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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 54

ICRAB – Chapter 54

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Liu Weiwei was surprised when she heard the snail noodles. She didn't know that the Marshal had already tasted her work personally, and thought that someone sold it elsewhere. But soon she heard the system voice.

[Release a new task: Treat Major Qin Mo’s father-to-be’s disease so that he will not fall down before the baby is born. All recipe library will be temporarily open, each meal host can choose two new menus to learn, and collect ten good reviews from the Major. The current completion degree is 0/10.]

[Task rewards: 10 points for beauty, 10 random recipes, and one lucky draw chance.]

Liu Weiwei immediately threw the snail noodles behind her mind in shock. She herself had experienced morning sickness, knowing that if she smelled any strange smell at that special time, she was likely to vomit out her stomach. She still didn't know how tolerant this Major Qin was, so she was very worried that he would vomit when faced with this dish. After all, he had suffered, and at this time it was inevitable that she felt a little sorry for him. The Marshal's suggestion was rejected by her almost immediately.

"It's okay, I've recovered." Liu Weiwei smiled and stood up immediately, "Just wait for me. I'll make some home-cooked dishes. As the Marshal has come as a guest, I will cook for you."

Before Qin Mo could react, Liu Weiwei already went into the kitchen.

Qian Dongmei immediately smiled and said she would help, so she followed Liu Weiwei in.

"Oh, by the way, I'll start shooting first, so we can connect with Little Sister Qin." Lu Qingheng was obviously very happy today.

The other battalion commanders also quickly found their respective states. The states of waiting for food!

"Well, let me see if there are any frozen nutrient solutions in stock. We can eat and drink later."

"I think the mint flavor is really cool and refreshing. If you don't say it, I almost forgot. I will go to the cafeteria to purchase two boxes!"

"Well! I'll set the dining table first. With so many of us, I'll get another one, Major?"

"I looked at the high-end gourmet area on the internet and they said that those five-star restaurants all offer candlelight dinners, which create a special atmosphere. I will buy a few of them now."

"I'm going to ask the sister-in-law if the dinner plates are enough, if not I can borrow some in the cafeteria!"

Qin Mo stood still for a while, and soon discovered that the development of the matter seemed to be out of his expectation. It was weird everywhere. Everyone seemed to have a high expectation, but the content of expectation did not seem to be something they would receive today.

Lu Qingheng hid for a while, but didn't forget what was going on. He quickly connected to Little Sister Qin who was thousands of miles away. 

Little Sister Qin didn't even show her face in the screen, but her anxious and lively voice came from the video, "Brother, you are really getting married? Why didn't I know you have someone? Brother, you are too much, you just told me on the day you are getting the certificate! I was still reviewing in the dormitory, but I was attacked by the news! Who is my sister-in-law, let me see? Is it the medics in your team? Is she beautiful or not? Is she good? Can she accept a sister who pesters her brother all day?"

Her series of questions bombarded Qin Mo's expressionless face and made it a little dark.

"Ah, Brother Lu, it's you, where's my brother? Have you seen my sister-in-law? You are all hiding from me!"

Lu Qingheng felt an obvious pressure and touched his nose, "Sister Ruyi, we also just learned about it." He said and glanced at his dark-faced boss. Although he was shocked when he knew it, he was not surprised. After all, the big boss Marshal of their military area famously used his own student cooking soldier. This was a precedent in their military area. Not to mention, a few of them followed the Major to the school for training, and he personally watched the inhuman Major's unique interest in Student Liu from the very beginning. The moment he received the temporary notice, he was not that shocked but ecstatic. 

From now on, Clerk Liu, the person in charge of the cafeteria, would be his sister-in-law, couldn’t he be ecstatic?

If he was free, every day from now on, he could come to the Major’s house and visit the sister-in-law, and then eat a meal. Couldn’t he be ecstatic?

He said the girl was a family member a long time ago, but now it's even more certain and legal, couldn’t he be ecstatic?

Not only Lu Qingheng, but the other battalion commanders were all a mess. The expectation of food and the expectation of future happiness completely made them shocked. At this moment, they just felt that their boss was too manly. He took the cafeteria chef directly in just a few days. It was a perfect strategy to beat the other legions in seconds. Today's victory was indeed very worth celebrating.

"Little sister, I'll take you to see your sister-in-law." Lu Qingheng smiled heartily, but the video recorder was quickly taken away.

The dark-faced Qin Mo glanced at his younger sister in the video, "When you talk to your sister-in-law later, be polite."

Qin Ruyi pouted instantly, "Brother, you don't like me when you have a wife. You are fierce to me all day, also, I want to go to Skynet!"

But Qin Mo lifted his foot and walked into the kitchen.

Mu Ming brushed off his golden hair, looked at the back of the man who walked into the kitchen, then pulled the stool down and sat down uncomfortably. He was in a military uniform with his long legs upright, and his beauty was full of reprimands.

"Secretly hooking up with such an artistically beautiful chef and did not tell his beautiful partner, nor did he let the beautiful partner eat an artistic feast. This is how long I have eaten alone!"

"Cough." Marshal Li Er turned his head away, and reached out to cover his grinning mouth, "Mu Ming."

"Yes, Marshal!"

"Do you remember how you got into the hospital?"

Mu Ming’s perfectly handsome face, that was as if his skin had filters and beautifying functions on, instantly cracked, "Marshal! Someone on Skynet created hell-like poisonous gas… I was unfortunately impacted. After I woke up yesterday, I have been looking for the culprit!"

The Marshal pressed the corner of his mouth harder, "Well, then you will find her soon."

"Thank you Marshal for believing in my ability," Mu Ming's blue eyes flashed with a ray of light, "After waking up this time, I also feel that my mental power is more solid. As long as this smell appears again, even if it appears at the end of this planet, even for a short while, I can immediately sense and mark this outrageous smell!"

The Marshal nodded, "The air isolation hood from the Research Bureau, did you bring it with you?"

Mu Ming was confused for a moment, but quickly replied, "I am equipped at any time! I have officially returned to the team this morning, Marshal, I promise to immediately enter the combat state and kill all ugly beasts that come my way!"

Marshal: "… Well, that's good."

The battalion commanders onlookers, including Bu Zhongxin who came unexpectedly, all surrounded Major Mu Ming curiously.

"What smell?"

"How smelly was that?"

They learned the ups and downs of the story after hearing the heart-wrenching complaints from the prosperous beauty.

On the other hand, Major Qin entered the kitchen, and soon discovered that his weak pregnant woman was chopping on the cooking table with a kitchen knife, and his teacher’s wife was watching in astonishment. He wrinkled his eyebrows and wanted to come in to help, but was soon discovered by the pregnant woman and kicked out of the kitchen.

"Don't come in, dinner is still not ready, just wait a while." Of course Liu Weiwei couldn't let the Major stay in the kitchen. When nausea was often, it was most taboo to smell raw meat and greasy oil.

But just as the Major was about to retreat to the door, a somewhat uncertain but somewhat surprised voice suddenly sounded from the video.

"Miss Sister?"

"Young lady who sells tofu puddings?"

Liu Weiwei was taken aback still holding the knife. She quickly recognized the beautiful voice in the video, the shocking scene of the red-clothed girl moving away a bucket full of tofu at the time was still clear on her memory.

"Wow, it's really Miss Sister! Later, the little wonton meat and tofu brain, ooh, I didn't eat a bite! Miss Sister turned out to be my sister-in-law!? Am I dreaming?"

Liu Weiwei blushed instantly, this world was so small? She looked at the poker-faced man in front of her, only that his face today seemed a little ugly. "This is your sister?"

Qin Mo's complexion showed some signs of darkening, and his chest was distressed, but he nodded and replied, "Yes."

Liu Weiwei thought he was disgusted by the cooking fume in the kitchen, "You go out and wait, are you hungry? The noodles will be ready soon, and I will bring them out for you to eat first." After thinking about it, she still looked at the camera and waved her hand, "Hello, little sister."

"My God, Miss Sister is really my sister-in-law! Then, I can eat tofu every day from now on? Sister-in-law, I want to eat small wontons!"

Liu Weiwei's face burned even more. It was one thing to prepare to marry the Major, but being called sister-in-law was another novel experience, which made her a little shy.

Qin Mo was finally pushed by Liu Weiwei with one hand. He walked out of the kitchen and took a deep breath with difficulty. At this moment, what was surging in his mind was the disgusting taste of the raw meat mixed with flour that was stuffed into his mouth previously. When he was trying to suppress the discomfort, suddenly there was a piercing noise in the kitchen, and suddenly a strong fragrance spread out!

Major Qin, who had just walked to the door of the kitchen, couldn't help being stunned. Soon, as if she was afraid that he was too hungry, Liu Weiwei chased him out and handed him a tray. Two bowls with bright colors were neatly placed on it. The red oil on the surface was hot and even the tender green onions were splashing on top of the noodles.

"You take this out to the Marshal first. I will make another one right away."

Qin Mo lowered his head. His black eyes had some doubts for the first time. 

But when people smelled the fragrance, more than one person rushed toward the kitchen, and they were squeezed into the room and almost had a gang fight.

"Sister-in-law, what is this? It smells so good!"

"It's very similar to Liangpi, is it called Repi?" (TN: Liang in Liangpi means cool, while Re in Repi means hot.)

"Go away! I think it's very similar to the soup base of Chuan Chuan hot pot, isn't it sister-in-law?"

"You got out of the way! It's more like the soup of boiled fish!"

"Are you looking for a beating?!"

"Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, that skewered dish made my saliva flow down. When can the cafeteria make this dish again?"

The tray Qin Mo was holding shook, and some bright red soup overflowed from the bowls on it.


"Give me the tray, give the bowls to me! It's okay, I will lick it all clean!"

Qin Mo's eyes couldn't help changing. He finally found what was wrong.

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