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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 45

ICRAB – Chapter 45

When Marshal Li Er got off work, he took a hot sauna bath and sat down on the sofa to pick up the newspaper to read, but he was disturbed. It was none other than his student who interrupted him. His student only wore a black military uniform vest and military pants, and there was a furry rabbit in the pocket of his military pants!


Marshal Li Er almost thought that he had drunk bad tasting nutrient solution that night, and he was having visual difficulties. His student started keeping pets? Also such a low-level, furry creature? Even the furry rabbit's entire head was shrugged listlessly on the edge of his student’s trouser pocket, and its two paws also covered its eyes. It seemed that its character was soft and flat, and it was harmless.


"Heh, aren't you on vacation? What else do you come to see me for?!" Marshal Li Er snorted badly and slammed the paper on his hand on the table. The moment it fell, Marshal Li Er suddenly remembered that this soft rabbit seemed to be Liu Weiwei's pet. What? His student took a vacation but then he came back, and he didn't let his cooking soldier go to work when he was the one taking a vacation, and he even snatched her rabbit pet!

It was simply…

"Teacher, I didn't come to see you."

"Oh, you didn’t…" Marshal Li Er stared, "You kid, you made a special trip to piss me off so late?"

"I'm here to ask for the new chef in the cafeteria."

The Marshal's hand on the table stiffened suddenly, and his temple jumped. He raised his head and looked at the cold face of his student. "Ah, you know her identity." Marshal Li Er was a little guilty. He reached out and picked up the newspaper on the coffee table. He turned a few pages and used them to block his face, "I'm also doing this for your own good."

Qin Mo raised his eyes, "Should I know her identity?"

"Huh…?" Marshal Li Er almost made a hole in the newspaper, "Ahaha! What did I say?"

Qin Mo opened his long legs, took the first two steps, and grabbed the newspaper his teacher was holding. "Did you invite the female chef who was my blind date last time?" His voice was so cold that there were no ups and downs. "Teacher, I have already said that I only accept task arrangements. It is better for you to save other arrangements for your own enjoyment."

Marshal Li Er opened his mouth from slightly to fully open. Fuck, it's been almost a day since he came back, but he hadn't found it yet? "Ah, what nonsense you kid is talking about! My wife had been reporting back these few days. Don't mess with me, kid!"

"Teacher’s wife is back?" Qin Mo's ice cube face showed signs of melting instantly, but soon he frowned again, "I can't walk away these few days, so I can't pick her up in person. Teacher, please say sorry to her for me. In addition, please give me the contact information of the new chef in the cafeteria."

Marshal Li Er stretched out his hand and pressed the corners of his mouth that was somewhat cocked, "What do you want her contact information for?"

Qin Mo looked down, "I want to ask the chef in the cafeteria to cook some special dishes for me." He heard that a woman who had no appetite would generate an appetite when she saw sweets. Always eating sour food was not the answer. The previous bowl noodles were so sour that he wanted to throw it away. She would lose her sense of taste sooner or later if she ate it so willfully. Sour nutrient solution was also the reason. Too much was not good.

"Oh, no." Marshal Li Er looked up at his student's instantly darkened face where his expression was on the edge of cracking, which seemed interesting no matter what.

"Well, then you can ask her yourself. How can I go beyond the person to give you contact information? She is not a criminal, nor is she your subordinates." The corner of the Marshal's mouth was arching higher and higher, "By the way, don't you want to take a vacation? Don't tell me to take a two-day vacation, you need other people's contact information."

Marshal Li Er must admit that at the beginning he just wanted to protect the safety of the weak cooking soldier. After all, she had superb cooking skills, and might involve a major military breakthrough so she was likely to be murdered by unruly people. But what he looked forward to the most now was to see what kind of expressions his students had on his poker like face. He even made a bet with Old Zheng and OLd Gao as to when this kid would discover the facts by himself. The world's top delicacies were by his side, but only he didn't know it!


After the rare war, they old veterans could still encounter such interesting things.

Qin Mo's eyebrows jumped, "I have just been to the cafeteria, and the chef was not working today."

Marshal Li Er immediately patted his head, turned his eyes to the vaguely gathering students who were already angry, and his eyebrows jumped violently. Who was to blame?! She didn’t come to work, who was to blame?! Even he couldn't help swearing vulgar words. After eating top food, who would want to eat nutrient solutions?!

"Then you think of a way to get someone to work. Your own cooking soldier, why didn't you give her a long vacation? You don’t allow her to ask for leave? Ridiculous! Go, your teacher has to rest." Marshal Li Er was annoyed.

Qin Mo didn't move, "Teacher, I heard from your wife that she didn't like you at the beginning. You chased her all around in the cafeteria and even run naked while saying that you loved her loudly."

"Puff..." The sip of the nutrient that the Marshal had just drunk sprayed out, and the majesty on his face was cracked. "Nonsense!"

"She said that you had the lowest military position and the ugliest appearance among those pursuing her."

"You, you, why you listen to her nonsense?! How could it be possible?! Your teacher was cool and handsome when I was young, and I was also a famous grass!" (TN Grass here means popular boys.)

"That's why you got the courage to run naked? Because you like her so much?"

"What do you know!? I saw her at first sight and I firmly believe in my instincts, so I ran.. Bah! Your teacher chased a woman, I take her to eat many delicious things. I take her to various planets to see stars, and how many flowers I had given her, ask her yourself! You devil, I bought three for her, three!!!"

The corner of Qin Mo's mouth twitched, "Oh, maybe the teacher’s wife remembered it wrong."


"Teacher, did you fall for your wife at first sight? I remember the last time you said that when you were young, your wife was not a big beauty."

Marshal Li Er finally took a sip of the nutrient solution in his hand, and his expression turned into a painful face like he had just drunk medicine, "Hey, you, you just wouldn’t get it emotionally. But one day, you will meet a woman. She may not be the most dazzling. Even with your poor Chinese skills, when you see her, every adjective will jump out of you."


"Well, I, your teacher, was also a vulgar person. I usually don’t feel comfortable being near women in the army, but when I see her, I start to think of adjectives one by one. I think she was a sunflower-like woman. Her laugh was so bright like the sun, and when she walked, she also carried the sun's rays. If she came to talk to me, I felt that her eyes were like big light bulbs in our bedroom."

Qin Mo: "…Teacher’s wife probably did not understand these adjectives you gave her."

"This is a man's vision, there is no need to tell her all! In short, when you meet the correct woman, every adjective pops out of your mind, then you will know that this woman is special to you. Just make sure, okay, that she is not someone else's!"

"Then… what if she is someone else's?"

"What?! Of course you need to grab her!" The Marshal stared, "I knew it! Did my wife tell you that she was looking at Chen Gou in the next class at that time? It's unreasonable. She tried to hide it from me, but she told you instead. I know that Chen Gou used to cling to her, huh! Look, didn’t your teacher snatched her back! I just let Chen Gou cry! She used to be someone else’s, what does it matter? We can live for two hundred years without dying in battle. Besides one year taken away by him, her remaining 158 years will be mine!"

Qin Mo pursed his thin lips, "I understand, Teacher. In case one managed to snatch her, then the buy one get one free prize…"

"Huh? Of course it belongs to the final winner!" The Marshal made a fist.

"Okay, then I will go first. Good night teacher."

The Marshal waited until his student exited the door, and another five minutes later, when he was sure that his student could no longer hear any sound, Marshal Li Er threw away the empty bottle of nutrient in his hand and touched his chin. "That kid even knows that he should get on the bus first and then make up for the ticket, get the certificate after having the baby? Hiss… a woman's mouth is really unreliable. The older that old lady is, the more she looks like a white-edged morning glory, she doesn’t understand anything!"

Major Qin, who thought he had an answer, went to the veterinary hospital quickly and resolutely with the furry rabbit in his pocket. However, it might be because he was thinking about things, and did not deliberately control his full-stars physical skill and murderous aura. The low-level beast pets and ordinary family pets in the entire veterinary hospital were all trembling and even incontinent.

In the end, Major Qin was ordered by the angry veterinarian to wait at the door while the doctor asked a little nurse to take the rabbit in for examination and vaccinations.

Major Qin, who was still reminiscing about the personal experience of the Marshal, began to ponder in the open space outside the gate of the veterinary hospital. He didn't know that the little nurse, who went in with the furry little rabbit that looked harmless, soon fainted inexplicably when she entered the inspection cabin. After the nurse fainted, Xiao Bai directly stood up and rushed to the height that it was about to break the roof. After it squeaked twice, a mini lop-eared rabbit that was so scared it almost urinated rolled in, lied down in the inspection instrument, and received a vaccine in Xiao Bai’s place.

After all this was done, the haughty large lop eared Xiao Bai turned back into a cute mini-shape, and patted the fainted little nurse on the face.

After Major Qin retrieved Xiao Bai and got the health check report that it was a Level 1 Beast that stopped evolving, he raised his eyebrows, boarded his aircraft, and rushed to the medical clinic. On the way, he purchased a pickled cabbage fish set meal via a five-star restaurant official website.

When Qin Mo returned to the ward, Liu Weiwei was still asleep. Her little pink face was on its side and she was lying flat on the hospital bed. Her winding black hair scattered around the snow-white pillows, looking like a fragile doll.

"I thought you were similar to a rabbit, but I still overestimate you. You are even weaker than the rabbit you raised at home,…" When Major Qin was halfway through the sentence, he suddenly realized that his palm had touched the girl's smooth forehead involuntarily just now, and the second half of his sentence was automatically muted.

‘When every adjective pops out of your mind, you know that this woman is special to you. ’

Major Qin immediately narrowed his eyes and carefully recalled the scenes from beginning to end. It took a full quarter of an hour before he nodded solemnly. "The teacher is right. Regardless of the past, since she is special, I should grab her!"

"The trophy…" Qin Mo handsome eyes fell on Liu Weiwei’s flat belly, "Of course, it's mine!"

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