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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 62

ICRAB – Chapter 62

Liu Weiwei felt that the Major was a little confused. But so far, he had never interfered in her private life, basically she could do the things she was doing before, which could be said to be very good. In this case, she didn't mind that he had to read the story. She could only move the little furry rabbit from her arm, let its head rest on her arm, and its soft body lied down on the sofa. 

Before Liu Weiwei also lied down, she took a special look and found the Major looked very serious at the moment. It was estimated that the possibility of failing to teaching his own girl had become a burden for him, which had caused him to like to do early education, especially now.

Liu Weiwei could only guess like this. When she lied down obediently, the Major really showed a good smile. However, he turned on his light brain screen and began to read.

"… She originally thought she was ugly and even wanted to die in fear, but when she was about to give up, she realized that she turned out to be an elegant and beautiful swan."

Qin Mo’s voice was very calm, but a lovely fairy tale was retold like an explanation of popular science.

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched.

"But when she was about to return to the swan family happily, she met a huge and ferocious gray wolf. The ugly duckling shivered, but finally gathered up the courage to learn from the mother swan and her brothers and sisters. She picked up the weapon and threw it at the big gray wolf bravely, and hit the big wolf in the eye…" When Qin Mo read this, his voice suddenly stopped.

Liu Weiwei looked up suspiciously.

"Will it be too bloody?" Qin Mo looked at the story tangledly. "This paragraph, let’s skip it."

Liu Weiwei: … She also knew this story. It was nothing more than the combination of the classical version of Ugly Duckling and Cinderella, plus the bridge segment of fighting against beast, which was now a well-known fairy tale concept.

"But the clock pendulum has struck the twelfth stroke, and she suddenly panicked, she is about to turn back into a swan! She broke free from the handsome prince's arm in a panic, in the night…" Qin Mo's voice stopped again. This time he looked at Liu Weiwei as if asking for help, "How old is this story for? Isn't this a little too mature?" As he said this, he frowned, "I am not prepared enough. I’ll turn over the book at night, and tell the baby after adapting it."

Liu Weiwei: …

After lunch, Liu Weiwei lay down and rested for a while. It was just after two o'clock when she heard the system notification that her trotter task was completed. Before she could check the task reward, the Major shared his light brain screen with her.

"I have listed the items that need to be purchased. For the skin care products you need now, various vitamins, folic acid, iron and other supplements, I have asked Bu Zhongxin to issue a copy for you."

"As for others… some of them are purchased online, and some I am going to see on the spot."

Liu Weiwei glanced at the list, and was immediately attracted by the mini-bed, clothes and shoes. Taking advantage of the half-day holiday for both of them, they went out.

Qin Mo was not an indecisive person. He bought everything in tender pink. If there was no pink, he chose pure white. It didn't take long for the two of them to have a whole circle of maternity and child products. Some things were thrown directly in their personal space, and some were scheduled for delivery.

At this time, Liu Weiwei also had feelings for the baby in her belly, and she was already worried about the baby. She really felt that if it was found to be a male baby, he would probably cry seeing a room full of pink after birth.

But Qin Mo obviously enjoyed his 50 % probability and early preparation thoughts. For this possibility of a male baby, he directly solved it in the roughest way. "At most, let the robot paint all things black." He felt that even if the child smashed it in the end, it would not be a problem.

"When I was a child, I was raised by robot, the robot told me stories, the robot taught me homework, taught me boxing… My room is a storage room remodeled."

Liu Weiwei wiped her sweat. Men in the army might really see more soldiers of the same sex. They were casual for boys, but soft daughters were very popular. 

This was even more verified when they returned home at night. The battalion commanders Liu Weiwei knew came to their door with gifts.

"Sister-in-law, let's see the little niece! Wow, the boss is moving too fast."

"Yes, we haven't noticed it last night. If we hadn't met the boss in the cafeteria this morning, we wouldn't know until now!"

"I bought the latest princess Sissi doll for my little niece, who can sing when hugged."

"My little niece should like the seahorse I bought more. Sleeping together at night will make it glow!"

"F*ck, what I bought for my little niece is the best! Look at this little princess tutu, the same style with the President's daughter this year~"

"What, the same style? Of course she needs to be unique. I will ask my sister to make one for her tomorrow!"

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded. She glanced at the Major who was standing next to her with the corners of his mouth still raised.

"I told them, it is 50% probability."

Liu Weiwei: …

"It's okay, even if it's not this time, there is the next one."

"That's right, sister-in-law, don't worry, we don't dislike a little nephew! But the gift is gone!"

"How do you talk?! How come there are no presents? My broken gun, I will apply it as scrap, and give it back to my nephew!"

"You want to give it away? The boss has a room full of scrapped guns! If you want to give something, then you have to give him a beast tooth!"

"F*ck, let alone beast teeth, I also have beast skin!"

"I can't listen to you like this! In short, sister-in-law, it doesn't matter if you it is unfortunately the other half, just give him to train with us, I will definitely discipline him for you! For the kid's birthday gift every year, you don't have to worry, every year we have many people scrapping unwanted guns and beasts loot."

"Hahaha! Make a few more sisters-in-law! We have piles of scraps!"

The corner of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched, expressing deep sympathy for the baby in her stomach. She then turned and walked into the kitchen, "I'm going to make dinner."

Before long, Qin Mo also followed. "Angry?" He reviewed himself deeply. After all, the two of them were now synchronizing their mental powers and could feel the subtle fluctuations in each other's emotions.

Liu Weiwei said nothing.

Qin Mo glanced at her back. The two thin belts of the apron tied behind her outlined a particularly slender waist. The place that looked able to be broken when twisted was about to give birth to a small life, and he couldn't help but sink into confession." I'm wrong."

Liu Weiwei raised her eyebrows.

"I will go out later and buy the navy blue cot and small clothes you like." Qin Mo touched his nose halfway through the conversation, looked at the back of the girl in front of him stayed unmoved, and immediately added another comment. "I was really wrong. I shouldn't discriminate against gender, let alone discriminate against my son… A son is as precious as a daughter…"

Liu Weiwei turned to look at the Major, still holding a knife in her hand, "Give a son the same prenatal education as a daughter?"

When Qin Mo saw Liu Weiwei turning back, he immediately stood at attention, "Tell a story about Monkey King tonight, to the smelly... son."

Liu Weiwei held back her laugh, turned around, and continued to cut the meat.

"Are you not angry?" Qin Mo studied carefully, "Then I will go out and teach those people!"

Liu Weiwei finally laughed and said, "Go out to ask everyone to stay for dinner. It’s to thank them for their gifts."

Qin Mo nodded, "I eat meat and ask them to take nutrient solutions."

Liu Weiwei: … She used to think that the Major was a pervert, but now she found out that she was wrong. He was an unreasonable hooligan!

At dinner time, the battalion commanders who gave gifts had already taken up the entire table.

Even Commander of the 3rd Battalion, who had never eaten high-level cuisine before, was the least able to use chopsticks, already holding a pair of chopsticks, waiting for the meal.

As long as there was a strong smell of meat in the kitchen, they could no longer walk away. They obviously finished their training and took a shower. They should go to the cafeteria now but decided not to leave. As for their boss's cold and dark face, they completely pretended not to see it.

"Sister-in-law, what is for dinner today?" Lu Qingheng changed his mouth the quickest and asked the smoothest.

Liu Weiwei asked the robot to put all the dishes on the table, and introduced with a smile, "Red braised pork belly, sour cowpea with white rice, and a bowl of tomato egg drop soup. It’s too late to make too many dishes after we came back from shopping today."

The battalion commanders had already started to drool over the small dishes that the robot on the table had assigned them, and they couldn't even say polite words. The cubes of sauce-red meat on the dishes looked square and neat, a layer of fat was sandwiched between a layer of lean meat, and each had almost five layers. They used chopsticks to clamp the meat, and they were bounced away by the elasticity of the fat piece of meat!

The battalion commanders swallowed immediately. Some used a fork, some continued to use chopsticks, and some even used a spoon… In the end, they succeeded in superimposing a piece of braised pork belly on the white rice. Seeing the red sauce mixed with crystal oil and flowing into the white rice, they all smiled.

They swiped a big bite into their mouth, and a large chunk of pork belly rolls in the mouth. First, the skin oil on the surface was forced out, and the elastic skin was pressed to the next layer of plump and soft transparent meat, and finally all the meat juices and fats were squeezed onto the essence of the lean meat by their chewing, the ultimate pork taste was stimulated layer by layer. The oil was not greasy, the fat was thin but wrapped in firmness. Five layers of entanglement, layer upon layer… This meat had brought them ups and downs!

With the bite of the shining rice grains rolled over the sauce and fat, the sweetness mixed with the scent makes the plain rice grains tasteful, one bite after another, in a blink of an eye their bowls were all empty.

"Sister-in-law, can you add more food?"

"Is there still this braised gravy left over? I want to add sauce."

Liu Weiwei just ate a half bowl of rice, but these soldiers had already rolled all the dishes into their stomachs! Even the Major cleaned up the pots of these two dishes and a soup. But well, empty dishes were the best compliment for a chef.

Liu Weiwei contentedly refilled them one by one. When she was indulging everyone's various ways of eating, she suddenly received a message.

[Excuse me, can you teach me how to cook?]

System notification soon followed.

[Host, you have received a request for apprenticeship, will you accept it?]

[Potential: Four stars.]

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