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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 58

ICRAB – Chapter 58

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Liu Weiwei didn't expect the Major to be like this. Leave it to her, and let the baby eat it? She wanted to laugh, but couldn't. She couldn't help but raise her eyebrows when she touched her belly. "Major, would you like a daughter?"

Major Qin quickly bit half of the egg crepes, and glanced at Liu Weiwei’s stomach, "Daughter is very good. Son… also good, more resistant to falls."

Liu Weiwei stared.

"Eat quickly, stop staring."

Liu Weiwei sipped her porridge, "Anyway, it can't be returned."

"Hmm…" Major Qin turned away and immediately wiped out all the porridge.

Liu Weiwei was distracted, waiting expectantly for his praises, "How is the taste?" The white porridge looked nothing special and she also didn't put anything to improve the freshness. However, she carefully studied the ratio of the water to the amount of rice and also the heat and cooking time. The porridge melted in the mouth, but still had full and thick taste. It was warm and nourishing, which was a lot of thought. But before the Major could speak, her light brain suddenly rang.

"Ms. Liu Weiwei, Interstellar Skynet Mick Chain Bank informs you that as of today, your arrears of 188.32 million credit coins have been fully paid off. In addition, Mr. Qin Mo's 1,932.68 million credits has been deposited into your personal account, your bank credit rating will be upgraded to Diamond VIP, and the relevant benefits can be viewed on the bank's official website."

Liu Weiwei was shocked!

"This wrap is very good." Major Qin was still seriously commenting on the breakfast. "You can eat carbohydrates, fiber from vegetable, protein and fats from the meat that the human body needs at the same time. The different tastes of various ingredients are also unexpectedly very harmonious. The sweet and spicy sauce is like a commanding Marshal, bringing all the soldiers to perform their duties together and face the same enemy. This is called egg crepes? Very good."

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth. "Major, the bank just sent me a message, your assets..."

Major Qin said, "You just received the message? The bank notice was delayed for so long? I made the transfer before the marriage, and Lawyer Zhang also notarized it yesterday, all my pre-marital property will be transferred to you."

Liu Weiwei swallowed, "This is too much…" The army was so rich?

Major Qin didn't care very much. He took an empty bowl to refill porridge by himself, and asked Liu Weiwei, "You want more porridge?"

Liu Weiwei shook her head blankly.

Major Qin quickly sat back with his bowl of porridge, "I was adopted by Teacher when I was eight years old. My father died on the battlefield, and my mother died together with him. Later, I was adopted together with my sister and grew up in the army. When I was eighteen years old, Teacher found Lawyer Zhang and handed over the inheritance from my parents to me. My mother used to be a businessman. The business was very large. In addition, the pension from the death of my father was about 1.5 billion. I didn’t have time to take care of it, so I entrusted Lawyer Zhang to find a financial planner. I didn’t check on it for the past few years, but it seemed that the income was good."

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth and closed it again.

"Plus my own army allowance, I will give it to you from now on." Major Qin picked up the bowl of porridge and drank it in one fell swoop, took a few pieces of tender lotus root and threw it into his mouth.

Liu Weiwei did not expect that she would go from debt ridden person to a billionaire overnight. Suddenly, from the grassroots struggling to earn money to repay the debt, to a rich second generation who could just lie down all day and collect interest. But the system didn't let her go, and it suddenly jumped out at this moment.

[Congratulations to the host for the pinnacle of her life.]

[But if human beings have no dreams, what is the difference of them compared to salted fish? Please conquer more humans with delicious food!]

[After learning the intermediate task, the host's skills have advanced by leaps and bounds. At present, with LV31 knife skills, you have become a junior chef that cannot be underestimated. However, the people at remote planets have never seen the magic of Chinese cooking.]

[New mission: Please show to 1,000 interstellar residents that you have the skills of a senior chef and let them understand the vastness of Chinese cuisine!]

[Task rewards: 10 beauty points, advanced knife skills book, 10 random recipes, and open the apprentice branch.]

"Knife skills?" Liu Weiwei was immediately attracted again, "Accept apprentices?" She had the idea of accepting disciples before, but she had not put it into action. After all, she now cooked three meals a day in the cafeteria every day. When she was sick and stayed in the hospital for a few days, she almost messed up the cafeteria. Although the robot was able to handle the diners temporarily, she felt a little sorry for everyone. It's not that she looked down on robots, but there were many things in this world where robots couldn’t replace humans. Even if she customized the recipes for them and they could cook dishes with exactly the same taste, but she always felt that without human emotion and dedication, the final food would always lack a bit of warmth.
Teacher Qian said that the dishes Liu Weiwei cooked had a very weak mental power that could soothe the spirit of others. Although she hadn't figured it all out yet, this was definitely something robots couldn't do. So during her stay in the hospital, she had been thinking about whether it was feasible to develop the real cooking soldiers like on ancient earth. First, she couldn't cook everyone's meals alone; second, she would take maternity leave; third, since the ultimate task was to be a food master, the whole team from the gatekeeper to the messenger, to the head, couldn’t be just her alone…

Liu Weiwei frowned as she thought about it more. But soon, someone pressed her frowning eyebrows.

"What are you thinking about? Recipes?" Major Qin had asked the housekeeping robot to clean up the table and wash the dishes, but when he turned around, he saw his pregnant wife frowning, and instantly became a little worried. "Should we ask the doctor to check?" He had received many basic trainings from Bu Zhongxin on how to take care of pregnant women, one of the most important was to keep pregnant women happy. 

In order to see the Major's face change and increase his nervousness, Bu Zhongxin especially warned the Major that if the mother was often unhappy and sad, the baby in her stomach would not only be weak in the future, but also easily have gloomy face.

Major Qin hadn't felt anything before, but now suddenly he was a little nervous. The key was that when he drank porridge and ate lotus root just now, he thought of a pink, tender and soft girl. He wanted to buy her a cupboard of pink dress to wear. But then this full-screen pink brain imagination suddenly turned into a gloomy face, which frightened him.

Liu Weiwei didn't know what Qin Mo was thinking, and she hid the finger that suddenly stretched out, causing Major Qin's face to turn dark again. But when she touched the little white rabbit and wanted to rub the fur several times, a gold thread was immediately tied to her hand.

"When you are not training, you should tie it up." It was not easy for Major Qin to divert attention of the melancholic pregnant woman. "If you can record my mental fluctuations earlier, you can also hand in the internship report earlier."

Liu Weiwei:… In this way, the rugged tall Major was tied to her hands and she was forced to set aside the furry rabbit.

Qin Mo didn't want it, but when Liu Weiwei's hand touched the furry rabbit's head, it would tighten the golden thread, and as a result it brought his hand to the furry rabbit's foot. When she touched the soft belly of the rabbit, he was led to the little white rabbit’s smooth back.

Major Qin had never done anything like stroking beast’s fur.

Seeing the white rabbit fur sticking to his army pants one by one, Major Qin's eyebrows frowned deeply until it probably could catch a mosquito. Finally, he was worried that his daughter's mother would get tired after squatting for a long time, and he took the initiative to hug the unpleasant-looking furry rabbit on the sofa. He then stripped off its limbs so that Liu Weiwei could stroke his hair effortlessly.

Level 7 Rabbit King:  ̄へ ̄

Fortunately, Liu Weiwei was very modest, and she gave Xiao Bai two hay cookie bars as today's snacks. She looked at the major who was tied to her with embarrassment. "I want to go to Skynet."

Liu Weiwei wanted to confess after marriage, after all, the Major had already given her all his belongings. She immediately explained her work setting up food stall on the Internet and selling food. "I spend an hour every day there." She was afraid that the Major who watched her very tightly would disagree, but she didn't expect that he not only agree, but also said that he would go online and help.

This was the first time Major Qin had been on Skynet with Liu Weiwei. He was a public figure, and he was on the news a while ago to fight the beast wave. In order not to cause a sensation, he changed into casual clothes and wanted to hide his identity, but his face was enough to cause uproar. In the end, Liu Weiwei couldn't bear it, and gave him a mask and an apron. In this way, a man who was usually ironclad was now wearing a sky blue apron decorated with polka dots and a white mask. He stood beside Liu Weiwei, who was wearing a tender yellow apron.

"Yo, the boss has a good business, and has hired a new man."

Today was not the usual time, but as soon as the advertisement was released, there were regular customers who were free and had nothing to do coming directly.

"Yes. Muscular man looks better than a robot."

"Although wearing a mask, the sharp eyes are still very good."

"Boss, is this the benefit for single customers? The apron wearing little brother?"

Major Qin almost reported all the people in front of him and caught them all. He obviously wore a vest and trousers beneath the apron.

Fortunately, Liu Weiwei held Qin Mo down in time, and changed the subject with a smile to the customer, "Sit down first, you can find the rented robot to order food."

"Boss, I want to make order to the little fresh meat." (TN: Little fresh meat, slang for handsome young man.)

"I want too. Brother, come on, I want to have a mapo tofu topped with rice today."

"Curry rice!"

"Two crayfish! Add another husband and wife lung slices."

Major Qin's face turned dark again.

Liu Weiwei was about to let the robot go, but was stopped by the Major. She felt his hand touch her, and then heard a very bitter voice, "I have never heard of these dishes."

Liu Weiwei sweated, "Huh?"

As Major Qin said, he took a look at his light brain. In fact, he turned over all the conversation records of his trumpet account Heaven Rewards the Diligent. Looking at it again, he was even surer that he had not received a gift of these dishes, and a deep depression immediately filled his chest. This girl who was very good at cooking had never mailed him these delicious foods. The latest record that she sent him was dishes called Ants climbing a tree and Boiled liver. Even the names were not good.

Unfair treatment, this was clearly unfair treatment!

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