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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 35 Part 2

 ICRAB – Chapter 35 Part 2 of 2

"F*ck it, it smells good! I lick it and it's crazy!" It turned out to be a courageous guest. He took out the crayfish with one plastic-gloved hand cleverly and just stuffed the whole crayfish into his mouth. He didn't even open the shell. The expression on his entire face was lighting up, and he was busy complimenting.

If there was a first person who dared to eat, there would be the second, third, and even more.

Soon, everyone learned how he ate. Although it was a bit difficult with one hand, it did not prevent them from having a good meal. They started to pick up one, used their mouths to snap the crayfish waist which was full of elastic meat, then the meat soaked with thirteen fragrant spices instantly jumped in their mouths, as if they were still alive!

The young white-collar girl was seduced by other people’s rich expressions. Although she still felt that all the crayfish in the basin were so hideous, but other people said it was sweet and refreshing. So she glanced at the rich red soup in the plate, carefully sniffed the fragrant, and found that it was indeed incredibly good, just like the name of the dish, as if it was a combination of thirteen levels of aromas with different tastes magically blended perfectly, not only without conflict, but also sublimating the entire fragrance of the dish.

"Sister, don’t be afraid, this crayfish is already cooked, so it won’t jump up and bite you. Although the shell is a bit hard, you can bite it open with your teeth. You can even eat the spicy soup soaked in the shell with the already delicious meat together, the taste is really different from Mapo tofu!"

"Eat one and you will know it. If you don't try, you will definitely regret it!"

Liu Weiwei taught the customers how to comment, so it had really improved by leaps and bounds.

The white-collar girl listened to the strange man's words, she couldn't help but swallowed her drool, and she reached into her plate really awkwardly.

"Hey, girl, you have to wear gloves!"

But it was obviously too late, and the white-collar girl soon got the soup on her hands. The white-collar girl's face turned red, and she quickly took out her index finger. While the man next to her had already started to eat the crayfish in his own basin, and no longer looked at her. The girl secretly licked her fingers, just touching the tip of her tongue, and her eyes lit up. It didn’t smell bad, and the taste was also very delicious. Unlike the spicy mapo tofu, this crayfish was spicy but not numbing. It even had a subtle sweetness.

This time, without any advice from others, the white-collar girl quickly put on her plastic gloves, boldly grabbed a vicious looking but already dead crayfish inside, pinched the tail, and bit it gently. On this bite, she still tried to maintain an elegant appearance, but it was difficult. Holding the head of the crayfish in one hand, she quickly used her teeth along the cartilage of the crayfish hard shell, and then snapped a large opening, and then dexterously pushed the shrimp meat out with her tongue and on the way sucked the rich soup inside.

One after another, the white-collar girl’s speed was getting faster and faster, and the number of crayfishes in her plate was decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eye. It's just as everyone else said, very delicious! If she had missed tasting something like this, it would definitely become a lifelong regret.

Liu Weiwei who was cleaning up the stall at the moment was staring at the customers. In fact, she just wanted to say that everyone could take the crayfish back to eat, or take it to other places where there were tables to enjoy it slowly. Unexpectedly, people nowadays were so bold and their healthy teeth were so good.

Back then, when Liu Weiwei peeled crayfish with her hands, she felt pain in between her thumb’s nail. But now, she watched everyone standing together in group of twos and threes, gnawing hard with a bright smile on their faces, which could not help but remind her of the summer time she used to in ancient earth.

When the night breeze was windy, find three or five girlfriends, order a few bottles of iced beer and thirteen fragrant crayfish, eat and drink all night. That was a rare and supreme enjoyment for the whole year. Especially, watching pots of crayfish piled up like a hill eaten one by one, and the shells piled up in the trash cans one after another. Accompanied with a few cold beers, instant sense of accomplishment could immediately flow out of the body.

Regardless of who criticized you during the day, how many failed exam, how many times you were scolded your boss, how many reworked a report, all unhappiness healed instantly!

This was the simplest and most precious happiness belonged to a foodie.

On the other hand, after Zhu Ya went offline in the morning, he straightened his tie in the mirror at the door, and walked into the meeting room arrogantly. If he can win this big tender, he would have no problem just lying down in the second half of the year.

"Hey, the supervisor looks very good today." The client's boss Liu, stood up and shook hands with Zhu Ya as soon as he entered the meeting room, and couldn't help but express compliment.

Zhu Ya smiled. As the old saying goes, people relied on food as their heaven. This was indeed true. If you ate well and drank well, you would naturally have a good mood and became energetic every day. He recalled the taste of Mapo Tofu, and he felt full of power. "Boss Liu, our team who serves customers must of course maintain the most perfect state at all times. It's not that I am talking big, in this entire Planet Bite, or even if you look at the entire Sabi galaxy, you can't find people more professional than ours. Our staff stays energetic from morning to night, and the builders serve the guests with their best side anytime and anywhere."

"Professional technical skills are the elements that have not been eliminated in the past five hundred years. We are passionate about each project, maintain the initial passion for work, continue to update to latest technology, and continue to obtain new inspirations. It is our company culture, a winning culture."

Boss Liu couldn't help but nod his head again and again. In fact, he had been on business trips to five planets in the past month and had met with about a dozen new builders. But the senior executives who received him, and even the boss, looked sluggish with lack of sleep, and some even looked like the middle-aged internet addicts who stayed at home all day to browse Skynet.

To be honest, Boss Liu was not very satisfied. The model drawings of some architectural firms were similar, but the lazy faces of these builders' bosses or supervisors made him really worried that they were not reliable. But today, the supervisor looked very good to him.

The supervisor face looked very righteous. What was completely different from those other builders was that his face was full of vigorous vitality, and his eyes revealed their vigor. Just like a wolf that had just finished hunting and was enjoying the results of the fierce and full of vitality battle.

Boss Liu also had a smile in his eyes, "Mr. Zhu, then let’s look at your plan."

Zhu Ya came out of the conference room two hours later, walking with light feet. He would never have thought that Boss Liu finally signed with him because of his energetic spirit. A Mapo tofu cost only 200 credits in the morning really brought him good luck.

Sending Boss Liu away, Zhu Ya's first thing to do was to find a meeting room, and immediately log on to Skynet to enjoy his much anticipated lunch, Thirteen Fragrant Crayfish. In fact, when negotiating in the morning, he couldn't help but keep looking at the time. He thought of his Skynet space station, and the crayfish that was five times the price of Mapo tofu. He wanted the negotiation to end sooner so he could taste the new product quickly. So, as soon as the meeting was done, he hurriedly landed on Skynet, entered a personal rest cabin rented by the hour, and took out the crayfish.

This new dish was packed in a big creamy white box. The box was very deep, it was also quite heavy. If Zhu Ya shook it a bit, he could hear a lot of sauce splashing inside. On the side of the box, there were actually two sets of disposable plastic gloves attached.

Zhu Ya was a little confused. He didn't know what the gloves were for. He opened the lid carefully and looked inside. As a result, he almost threw the box on the sleeping bed on the other side of the cabin. He saw that there were bright red things with teeth and claws. The cruel-looking crayfishes were piled in red sauce inside the box.

Zhu Ya who had some life experience and had gone to the so-called seafood restaurant several times, was still very frightened. Now that technology was advanced, fish, shrimp, and even shellfish sold in restaurants had been de-shelled or de-thorned. Although the smell was a bit fishy, and the fish and shrimp were not delicious, but at least customers couldn’t see its original appearance when they were served. It was instead pleasing to the eye.

Zhu Ya had never eaten this kind of shelled crayfish. The shelled appearance, and their two large chelating tongs... It looked particularly oozing. His appetite was slightly affected, but after closing the box, there was still a strong lingering fragrance in the resting cabin. It didn’t dissipate even after a long time, and got into his nose a little bit. The drool in his mouth was automatically secreted and couldn’t be controlled at all.

Involuntarily, Zhu Ya hand touched the plastic gloves on the side of the box. He finally knew what these were for!

Half an hour later...

Even though Zhu Ya hands were wearing plastic gloves, they were still stained with bright red oil. He was also wearing a suit and tie, but he didn't have time to care about these details. He was like being chased by a demon. In the first ten minutes, he decided tobuy an automatic shelling machine from Skynet to de-shell the crayfish, but ten minutes later, he threw the machine to his space station and used his hands directly!

And now... Zhu Ya even sucked the sauce on the crayfish’s ugly shell before he was willing to peel off the shell and eat the meat inside. The taste of the sauce and spice in his mouth was so strong that he couldn't even think of any adjectives to praise them. One after another, the crawfish that he was going initially a bit disgusted with were all eaten up, leaving only half a box of sauce. If it weren't for the "this sauce is not drinkable" written on the box’s lid, he probably pour them all into his mouth. This was simply a more tempting dish than Mapo Tofu.

After the lunch break, Zhu Ya reluctantly left the rest cabin full of crayfish smell. He decided to go online to shop every day after work to see if the stall was open. If you were a man, you had to eat crayfish!

Meanwhile Liu Weiwei, who had been offline for a long time, also received notification from his light brain.

[Dear Crown user, you have received a message at your booth: Hello stall owner, I am one of the diners who bought crayfish and Mapo tofu this morning. Would you like to run a company lunch set? If you are interested in cooperation, you can contact me at any time. My contact is...]

Liu Weiwei, who was about to learn a new dish, couldn't help being taken aback.

In the next second, a new system task also jumped out.

[In Chinese cooking industry, there are many delicacies that have been passed down for generations due to seamless cooperation. For example, the classic dishes handed down by a husband and wife stall – Fuqi Feipian*. Please let it reappear in interstellar era! At the same time, make these interstellar citizens, who are gradually losing face-to-face communication, re-recognize the importance of emotional maintenance!] (*TN: Cold dish made of thinly sliced beef lung and offal.)

[Task requirements: In three days, entertain 500 couples with Fuqi Feipian, so that they can remember how they fell in love at the beginning.]

[Task Reward: Beauty +10, Intermediate Knife Skills Book, Free Recipe Ants Climbing the Tree*!] (*TN: Stir-fried vermicelli with ground pork.)

Liu Weiwei: So, what did doing company lunch have to do with Fuqi Feipian?

[This system concentrates on the development of gourmet. As for the business profit model, the host can freely choose.]

Liu Weiwei: I actually believe you, blame me!


The author has something to say: 

Maiden Wei: The task of adding beauty is a good task!

System: Ha ha.

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