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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 61

ICRAB – Chapter 61

Extra chapter 1 of 1.


[Pig trotters are a very common ingredient in Chinese cuisine. Because they are rich in collagen, they are also sought after by women as a beauty product.]

[A new task: Let this mother who was scolding her children understand the real delicacy of trotters, this is food that civilians can also cook!]

[Task Reward: Get a free wedding dress.]

Liu Weiwei glared at the reward, and her symptom called grassroots stubbornness could not help but drool and looked around all the wedding dresses in the display windows… Tsk.

Major Qin glanced at his daughter’s mother next to him. It was obvious that a honey smile appeared on the girl's face, and her eyes softened a lot.

"Two guests, do you want to rent a wedding dress? Do you need my recommendation?" A young boy, whose hair on his forehead was dyed silver, came out of the elevator with a bit of bitterness on his face. But seeing the two people standing in the store, he almost knelt on the carpet.

Major Qin was wearing a pair of sunglasses when he got out of the car, but he took them off when he entered in the store, and he did not deliberately hide his identity.

"Major Qin Mo?!"

He was a celebrity, but he was also a national hero.

"This… this is your wife?!" The boy had just been scolded at, but when his celebrity gossip mind was aroused, the frustration of the previous second was forgotten.

Major Qin nodded with his hands behind his back. But before he could speak, Liu Weiwei, who was holding the rabbit next to him, looked at the boy with interesting hair color. 

The other party looked at the age of twenty, but with interstellar age, Liu Weiwei was uncertain. He was dressed very fashionable, with a black jacket on his body and a lot of silver chains, which was considered a punk style on ancient earth.

"What style do you need? I recommend you to try this diamond-studded V-neck wedding dress with a star-studded long veil. It is the most popular this year." The little boy was quite tasteful.

Standing in front of the glass showcase, Liu Weiwei found that this skirt covered almost all the shortcomings of her figure. Her thin arms would be half-hidden and half-exposed, but her skin would look bright and white. The wide skirt concealed her lack of butt, and the high waist design also made the slender waist that otherwise looked awkward became especially feminine. The V-neck studded with diamonds on the chest didn’t waste her hard work, which had nearly fifty points of beauty. Her cleavage was shown, but still vague and elegant. She liked it very much. The skirt was not pure white, some of it was slightly shimmering, which made her skin white and smooth. Even her not very charming facial features had their own beauty and light effects, and her skin was clean and beautiful.

The Major nodded in satisfaction, but his gaze soon fell below Liu Weiwei’s waistline, "This one is good and loose."

Liu Weiwei knew the Major’s implicit meaning immediately. It wouldn’t squeeze his daughter and the like…

But after the Major moved his gaze upward, he became entangled, "But won’t it be too cold?"

Liu Weiwei:…

The little boy in the shop was also experienced, and he knew what the famous Major was struggling with, and immediately took them to the side of a conservative tube top wedding dress.

"What about this one?"

"Yes." The Major nodded immediately. He reached out and turned the three-dimensional picture of the wedding dress in front of him back and forth, expressing his satisfaction immediately.

Liu Weiwei:… 

She could only roll her eyes at him. However, during her special period now, she was a bit larger than usual, and the tube top shape could also faintly show her cleavage, and did not prevent her from being pretty. She didn't resist it anymore. After all, a military's wife could not be too exposed, and it could be regarded as satisfying the machismo the Major rarely revealed.

When the bill was paid, the Major finalized, "Rent this, buy the one just now."

Liu Weiwei was particularly surprised.

"You dress nicely, buy it back and collect it." The Major remembered the principle of putting his wife's mood first. Of course, he was also taught by Mrs. Qian before coming. There was only one criterion for a wedding dress, the wife had to like it. And creatures like women liked beautiful clothes, so even if they buy just to look at them, they would probably still be happy for a long time.

"Won’t it be too wasteful?"

"It’s fine."

Liu Weiwei was immediately moved by the man.

"It can be passed on from generation to generation."


"Okay. Then for this one, you can pay the deposit first." The little boy saw that the couple had discussed with each other and started to pack the dress very skillfully. "If you encounter any problems, you can contact us. This is our store contact number. Scan the barcode and you will be connected to our online customer service."

Liu Weiwei nodded, but when she walked to the door, she looked back again.

"When I go back I will add your shop." Liu Weiwei blinked at the boy, and then walked out of the store with the Major next to her.

Until one o'clock in the afternoon, An Hao squinted to rest on the sofa of the bridal shop, propping his head. Without customers, he was very leisurely. His mother was a wedding dress designer. Since he graduated, she had rarely come down to receive guests in person. He stayed outside as long as she was busy.

There were also two robots in the shop, but because An Hao alone was too idle, he set their functions to only be responsible for cleaning. He was about to fall asleep when he was suddenly awakened by the doorbell.

"Takeaway, please sign."

An Hao immediately became sober. He stupidly opened the temperature keeping box and touched the warm bowl inside. He smelled a meaty scent that could only be smelled when he patronized the restaurant next door on holidays!

[Stewed pig trotters.] (TN: 老妈蹄花/Lǎo mā tí huā, literal translation old mother pig trotter flower.)

[Thank you for your attentive service during choosing wedding dress. This is for you to eat with your mother. Food will always be with you.]

An Hao was stunned. He happened to hear the chef who came to try wedding dress in the shop the other day mentioned that as long as he cooked the trotters for a long time, there would be no unpleasant smell, so he wanted to try it. Although he knew that it would not work without recipe, but he always wanted to embark on the journey of a chef, and he was eager to try it.

In reality, pig's trotter was not expensive. An Hao bought a whole box of frozen trotters in one go, but because he used the most expensive Interstellar Alliance Express, and because the weight was large and the volume was not small, the freight cost nearly 10,000. At this time, he was working in the store, and a half-month salary that his mother gave was used up, which was why his mother went crazy this morning. This was all a stupid thing he did on impulse.

It's embarrassing for even normal guests to overhear, let alone Major Qin Mo's wife. Did she hear…?

An Hao was embarrassed, but the fragrance on the tip of his nose seemed to had a pair of magic hands, they kept teasing his whole body. He swallowed his saliva and immediately took the bowl of warm pig trotters out of the box. His face suddenly became solemn. He saw a bowl of pig's trotters soup boiled until it was all white and fragrant. Sprinkled with a little green onion, the ugly-looking ingredients turned became delicious and cute!

An Hao couldn't help but picked up the fork in the incubator and directly inserted it to the soft waxy trotters. Without any effort, he tore off a large piece of trotter. When he put it into his mouth, even before he chew, the soft and fragrant trotter had melted on his tongue. The trotter was so soft that it seemed to instantly fall apart in his mouth… exuded an overflowing fragrance. When chewed, it rolled into the throat with the fragrance and slide into his body.

The soft and white soup brings a warm breath into his every pore. An Hao was shocked. He was stunned for a few seconds before he rushed into the elevator. "Mom, taste this dish. I want to learn cooking! I want to cook!"

Meanwhile Liu Weiwei, who had returned home a long time ago, came out of the kitchen and successfully fed the whole family. After receiving a good feedback from the Major, she received completion of the task notification.

[Show the knife skill mission completed!]

[Task rewards: 10 beauty points, advanced knife skills book, and 10 random recipes.]

[Apprentice function has been turned on.]

Liu Weiwei was taken aback. She thought it was the trotter task. She saw that this knife skill task progress was only halfway through just now, but now it's actually completed. She quickly took a look on the internet and found that her little video of cutting dried tofu on the stall was viral. People clicked and forwarded it and it had now broken 100,000 repost. Fortunately, the entire video was only of her hands, without recording her face. Although she was wearing a mask, she still shuddered at the thought of the exposure.

The system notification was correct, and Liu Weiwei immediately put the video aside. She began to study the new apprenticeship function. At present, her mastery was positioned at only elementary level on the system, and the recipes she had mastered were still a drop in the bucket, and the apprentice bar showed only one position. To unlock the next position, she needed to increase the seasoning level to LV30. From the system description, every apprentice could learn the unlocked recipes from her, and there were no learning restrictions.

[Due to the opening of the apprenticeship function, congratulations that the host has officially embarked on the ultimate mission to be the food master.]

[Milestone tasks: 1. Set up a gourmet shop on Skynet, and officially name the future gourmet faction. 2. Collect three apprentices and let them stand alone in the store.]

[Task Reward: Four seasonings – how to make oil, salt, sauce and vinegar; activation of exchange function on alcoholic beverages; intermediate book on noodle making skills.]

Liu Weiwei stared at the generous reward that came suddenly. The task of collecting three apprentices, while she now only had one place in the apprentice column… looked like a distant future. But she still could open the shop first. She immediately found the Major who was sitting next to her studying the must know information for father-to-be, and discussed with him.

"Only one hour a day? Okay." The Major nodded quickly. "Remember to wear the anti radiation suit."

Liu Weiwei was happy, "I will find a helper in the future. If someone is helping, can the shop's business hours be extended?"

The Major was quite supportive. He was still studying the maternal depression that almost broke out in the morning. He thought it was a good thing that Liu Weiwei could have a focused direction. After all, he usually had to train or even go to the battlefield at any time, so he couldn't stay by his side all the time. "Can."

Liu Weiwei thought the Major was too easy to talk. When she was excited, she remembered that someone had asked her to discuss a company catering before she was hospitalized. She almost forgot. "I don't know about takeaways, can he accept them…" If she opened an offline store, she had to make a report every time she left the military area, which was really inconvenient. If it was takeaway, she could grit her teeth alone, but now she didn’t dare to ignore her baby.

The Major heard her muttering, and immediately raised his eyebrows, "He doesn't accept? Then ignore it!" But soon he reached out and wiped his face, trying to soften his expression.

"Come, you should lie down and rest. I will tell the baby the story of an ugly duckling defeating the beast and marrying a prince."


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