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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 60

ICRAB – Chapter 60

The customers kept shouting, but Liu Weiwei's actions continued. She seemed to have entered a state of selflessness, and the noise outside could not be heard. At this moment, the knife seemed to be an extension of her arm, cutting the tofu horizontally and vertically. It moved like flowing water, without a trace of obstruction. She was no longer like when she first started learning Mapo tofu, where just to cut two-centimeter-sized tofu pieces, the knife on her was unstable and her hands were shaking. Anxious sweat also came out due to tension. Now, her knife had become obedient!

Almost every piece of silk cut from Liu Weiwei’s hands was smooth and straight. This could only be done with a cut without any hesitation. She cut three portions of dried tofu in one breath, threw them into boiling water and gently stirred them until they were cooked. She then fried some shrimps with lard on the electric stove to keep the freshness of the soup. And finally, together with some chicken soup, she simmered everything over high heat and serve on the plate.

White dried tofu shreds and chicken shreds were intertwined with red ham, a small amount of green onion, golden egg shreds, and shredded seaweed. It was finally topped with chicken broth to make the whole delicious taste more exciting. Three large dried tofu soups were successfully finished, and finally handed over to the robot in charge of serving the dishes.

The regular customers around could not help exclaiming ups and downs. This dish usually looked far less bright than Mapo tofu, but after watching the boss's superb operation, it made this dish look unique and exquisite!

"This is a Kung Fu dish!"

"I feel like I have eaten something luxurious worth at least 100,000 yuan!"

"D*mn, hurry, hurry, I have to order too!" They didn't know who yelled this, but it ignited a frenzy of customers taking pictures and ordering.

The three men who ordered the dried tofu soups suddenly felt that they had won the Interstellar Alliance lottery. 

Especially Peng Jialiang, he received a bonus dried tofu soup when he participated in the husband and wife lung slices activity last time. Most of the dried tofu soup were eaten by the couple’s daughter. They didn’t expect the process behind this dish to be so dazzling and so difficult!

"Wait, I'll try this taste again." Peng Jialiang stood still, but after he got the packing box, he still tasted it like a child. After his daughter had eaten that day, she kept talking about eating dried tofu soup when she went home. In fact, every time he came to buy, he left the only non-spicy dried tofu soup dish for his daughter. He and his wife obviously prefer husband and wife lung slices and crayfish. However, today he forked up and took a bite of the dried tofu soup that had been simmered until soft. His whole person couldn't help but shake.


It turned out to be like opening a new world, allowing Peng Jialiang to taste another wonderful taste completely different from the spicy dishes! The dried tofu shreds were mixed with chicken shreds, it was soft in the mouth but still very chewy. And because of the mellow soup base, the refreshing taste and the umami was directly hitting on his forehead! After he ate the husband and wife's lung slices that day, the taste of dried tofu soup was a little dull due to the stimulation by the spiciness. He almost missed such a delicious dish. "Wait, I'll add another dried tofu soup!"

After today, the diners at this stall might have one more recipe in their hearts.

Liu Weiwei worked for an hour, and soon the person wearing sky blue apron floated over. "Classmate, it's time, our daugther should rest."

Liu Weiwei:…

Peng Jialiang, who was waiting for his second takeaway, immediately leaned over with interest, "The boss also has a daughter? Is this little brother your husband? How old is your daughter? Why don’t you bring it to play? My daughter is about to go to kindergarten." 

Parents who had a baby have a daily reserve activity called play date. They took their babies out, let the babies came into contact with the outside world from a young age, play with different friends and elders, look at the flowers and grass, look at the sky, and slowly learned things outside the house. This was an interaction to improve the baby's physical and mental health, it could also improve IQ and EQ.

"Someday bring it up and let my daughter play with your daughter. The anchestor in my house loves to play with friends."

Liu Weiwei was completely embarrassed.

Meanwhile, apron wearing Major had no psychological burden. He instantly felt the male diner who had just been driven away by him became a lot more pleasing to his eyes. "Our family is still in the stomach." 

The very proud sentence from the Major made Peng Jialiang stunned. 

"Ah," Peng Jialiang was the person who asked first, so he quickly reacted, "You have gone to check the gender? Haha, congratulations! My daughter is so sweet, tender and cute, and she also speaks softly."

The apron wearing Major was about to go offline, but he stopped immediately after hearing this.

"Let’s exchange contact information," The Major felt that he shared a common language with the other party in the matter of their daughters, "We can communicate more in the future."

Liu Weiwei was speechless. But the father-to-be had quickly made friends with the daughter slave. After seeing the photo of the youngest daughter of the customer, he expressed extreme envy and quickly exchanged parenting experience.

"What did your family eat at that time? Is it important to replenish water? This is so tender and cute…"

"Tell her fairy tales? Of course every day."

"Enlightenment is very important, well, I wrote it down."

Liu Weiwei really had black lines on her face.

After communicating for a while, the Major made an appointment with Peng Jialiang so that he could continue to contact him for advice and experience, and then took Liu Weiwei offline.

Liu Weiwei hugged the soft rabbit and checked the progress bar showing half of the knife skill task that she had completed. She then reluctantly turned her head to look at a certain Major who was so serious in looking through prospective dad's forum on the Internet.

"Actually… the baby is not determined to be a girl. Do you want to go for a gender check? Also, last time Doctor Bu said that we can draw amniotic fluid to test the parent-child relationship when my body is stable." Liu Weiwei didn't actually want to do this, especially checking the baby's gender. She wanted it to be a surprise. But watching the Major, who was obviously a big man, sinked deeper and deeper, and even got over his head, she had to find a way to make him sober. 

The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

"If the child is not yours, and you find someone you really like later, if you want to divorce me, I can also return those pre-marital properties to you." Liu Weiwei rubbed the hind legs of the little rabbit.

Major Qin, who had just registered for an account on the forum, couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, "Are you getting anxious?"


"Since you are married to me, the child is naturally mine. What is the need of identification? There is a post saying that mothers are particularly prone to anxiety and even postpartum depression. If you feel insecure, I will take you to do psychological counseling?"


"It doesn't matter. No one will laugh at you. If we found anything, you can cooperate with treatment as soon as possible."

"I am not anxious!!!"

"Then, why would we need an appraisal?"

Liu Weiwei was speechless for a second, "… What about the gender? In case it's not…." Before she finished speaking, her mouth was covered.

"There is still 50% probability," The Major frowned, "I want to prepare early."


"If it's a girl, look," The Major also turned over Peng Jialiang's daughter's portrait to show Liu Weiwei, "She is so cute and soft. If I make preparations sooner, I can buy you more fruits and bird's nest nutrient solutions. It is just in case, so that the baby’s skin will be good when born."

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched.

"Even if she is not good-looking, of course I will not dislike it, but we must give her the best, not to let the girl lose on the starting point." The serious Major pointed out the top post on the forum to show Liu Weiwei, "Everyone did a lot of prenatal education. If we don’t study the method carefully, we will be blamed by the girl when she grows up. What if she has a chance to become a peerless beauty, but because I didn’t raise her well she doesn’t? What should I do?”

Liu Weiwei: "…"

Major Qin pressed his eyebrows sadly, "My sister is a typical counterexample. She is very crooked. I was only eight years old at the time, and she was just born. At that time, I only knew about training and didn't care about her. I heard that my late father was also the same, stayed on the battlefield all day. My mother worried about him and ignored sister in her belly at that time. Look at her, is she a little cute lady now?"

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched.

"So, because of the 50% probability, we have to prepare early. I will place an order first. Do you want the original golden swiftlet nest to stew yourself, or the ready-made bird's nest synthetic nutrient solution?"


Major Qin was very engaged in research, and finally they waited until lunch before the two rushed to the bridal shop.

Liu Weiwei picked Xiao Bai up too. She wore a pair of loose overalls. The little white rabbit was put in the big pocket in front of her belly, and its two small paws were sticking outside.

The Major originally wanted to object, but was persuaded by Liu Weiwei that their daughter should cultivate a relationship with the little rabbit since childhood, and Xiao Bai also knew measure and wouldn't put any weight on her, which finally convinced him.

This was Liu Weiwei's first real shopping offline. She was wearing flat shoes and tied with the Major with a string on her little finger. Although she didn’t recognize the way at all, she felt particularly safe. The gold thread could be shrunk at will, and it could be taken off at any time. But the Major obviously did not agree to take it off. He put her hand directly in his pocket, and conveniently wrapped her small hand together with the gold thread in his palm.

Liu Weiwei struggled to no avail, so she could only be led into the bridal shop.

In the transparent window, all kinds of pure white wedding dresses, wide-tailed long tails, and different styles with diamond-encrusted waistbands, were all displayed. There was also an ancient Chinese wedding dress that was dignified and gorgeous, and there were also all kinds of western dress styles in soft pink, purple and red.

No matter that it was thousands of years in the future, a woman's desire to dress herself would not be alleviated, let alone the moment of their wedding. But now it’s much more convenient to try on dresses. As long as people stood in front of the window, the transparent glass would automatically show the effect of trying on the, so the lengthy process of putting on and taking off was eliminated.

When Liu Weiwei was happily to try the dresses one by one, but then she suddenly heard a fierce dispute upstairs.

"Are you stupid? You bought a box of big pig's hoofs. Are you trying to piss me off? Throw this fishy thing quickly! Next time I give you a penny, I will write my name upside down! "

"Mom, I just want to try…"

"Let me tell you, it's too stinky! There are guests below, hurry up and receive them!"

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, as she immediately heard the task prompt of the system.


One more chapter after this~
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