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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 56

ICRAB – Chapter 56

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When everyone at the table was full, the lawyer who came to handle the marriage came.

Liu Weiwei looked at the time and was surprised. It turned out to be in accordance with the auspicious time of weddings on the earth, which happened to be 6:08 in the evening. Unexpectedly, this tradition was still preserved.

Qian Dongmei next to Liu Weiwei thought she didn't understand, so she explained to her, "With auspicious time, we don't really want to be rich, we just hope that things will go smoothly. This is a good start."

While the lawyer was holding the documents, Mrs. Qian secretly whispered to Liu Weiwei's ear, "When you haven't been discharged from the hospital in the afternoon, the kid asked me if there is anything special about getting married, for fear of wronging you. So I just follow my own marriage, and told him about the old man’s suit. Have you not seen it in the bedroom? I also made the bed for you and sprinkled lotus seeds and dates."

Liu Weiwei blushed, but was moved again.

"You have to be careful at night. Men are rough. If he hurts you, you must say it. After all, you are not alone now, even if the dangerous period of the first three months is about to pass, you can’t be careless with this being the first child." Teacher Qian blinked at Liu Weiwei.

Liu Weiwei immediately lowered her head, very embarrassed.

"At this time, it's best to do mental synchronization. I will send you a set of pictures later, and you can practice the poses according to them."

Liu Weiwei:… As soon as she raised her head, she saw Major Qin's eyes looking over as if he felt it. She was instantly scared away like a little furry rabbit.

"Ah, I'm going to see Xiao Bai in the kitchen and checked the crayfish." But she was stopped when she just stepped out.

The lawyer had prepared all the documents, "You two can come over and sign."

At this era, there was no need to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. If it was not for the military, where a marriage certificate was needed immediately, if people wanted to get married, they could apply directly on their light brain. But because it was a military marriage, the procedures were more complicated. It was necessary for the couple to sign the marriage document in person in the presence of a certified lawyer, and then the lawyer would issue a legally effective marriage certificate. If they wanted to divorce in the future, they needed to report to their higher level supervisor and got permission from the military organization, and then the lawyer would notarize the divorce and divided the property. Whether it was thousands of years ago or now, military marriage was a very serious matter.

As soon as the lawyer spoke, the people who were chattering and still reminiscing about the food immediately became quiet. Even Qin Ruyi, who just got her sister-in-law’s food via postal delivery on Skynet, held her breath. At this moment, everyone finally realized that Major Qin Mo, who they had always thought would be single for thousands of years, was really going to get married!

Marshal Li Er and his wife Qian Dongmei were a little excited instantly. The former held his fist and sat upright, while the latter almost burst into tears.

The battalion commanders who ate and drank, as well as the prosperous beauty Mu Ming, and Doctor Bu Zhongxin, these single dogs could not help but showing envy at this moment.

Liu Weiwei was not a standard beauty, however, there was a kind of magic in her, and the more people looked at her, the more she looked pleasing to the eye. Especially the battalion commanders who saw her in the early days, they all felt that she was too thin because of malnutrition. After a period of recuperation, she began to look a bit like a budding flower, although she looked fragile because she was small, but she bloomed into a unique temperament that wins people's favor. And her hands, like magic, could make the best food in the world. She was not a beauty, but now she was the goddess in their eyes. To be able to marry her was equivalent to having all the food in the world!

This unsmiling Major Qin Mo obviously got a treasure, and they all felt envy, jealousy and hatred when they watched the signing process.

Liu Weiwei quickly read the documents in her hand and found that the man next to her had already signed his name. She immediately lowered her head, feeling the eyes of her surroundings, and also signed her name.

"Congratulations to both of you." The lawyer quickly stepped forward and said with a smile after checking the documents."

"Thank you." Major Qin's mouth raised, which was rare.

Liu Weiwei stood up immediately, "The crayfish should be ready. Attorney Zhang, please stay and eat some before leaving."

After all, she was not a real 18-year-old girl. She had lived for 30 years in her previous life.

The other party went directly to their home to handle business, obviously it was off work time, and logically she was the hostess, so she should entertain and thanked the other party. But the most embarrassing thing was that she was carried away by a group of hungry wolves, and they had dinner before six o'clock, which was too early. The lawyer had arrived, but there was not even a noodle left in the pot. She was too embarrassed to say that they had already eaten dinner. It was very rude no matter which angle she looked at it.

"The preparation is relatively hurried, there is nothing good." She said politely.

Attorney Zhang subconsciously refused, shook his head and waved, "Major, don't be busy, my wife is also waiting for me to eat together." As he spoke, he quickly sorted out the documents and was about to leave.

Liu Weiwei was a little disturbed by his refusal, but she quickly reacted and told the lawyer to wait. She scooped a bowl of thirteen-flavored crayfish from the kitchen and packaged it for take away. Even the makeup artist and videographer at the marriage banquet had to eat boxed lunches, and even got red envelopes, only with this the newlyweds could be considered polite. Although she didn't know the current rules, she couldn't be lacking in doing this little family thing on the first day of her marriage. At least she should be a decent military wife. She couldn't let people pierce her backbone, saying behind that her family didn't understand politeness.

"Don't refuse, just be happy, let's have fun together." Liu Weiwei smiled sincerely.

It was not easy for Lawyer Zhang to refuse, so he could only accept it. Although he didn't know what was in the box, there was an incredibly fragrant smell, which faintly penetrated into his nose, making him feel instantly energetic even after working all day.

"Major, Madam, you can contact me at any time if you have anything else to do in the future." Lawyer Zhang blurted out spontaneously.

Qian Dongmei, who had been watching on the side, couldn't help but deepen the appreciation in her eyes, and nodded again and again. Not long after, she took a look at the time, took Marshal Li Er to leave, and gave the sergeants present a suggestive look, "It is not early, let the two newlyweds have a good rest, you should also go home."

Everyone was reluctant to leave, but they didn't dare to stay longer. Major Qin showed signs of cold air again, but before they left desperately, they still joked with Liu Weiwei with a smile on their faces.

"Sister-in-law, what did you give Lawyer Zhang? I want to eat too!"

"I seem to be hungry again, sister-in-law."

"Today's supper…"

Liu Weiwei smiled and was about to pack them, but was pulled by the air-conditioning Major, "Let them go by themselves. Listening to teacher’s wife’s words, we should rest."

Liu Weiwei:…

Qian Dongmei, when she got on the aircraft, curled her wrinkled eyes and patted the old Marshal next to her. "It's a good match. You see that she just hosted they lawyer, she doesn't look like a high school student at all. In the future, she might really be able to help Qin Mo and his brothers and sisters, support the family."

"Well," Marshal Li Er had closed his eyes, "Would you like to say the first rank in most perfect wife’s profession is a chef. Look at this kid in the future. His promotion might have the speed of driving a supersonic spaceship. Whoosh, and he will surpass me."

"That's true," Qian Dongmei nodded. "Her cooking skills, coupled with her understanding of the world, will get the favor of a lawyer today, and the favor of a doctor tomorrow…"

Liu Weiwei still didn't know that what she thought was a normal little behavior, was very appreciated by Teacher Qian and the Marshal. She was sitting nervously on the big bed in the bedroom. In the whole bedroom, although there was no old happy character, the Major had put a lot of pink balloons and a bunch of plush toys on the bright red sheets, which made her heart beat faster. She had never experienced this last step between a man and a woman in her previous life. She was still in a daze with the child, the need to get married in the military area, and a little nervous at the thought of fulfilling her duties as a wife.

While the Major was away, Liu Weiwei secretly stood up, opened the closet to take a look, and immediately found that the left half was full of dark green military uniforms, while the right half was full of brand new women's dresses. She couldn't help but froze.

"Do you want to try it?" The low voice suddenly sounded behind Liu Wewei, the tender yellow dress in her hand almost falling to the ground due to fright. But fortunately, Qin Mo picked it up for her.

Liu Weiwei didn't dare to look at Qin Mo, and could only see him holding the dress with its hanger and comparing it to her body directly in front of her.

"I bought the smallest adult size."


Liu Weiwei couldn't help but raised her head resentfully and glared at him. Unfortunately, Major Straight could not receive any signal.

"It looks a little too big still. Tomorrow I will check to see if other brands have any super-small ones."

Liu Weiwei pouted her lips. 

"Leave these as maternity clothes."

Liu Weiwei didn't want to talk to him at all. But as soon as she took a step, she was surrounded by a strong arm with a stretched military uniform, "Are you going to take a shower first, or try the… posture in the picture sent by the teacher?"


Attorney Zhang, who was about to go home, was sitting on the aircraft and couldn't help taking apart the packing box. As soon as it was opened, he regretted it a bit. Originally, he just wanted to take a look at what was so fragrant, and immediately closed it. He needed to hurry home to have dinner with his wife. Today, he ordered an old-fashioned restaurant to send take out. When he was a little hungry in the afternoon, he preserved and didn’t eat any nutrient solution. He just reserved his stomach for a delicious dinner. However, as soon as the box was taken apart, the scent became stronger, and it seemed to fill the entire aircraft instantly…

Lawyer Zhang failed to close the box, but instead stretched out a finger and carefully poked into the soup, but secretly put it on his mouth and licked it. Just one lick...

"I'll try one and go home after eating."

"Forget it, eat two, it's a good sign to be in pairs!"

"Well, my wife may be afraid of this ugly crayfish, so I will eliminate it! Just keep the soup for her."

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