. Hearing this, she couldn't help but laugh, "Of course not. In the evening, we will eat small hot pot Chuan Chuan!"


The author has something to say: 

It is expected that the male lead will appear in the next chapter. Emmmm... just ask our girl if she is afraid of losing her vest!

Maiden Wei: What... vest? Do I have this stuff?

The Major glanced at his Skynet trumpet, held his light brain screen, and resolutely expressed silence.

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