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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 55

ICRAB – Chapter 55

Liu Weiwei's special menu for the Major today was sour and spicy oily noodles, plus pickled cucumbers, and hanging boiled pork. The taste of the noodles was still clean and crisp, dominated by sourness. One vegetarian dish and one meat dish, paired with a bowl of fragrant, sour and spicy oily noodles. If people wanted to eat spicy, they could put more chili on the noodles, which was something she wanted to eat during pregnancy. Oily noodles were also considered as snacks. She had bonus points for cooking snack dishes. This staple food was her proud work tonight. 

The handmade wide noodles were strong and refreshing. They would not break easily even when they were cooked. After they were cooked, they were directly put in a large bone china noodle bowl that Liu Weiwei specially purchased. The emerald green onions were chopped and served on top. Thick pepper powder, chili powder, and ground ginger were also spread flat on the zigzag wide noodles, and then last, the most important vinegar was put in for seasoning to arouse the most primitive appetites of the diners. Once everything was ready, piping hot oil was poured on the noodles, and red oil floated on the surface, with that, the sour and spicy oily noodles was finished.

The rest was pickled cucumbers, and hanging boiled pork. The cooking process was still simple. After eating the oily noodles that could make people sweat, they could eat the cold dishes that give a refreshing and cooling feeling. There were two dishes and one soup per person. The dishes were not many, but they were full and clean.

The roasted whole pig that Liu Weiwei wanted to make was cancelled. After all, she had to take into account the Major's father-to-be vomiting symptoms, but when she went out of the kitchen to join the eating army, she did not forget to cook the thirteen flavored crayfish.

The notarized lawyer hadn’t come yet, and it’s obviously not yet time to celebrate, but the group of men in military uniforms were already like hungry wolves, lowering their heads and sucking oily noodles, also ravaging the delicate and artistic hanging boiled pork. The dishes were all eaten by them with an unusually unrestrained feeling!

Marshal Li Er, the oldest, but also the fastest, ate a bowl of sour and spicy hot oily noodles upright, and wiped his greasy mouth once he finished.

"Marshal, you can add noodles if it is not enough." Liu Weiwei smiled. In the next second, four or five empty bowls stretched out in front of her.

Liu Weiwei stood up chuckling, helping the people to top up the noodles one by one, and also put all kinds of spices and hot oil on them. When she had just finished and sat back down, she found that the system was weirdly quiet, and there was no information about the completion of the task at all. She couldn't help seeing the Major who had no appetite, he was stiff and was looking at the big bowl of noodles in front of him like it was a miracle.

"Major, you don’t like it?" The others were about to ask for more noodles, and they even almost had to drink the poor soup at the bottom of the pickled cucumber plate. The Major was the only one who had been sitting still, even when he saw the bowl of oily noodles, he didn't seem to have moved much, and even his chopsticks looked clean.

"Sister-in-law, we are all married, you still call the boss Major?" Lu Qingheng, who was not afraid of death, was doing unnecessary things again.

Even Mu Ming, who had just finished his last sip of noodles, lifted his golden head from the big bowl, "Beauty, if you asked me, the most beautiful major present, I must tell you that the noodles is delicious and I very like it, today’s cooking is very artistic, and … I am very touched."

Mu Ming chanted a poem, making Liu Weiwei instantly embarrassed. But just as he pointed to the hanging boiled pork the Major was reluctant to eat, a silver fork next to him quickly slammed into his plate!

"Eat yours, or shut up." Major Qin's face was tense at the moment, he squinted at the same two bars and one star on his opponent, feeling that he must work harder to be promoted this year as he had never before. The girl in the family did not uniquely address him, which made him feel very unpleasant. In addition, he needs an explanation now! His sharp but grim gaze instantly fell on Marshal Li Er, who was wiping out his second bowl of oily noodles. (TN: Qin Mo and Mu Ming is both Major in rank, which had two bars and one star on their uniform. Qin Mo was upset that ‘Major’ address by LWW could refer to both him and Mu Ming.)


"Cough, what, oh, clerk Liu, your noodle tastes really good today!"

Qin Mo’s mouth twitched, and he quickly moved to the battalion commander next to him. "In the Four days it took to travel to the base, did you eat these on the spaceship?" The voice was so cold that it made people get goose bumps.

Lu Qingheng was about to speak, but was caught in time by the mature and calm Commander of the 1st Battalion.

Liu Weiwei blinked, "It's all the ingredients on the military spaceship. It shouldn't exceed the meal regulations, right?" She already knew that her ‘partner’ was very old-fashioned in terms of food and clothing, and was unwilling to embezzle military resources at all. No matter what, he would only take the share that belongs to him according to the established specifications. Be strict in self-discipline and lenient in discipline. She felt that there was still a need to make an explanation.

Obviously, the man's face became darker. "Then, in the cafeteria these past few days…"

Under his somewhat scary gaze, Liu Weiwei swallowed, "It also shouldn’t exceed the standard, right? I asked the Marshal, and I cooked according to the nutritional needs and the amount of adults, and I also checked and reported the used robots on the production process. Is it okay?"

Major Qin's hand immediately shook again. "In the hospital…"

Speaking of this, Mu Ming, who had the most say, raised his hand directly, "Then I really haven’t give money, beauty, is two hundred thousand is enough? No, no, I’m too tacky. Art such as sauerkraut soup, measured by money is a shameless defilement! What do you want in exchange? Beauty, tell me, do you like the brilliant gems on the planet of Siberia? I have a lot of them in my collections."

Qin Mo gritted his teeth and lowered his head silently.

Liu Weiwei looked at the Major anxiously, not paying attention to what Mu Ming said. But just when she thought he was nauseous and enduring uncomfortable feeling, she saw him pick up the chopsticks on the table.

"If you don't want to eat, don't force it." Liu Weiwei, who had also suffered from morning sickness, couldn't bear to watch the Major forced himself. She knew the painful feeling too much, and her stomach rolled a little bit remembering the uncomfortable time.

Qin Mo paused with his chopsticks, and uttered two words, "No." He used his chopsticks very flexibly, and was much more professional than the battalion commanders who almost held them as skewers when they first used them. He clipped the noodles and took a big bite.

The rich taste, a sour but fragrant taste, had been filling the whole living room since the the dishes were served, and it didn’t disperse yet. And after taking a bite, the irritation in Qin Mo chest over the past few days disappeared with the pungent but soft taste. Pushing aside the red and spicy surface, revealing the wide noodles hidden under the two green vegetables, there was still a rush of heat, which directly entered from his nose all the way into his stomach, and there was an unspeakable hunger sound in his stomach.

The loud and rough noodle-eating noises concealed the cry of Qin Mo stomach. He quickly picked up a large amount noodles on his chopsticks and inhaled it into his mouth. Instantly, his whole mouth seemed to be hovering with a fresh and continuous fragrance. The oily noodles were wide and the texture was hearty. The nausea and uncomfortable feeling on this stomach for the past few days was instantly healed.

Major Qin was stunned, he could not help but pick up another big chopsticks of noodles! No matter how big the noodle bowl was, it was still done within a few mouthfuls if eaten by a man, and there was not even a bit of soup left in the end.

Liu Weiwei kept watching, and finally covered her smiling mouth. Without her continuing to explain, the Major’s chopsticks were moved to the pickled cucumber. This dish was a must-have every summer. Regardless of how hot it was, how many people had no appetite, as long as they saw the soft white cucumber slices, and smell the sour and sweet fragrance, they could immediately wake up their sleeping body. It was so refreshing that you couldn’t compare it to the food in a five-star hotel. .

"Beauty," Mu Ming finally had the opportunity to interrupt, pointing to today's meat dishes, "I want to ask, what's the matter with this unique dish?" Fortunately, he hadn’t eat it all!

"There seems to be a mood, but I can't tell…"

Liu Weiwei smiled and finally looked away from the still eating Major. "When there was no dryer in the past, people would hang their washed clothes on bamboo poles to dry on a sunny day. This dish is mimicking the scene of drying clothes. I don’t have a suitable plate, so I can only carve two radishes into wooden stakes. With a long bamboo stick in between, the thinly sliced pork streaks could be hung on it layer by layer, which looks like clothes hanged to dry. This dish is called hanging boiled pork. People that want flavored ones can dip the meat in the sauce below, while people that wanted light taste can eat the meat as it is."

Let alone Mu Ming, the other rough soldiers were all stunned.

"There is still this kind of operation?"

"Wow, this is the meaning of the dish?"

"Awesome, sister-in-law! If this piece of meat is wrapped in sauce, and it turns from a white T-shirt to a red T-shirt!"

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry, "I just think it's delicious." After speaking, she looked at the mission goal expectantly, Major Qin Mo. However, she looked into his pair of particularly deep eyes, and saw that there was a strangely obvious pity on them.


Liu Weiwei was stunned. But soon she saw that the other people rolled the white meat hanging on the lot in the special sauce and stuffed them all into their mouths. Then, she received a new message from her light brain.

[Don't worry, you can use the dryer every day in the future. Put dirty clothes directly without your hands need to wash them.]

Liu Weiwei: … 

She tried to press her heart that was irritated, and replied a message back to him. [Is it tasty?] She stared at him hard, and finally gave he chuckled.

"Ah... Boss, why you suddenly sneer? It's terrible!"

"Ah, Qin Mo, teacher didn't mean it, there is a reason for the teacher to do this."

"Boss, next time we come as a guest, we will eat less, don't be angry!"

But Liu Weiwei was covering her mouth and saw the latest message on her light brain.


[I married a first-class female chef, Liu Chef.]

The corners of Liu Weiwei’s mouth suddenly widened.

Major Qin also raised his thin lips, looked at the sweet smile on the girl's face at the moment, and subconsciously deleted the draft message he had not sent. Everything was delicious, except for those terrible dishes she made during her morning sickness… Beh.


The author has something to say: 

Finally found out...

It took a long time for the horse to fall, mainly because the poor Major had experienced much devastation and was not easy to wake up. The snail noodles, raw wontons, the very sour vermicelli soup… It was so pitiful that I suddenly felt that using snail noodles to wake him up was too cruel, so I used a bowl perfectly this time. The oily noodles that I love very much, for the benefit of him!

Anyway, after getting married, the snail noodles are unavoidable, hehe!

If you enjoy my work, please consider sending this sleep deprived mtl-er some ko-fi. =)

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